Chili cheeseburger news

So tonight I stopped by the Blind Bear and a discussion broke out about the chili cheeseburger I had at Green Beetle yesterday. I compared it to the one at Westy’s, with favorable comments about both.

“Have you had the chili at Dyer’s?” I was asked. Indeed I have. It’s damn good chili. In fact, one night I was there with a group and the Nuh-Uh Girl finagled a free bowl of chili and gave me a bite, which I guess makes me a mooch squared. Anyway, I got some awesome advice tonight about the burger at Dyer’s. “Order the double-double without the bun,” he said. The double-double is two meat patties, two slices of cheese. “Have them put it on top of the fries and then cover it with chili.”

This may be the best food recommendation for Downtown I have ever received. Thank you. Will try it soon.