Fri update: Paid my BBQ dues, Miss Cordelia’s hiring, South Main Trolley Night, Music Fest band websites, farm & gin show, Redbirds kids’ club

Moody Ques BBQ teammates: The payment button on the team website is now working. It’s time to pay your dues! I paid mine this morning. More BBQ team info coming soon.

Miss Cordelia’s is adding a juice bar station, and is looking to hire people to help. If interested, apply in person on Monday between 9-11 AM or 2-4 PM. View the Craigslist ad here.

It’s South Main Trolley Night tonight from 6 to 9. Many shops will stay open late for you to come shop. Entertainment includes

  • Shelley Brown and Lee Booth-TBD
  • Steve Reid- Art Jamn
  • Mara Danielle-Sache
  • Pistol and the Queen-Ernestine & Hazel’s
  • Christopher Wright – A Memphis Thang
  • Po Boys – Green Beetle

As an added incentive to get you to come visit, some of the shops put out free appetizers, beer, and wine. Free food? Wonder if the Nuh-Uh Girl will show up.

The Memphis Flyer has a list of Music Fest performers linked to their websites. Good way to check out bands you’re not familiar with.

The Mid-South Farm & Gin Show is in town this weekend. Welcome, ginners!

The Redbirds have announced a Kids’ Club for kids 12 and under. For your $10 membership fee you get

  • Official membership card
  • Bluff seating ticket to EVERY Sunday game (12 total)
  • Exclusive member t-shirt
  • Five (5) Boardwalk tokens
  • Chance to be the “Kids Announcer of the Game”
  • Chance to watch a game from a suite at AutoZone Park
  • Lead the Running of the Bases after every Sunday game
  • Special Flex Plan pricing for Mom & Dad
  • A fun activity every Sunday

Not a bad deal at all.

The Tigers got their first “bad loss” last night against Houston. Hello 9-11 seed. We need to go out there and kill it in our remaining games. In better news, my Arkansas Razorbacks completed a sweep of Kentucky for the 2013-14 season, handing the Wildcats a rare home loss.

That’s it for now. Ready for a much-needed weekend to rest.

Thur update: Music Fest lineup, big news about 100 N. Main, Lincoln-American Tower, afternoon tea, Memphian on Jeopardy update

The music lineup for “The Event I Don’t Care Much About That Happens 2 Weeks Before BBQ Fest,” or as others call it, “Memphis in May Beale Street Music Fest,” has been announced and you can view it here. Expect a lot of “This is the best lineup ever!!!” and “This lineup sucks!!!” today on Twitter.

The Music Fest lineup is not the biggest Downtown news today though. The MBJ reports that the 100 N. Main office building is to be converted into 250 apartments and a 170-room hotel. Current tenants have until June 1 to vacate. The hotel will occupy floors 9 through 19, with higher-end apartments above. By the time those apartments and hotel rooms are ready, they will be walking distance from the new Bass Pro in the Pyramid.

The latest rumor about the restaurant space in the ground floor of Lincoln-American Tower is that it has been rented to a cooking school similiar to L’Ecole Culinare and will be open to the public.

If you’ve ever been curious what happens at afternoon tea at the Peabody, here’s a Live at 9 video.

We now have a date on when former Memphian the Nuh-Uh Sister (sister of the Nuh-Uh Girl, who I posted about yesterday) will appear on the game show Jeopardy: April 25. She taped the show in January.

All right, off to do something I haven’t done a lot of on my lunch break lately: Eat lunch. I’ll be out at the usual places after work. WWE Network subscribers, don’t forget the NXT Arrival special tonight at 7!

Nuh-Uh Girl to move to the Bay Area

Photo Feb 16, 6 47 38 PMOne of the most frequently-mentioned people in the ten-year history of this blog is leaving Memphis. Today the Nuh-Uh Girl announced that she is moving to the Bay Area. I already knew – she told me Sunday night at poker – but today she emailed and told me she has made it public on Facebook, so I am free to post.

There have been many photos on this blog of the Nuh-Girl eating food, usually other people’s food. Despite the good-natured kidding we all give her, though, she has earned a reputation as a well-respected foodie. Chefs around Downtown seek her out to sample their new dishes and provide valuable feedback. For a while she co-authored a blog for the CCC (now DMC) about the things hip young professionals like to do Downtown. When she asked to write a guest post on my blog about Downtown Dining Week, I immediately said yes, knowing there would be no one better to write such a post.

She will not be alone in the Bay Area. Her brother Joel, one of Facebook’s first employees, lives out there, and her sister the Nuh-Uh Sister moved there in 2010. She has the chance to pursue education and opportunities in a field she is passionate about (you guessed it, food). She is very sad to leave Memphis but is excited about what the future has in store.

So you have only a few more weeks to read “Free food? Wonder if the Nuh-Uh Girl will show up” in this blog. She has been a great friend and neighbor. Many of us Downtown will miss her, but we can’t blame her for choosing to pursue her passion.

Good luck to you, Rebecca, and please stay in touch and let us know how your new adventures are going.

Wed update: CA Groupon, Aldo’s hiring, Kill the Keg, crawfish, book on entrepreneurship, Memphis made glass night, Grizzlies

There’s a really good Groupon for a Commercial Appeal digital subscription happening right now. For $26 you get one year of digital content, a $239.88 value, and you have the option of adding the Sunday print edition. 50 cents a week is not bad at all.

Looking for a job? Aldo’s Pizza Pies is doing open interviews from 3 to 5 this afternoon. They are looking for happy, smiley hard workers.

Tamp & Tap will have a Kill the Keg party Friday starting at 4 PM, featuring local Ghost River, Wiseacre, High Cotton, and Memphis Made beers. There will be live entertainment from Christian Seay and Jamison Puckett from 6 to 9.

The Flying Fish has announced that crawfish have arrived for the 2014 spring season.

Congratulations to Start Co.’s Eric Mathews on the publication of his first book, From Garage to Greatness: Succinct First Steps for Early Stage Entrepreneurs. Appropriately, he published the book on a Memphis startup, Screwpulp. You can send any ScrewPulp book to Kindle if that’s your preferred method of reading, including Kindle apps for iOS and Android.

You can support another startup business, Memphis Made Brewing Co., by purchasing a Memphis Made glass tonight at the Flying Saucer. Glasses go on sale at 7 PM.

Also at 7 PM tonight, the Grizzlies host the L.A. Lakers at FedExForum. I bet the “MARC > PAU” T-shirts will be out in force tonight.

Three people have been indicted for the shooting death of Methodist Le Bonheur nurse David Santucci. The murder happened last year on South Main. The two men who were participants in the actual shooting face a maximum of life in prison, and I hope that’s what they get.

I ordered the WWE Network last night. It was easy to pay using PayPal (you can use a card if you prefer that) and within minutes I was browsing the entire library of WWE, WCW, and ECW pay-per-views. I watched a few minutes of ECW’s 1997 Barely Legal show on my iPad. I see there are some videos of a couple of 1970s Madison Square Garden events going up today. Those would be interesting to watch. Most of all, I want to see NXT Arrival tomorrow night.

That’ll do it for the news for now. See you tomorrow, or sooner maybe.

Sports news: Grizzlies Groupon, Z-bo helps those in need, Redbirds 4-pack, UT to re-hire douchebag coach?

Lots of sports-related news to report today. First up is a Grizzlies Groupon that is currently ongoing. It’s a $92.29 value that you can purchase for $30.

Still on the subject of the Grizzlies, Zach Randolph is once again helping people keep their lights on. For the fourth time, he has donated $20,000 to MIFA to help people who are in danger of having their power cut off. He has also set up a community assistance fund.

The Memphis Redbirds have introduced a 4-game Grand Slam pack. Buy it and you’ll get to see the Redbirds play March 28 against the St. Louis Cardinals (exhibition), April 12 against the Iowa Cubs, May 25 against the Oklahoma City RedHawks, and August 22 against the Sacramento River Cats. There are three seating options, including $110 for a Club Level seat, $95 for Dugout, and $75 for a Field Box ticket. For more information or to order, call (901) 722-0299 or visit

UT sports writer Gregg Doyel writes that UT should hire Bruce Pearl back. Fine with me. That school deserves an utter douchebag as head coach and that way I won’t have to look at him every time I turn on basketball on ESPN. Cuonzo is too nice. The Bruchebag perfectly fits the culture of the university, which is a compliment neither to UT nor to Pearl.

Home from work. Heading to the Goose to console a friend who had a bad day, then on to poker at the Blind Bear at 8.

Chili cheeseburger news

So tonight I stopped by the Blind Bear and a discussion broke out about the chili cheeseburger I had at Green Beetle yesterday. I compared it to the one at Westy’s, with favorable comments about both.

“Have you had the chili at Dyer’s?” I was asked. Indeed I have. It’s damn good chili. In fact, one night I was there with a group and the Nuh-Uh Girl finagled a free bowl of chili and gave me a bite, which I guess makes me a mooch squared. Anyway, I got some awesome advice tonight about the burger at Dyer’s. “Order the double-double without the bun,” he said. The double-double is two meat patties, two slices of cheese. “Have them put it on top of the fries and then cover it with chili.”

This may be the best food recommendation for Downtown I have ever received. Thank you. Will try it soon.

Mon update: David Scott Walker to open new restaurant, Soup Sunday winners, Monday Night Raw coming to FedExForum

David Scott Walker, the chef who is the pitmaster of our Moody Ques BBQ team, made a major announcement today. He and his family are opening a German restaurant in Overton Square, at 2110 Madison in the space formerly occupied by Paulette’s. The restaurant will be called Schweinehaus and will open in late summer. Read more about it here. Congrats Chef and I guess I will have to make some field trips to Midtown later this year.

Youth Villages has announced the Soup Sunday winners. Congratulations to Downtown restaurant eighty3 on taking the Best Bread award with its jalapeno cornbread.

WWE Monday night Raw will be at the FedExForum two weeks from today, Monday, March 10. The main event will be a six-man tag of John Cena, Daniel Bryan, and Batista vs. Kane, Alberto Del Rio, and Bray Wyatt. More info here.

That’ll do it for this Monday. Home from work, heading out to have a few PBRs at Bardog.

“You eat this with a fork.”

That’s what it says on the Green Beetle’s menu, in regard to the chili cheeseburger. I have been meaning to give it a try for a while. Yesterday, I finally did.

Photo Feb 23, 4 34 52 PM

It’s not the first time I’ve seen a chili cheeseburger so messy that picking it up is not an option (Westy’s has a really good one), but this is the first time I’ve seen a restaurant just put the chili and cheese on top of the burger, rather than inside the bun. It works though. Man was this thing good. It’s a huge 8-ounce patty, so you won’t leave hungry. The steak fries were delicious too. I will be back for another one soon.

Sat update: Ducks, At the River I Stand, Grizzlies giveaways, vegetarian menu at Paulette’s, coffee and beer sampling

Harbor Town is having a problem with ducks. Muscovy ducks have made themselves at home on Mud Island. Although ducks can be fun to watch, they are multiplying at a rapid rate. They are getting into people’s yards and eating their plants. If it continues, steps may have to be taken to remove the ducks.

I wasn’t familiar with Muscovy ducks so I looked up the species on Wikipedia. Man, those ducks are kind of ugly. Here’s a video of crocodile vs. Muscovy duck from the Florida Everglades. As you can guess, this didn’t go very well for the duck.

There’s a showing of At the River I Stand today Downtown. It will be at the Martin Luther King Labor Center at 485 Beale at 4 PM, and it is a benefit for the locked-out striking workers at Kellogg. The movie is a documentary of the 1968 sanitation strike that brought Dr. King to Memphis.

From ESPN’s YouTube channel: James Johnson dunks after an alley-oop to himself off the glass in last night’s victory over the L.A. Clippers.

Following the Johnson-inspired fake necktoo giveaway last night, the MBJ reports that the Grizzlies are getting back to more traditional giveaways for the rest of the season. Fans have basketballs, sunglasses, and Super Grizz capes and masks to look forward to between now and April. With the entire starting lineup back in place, I’m hoping to see a growl towel giveaway sometime around May 1.

The Flyer’s Hungry Memphis blog reports that Paulette’s has introduced a vegetarian menu.

There will be samplings of Reverb coffee and Memphis Made Reverberation beer at Cash Saver on Madison tomorrow from 10 AM to noon. Brewers from both businesses will be on hand to discuss their products. Reverberation beer is made with Reverb coffee. They’ll have snacks as well as beer samples. Free snacks? Wonder if the Nuh-Girl will show up.

Watching curling (not from the Olympics, on YouTube) this morning. It’s really an interesting game once you understand the rules, and is more of a mental game than it is physical. Also, I like it that ethics and sportsmanship are an integral part of the game, just as they are for the mind sport that has kept me employed for the past five years.

I’ll be at Bardog at 11 for some much-needed PBR and Fireball then will figure out the rest of the weekend from there.