First impressions of Flight

Never made it to the Peabody’s rooftop party last night, which I’m assuming got moved indoors due to the rain.  Started at the Saucer (Saucer visit number 39 for the month of April), where Woodchuck Pear Cider was the Fire Sale.  Nice!  Had a few of those, then wandered over to the Goose, where I discussed BBQ Fest with the team captain and watched the NBA finals and drank PBR.  By then it was 9:30, and I wondered if the crowd was starting to leave the rooftop and hit the bars, so I walked back over to the Saucer (visit 40) for another Woodchuck Pear.  Saucer was pretty boring though, so I hit Bardog for a beer, then decided to pop in next door at Flight.  Turned out to be a good decision.

“Do I look good enough to come in?” I asked the owner.  I had a T-shirt and shorts and sandals on.  He assured me that I was welcomed, and I took a seat at the bar.  By that time it was past 10, so their late-night menu was in effect.

On the late-night menu:  A cheeseburger, crawfish dip, bacon and bleu cheese fries, a jerked chicken quesadilla, a barbecue pork pizza, a charcuterie (might have misspelled that) plate which is basically a sausage and cheese plate, and conch fritters.  I had the crawfish dip and it was delicious.

I talked with the people who run the place as I ate, and they told me about some of their liquor flights:  They have scotch flights, tequila flights, whiskey flights (Tennessee vs. Kentucky vs. Canadian), vodka flights, gin flights, rum flights, and cordial flights.  They have dessert flights too.

A good first experience there.  I want to go back sometime and try their dinner menu… their fresh fish flight sounds particularly tempting.

Plans for tonight:  I won’t be traipsing through the mud at Music Fest, but I do plan on getting Dirty.  And maybe a little bit sweaty… Mexican sweat.  And I’ll be so thirsty that I may drink a Dozen beers.  Those in the know understand what I’m talking about.