Wednesday update

The Cossitt Library was STILL closed yesterday for maintenance issues (A/C out). It leads me to a question for anyone in the HVAC industry who can answer.

When I lived in a high-rise, there were several occasions where the air conditioning was out for 1-2 weeks. The issue was that a needed part had to be shipped from California in each case. Why is California A/C central? Half the state doesn’t even need air conditioning! Email if you have insight into this.

Having the library closed is not hurting my ability to write this blog, but it is hurting my ability to publish on Medium and earn money.

Backbeat Tours is the subject of Action News 5’s latest 5 Star Story.

Raise a glass of your favorite Old Dominick spirit to National Craft Distillery Day.

Volunteers are needed at Sunset Skate on the river.

The CA has a look inside the Sterick Building.

ALSAC is hiring a creative director.

Looks like I’ll be wandering the Main Street Mall for a while this morning… and not just because the library is closed. Back tomorrow with more news.

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