Monday update

ABC 24 investigated why the Madison and Riverfront trolley lines are still out of commission. All trolley lines were shut down following a 2014 fire, but the Main Street line was brought back into service in 2018.

The Memphis Grizzlies will pick ninth in the 2024 NBA draft. I predict they’ll trade the pick and Ziaire Williams for an established 23-24-year-old center. One intriguing trade target that’s been mentioned: Jalen Duren, the former Memphis Tiger who has built a solid career with the Detroit Pistons.

Speaking of centers, Moussa Cisse will be back in Tiger blue this fall via the NCAA transfer portal.

Attention dog owners: Court Square is not an off-leash dog park!!! Please use The Barking Lot at Main and Jefferson if you want your dog to run unleashed.

Some of bars Downtown now carry cannabis-infused seltzer with CBD and Delta-9. The drink runs about $8.

TDOT recently showed what a new I-55 river bridge could look like.

Daaaamn, even Penny’s son entered the transfer portal Ashton Hardaway is off to Saint Mary’s

It’s World Cocktail Day.

The Metal Museum seeks a manager for its Museum Store.

The CA has a look at top teams competing in SmokeSlam on the river this week.

Last night was night 1 (of 4) of the “good old-fashioned revival” in the chapel at the Union Mission. I walked in with a lot of skepticism. I saw religious revivals as exercises in crowdthink and expected to be peer-pressured to stand up and declare I’d been “saved.” I sat in the far back to avoid individual notice by the preachers or by audience members way into the service.

Really, it was not bad. There were two preachers, one from Arizona, one from Atlanta. They tag-teamed the service in a way that reminded me of Silky’s dueling pianos. There was singing and the preachers told us their personal stories. The mood was lighthearted, upbeat, even celebratory. I never felt pressure to say on do anything.

Rain is in the forecast, so I’m scrapping my plan to stay out tonight and will be there for night 2 of the revival at the Mission.

Back tomorrow with more news.

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