Monday update

Steve, the friendly squirrel who lived in the Union-Gayoso block of the Main Street Mall, is believed to be dead. Regulars of businesses in that block have not seen Steve in weeks.

Rat poison is the suspected cause of death. If you’ve ever been on that block after dark, you know there are a lot of rats. I don’t believe anyone was trying to intentionally harm Steve.

Rest in peace, Steve, if you really are gone. Wherever you are now, I hope it’s just plain nuts there.

Beerknurds, save the date: A week from Wednesday will be Captain Keith glass night at the Flying Saucer.

There was a shooting Saturday night about 11 at Danny Thomas and Adams near Level III nightclub.

Memphis Pride Fest is this coming weekend.

The Blues Foundation seeks a museum director.

It’s a slow news day, as I predicted. Back tomorrow.

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