Monday morning update

Let me show you how that lasagna from Spindini worked out!

For those of you who missed my previous post, Saturday I walked down to Spindini, which has been converted into South Main Grocery to help keep people supplied during the coronavirus pandemic. In one of the grab & go cases, I found a single-serve lasagna for $5-6, which seemed like a heck of a deal for a good-sized piece of lasagna from an Italian restaurant.

That’s what it looked like when I brought it home. Now my questions were, how do I get the lasagna out of the plastic container without messing up all the layers, and how long do I heat it to get it done all the way through?

Extracting the lasagna proved to not be a problem: Upside down with the lid loosened, right side up into a bowl. So far so good.

Based on my experience heating up frozen microwave lasagna, and keeping in mind that this lasagna was refrigerated, not frozen, I took my best guess as how long to heat it up in the microwave: 2 minutes on high, 4 minutes on 50%, let stand 2 minutes before taking it out. My guess turned out to be on target. The lasagna came out gooey and cheesy and warm all the way through.

Easily the best refrigerated/reheated lasagna I have ever had. There was cheesiness in every bite, and plenty of sausage inside for an outstanding flavor. I will absolutely go back to South Main Grocery for more lasagna and to try other meals from their grab & go.

You can now play Cards Against Humanity with your friends online for free.

Chelsea’s tweet is not the first I have heard about this. Wednesday or Thursday I saw a post on Nextdoor saying, “Outdoor bar at Tug’s is open, come hang out!” To be clear, I believe the post was from a Harbor Town resident, not a Tug’s employee. If people are congregating on Tug’s property after purchasing their drinks, the city needs to talk to management about the mayor’s Executive Order closing down restaurants and bars except for to-go and delivery. If people are congregating in a public space, consuming their drinks after being served, the police need to remind those people about open container laws.

There’s a rumor going around that the CDC will issue new guidance this week, advising all Americans to wear face masks. That is not true.

We now have a couple of clues as to when this isolation might end. President Trump, now realizing his Easter deadline for re-opening the country was overly ambitious, is now recommending that social distancing guidelines remain in effect until April 30. Another source said that on a state-by-state basis, two weeks after the peak number of cases should be about the right amount of time to flatten out the curve. Tennessee is expected to peak April 21, making May 5 a possible date to consider for getting everything back open (most everything, we probably still would want to hold off on large gatherings like concerts and sports events). UGGGGHHHHH another month of this.

I guess I could say, look at it this way, today is the 11th day the bars have been closed, so we’re already a quarter of the way through this. But does that really make you feel any better? Yeah me neither.

Cerrito Trivia will host Tiger King Trivia on Facebook Live Thursday, April 2 at 7 PM on Facebook Live.

On one of my walks around Downtown yesterday afternoon, I ran into Tre who works at the Blind Bear. I asked him how to-go brunch business went today, and he said it was pretty busy. He said the smoked meats they have up there now are doing really well.

Speaking of which, here’s Jeannette’s summary of what will be going on at the Bear today.

Hours 2:30pm-6:30pm with Jeannette Comans & Ham Burgler!!

Bear Rub Crispy wings $14
Catfish Poboy +side $12
Jager BBQ Bologna sandwich +side $12
Pepper Jack Cheese Burger +side $14
Beef Nachos $12

Meat & 2 Sides $10
2 Meat & 6 Sides $20

Meat Choice:
Smoked Beef Brisket
Smoked Pulled Pork
Smoked Pork Ribs
Grilled Kielbasa sausage (beef)
3 Fried Chicken Tenders
Fried Chicken breast

Side Choices:
Baked beans
Green beans
Cheddar Mac & cheese
Potato salad
Cole slaw
Fried Okra

Happy Hour Pricing 3-6:30pm

$25 growlers
Traffic IPA

Bottles of Wine $15
Twisted Cabernet
Saved Rose
Gnarly Head Authentic Black (red blend)

As well as to go cans & bottles of Beer

For all call in orders and questions call

Got a few chores to get done today but if I hear of any time sensitive news I will get on here and post it. Otherwise, back tomorrow.