Thursday update

Anyone know what this building is/was/will be? Southwest corner off Jefferson and BB King:

The paint scheme and circular driveway out front kinda suggest “future boutique hotel.”

Great news – Three days before it was set to expire, I renewed my blog’s hosting on GoDaddy for another year. Thanks to those of you who Venmo’d me money,, sent me Apple Cash, or handed me cash when you saw me around town.

Whew! That’s the last website-related bill until December. By the way, navigating GoDaddy’s product renewal process on a smartphone web browser is about as much fun as attempting to float across the Pacific on a homemade wooden raft.

Happy Leap Day! Today is also National Frog Legs Day. You can get them at the Flying Fish.

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Matthew Wilson plays Ladies Night at Momma’s tonight 7-10.

There’s Taylor Swift Bingo tonight at Slider Inn Downtown. 7 pm.

Penny’s Tigers hit the road for a game at ECU tonight at 6. Catch it on ESPN2..

South Point Grocery celebrates its second anniversary from noon to 4 pm Saturday, March 9. Free burgers, dogs, and in-store vendor samples. Live music. In-store specials.

The Grizzlies lost 110-101 to Minnesota yesterday. Jaren dropped in 33.

Bartlett: You’re getting your own version of Loflin Yard

The Cossitt Library’s Painting on the River series in observance of Women’s History Month kicks off this Saturday. Sara Payne will be this week’s artist. Noon-2 pm.

A few people have asked when I’m gonna publish that guest-centric Memphis Union Mission FAQ I mentioned last week. I still intend to, but I feel like my knowledge about the place is as of yet incomplete. I feel like I’m still learning.

For example, I learned you can stay by the month rather than by the night if you so choose. The fee is $186/month, which works out to the $6 nightly fee times 31 days. Monthly people get the same bed every night, their own private locker, and a few other perks.

I personally am not inclined to pony up the 186, given that I get to the Mission before 2 pm most days and get in free. Now, if they threw in complimentary Wi-Fi as one of the perks of paying monthly… well, then I would have to seriously consider it.

That’s it for now. Thanks for sticking with me. Back tomorrow.

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