MIND BLOWN: Quinoa Crunch Bowl @ LYFE Kitchen


Last week a college classmate of mine posted that she made her family Buddha Bowls, bowls made with quinoa, crunchy veggies, sauces and other healthy ingredients. There seem to be a million different ways to make a Buddha Bowl. Most Buddha Bowls are vegetarian, and although not a vegetarian myself, I was intrigued.

Yesterday afternoon I was sitting at Stacey’s bar at Hung Over Like a Bear brunch at the Blind Bear. “I’ve got to go somewhere and eat before the Arkansas-TCU game at 6,” I told her. I got out my phone and started surfing the menus of nearby restaurants to figure out what I wanted to eat. I surfed Kooky Canuck… the Fish… Lenny’s… Yao’s… nothing caught my attention. I’ve eaten at those places so many times that nothing seems to jump out at me.

Then I pulled up LYFE Kitchen’s menu. LYFE is known for healthy dining alternatives. Back in February I went there right after it opened and ordered their kale Caesar with garlic lime tofu as sort of a joke, choosing the menu item that I would normally be the least likely to ever order. Yesterday, though, was no joke. I needed nutrition so I would be good to make it to watch the Hogs. As I read the Soups & Salads section, the Quinoa Crunch Bowl caught my attention. It is a mix of quinoa tabbouleh, fresh crunchy vegetables, avocado, arugula, edamame hummus, chipotle vinaigrette, and fireman’s hot sauce.

“That sounds a lot like a Buddha Bowl!” I thought. I liked the sound of the chipotle vinaigrette and the hot sauce, being a fan of spicy.

However, my skepticism kicked in, and I decided I would get an add-on. You can get garlic lime tofu for an extra $2, chicken for $3, mahi for $5, or shrimp for $6. The tofu definitely wasn’t under consideration but I polled my Facebook friends on which of the other three I should add. The general consensus was the mahi, which was kind of the direction I was leaning as well.

Five minutes later the bowl was brought to my table. MIND BLOWN. So much delicious goodness, all twirled up together. The hummus and the spicy ingredients absolutely made this dish work. I loved it. I enjoyed the mahi but it was not necessary. This dish can stand on its own as an entree, without add-ons.

For those of you who are diet-conscious, the Quinoa Crunch Bowl has only 541 calories without the mahi. That’s a good thing because it offset the calories from the numerous PBRs I had during the Arkansas game and the Fireballs I had after Arkansas blocked a field goal in 2OT and then ran it into the end zone for the upset.

Going into the meal, I thought, “If this sucks there are always nachos from Huey’s a few blocks away.” By the end of my bowl I neither wanted nor needed nachos. The bowl was filling and delicious. I will be back again and again for it. Heck, I might go back today.

For those of you who would not normally even consider something like the Quinoa Crunch Bowl, I was the same way for many, many years. Believe me, in this case thinking outside the box is worth it.

Herb-encrusted rack of lamb @ Rizzo’s

2016-07-24 17.55.04

A minor electrical fire closed Rizzo’s for several days last week. Everything was back in shape by Sunday, so Chef Michael Patrick did a rare Sunday opening. It sounded like a good excuse to try something off the new menu, so I headed down there. I got the herb-encrusted rack of lamb, with mango, horseradish demi-glace, and garlic mashed potatoes. How was it? I will borrow a phrase from my friend Jack… it was baaaaaaaad to the bone.

I won’t eat lamb from just any place, because if cooked wrong it can come out gamey. With Chef doing the cooking, though, I knew I had nothing to worry about. It was cooked to perfection. The garlic mashed potatoes were a perfect compliment and went great with the sauce. Absolutely an A+ dinner that I would get again.

Check out Rizzo’s website and take a gander at the new menu. It’s at the corner of South Main and Butler across from the fire station in the arts district. If you haven’t been to Rizzo’s, come find out why many people (including me) have been raving about Michael Patrick’s food for more than a decade.

I’ll try to be back at lunchtime or after work with a news post.

Cheese plate @ Loflin Yard + Monday news

I didn’t make it to Loflin Yard this weekend, although looking back I sure wish I had gone there rather than Wing Fest. My friend Jeremy Miller did, and he took a photo of this gorgeous cheese plate, which I asked for permission to use on my blog.

loflincheeseplateI have not heard of anyone who has had a bad experience at Loflin Yard. What a great fit for the neighborhood. It’s in South End, at 7 West Carolina.

“I don’t know you, but I know you from the blog” strikes again: Yesterday at Wine Race, I was catching up with Bones, one of the big dogs on Squeal Street BBQ. He and I were talking about the Moody Ques’ strong showing at Southaven Springfest the day before. Nearby was my Blind Bear bartender B-RAD, off work early so he could participate in the 4-person wine relay.

“Hey, are you Brad?” asked Bones. “I don’t know you but I feel like I know you from reading Paul’s blog.” They talked for a few minutes and Bones asked, “Do you do BBQ Fest?”

“I’m not on a team but I go visit The Moody Ques and Porkosaurus,” said B-RAD.

“Well, now you have another team to visit,” Bones said. “Squeal Street BBQ. We’re a few booths down the sidewalk from these guys (pointing at me) in Shoulder. Come see us and get some BBQ.”

I think it’s very nice that the Squeal Street members who have never met B-RAD will get to. Be sure to ask him what it’s like to have a well-known local blogger at his bar every Sunday, and if he has any stories about me. :mrgreen:

I haven’t looked at the photos I took yesterday, but I have a feeling they’re not very good. I was more interested in just hanging out with my friends than I was in taking photos. I have to say it was a real pleasure to be part of the Blind Bear family yesterday. The Bear’s Queen of the Vine contestant gave me her hat to wear after the event was over.

2016-04-24 16.33.23Several people commented that the hat looked good on me, so it’s probably coming to BBQ Fest at least one day.

Comedy returns to The Brass Door tomorrow night at 9. Katherine Jessup of DC and Justin Thompson of Atlanta will headline, and also appearing will be Memphis Rap Queen Happi Johnson, and the Oxford, MS Vigilante Comedy duo of Connor King and Sam Lyons.

Here’s a video of Mayor Strickland lip-syncing “Great Balls of Fire.”

The Redbirds play the Round Rock Express at 6:35 tonight at AutoZone Park. Yesterday at the Blind Bear a friend of mine told me how to watch Memphis’ AAA team in style. “Get a club-level ticket for $62,” he told me.

“Sixty-two dollars?” I replied, “To watch a baseball game?” That didn’t start out sounding like a deal to me.

“Yeah, but it’s all-inclusive,” he told me. “You not only get a club seat, but an all-you-can-eat buffet and all-you-can-drink beer and wine. For a 7:00 game, I think the buffet starts at 6 and goes until 8:30. Wine and beer through the end of the 7th inning.” Obviously I wouldn’t want to spend that kind of money every night, but for someone like me who goes to one or two games a year, it’s something to consider.

I got clarification on how the Moody Ques’ 12th place finish in shoulder in Southaven was better than our 9th place finish in Atoka. The Memphis Barbecue Network uses the same scoring system at every event, and our score in Southaven was seven points higher than our Atoka score. So our cooking continues to improve. Some of the most successful BBQ competitors in the park came to our cooks and said, “Keep on doing exactly what you are doing. Do not change a thing. It’s always the luck of the draw which table your blind box ends up on. You can’t help that, but your preparation is on point. You are going to be a serious competitor.”

That’s it for now. It’s Melissa Monday night at Bardog. I will be there after work.

Kale Caesar salad with garlic lime tofu add-on @ LYFE Kitchen

No kidding, I really ate this.
No kidding, I really ate this.

LYFE Kitchen, the new healthy restaurant in the Chisca, opened yesterday. The deal with LYFE is that they serve no dish over 600 calories and are known for having plenty of options for vegetarians, vegans, and those preferring a gluten-free meal. I didn’t get in there for the opening yesterday, but with the rain we had tonight I saw an opening. “Surely the place won’t be too busy in this weather.”

Indeed it wasn’t. I got there about 5:45 and a server asked if I’d ever been to LYFE Kitchen before. I said I hadn’t and she steered me in the direction of Art’s Unfried Chicken, chicken with a side of a mixture of brussels sprouts, butternut squash, dried cranberries, a cashew cream sauce, and Dijon vinaigrette. It sounded appealing but I had already looked at the menu online, and I knew what I wanted. I was determined to get as far outside the box as I could at this place.

“I’ll have the kale Caesar salad, with an add-on of garlic lime tofu,” I told the cashier. He offered to make it gluten-free or vegan if I wanted, but I had my limits. I thought about saying “extra gluten” but I wasn’t sure if that was a real thing. I got a freshly-squeezed classic lemonade to drink.

They gave me a number to take to my table, and I looked around. One thing you might not know is that LYFE serves alcohol. They have a bar with two large flat-screen TVs, with local craft beer on tap and they can make fresh versions of most common cocktails.

Although they are still learning the registers, which is understandable given it is the second day, the service was great. No less than six different employees, including the GM, came up to me. They wanted to be sure I liked my food, and they let me know that if there was anything they could do for me, all I had to do was ask. I definitely felt welcomed there.

As for the salad, let’s just say I thought waaaaayyyyy outside the box ordering it. I’m not opposed to ordering vegetarian items, but usually they are not way too different from what I normally eat. I’ll get the Button Man (veggie slice) at Aldo’s Pizza Pies; a version of one of the burgers made with a veggie patty at Huey’s; the bean nachos at Maciel’s. The kale Caesar with tofu, though, was the exact opposite of my regular diet.

Don’t get me wrong – if you’re into that kind of thing I think you would enjoy it at LYFE. They used quality ingredients including cherry tomatoes, parmesan, broccoli, romaine, and baby kale. There was absolutely nothing wrong with my salad, and the addition of fresh cracked pepper (on every table) helped. It’s just that if anything, I learned that the next time I go to LYFE, I should stick to items more in line with my traditional diet. like the unfried chicken the server recommended, or the Farmhouse burger made with 100% grass-fed beef.

Give LYFE Kitchen a try; I think you will like it. If I had one minor criticism of the place, it would be that it was a bit too warm in there.It wasn’t unbearable but it was mid to upper 70s inside. I know it sounds ridiculous to turn on the air conditioner on February 2, but it was in the 60s and humid outside and the place would have been more enjoyable had it been cooled off a bit.

In the after-LYFE I walked north to Blind Bear and sat at the bar and watched basketball. I didn’t play Tuesday night poker because it would keep me up too late. Walking home, I stopped at City Market and looked in their grab & go. They had two chicken tenders with honey mustard for dipping for $3.49. If you want to have the best chicken tenders EVER, have them as a late-night snack after kale and tofu for dinner.

4 posts in one day. I guess that’s enough. Off to bed.

Blackened catfish Benedict @ Rizzo’s Diner + Sunday news

Ever since the new location opened at South Main and Butler, I have heard good things about the blackened catfish Benedict at Rizzo’s Diner’s Saturday and Sunday brunch. Although I usually stick to the Downtown core on the weekends, beautiful weather yesterday gave me reason to walk south and check it out for myself.

2016-01-30 13.54.24

Growing up, I hated eggs. As an adult I have warmed up to them a little, but still, if I let you cook me eggs in any form other than scrambled/omelet it means I really trust you. If there is anyone I am going to trust to serve me eggs right, it is Chef Michael Patrick. He did not disappoint.

The dish consists of blackened Lake Farms Mississippi catfish topped with spinach, English muffins, poached eggs, and Cajun Hollandaise sauce. It all fits together perfectly and the spinach absolutely makes this dish a hit. I enjoyed every bite and the portion was generous enough that I did not leave the table feeling hungry. No less of a foodie than the Nuh-Uh Girl said this is her favorite Downtown brunch dish and I could not disagree. Easily the best Benedict I have ever had.

I sat at the bar, and bartender Nikki was a complete professional. She made sure I had everything I needed and engaged me in conversation. When I ordered my third mimosa and mentioned I had pre-gamed at Bardog, she said, “Tell me you’re getting an Uber when you leave, or walking.” I told her I lived in the Downtown core and assured her that driving is never on the agenda when I go to bars.

For those who are not into fish, there is a Southern version of the Benedict with slow-roasted pork shank confit. Also, I’m not sure if I have any readers who like Rizzo’s and are vegetarian, but on the off-chance I do I will mention that they also have a vegetarian version of the dish with oven-roasted tomatoes.

Has anyone tried the Bandera Memphis at Rizzo’s? It is pork belly chicharones, Andouille sausage, blackeyed peas, grits, steak tips, a sunny-side-up egg, and fresh avocado. It sounds delicious and a Google Images search produced a couple of yummy-looking photos of this brunch dish.

I drank mimosas but I noticed they had several locally-produced craft beers from Wiseacre on tap.

My conclusion: Why have I not been going to Rizzo’s more often??? Yesterday was my first trip there since May. At the old restaurant I had an excuse for not going; I prefer to sit at a bar, and there wasn’t one. The new location that has been open since March, though, has a beautiful bar. There’s really no valid reason I have been denying myself this wonderful food. I’m putting Rizzo’s brunch on the regular Saturday agenda. It may not happen every week, but when I leave my normal first stop at Bardog, I am going to consider walking down there.

Walking down to Rizzo’s, I saw staff in training at LYFE Kitchen in the Chisca. The quick and healthy restaurant opens tomorrow. Here’s the menu. I want to go in there tomorrow and stand in line to order and ask, “Can I get the chicken nuggets?”

I bet LYFE Kitchen will be a prime yoga pants watching spot.

There is a rare apartment opening in South Main: Three bedroom, three bath, overlooks the Civil Rights Museum. Tile floors, skylight, oversized Jacuzzi tubs and showers in each bathroom, all appliances, washer/dryer, newly painted. Must pass credit check. The landlord is a very interesting person who is looking for the right Spirits to rent his property. $1750/month with all utilities included. Hit me up at paul@paulryburn.com or on Facebook if interested and I will give you the landlord’s phone number.

For those staying in town an extra day after IBC and are looking for some live music, I recommend checking out the Memphis Jazz Orchestra’s rehearsal at Alfred’s at 6. It’s not blues but it is a unique experience. It’s a full orchestra and people swing dance to it. Then hit Blues City at 9:30 for jam band FreeWorld.

“But what do we do until 6?” you’re probably thinking. I am glad you asked. Come join me at the Blind Bear Speakeasy for Hung Over Like a Bear brunch/D-RANKS with B-RAD. The bar opens at 11, and there are brunch and drink specials until 6. It’s on the Main Street Mall, second door down south of Gayoso. The food is great, the service is great, and the regulars are an entertaining bunch indeed. That is where I will be for most of the afternoon. Come join!


Chaos Theory Ghost Pepper Sauce

2015-07-07 22.29.46

As you all know, I spend a lot of time at Bardog Tavern. I have seen this sauce, the ghost pepper sauce from Crazy Good, in the racks when people have ordered food, but have never tried it. I have also seen Crazy Good products sold at Memphis Farmers Market. If you walk all the way to the back at the market, like you’re going to the food trucks, there’s a Crazy Good vendor just as you step off the main aisle.

I was thinking about this hot sauce as I walked home tonight. “I wonder if City Market sells it?” City Market, the local grocery store which is a convenient place to duck into when you need to get away, did indeed, and I snagged a bottle. Now I just needed something to apply the ghost pepper sauce to.  The market’s grab & go is one of my regular stops but tonight nothing much in there appealed to me. My quest for food continued,

Eventually, the quest led full circle back to Bardog Tavern, where the Monster Burrito seemed like the perfect food on which to try out my new sauce. I got it to go because the hour was getting late. By default it’s vegetarian but I added shrimp.

The verdict: That sauce is hot but good, but let me warn you of one thing: The bottle does not have a slow-pour mouth! If you do not have a slow, steady hand you are gonna have ghost pepper all over your food! I poured far more than intended. I can handle it because I love spicy food, but I would venture a guess that many can’t!

Give this sauce a try, but only if you’re into spicy. In my opinion it is worth taking a bottle home.

Shrimp & scallop enchiladas @ Agave Maria

2015-06-30 21.12.31

A huge group of us converged on new Downtown Mexican restaurant Agave Maria for our friend Tony’s birthday tonight. We all got menus and as usual I wanted the most expensive item on there. I ordered the shrimp and scallop enchiladas, which came in a skillet, as an entree. It did not disappoint. So rich and luscious and good. I couldn’t finish it.

Friends of mine at the table ordered the Queso Blanco, white cheese dip. Having grown up in Little Rock, widely considered one of the cheese dip capitals of the world, I was expecting to be disappointed, as I usually am with the plain white dip the authentic Mexican restaurants of the Memphis area usually trot out. Agave Maria’s was different and better though; it could hold its own in Little Rock, even challenging Mexico Chiquito, home of the best cheese dip in the world.

They don’t have PBR. :(

PRO TIP: There’s hot sauce on the table in a medicine-looking bottle. If you get the shrimp and scallop enchiladas and aren’t scared, try some. Don’t try too much though or you will regret it.

The restaurant is not even a week old and could be expected to be ironing out some kinks. The service was not a kink. They got a party of 25, not all of whom arrived at the same time, in and out in an hour and a half. I was quite happy with that. The one thing I would suggest they work on is their air conditioning. It was not bad in there but it was about 75, warmer than a lot of patrons like it.

Mainly, though, it was a real treat to hang out with this group of people on a Tuesday evening. Tony, the birthday boy, is a member of my Sunday brunch crew, along with Rahul, Nate, and our Sunday bartender B-RAD and his lovely wife Phaedra. After dinner we walked over to Blind Bear.

2015-06-30 23.04.58

That’s Tony, the birthday boy, in the middle. B-RAD is to his right. Rahul who whines if the Bear does not put enough fruit in his drink is at the far right.

B-RAD claims he’s going to grow his hair out as long as mine. He also tried to take a selfie. Phae ushered him out of there and I can see why.

One of the most classic Sunday Fun Day quotes happened sometime during this conversation (on a Tuesday) but I am not allowed to blog it.

But seriously, Agave Maria. Worth checking out. Give it a try.

It’s 51 minutes into July and I have to renew my now-expired car tags before I go to work in the morning. Guess I should go to bed. Back with a post at lunchtime. Maybe.

Bacon cheeseburger pizza @ Double J

2015-06-20 17.47.57-1


2015 is the year I rediscovered South Main. About 5 yesterday I was at Blind Bear, my favorite pair of librarian glasses behind the bar, when I thought, “Hey, Max’s Sports Bar is open. I think I’ll head down there.” So I tabbed out and began the walk south.

I had been going for 6 hours already at that point, and I realized I needed to get something to eat. Max’s has great steamed sandwiches, but I just wasn’t in a sandwich kind of mood yesterday. “Double J is across the street,” I thought. “They have great food. I’ll eat there.” I pulled up their menu on my phone. Back when they rolled out the Loft Bar, they had three pizzas exclusively upstairs. I guess the pizza business went well, because Double J expanded to a full lineup of pizzas available both up and down.

There was a bacon cheeseburger pizza. That brought back fond memories. Anyone remember the Italian buffet at Poplar Plaza, in the location that is now a Chinese buffet? I was a grad student at the University of Memphis at the time and would go there between classes. They had several pizzas on the buffet and one of them was a bacon cheeseburger pizza. So good. I decided to see if Double J’s take on the pie would measure up.

Indeed it did. Cheesy yumminess with hamburger, bacon, cherry tomatoes, onions, and just a hint of mustard. It was a 9-inch pizza, slightly more than I could finish but I put a good dent in it. I want to try more of Double J’s pizzas. Of particular interest is “The Undertaker,” which has several meats, pineapple, and jalapeno. Normally I don’t like pineapple on pizza but I think the jalapeno would balance it out and make for an interesting taste. I will get back there soon to try The Undertaker, maybe as soon as today.

PRO TIP: Let your pizza sit and cool off for about 3 minutes after it comes out. Much easier to eat if you do this.

I didn’t know the bartender at the Loft Bar, and when I came in I’m pretty sure she wondered if I was a bum. I was sweating from the 3/4-mile walk down there and my hair, 4 months since cut, was going this way and that. I looked like a beach bum who had just stepped off the Greyhound from San Diego. Not sure I convinced the bartender I was not a bum by the time I left, but at least she now knows I’m a bum who leaves 30% tips.

Across the street to Max’s I went, where I got to hang out with four of my favorite people – Gary and Boo, Bad Shane and Leigh. A few weeks ago I mentioned on Facebook that I felt like I was in a rut in my life, and Gary suggested I spend more time in South Main. I have done just that. It was an excellent suggestion. This is the first month ever that I have spent more time at Max’s than I have Flying Saucer. Walking down there is good exercise and I enjoy getting to see my South Main friends as much as I do my Downtown core friends.

Thanks to Bad Shane and Leigh for the ride home. If I had walked it, that could have been a bit scary, especially with all the sidewalk construction in South Main. I need to re-do my list of top five Fireball pushers. Michele at Max’s has made the list for sure and might even me number 1 now.

You know, I have a holiday suggestion. We have Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day. There needs to be a holiday where you honor those who helped you find where you fit in. I remember back in March 2003, when I was invited to Sunday brunch at Sleep Out Louie’s. Bad Shane and Leigh were there. I was introduced to them, and they immediately made me feel welcome, as though I had been part of the gang for years and years. I couldn’t wait until the next Sunday to hang out with them again. I will always be grateful to them for making me feel like I belonged – and I do belong.

(And yeah, I have selfish reasons for suggesting this holiday, because I know a lot of people found where they fit in because of my blog. I like presents!)

On to the news… Yo Gotti and Friends 3rd Birthday Bash happens tonight at the Mud Island Amphitheater. 7:30 PM is the start time.

Historian Jimmy Ogle leads one of his free walks today at 2 PM. Meet at Crump Park (take exit 12C, Metal Museum Drive, off I-55). Learn about the Mississippi River, the bluffs, the bridges, Chickasaw Heritage Park, Metal Museum, railroads, and river barge traffic.

Daytime music recommendation if you have tomorrow off work: STAX Music Academy graduates, now in college and home on summer break, will perform at B.B. King’s at 12:3o tomorrow afternoon.

BRIDGES unveils its new outdoor rock climbing wall and challenge course tomorrow at 2.

All right. After all the pizza ‘n beer yesterday, it’s time for a juice cleanse to repent for my sins. The good thing about living Downtown is that there’s a health clinic called the Blind Bear right down the street. My cleanse will be supervised by nutritionist B-RAD and the juice will be PBR flavored. B-RAD also has a health drink called the duck fart which combines three all-natural ingredients and which is said to be excellent for colon health. I will probably poop more than all the dogs in my apartment building combined, but that’s OK. Happy Father’s Day to all the dads reading this blog, and here’s to a day of healthy living!

Gator tail @ Double J, plus Friday news

2015-03-05 18.10.44

Yesterday was a snow day, so I hit all the spots in the Downtown core then wandered south to Max’s Sports Bar to see my South Main friends. As I began the walk back I decided I was hungry, so I popped in Double J for dinner. I had the gator tail, served on a bed of rice pilaf with Texas toast. It was excellent and as you can see in the photo above, the portion of gator you get is far from skimpy.

Maybe we should get a gator and enter it in Anything But this year. I will mention it to the BBQ team at the meeting this weekend.

I usually eat only one meal a day, but yesterday was the rare day when I had two. Around lunchtime I wandered over to the Flying Saucer, figuring I’d have a hot chick to look at behind the bar. Instead I got Nate. Nevertheless, I ordered the lunch beer cheese soup/side salad combo. In the 12 years I have been going to the Saucer, it was the first time I have ever had the beer cheese soup. Not bad at all.

The Memphis Comedy Festival is this weekend and one of the festival venues is Downtown. Kudzu’s hosts “the 4:20 show” this afternoon but apparently they will be running late because the start time is listed as 4:30. The show features Kate Lucas, Josh McLane, Mo Arora, Ashley Huck, Scott Eason, Jason Earl Folks, and Andy Fleming and admission is free.

There is a musical parody of Fifty Shades of Gray tonight at the Orpheum at 8. Tickets are $29-55.

If you’re in the mood to watch a basketball team that is a mere shell of its former self, you’re in for a treat tonight because the L.A. Lakers are in town. The play the Grizzlies at 7 at FedExForum.

Beginning this weekend the Arcade will stay open late Thursdays through Saturdays. Closing time will be 11 PM. Speaking of which, there’s a Groupon for the Arcade running right now. $12 for $20 worth of food, or $24 for $40 worth of food.

The Tigers got an important win over UConn last night. The top five teams in the AAC get first-round byes in the tournament, and the Tigers now hold a tiebreaker over UConn as a result of sweeping them in the regular season.

Plans for today: Well, let’s see… the office is closed again today, and I am terribly disappointed because I was really looking forward to sitting in a cubicle for 8 hours. Instead I am going to have to settle for sitting at the bar at the Blind Bear, where my favorite pair of librarian glasses usually works Friday day bar. I plan on staying out well into the evening. Hopefully there won’t be another episode of “When Cougars Attack” this weekend. We’ve already had at least two that I am aware of in 2015. Let’s see… it’s 9:15 and the Bear doesn’t open until 11… guess it’s Bardog then. Outta here for now, but you never know, could be a drunk post later.

“You eat this with a fork.”

That’s what it says on the Green Beetle’s menu, in regard to the chili cheeseburger. I have been meaning to give it a try for a while. Yesterday, I finally did.

Photo Feb 23, 4 34 52 PM

It’s not the first time I’ve seen a chili cheeseburger so messy that picking it up is not an option (Westy’s has a really good one), but this is the first time I’ve seen a restaurant just put the chili and cheese on top of the burger, rather than inside the bun. It works though. Man was this thing good. It’s a huge 8-ounce patty, so you won’t leave hungry. The steak fries were delicious too. I will be back for another one soon.