Tuesday update

Yesterday I walked over to the Cossitt Library to get a few hours of Wi-Fi in before returning to the Internet desert that is the Union Mission. But I was in for a surprise: The library was closed for the Presidents’ Day holiday.

So I turned to an old friend…

The Flying Saucer!!!! Not only was it Pint Nite, with any beer on the wall – even high-gravity – only $5. They were also having some giveaways.

The prizes pictured above will be given away the first Wednesday in March. Ask your server how to enter the drawing.

Gary “G-Rock” Smith still leads the way with 59 plates on the wall. I am 34 beers away from being 50 plates behind him. Think I can catch up?

My left-hand sear neighbor ordered a burger which came out with a red bun. I asked what it was, and he told e it was one of the weekly specials.

A Flaming Hot Cheetos bun! Thanks to Brandey for the pic below:

The Union Mission continues to impress me and I’m still working on the FAQ about what it’s like to be a nightly guest there. Yesterday in chapel, Pastor Jeff described the Mission’s alcohol/drug recovery program that men can choose to enroll in. The program is not AA-based and does not subscribe to the belief “once an alcoholic, always an alcoholic.” Rather, it focuses on building each man a spiritual toolkit so he can make better decisions in the future. Now that’s a program I can respect.

211-186? The NBA All-Star Game is a joke.

Drake has canceled his already-rescheduled FedExForum concert date.

Martial artists will gather in Memphis this weekend for the Memphis Open at the Renasant Convention Center.

The Grizzlies seek a motion graphics designer and a ticket sales rep.

The Church of the River seeks an early elementary lead teacher and a Youth coordinator.

That’s it for now. That FAQ may go up tomorrow. Should be interesting to all my readers, a glimpse into how a well-run homeless shelter operates.

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