Thursday update

Apologies for no post yesterday. I had some errands to get done Tuesday evening and didn’t spend the night at the Mission. I walked the streets of Downtown all night and was therefore dead tired Wednesday.

The DM broke some big news yesterday. Little Rock’s Flyway Brewing Co. will take over the High Cotton/Edge Alley space at 598 and 600 Monroe. Flyway will continue to brew a few of High Cotton’s most popular beers, including Mexican Lager and Scottish Ale, alongside its own beers.

Now,, we all knew Edge Alley was no more, and the reason why. Post-pandemic rising costs made it impossible for chef/owner Tim Barker to put out the food he wanted to offer at price points he could live with.

But, the end of High Cotton as a stand-alone local beer brand? That’s news to me. Anyone got the details? This is something I’d like to know both for the blog and for personal reasons. if you have the scoop but don’t want it to appear in a public blog, just tell me that.

Primus comes to Grind City Brewing Company Tuesday, August 20 at 7 pm. Tickets go on sale to the general public this Friday at 10.

Orchestra Unplugged: The Crazt Journey of Mozart’s Magic Flute comes to the Halloran Centre tonight.

Penny’s NIT-bound tigers got a 76-52 win over Charlotte last night.

There will soon be a Tom Lee Museum in the Klondike neighborhood. In the same article: A memorial to 3800 Black slaves sold in Memphis is planned.

If you have AT&T, you’re probably not reading this on your phone right now. There’s a widespread outrage affecting many networks this morning, and in Memphis it’s hitting AT&T the hardest.

Ironically there’s a communications tower conference in Memphis right now

The conference is called NATE Unite. Someone shotgun a White Claw in their honor.

It’s National Margarita Day.

Rant of the day:

About 10 years ago, the DMC put free Wi-Fi in Court Square. They made a big deal publicizing it. Today, the “Court Square Wi-Fi” network still appears on the list of nearby networks when you’re in the area. It even tries to connect, but – it sits there and spins its wheels and never does.

I wish DMC (or whoever is responsible) would fix this. It would be a nice resource for those passing through without cellular service to check their email and social networks. It would be especially valuable on early mornings and Sundays when the nearby public library is not open.

Once again,, I continue to be impressed with the Memphis Union Mission. All my life I had heard that chapel services in free shelters tend to tear audience members down, making them feel worthless. This perception was one of the reasons I avoided the Mission for several weeks longer than I should have, choosing to wander Downtown’s streets instead.

Last night’s sermon, delivered by a guest preacher (I wish I’d caught his name), had the message “God has conveyed the exact same blessings on every person in this room that he conveyed upon Jesus.” Ephesians 3-14 was the reference in the Bible. It was totally uplifting. That’s how chapel at the Mission tends to go. There’s no reason to be afraid of being verbally torn down in church. To the contrary, if anything you’ll leave feeling built up.m

That’ll do it for now. Back tomorrow probably.

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