Sushi @ Blue Fin

Dinner last night:

Left: Memphis Seoul: Grilled beef tenderloin, scallions, cucumbers, carrots, diakon topped with hamachi and house made kimchee

Center: Blues Club: Blue crab, mayo, scallions & crunchies, topped with “old bay” seasoning

Right: The Weekend at Ernie’s Roll: Shrimp tempura, avocado, mayo, jalapeno topped with seared scallops

All three were delicious. I’ve always thought that kimchee doesn’t get the appreciation it deserves in America. Happy to see it atop a roll at Blue Fin.

Daily Dog and Chili @ Bardog Tavern

How plans change. Tonight I meant to start at Bardog for happy hour, then do a venue change to Ferraro’s about 7:30 for their first weekly trivia night. However, radar indicated that Ferraro’s, 10 blocks away in the rain and lightning, was not in the plans. So I settled in for Pint Night, where all draft beers were $3. “I’ll have the good stuff,” I told bartender Amanda Panda, “the PBR.” About 9 I had told people I was about to leave, then announced to the night shift who had just come on, “Well, you know… I think I’m going to have ONE MORE.” Hope no one was waiting on me to leave. I also ordered food. I asked how much a bowl of their award-winning chili was, and I think they said $6.29. I ordered that and the “daily dog,” which today was an Italian hot dog with onions, peppers, hash and mustard. Obviously I was thinking dipping with the chili.

The amount of food I got was astonishing. They brought me two to-go bowls – not cups, bowls – of their chili, along with the dog pictured above. Either would have been a complete meal by itself.

The math teacher in me is discovering that there’s a direct correlation between how many PBRs you have and how much food ends up on the floor.

Sushi happy hour @ Blue Fin

Last night I finally got to investigate the lead I’d been given on a great happy hour – the sushi happy hour at Blue Fin. I joined my friends at the new, expanded bar whose entrance is to the right of the Blue Fin patio. I told the bartender I was there for happy hour, and he had a server bring out the tray to show me my options.

The clear plates up top were $3. The white plates were $5, and the dark plates were $7. The $7 happy hour rolls were whole rolls and are on the regular menu for $10-11.

Above: My first selection, the Jacksonville Roll. Crunchy spicy crawfish and cilantro topped with seared walli. $7 during happy hour.

My second selection, called “And the Oscar goes to…”. Spicy mayo, crab, avocado and shrimp topped with spicy crunchy tuna. Also $7.

Sake was buy one, get one free. This was just an INCREDIBLE value. And the bar is unfortunately empty during happy hour, because people haven’t discovered it yet. I have a feeling that will change soon.

Most undiscovered hidden gem of Downtown at the moment, and I almost considered not blogging it and keeping it to myself. That wouldn’t be fair though. If you like sushi, you need to give Blue Fin’s happy hour a try.

Chopped salad with rib meat @ Blues City Cafe

Last week I received a tip from one of my fellow Saucer barflies about a meal I should try: the chopped salad at Blues City Cafe. “Get it topped with rib meat,” he advised me. “They load you up.”

So I did. He was right – for $2.95 more than the price of a regular salad, they top it off with a generous helping of rib meat. You get your choice of the usual salad dressings, although I can’t imagine going with anything other than the house dressing, a BBQ ranch.

It was pretty good. I probably won’t get it as often as I get the ribs, but for value it’s hard to beat. Bartender was friendly and remembered me, even though it’s been a good 6-8 months since I’ve been in. I was pleased to see 16 oz. PBR cans, a new addition, in the refrigerator case. Unless your name is the Flying Saucer you pretty much have to ride the PBR train if you operate a bar Downtown.

While there, I was reminded that it’s been way too long since I had another of my Blues City favorites – hand rolled tamales with a cup of chili, also a really good value at $5.75. I’ll have to go back for a repeat visit soon. View their menu here.

Lobster roll @ Bangkok Alley

Saturday afternoon I was walking home from the Saucer to put on some warmer clothes. Bangkok Alley was on the way and I decided to stop in for a snack.

I wanted sushi but didn’t have anything in particular in mind, so I asked the bartender what his favorite flash-fried roll was. I took his recommendation – the lobster roll.

Lobster, shrimp, crab meat, and Tobiko, flash-fried. Topped with chef’s chili sauce. Before you ask, no I don’t have any idea what Tobiko is. It was good though.