Sunday update

If you ever want something to eat on a Sunday morning but can’t afford to pay, check out the back parking lot of KFC at Poplar and Danny Thomas. Church groups set up there and feed anyone who is hungry. It’s right across Poplar from the Union Mission so it’s convenient.

This morning I had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, two oranges, a granola bar, and a water. They were smoking meat too, but I didn’t feel like waiting. Thanks to them for a great breakfast.

Memphis 901 FC got a 2-1 win over New Mexico United last night.

The DM checks out DeMoir Books which recently made a home on Main.

Today is No Orange Clothes Day. Especially Tennessee Vols orange.

Another short post today. The reason/excuse du hour is that my back hurts.

Coming soon: The Mission Man’s Conundrum: How something fairly unique to the Memphis Union Mission puts me to a tough decision every day I stay there.

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