Tuesday update #2

I’m working on a coronavirus “sucks to be you” list, of people whose lives were negatively, but somewhat ironically, affected by the coronavirus outbreak. Here’s what I have so far:

  • People born on March 20, 1999 (March 19 was the last day bars were open)
  • People who had two sessions to get a new tattoo done, one of which was before Mayor Strickland closed non-essential businesses
  • People who gave up going to bars for Lent, and now realize they’re going to be giving it up a lot longer than that

What am I missing?

Mid-South Food Bank reminder:

Grizzlies fans have now missed out on Jaren Jackson slides (giveaway scheduled for March 21 game) and a Grizzlies commemorative T-shirt (March 28). They will also miss out on a Brandon Clarke mini-hoop set (scheduled to be given away Friday). I wonder what happens to items that could not be given away due to unforeseen circumstances?

From Bloomberg: Nobody knows what will happen when the rent comes due on April 1

Take a yoga class from my friend Mary who teaches yoga at several studios around town and also bartends at the Blind Bear. Tonight, March 31, 6 PM:

ZOOM CLASS! Tonight at 6 PM 💕 Find Two Pillars Studio on the Mindbody app and sign up. Your first two classes are only $18! I miss you all SO MUCH and would love to see your faces tonight 🥰

If you don’t have the app, you can also sign up on Two Pillars Yoga’s website.

Tin Roof will host a virtual music event this evening. The Music Never Stops: FB Live featuring Alex Butler happens tonight 6-7 PM with a virtual tip jar. 100% of tips will go to musicians and Tin Roof employees displaced by the coronavirus outbreak. They’ll have a similar Facebook Live event tomorrow featuring Adam McLelland.

The Redbirds have printable coloring and activity pages to help keep the kids busy at home.

Huey’s is moving to curbside only as of today, so you’ll need to consult their menu ahead of time and call ahead.

You can view Huey’s menu on their website. The Downtown Huey’s number for ordering is 901-527-2700.

I can relate to this:

MK who makes the Quarantine Cuisine delivery dinners, posted a couple of pics of this week’s dinner, consisting of turkey and dressing, mashed potatoes and gravy, country greens, a dinner roll, and strawberry cake.

Dinners are $15 apiece and will be delivered Friday afternoon. Text 901-502-3072 by Wednesday at noon to order. She also has Lockdown Lunches which can be delivered Thursday or Friday, consisting of white bean chicken chili, jalapeno cornbread, and a turkey club for $12.

Restaurant folks: Sysco will hold webinars tomorrow about turning your restaurant into a pop-up grocery. Spindini has enjoyed great success with this concept.

Yale’s popular course The Science of Well Being is available online for free.

If you can make it out to Olive Branch, FedEx is hiring 400 there.

From Lifehacker: Why you should be keeping a pandemic journal

Attention business owners and managers:

Tomorrow’s April Fool’s Day. If you see a news article and suspect it may be a joke, go to Google News and type in the key words. If multiple other sources report the same thing, it’s most likely for real. If not, don’t believe it. I’ve already had to use this once and it’s only March 31.

I’ve also seen two sources – websites of organizations that are large enough to employ copy editors – report that social distancing will have to be kept in place until April 31.

Okay, since there’s some time-sensitive news in here, I’m going to go ahead and hit Publish. Possibly a third post later today. If not I will be back tomorrow.


Tuesday update

The Downtown Memphis Commission is offering forgivable loans of up to $20,000 to select Downtown businesses. Qualifying businesses must have a first-floor location, and must prove they need the loan to be able to stay in operation. If the company receiving the loan stays in business for two years afterward, it will be forgiven.

The Memphis Business Journal reports that Cristina McCarter, the mind behind City Tasting Tours, has pivoted to take her tasting tour business online to react to the coronavirus pandemic. When you order a tour, providing payment information ahead of time, you first get a video leading you through each restaurant on your tour. Then, food for two from each restaurant is dropped at your door, so there’s no contact. Tours include the following foods:

  • Smoked salmon dip from City Block Salumeria
  • Greek lasagna from Grecian Gourmet
  • Meatloaf from Rizzo’s
  • Dessert, either from Primas Bakery + Boutique or Makeda’s Cookies

Pancho’s is offering free lunches (2 tacos, beans and rice, chips and dip) today and Thursday, 11 AM-4 PM. There are no strings attached; they just want to help reduce stress during the coronavirus emergency. 3600 Broadway, West Memphis. The flyer for this promotion didn’t say, but I assume the lunches are to-go.

Sam’s Main Street Eatery at 7 N. Main has decided to re-open tomorrow, Wednesday, April 1. Its hours will be 9 AM-3 PM. They will offer take-out and also delivery through GrubHub. Their phone number is 901-308-0989 and you can see their menu on their GrubHub page.

Starting today, Mayor Strickland will limit access to city parks. Residents can still use the parks to walk and exercise, but not to congregate in large numbers. Monitors will be in the parks to ensure they are used in a way that does not violate the mayor’s Safer at Home order. Also, Riverside Drive will be closed from Union to Georgia after heavy cruising in that area over the weekend.

The Harbor Town Community Association has responded to reports of people congregating on Tug’s patio sipping to-go drinks and disregarding social distancing. They are asking customers to please take their drinks home. As for Tug’s, they are still selling food and drinks to go, but have completely closed the patio and taken up all the furniture.

From the Memphis Restaurant Association:

Max of Max’s Sports Bar is also asking patrons to take their drinks home after purchasing them to-go. A few people have been lingering on the sidewalk with their drinks, which violates the mayor’s executive order. Max is trying to keep his business open so his employees can continue to earn a living. Please don’t cause him to get shut down!

Here are some Grizzlies articles to keep you from getting bored at home:

The Memphis Flyer is temporarily cutting back to bi-weekly print issues and is offering a home delivery option via subscription.

From Sunrise Memphis:

Bad news for folks at the Commercial Appeal:

I finished the King, Kaiser, Tsar book and am now reading Inside Out, a biography of Pink Floyd. I’ve read Floyd bios before, but this one is different in that it was written by Nick Mason, drummer and only member to appear in every incarnation of the band.

From MakeUseOf: The best free and paid TV streaming services (I checked out the free services. Some good stuff in there.)

From OneZero @ Medium: Zoom is dead, long live Houseparty

When I shopped at the Family Dollar on Main Street yesterday, the debit card machine was down. If you go in there this week, you might want to take some cash as a backup.

New business Laid Off Lawn Care is now available to help take care of your mowing, edging, mulching, lawn removal, and leaf removal services.

Mountain Dew flavored Doritos. As big a fan as I am of the two products individually, I have no desire to taste them combined.

That’s the news for now. Back later today or tomorrow with more.

Monday morning update

Let me show you how that lasagna from Spindini worked out!

For those of you who missed my previous post, Saturday I walked down to Spindini, which has been converted into South Main Grocery to help keep people supplied during the coronavirus pandemic. In one of the grab & go cases, I found a single-serve lasagna for $5-6, which seemed like a heck of a deal for a good-sized piece of lasagna from an Italian restaurant.

That’s what it looked like when I brought it home. Now my questions were, how do I get the lasagna out of the plastic container without messing up all the layers, and how long do I heat it to get it done all the way through?

Extracting the lasagna proved to not be a problem: Upside down with the lid loosened, right side up into a bowl. So far so good.

Based on my experience heating up frozen microwave lasagna, and keeping in mind that this lasagna was refrigerated, not frozen, I took my best guess as how long to heat it up in the microwave: 2 minutes on high, 4 minutes on 50%, let stand 2 minutes before taking it out. My guess turned out to be on target. The lasagna came out gooey and cheesy and warm all the way through.

Easily the best refrigerated/reheated lasagna I have ever had. There was cheesiness in every bite, and plenty of sausage inside for an outstanding flavor. I will absolutely go back to South Main Grocery for more lasagna and to try other meals from their grab & go.

You can now play Cards Against Humanity with your friends online for free.

Chelsea’s tweet is not the first I have heard about this. Wednesday or Thursday I saw a post on Nextdoor saying, “Outdoor bar at Tug’s is open, come hang out!” To be clear, I believe the post was from a Harbor Town resident, not a Tug’s employee. If people are congregating on Tug’s property after purchasing their drinks, the city needs to talk to management about the mayor’s Executive Order closing down restaurants and bars except for to-go and delivery. If people are congregating in a public space, consuming their drinks after being served, the police need to remind those people about open container laws.

There’s a rumor going around that the CDC will issue new guidance this week, advising all Americans to wear face masks. That is not true.

We now have a couple of clues as to when this isolation might end. President Trump, now realizing his Easter deadline for re-opening the country was overly ambitious, is now recommending that social distancing guidelines remain in effect until April 30. Another source said that on a state-by-state basis, two weeks after the peak number of cases should be about the right amount of time to flatten out the curve. Tennessee is expected to peak April 21, making May 5 a possible date to consider for getting everything back open (most everything, we probably still would want to hold off on large gatherings like concerts and sports events). UGGGGHHHHH another month of this.

I guess I could say, look at it this way, today is the 11th day the bars have been closed, so we’re already a quarter of the way through this. But does that really make you feel any better? Yeah me neither.

Cerrito Trivia will host Tiger King Trivia on Facebook Live Thursday, April 2 at 7 PM on Facebook Live.

On one of my walks around Downtown yesterday afternoon, I ran into Tre who works at the Blind Bear. I asked him how to-go brunch business went today, and he said it was pretty busy. He said the smoked meats they have up there now are doing really well.

Speaking of which, here’s Jeannette’s summary of what will be going on at the Bear today.

Hours 2:30pm-6:30pm with Jeannette Comans & Ham Burgler!!

Bear Rub Crispy wings $14
Catfish Poboy +side $12
Jager BBQ Bologna sandwich +side $12
Pepper Jack Cheese Burger +side $14
Beef Nachos $12

Meat & 2 Sides $10
2 Meat & 6 Sides $20

Meat Choice:
Smoked Beef Brisket
Smoked Pulled Pork
Smoked Pork Ribs
Grilled Kielbasa sausage (beef)
3 Fried Chicken Tenders
Fried Chicken breast

Side Choices:
Baked beans
Green beans
Cheddar Mac & cheese
Potato salad
Cole slaw
Fried Okra

Happy Hour Pricing 3-6:30pm

$25 growlers
Traffic IPA

Bottles of Wine $15
Twisted Cabernet
Saved Rose
Gnarly Head Authentic Black (red blend)

As well as to go cans & bottles of Beer

For all call in orders and questions call

Got a few chores to get done today but if I hear of any time sensitive news I will get on here and post it. Otherwise, back tomorrow.

Sunday update: Quarantine Cuisine II, John Paul Keith, South Main Grocery @ Spindini, Downtown Liquors and Spirits and more

MK who makes those awesome delivery dinners, such as the cannelloni I had yesterday (scroll back to yesterday’s posts for pics), has announced her specials for this coming week, and she’s adding lunch.

Next week our



White Bean Chicken Chili 🌶
Jalapeño cornbread 🌽🍞
Turkey Club 🧀🥓🥐🥬🍅



Turkey and dressing 🍗
Mashed potatoes and gravy 🥔
Country Greens 🥬
Dinner roll 🥐
Strawberry cake 🍰


We need some fucking comfort right now ya’ll! 💖💖💖

Lunches will be delivered Thursday AND Friday!

Dinners will be delivered Friday!

Text: 9015023072 to place your orders! Orders will be taken thru Wednesday @noon!


Incredibly talented Memphis musician John Paul Keith plays a live show Monday night.

JPK is what Memphis music is all about. Tune in for a good show!

Yesterday I decided to walk down to South Main Grocery, the new locals’ market inside Spindini, 385 S. Main. Having anticipated the closure of restaurant dining rooms, about a week ago they converted part of their space into a grocery, selling fresh produce, cooking supplies, beer, wine, and prepared foods. I think the original idea was to sell down their stock in the kitchen and behind the bar. However, the concept proved so popular that they decided to keep it going, at least until such time as the pandemic passes and they can get back to being a restaurant.

As soon as you walk in, you’ll see three refrigerators to your right – one with glass doors, two with stainless steel doors. This is the grab & go and it is perfect for people who don’t cook at home.

This sausage & cheese tray comes with smoked sausage, ham, four kinds of cheeses, and pepperoncinis for $10. This is an excellent quarantine snack because you don’t have to eat it all at once. You can take it out of the fridge and munch on it as little or as much as you like, multiple times throughout the day. Look how excited Perjorie T. Roll is about those peppers!

Lasagna – this was marked by a piece of tape on the outside of the fridge as being $5. Based on the total, I think it might actually rung up at $6, but I’m not going to argue with a huge hunk of Spindini’s lasagna for either price! Can’t wait to heat this up. I just have to figure out how to get it out of the plastic container while keeping all the layers intact.

Their grab & go is loaded with other items as well. I noticed rigatoni, potato salad, gumbo, and I think tomato soup among others. They have sliced deli turkey $4 a pound. Their import six-packs are $10 and their domestic six-packs $8 (I didn’t see PBR).

Cheers to the folks at Spindini for this fine innovation. This makes Downtown under quarantine more diverse grocery-wise, so thank you!

On the way back up Main I noticed that Bedrock Eats & Sweets has a nice-sized grab & go as well, and I made a mental note to check that out this coming week.

Downtown Wines & Spirits is now on Facebook; please give the page a Like. This is the spirits shop run by Carl Winfield, a great Downtown businessman who has run Winfield’s clothing and shoe store at Madison and Main for a decade and a half. Inventory was updated when Carl took the liquor store next door over. He is now carrying upscale liquors that will appeal to residents of apartments and condos in the area, as well as hotel guests. Please support this store; it is bringing needed change to the neighborhood.

I’m noticing that people are changing their screen names on Twitter to names like Bob “Wash Your Hands” Smith and Amy “Stay at Home” Williams. I think I’ll change my screen name to Paul “Clean Your Dryer’s Lint Trap” Ryburn. Yeah not COVID-19 related, but solid advice in any case.

As your number-one source of news and information about The Edge District, it is my pleasure to inform you that Venezuelan restaurant Sabor Caribe is now offering family dinners delivered to your door. For $40 you get 5 arepas + 5 empandas + 5 tequenos. Your choices are:

  • 5 arepas: pick from blonde/catira, domino, pork, palua, queen/la reina, sifrina, parrot/perico, veggie
  • 5 empanadas: pick from chicken, cheese, beef, black beans
  • tequenos: these are Venezuelan cheese fingers

Call 901-425-5889 to order. Free delivery. Sabor Caribe is open Tuesday-Saturday 11:30 AM-9 PM.

The Blind Bear’s plans for today:

Opening at 11am with Jeannette & Tre!!


(Sliders served with home fries)

Bear Rub Crispy wings $14
Catfish Poboy +side $12
Jager BBQ Bologna sandwich $12
Pepper Jack Cheese Burger $14

Meat & 2 Sides $10
2 Meat & 6 Sides $20

Meat Choice:
Smoked Beef Brisket
Smoked Pulled Pork
Smoked Pork Ribs
Kielbasa sausage (beef)
3 Fried Chicken Tenders
Fried Chicken breast

Side Choices:
Baked beans
Green beans
Cheddar Mac & cheese
Potato salad
Cole slaw
Fried Okra
Grilled Asparagus

Mimosas $3 to go

$25 growlers
Traffic IPA

As well as to go cans & bottles

For all call in orders and questions call
901-500-0327, 901-828-1080

That’s it for this post. Back later today or tomorrow with more news.

Blind Bear open for Saturday brunch to-go

From Tre @ the Blind Bear:

We’re open today at 11am with yours truly!!
Best brunch in the city

(Sliders served with home fries)

Bear Rub Crispy wings $14
Catfish Poboy +side $12
Jager bbq bologna sandwich $12
Jager bbq burger $14

Mimosas $3 to go

$25 growlers
Traffic IPA
Tiny Bomb

As well as to go bottles

For all call in orders and questions call

Sunrise Memphis news

All of the below is to-go, obviously.

Saturday update: BBQ Fest and Music Fest rescheduled

Check out what I had to eat yesterday!

If this food looks somewhat familiar, it’s because it’s already been on the blog this week. MK, who makes homemade food weekly and brings it to the door of delivery customers, brought me baked cannelloni, Italian spinach, a garlic roll, and her sister’s chocolate chip pie. Yum! I am stuffed right now.

If she does a delivery special next week, I will have the details up on this blog in plenty of time for you to order. It tends to be around Tuesday morning when she makes the announcement.

BBQ teams got an email yesterday afternoon announcing that BBQ Fest is moving to September 30-October 3 for 2020. BBQ teams who can make the new dates have nothing to worry about for fees they have already paid. Teams who can’t make it those dates have three options:

  1. Roll their dues over to 2021 BBQ Fest, to be held May 12-15, 2021
  2. Make the money already paid a donation to Memphis in May, a 501(c)(3) profit (this is the option Memphis in May really, really, really hopes you choose)
  3. Request a refund between April 1 and May 13, 2020

Music Fest has been rescheduled for October 16-18. 42 of the 65 artists committed for May will still perform, and Memphis in May is working to fill out the rest of the schedule. If you have tickets and can’t make the new dates, you have essentially the three options laid out above for BBQ Fest teams. More info on the new event dates

Lanksy Bros. is doing a special $50 off orders of $150 or more when you use the promotional code SPRING2020. Their store is closed right now but you can order by phone at 901-529-9070 or you can order on their website. Some restrictions apply to this promotion, which is valid through April 25.

From the Downtown Memphis Commission:

Mayor Strickland has closed dog parks, so you won’t be able to take your dog to the South Main park at Front and G.E. Patterson, the one at Main and Jefferson, the one on Mud Island, or the Edge Triangle. Skateboard parks, athletic fields, and basketball courts have also been closed. As for now city parks remain open, although monitoring is being done to ensure that people keep proper social distance.

Attn: Memphis city government, just wanted to plant this idea in your head:

The economic stimulus package was passed by Congress and signed into law by Trump yesterday. News analysts are saying if you didn’t file 2018 taxes, and haven’t filed for 2019 yet, might want to get one of those years done ASAP to ensure your piece of the stimulus pie arrives promptly.

Virtual Cerrito Trivia must have gone well this week, because it’s going to become an every Thursday thing starting at 7 PM. The trivia will continue to be “a hodgepodge of questions about science, history, geography, current events, sports, food, TV, movies, music & more” and you can use whatever conferencing method works to discuss the answers with your team. More info on how to play virtual trivia

Let’s hear it one more time for the good guys:

Not Downtown, but a damn fine deal nonetheless:

If you’ve never had the Duck Fried Rice at South of Beale, you need to make it one of your to-dos during this quarantine. I’m a fried rice fan in general, but duck takes it to a whole ‘nother level.

I’ve been trying to come up with the words for my own personal reaction to the coronavirus pandemic but just haven’t been able to. Eric Barnes of the Daily Memphian nailed it this week. I’ve been scared for myself before, but this is new; I’m scared for all of us.

Also in the DM: Info for small business owners about loans that can help you survive during the pandemic, and what you can do to have the principal of those loans forgiven.

Currently reading King, Kaiser, Tsar. This is the story of three cousins: Willy, who grew up to become Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany; Georgie, who grew up to become King George V of England; and Nicky, who grew up to become Tsar Nicholas II of Russia. Georgie and Willy had a common grandmother, Queen Victoria of England. The Queen of Denmark was the grandmother of both Georgie and Nicky. Understanding the relationship between the cousins is key to understanding Europe in the 50 years leading up to World War I.

Time for the morning “is toilet paper in stock” run to Walgreens. Even if it’s not, today is the last day Cinnamon Toast Crunch is on sale so I’ll pick up a box. Back later today or tomorrow with more news.

Friday update #1

Thanks to technology provided by Ghost River Brewing Co., the Flying Saucer can now can any of its draft beers. 25 oz. cans are $7.50 take-out, and they still have their full food menu take-out or on Door Dash or Uber Eats delivery.

The Peabody has some low rates going on for Downtowners right now.

Join Rumba Room Memphis for a salsa lesson live on Facebook Monday at 6.

Mark Cuban: How companies treat their employees during the pandemic could define their brand for decades

From The Peanut Shoppe:

We will remain open for as long as possible. We are here to serve you all. For curbside pickup, call us at 901.525.1115 or e-mail sales@memphispeanutshoppe.com

www.memphispeanutshoppe.com Thank you all. Please stay safe.
(Hours are still the same, but we will keep you all informed if ANYTHING changes) ❤️❤️❤️ #shoplocal #downtownmemphis #ilovememphis #choose901 #midtownmemphis #bealestreet #memphistn

The REAL ID enforcement date has been moved back a year to October 21, 2012.

Regardless of your politics, this Politico article embedding the National Security Council pandemic playbook given to Trump in 2016 is quite interesting.

Cool mural I saw in an alley next to the Hu. Hotel on Main Street:

You don’t actually need the 12-letter Census ID that was mailed to you to fill out the 2020 Census. You can manually enter your home address. This is important since postal workers put mail in the wrong boxes all the time.

I’ll pass along a tip I saw on Twitter, and not everything on social media is true, but I think this is worth a try at the very least: If you have to negotiate with a mortgage lender, creditor, etc. over the phone, the key word is “coronavirus.” As in, “I lost income due to the coronavirus,” and that lets them open up all kinds of programs that can help you that wouldn’t be available if you just said “I lost my job” or “I lost my income.” But they can’t coach you. You have to say the magic word.

Kooky Canuck take-out and curbside delivery starts today at both locations.(The tweet below says tomorrow, but was tweeted yesterday)

Nextdoor has a new Help Map feature where you can pinpoint your location on a map and let neighbors know you’re available to help the elderly, those with special needs, etc. You just need to update the app to use it.

MATA is cutting back its routes in response to the COVID-19 outbreak. Here are a list of bus routes that will still run. Routes not on this list will be postponed indefinitely. As for the trolleys:

  • Main Street Line: 6:45 AM-8:30 PM Mon-Sat and 10:00 AM-6:10 PM Sundays with 20-minute headways
  • Riverfront Line: 10:30 AM-6:00 PM daily with 40-minute headways
  • Madison Line: 6:45 AM-6:00 PM Mon-Sat with 30-minute headways

Yesterday somone asked a question on Twitter, “If I am employed in an industry that is considered essential, do I need a note from my employer to be carried at all times verifying that I am allowed to be out?” No. This is not a police state.

Italian Fest is the latest Memphis festival to fall victim to the coronavirus outbreak. It had been scheduled for May 28-30.

Y’know one of the biggest pains in the ass about this quarantine for me personally? The trash chute is closed and we have to take our garbage down to the alley and throw it in one of the dumpsters. It’s not the ride down the elevator or the walk outside that bothers me; it’s knowing that Downtown’s street people could be going through my trash. I think for the time being, I’ll divide what I throw away into “later trash,” which is trash that contains personally identifying information, and “now trash.”

I worry about the week of April 12-18. I don’t think coronavirus cases will have slowed enough (or even come close to leveling off) where it’s time to lift restrictions on people going where they please and doing what they please. However, that is the week I fear the majority of the public will turn against the restrictions. I suspect this will be especially true in the South, where Trump (who wants big crowds in churches on Easter) is popular, and whether the weather tends to be gorgeous with temperatures in the 70s around that time. Not saying I agree with it; saying that’s what I think could happen.

Time for the daily Walgreens run to see if they have toilet paper. Back tomorrow with more news.

Thur update #2: Justise Winslow NBA Q&A on Twitter at 3 CT

From stats site FiveThirtyEight: Coronavirus will change how we vote in 2020 and beyond

From Forbes: Everything you need to know, but were afraid to ask, about those stimulus checks

Songwriters, along with others in the music gig economy (road crew, technicians, etc.), are eligible for grants and loans as part of the government’s $2 trillion coronavirus relief package.

The state of Tennessee has financial aid available for certain families who lost employment or at least 50% of earned income due to COVID-19. Income restrictions apply and you must have been employed as of March 11. This aid is supplemental to any unemployment benefits you receive.

Mempho Music Fest, which normally happens out at Shelby Farms in October, is postponing to 2021, not wanting to compete with Beale Street Music Fest which should be scheduled for around the same time frame.

Interesting: Why you can smell rain

Careful: Remote work apps like Slack, Google Hangouts, and Zoom may be spying on you

By the way, I hear that some companies are requiring remote employees’ webcams to be turned on the entire workday. That is so fucking stupid, such an unnecessary invasion of privacy. If any of you find yourselves in that boat, I’d advise you to make a note to find another job as soon as the economy improves. When a manager does not trust the very employees he/she hired, that says a lot more about the manager than it does the employees.

That Justise Winslow link is time-sensitive, so I’m going to go ahead and hit Publish and start a new post. Back later with more news.

Thur update #1

The Daily Memphian coronavirus blog reports that the Memphis Farmers Market is going to delay its season opening. The Market was scheduled to open April 4, but due to the Safer at Home order Mayor Strickland issued, they want to help flatten the curve. They do not have a new opening day selected yet, although May 9 is a possibility.

Play Downtown restaurant bingo! Order to-go or delivery from 5 restaurants on your card between now and April 7 and send photos of receipts to enter to win a $50 gift card. There will be multiple winners.

Raw Girls juice bar is coming Downtown. The Daily Memphian reports (subscribers-only link) that Amy and Hannah Pickle have signed a lease for a narrow location at 150 Peabody Place, the fourth Raw Girls location and the first with a long-term lease. They will carry plant-based entrees as well as juices and smoothies. The DMC has been very supportive of the Pickles, meeting via teleconference during the pandemic to approve a grant for the business.

The Downtown Memphis Commission has a complete list of restaurants open for pick-up and delivery and their hours of operation. I see the “Load More Locations” button, last seen during Downtown Dining Week, is back… can we PLEASE have a “Show All Locations” button? Or just show all locations as the default and have no button at all?

Loflin Yard posted their pick-up and delivery menu for both food and beverages (click images for a larger size):

From The Daily Memphian: The renovation of the buildings at 99 S. Front and 105 S. Front moves forward. These buildings will be turned into 112 apartments, ground-floor retail, and underground parking. The Butcher Shop used to be in the front of these buildings with The Pier in the back.

There will be a special virtual edition of Cerrito Trivia tonight at 7 on Facebook Live. Kevin says, “This inaugural virtual event will feature a hodgepodge of questions about science, history, geography, current events, sports, food, TV, movies, music & more.” Assemble your team however you want: Skype, Google Hangouts, Facetime, conference call, or even in person if you can pull that off while maintaining social distancing standards.

Pam and Terry plan on going live on Facebook Live from their front porch Friday at 7. It’s unclear whether they’re going to do it from Pam’s page or the band page, so if you go to one page and don’t see the performance, try the other.

Guitar maker Fender is offering three months of free online guitar lessons to help people get through the boredom of coronavirus isolation.

Glad to see this: Bill Frist, that is Dr. Bill Frist, the former Republican senator from Tennessee, thinks state health officials are handling the coronavirus outbreak “perfectly.” He believes the nation should not try to rush through a quarantine and hurry to re-open the economy, and that if we do, we will end up overwhelming the hospitals.

I wonder if there will be civic unrest if the quarantine lasts longer than expected… could happen the week of Easter when Trump’s promise of reopening the economy turns out to be uninformed and impractical.

That’s it for now. I’ll post more news throughout the day as it comes in.