Finally, I visited Calvary Waffle Shop. + Friday news

Yesterday I decided to eat lunch at Calvary Episcopal Church’s Lenten Waffle Shop. I’d always heard good things about it,, and I mentioned it on this blog in the past, but prior to yesterday I had not been in for lunch myself.

The Waffle Shop’s hours are 11:00 am to 1:30 pm Wednesday through Friday. I exited the Cossitt Library, where I’d been using the Wi-Fi, about 10:55 to walk to Calvary’s back entrance at BB King and Adams. “I’ll be among the first ones there,” I thought.

As I walked over, I tried to make up my mind what to order. One option was everyday favorite spaghetti & meat sauce; another was Thursday special corned beef and cabbage.

I got to the door and the security guard pointed out the direction to the Waffle Shop seating. WOW I was wrong about being one of the first there! The large dining room, set up with communal tables, was already about two-thirds full, less than 10 minutes after opening. It was mostly an older crowd. Plenty of silver and white hair.

I was seated next to 2 very nice ladies. They were from the eastern ‘burbs and were first-timers like me. They told me they were not Episcopalians but rather Baptists who’d heard good things about the lunch. “If you’ve heard anything about us Baptists, you know we love to eat,” they said.

You fill out a paper menu to order.

They bring your food in just a few minutes. You eat and then when you’re done, you take your filled-out menu to the cash register on your way out.

The spaghetti was as good as it looked and the side of rye bread was delicious as well. There is butter on the tables for the bread.

The seats at the dining tables are really close together! You’re going to make new friends.

More and more people poured in after I did, but the volunteers kept the place humming along. Lines moved fast.

The cost for my meal including sweet tea was $12, sales tax included. Try finding a comparable lunch Downtown at that price.

I will be back… maybe today for fish pudding Friday? For those not in the know, fish pudding is a casserole. It does not have the texture of pudding as Americans think of the dish.

On to the news…

Thr DMC has put Food Truck Thursdays in Court Square on hiatus until April 5. Remember, Smurfey’s Smokehouse, an alumnus of the food truck gatherings, now has a permanent location nearby at 149 Madison.

Catch Harriet Tubman: One Woman’s Journey, a one-woman performance, tonight at the Withers Gallery on Beaje at 6:30.

Shorty and the Grooves with the Grandpa Sorority Club play South Main Sounds tonight at 7:30.

Tonight is Gospel Night at the Grizzlies. They host the Los Angeles Clippers at 7. TV: Bally Sports

Front Street Deli will have its soft reopening on Wednesday.

Golf simulation bar Birdie’s has added two New York City courses, Central Park South and Central Park North. The courses were designed by Birdie’s partner GS Pro.

The Phil Wickham I Believe Tour comes to the Orpheum tonight at 7.

Shout-out to the folks at.Fellowship Memphis who came out to the Union Mission and fed us dinner last night. Those mini Oreos hit the spot!

New business alert: Jasper Float Spa & Wellness at 60 S. Main in the Washburn.

The DM reports that cruise line American Queen, which docks at Beale Street Landing, has shut down

The U of M could lose athletic director/John Cena lookalike Laird Veatch to Missouri.

WREG reports that Alcenia’s is losing a lot of business due to roadblocks

Want a stronger Wi-Fi signal? Buy potatoes

That’s all. I may or may not post an update tomorrow depending on Wi-Fi availability.

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