Tuesday update

Well, I survived the second night of the “good old-fashioned revival” at the Union Mission last night. It started with the Mission’s lead pastor performing a “believer’s baptism.” Then the preacher from Atlanta leading us in about 6 songs on the piano. Then he told us a very personal story about God’s forgiveness

Next, the preacher from Phoenix delivered a sermon and then invited people who felt they needed to be prayed for to come up front.

Tonight or tomorrow- can’t remember which- we’re supposed to have visitors from a Korean church who don’t speak any English. We also have visitors from Calvary, the city’s other major men’s mission. And we have visitors from the local churches that send speakers to the Mission throughout the month.

For the second night in a row, there was nothing in the revival that made me feel peer-pressured. I’m still gonna continue to sit in one of the back rows the next 2 nights, though.

The only thing I disliked was this guy about 22 sitting next to me who was giggling throughout the service. WTF is wrong with people?

On to the news…

Pools are fun. Summer is fun. Especially if you’re a member of the South Main Association. Their May Social will be a pool party atop the roof of the Hyatt Centric Tuesday, May 21.

Just heard a rumor that poker night at Bardog may be coming back.

Friday is Bike to Work Day. Ride by stations around town to pick up a free breakfast.

It’s Dance Like a Chicken Day.

If you’re a DM subscriber, check out this story about a farm in Como, MS where some of the BBQ Fest teams get their pigs.

That’s a. Not a terribly newsy day. Back tomorrow.

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