Base-brawl video plus Tuesday news

Yesterday at AutoZone Park, a dugout-clearing brawl broke out between the Memphis Redbirds and the New Orleans Zephyrs. A Redbirds batter had to duck to avoid a pitch that appeared to be aimed at his head. The batter dropped his bat and charged the mound, and within seconds the dugouts were empty. It took several minutes to restore order.

Sad to hear of the passing of Coach Pat Summitt. Although Tennessee is not usually a school for which I cheer, I always admired and respected Coach Summitt and what she did for the women’s basketball program at UT. If you don’t know what Coach Summitt looked like, just look up “class” in the dictionary and I bet you will find her picture. Here’s the 1974 letter in which 22-year-old Summitt was offered the job.

The Mud Island River Park has announced its annual fireworks extravaganza for July 4.

Iceland scored a huge upset over England in the European soccer cup thingy yesterday. This tweet says it all:

Guard Tony Wroten is back with the Grizzlies. The team claimed him off waivers yesterday.

Thrillist has a list of historic landmarks to visit around Memphis, places that have retained their character over the decades. Several are Downtown and I agree, these are must-visits. I get asked this kind of thing all the time and am going to bookmark this post.

ServiceMaster plans a different look for Second Street as they remodel the Peabody Place Mall into their HQ. In particular, the skybridge over the street will be removed.

A 175-unit apartment complex called Patterson Flats is planned for 250 East G.E. Patterson. If I am counting the street blocks right, that would be east of Third. It is a very promising sign to see development in that area of Downtown, an area that has been neglected as the rest of Downtown has come back to life. I will say it once again: I would like to see Abel Street and Allen Street wiped completely off the Memphis map. I can’t say with certainty that nothing good goes on there, but I have seen many Downtown panhandlers walk to that neighborhood to buy drugs over the years.

Here’s an article about the British version of Donald Trump, Boris Johnson. Like Trump, he is known for lying and bad hair. He was the driving force behind Brexit and he may become the next Prime Minister. If Trump becomes president and Johnson PM, then it is time to build a spaceship and just pray that Saturn’s moon Titan turns out to be habitable.

By the way, never have I seen political journalists use the word “mendacious” so much in an election cycle, but with Boris over there, and Hillary and Trump over here, I’m not surprised. Great word, by the way; I’ve been using it myself in conversation for a year now.

The Crosstown Concourse apartments in the old Sears building on North Cleveland are now available for rent.

There’s dollar King Cotton hot dogs at tonight’s Redbirds game vs. New Orleans, and fans will get a Papa John’s coupon as they exit the park. Gates at 6, first pitch 7:05. Maybe another brawl will break out.

Hot rods return to Beale tonight. They will be on display beginning at 6 PM.

The Avengers will be shown for free at Beale Street Landing tonight at 8:30.

The anniversary comedy show marking one year of comedy at the Brass Door is downstairs tonight in The Cavern at 8 PM.

That’s it for now. More news is coming in so I may do a second post after work. I’ll be drinking happy hour PBR at the Blind Bear today starting about 5:30.

Monday update

You might want to make a run to the store this week for some Off! or Cutter or whatever bug spray you prefer this week. Right around July 1 every year in Memphis, the mosquitoes start to get really bad and they stick around through October. I just picked up a two-pack of spray at Target that will last me through the season.

I have Memphis Farmers Market news that I am not happy to share with you. A friend of mine ate at the tandoori truck Saturday, and was told that it would be the truck’s last week at the market until September. NOOOOOOOO!

Anime Blues Con 6 happens Friday through Sunday at the Cook Convention Center.

Typically, campaign fundraising emails have less than 10 percent of them caught in recipients’ spam filters, where the recipient is unlikely to ever see the email. However, due to some fundamental rookie mistakes, Donald Trump’s first attempt at a fundraising email saw SIXTY PERCENT end up in spam filters. Of the emails that made it to inboxes, only 12 percent were opened. Twelve percent of forty percent… that means The Donald had less than a 5 percent reach. If the man is too incompetent to even send out email properly, how in the world is he qualified to be president?

I want to send a “thank you” to Tad Pierson of American Dream Safari. Saturday afternoon I was at Earnestine & Hazel’s eating a Soul Burger, when my friends from Squeal Street BBQ told me they were heading south to The Dirty Crow Inn to check out the newly-finished outdoor deck. After finishing the burger I decided to walk down there and join them. I got all the way to Crump when Tad’s ’55 Caddy pulled up alongside me. “The air conditioner is out at the Crow,” my Squeal Street friends told me. “Hop in, we’re going to Max’s.” Tad, you’re a lifesaver. If I had got all the way down there and then had to walk back in 100+ degree heat index, I think I would have just about died! By the way, the A/C was fixed at the Crow later that day, and while I did not make it down there this past weekend, I have seen photos of the new deck and it is beautiful.

I was back at Max’s Sports Bar yesterday for their crawfish boil. You’ve seen crawfish before so I won’t bother posting another pic, but I do have a photo of something at Max’s that might be of interest: Their happy hour specials.

Photo Jun 26, 4 08 26 PM

DOLLAR PBR at Max’s until 7 on Mondays. Well, well, well! There may be some Monday visits to my “home way from home on the south side” in my future!

Amy Schumer Live is coming to FedExForum Friday, October 14.

Historian Jimmy Ogle will give a free tour of Court Square and surroundings tomorrow, Tuesday, June 28, at lunchtime. Meet at the fountain at 11:45.

Rio’s acting governor says the upcoming Olympics could potentially be a big failure. There isn’t money for security or transportation. I have a feeling that the Summer Olympics are going to be an even bigger trainwreck than the 2016 presidential campaign.

As of this coming Friday, grocery stores in Tennessee can sell wine.

That’s it for now. Happy hour plans are TBD, but I will definitely be hitting the Blind Bear later, where special guest bartender Mandy Marie will be making a one-night-only appearance. Could be another post later today, so check back.

Sweet potato biscuits with ham at Carrington’s Catering @ Memphis Farmers Market

Every week the Memphis Farmers Market does a vendor chitchat in its weekly e-newsletter, spotlighting one of the vendors who sells their goods at the Market. Last week it was Carrington Catering. Owner Carrington Wise makes sweets, tarts, and savories that she sells at the Market, and in her spare time she does full event catering.

Those vendor chitchats really do work! Up until recently I had the misconception that if I wanted to get something to eat right there, at the market, I had to go to the back and visit the food trucks. I mean, I walked past Carrington’s booth before and thought, “Yeah, lemon muffins and stuff,” but I never really stopped and took the time to examine the variety of goods she had to offer. This morning I did, and got a pair of sweet potato biscuits with ham.

2016-06-25 08.26.38

Normally I find a table or park bench at the Market and eat there as I watch the world go by. Yesterday, it was so blasted humid that I had no interest of staying. I had on a printed T-shirt and the print was surrounded by a puddle of sweat. I took the biscuits home to eat. For such a delightful breakfast, I had to break out the fine china:

2016-06-25 08.28.27

Now, I know what you’re thinking. “I recognize your china pattern. It’s called ‘Dixie’ isn’t it?”


It’s called “Cheap Kroger Knock-Off.”

Anyway, the biscuits were a treat for my taste buds, and at $2, really no more expensive than if you drove through Burger King for breakfast. They also have a 9-pack if you want to feed the entire family.

Carrington has her table divided, with savories on one side and sweets on the other. Check out her selection – you are sure to find something you will love to eat. She said that the sweet potato biscuits surprise people, and they sure surprised me. I will be back for more goodies in the weeks to come.

Another post about an outdoor deck + Saturday news

Two weeks ago yesterday, I walked into Max’s Sports Bar. I ordered a PBR at the bar from Mike and decided to walk to the back and see who was on the outdoor deck. It was a good crowd. My friends K and J and Otto were sitting at the front tables, and in back leaning on the rail were my friends Bad Shane and Leigh, Gary, and Stevie G and my adopted sister Sarah. (I’ve been bad about texting my new sis this week.) I decided to take a seat at the table with Otto and K and J, and there I remained for the next three hours, watching people come and go. We got a break from the humidity that weekend, so it wasn’t stifling, but still, the sun beating down on me in 90 degree weather was a bit much. “I wish I were sitting in the shade,” I thought. “That would help a lot.”

Wish granted!

2016-06-24 18.20.02 HDR-2

2016-06-24 18.20.36 HDR

This week Max added a roof to his outdoor deck. It came in handy on its first night, as people were able to stay outside when rain moved through. It will provide much needed shade in the summer, and protect customers from the elements year ’round. Very nice.

Note that not the entire deck is covered, so if you want to get some sun, you still can.

The deck will see some use tomorrow. Max is having another crawfish boil, possibly the last of the 2016 season from 1:30 to 8:00.

One of the better giveaways of the season is coming up today at the Redbirds. The first 1500 fans in the gate will get a replica of the 2006 St. Louis Cardinals World Series trophy. Gates at 5, first pitch 6:35. Fireworks after the game.

Plans are coming together for a sky-high transformation of The Pinch. The sea of parking lots won’t be around forever. St. Jude is expanding its campus to build one resembling Amazon’s, with some buildings as tall as 12 stories. Overton Avenue will serve as a connector between the campus and Bass Pro at the Pyramid, with restaurants and shops lined up and down the street.

There’s also news on another up-and-coming area: The Edge and the Medical Center District are seen as keys for bike share.

Attention East Memphis: You can now get cans of High Cotton ESB and Scottish Ale at the SuperLo on Spottswood.

JD and the Midnight Howl perform Sunday night at Downtown Huey’s at 8:30 PM. Joel DeSilva was raised in a musical family that toured internationally. Not only has he acted in independent movies, he has performed with B.B.King, A.C.Reed, the Fabulous Thunderbirds, Reverend Horton Heat, JJ Grey, Mofro, Nick Curran, the Smithereens, Ray Charles, Foghat, Los Lobos, the White Stripes, and Leon Russell.

Photos from the Majestic Grille’s 10th birthday celebration are now online.

Chef Gary Williams of DeJaVu has announced that the restaurant’s new food truck is wrapped and ready to go.

I’m back from the Farmers Market and will have a post later today about what I bought there. I walked down there at 7:20 and the humidity was already awful. When I got home I checked the weather. 88/feels like 95 at 8:37 in the morning. Ugh. Anyway, I’ve got a couple of hours to rest and then it’ll be Bardog time at 11. For those of you attending the free yoga class at the Farmers Market this morning, enjoy! Check back this afternoon for a food post.

Friday update #2: Reaction to Brexit and more

I hope y’all have been paying attention to world news today, because one of the most important events yet this century occurred yesterday, when the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union (Brexit – British Exit). None of the 28 countries in the EU has ever left before. The UK has the fifth biggest economy in the world. The following are particularly notable, especially for us on this side of the Atlantic:

– The British pound is going to drop on world markets, which will affect the US stock market. If a recession is the result, that’s bad for Hillary and good for Trump, since the party in the Oval Office will get blamed, whether or not the blame is correctly placed.

– The UK vote had an air of rejecting the establishment and going in a different direction, even if that new direction involves considerable uncertainty and risk. If that feeling is contagious, it also benefits Trump.

– Limiting immigration was a big issue in the UK vote. That’s another mindset that, if contagious, benefits Trump.

– Scotland, which voted heavily to remain in the EU, may declare its independence from the UK. England and Scotland have been one nation since the Act of Union in 1707, and have had the same monarch since James VI of Scotland succeeded Elizabeth I of England in 1603, becoming James I of England. We’re really seeing world history being written right here before our eyes.

Keep an eye on the stock market and on polls the next couple of weeks. I like RealClearPolitics for polls because they take an average of poll numbers (both national and state) rather than relying on one specific poll.

This Brexit vote worries me. Trump has made such a fool of himself in the media that I thought Hillary would win in a landslide (popular vote, at least), but this turn of events could give him new life. Sometime in 4041 a college student will be assigned to write an essay about the causes of the beginning of the Second Dark Ages, and will list Trump’s election in 2016 as one cause, if Trump does indeed go to the White House. (The same student will list global warming as another cause.)

The Grizzlies picked Wade Baldwin last night at number 17 in the NBA draft. He was projected to be a late lottery pick but slipped down a few notches. Geoff Calkins has a summary of the Grizzlies’ draft picks here. I like the pick. We needed a point guard to back Mike Conley, and as Calkins mentioned, Baldwin has the length to also play the 2 alongside Conley at times.

Another projected lottery pick was Deyonta Davis, who tumbled down from a projected number 10 all the way to 31, where the Grizzlies negotiated a trade of picks to get him at that spot. GM Chris Wallace thinks he may develop into the best future shot-blocker in the NBA. Sounds like the Grizzlies did a great job shopping the 2016 draft.

In other Grizzlies news, former Memphis Tigers Shaq Goodwin and D.J. Stephens will play for the Grizzlies’ Summer League team. Shaq is not likely to get a call from an NBA team no matter how well he does, but he might get an invite onto a D-League team where he can slowly work his way up.

The Dean’s List is a list composed by Kevin Dean of Make Memphis, an organization shepherding ideas into action. The list profiles up-and-coming leaders in nonprofit, corporate, government and faith communities. This week the list spotlights Silly Goose owner Daniel Masters. GREAT article; I have known Daniel for 11 years and I found out a lot of things about him I didn’t know by reading this.

Interesting link: The Public Domain Review. This site is dedicated to collecting works whose copyright has expired and which have therefore entered the public domain.

When Harry Met Sally plays tonight at the Halloran Centre in the Orpheum’s summer classic movie series. Showtime is 7 PM. $8 adults, $6 children (keep in mind this movie is rated R). Romantic quizzes and drink specials in the lobby in the hour prior to the movie. This will be the first of the movie series in the Halloran Centre.

The Memphis Zombie Walk leaves Handy Park on Beale tonight at 7:30. Come early if you need help getting zombified.

There will be a party celebrating the interactive light installation at the southeast corner of Union and Main tonight at 8:30.

The Five Spot will have Flash Back Fridays tonight, a singalong with DJ Big Al spinning ’90s pop, rock, and hip-hop.

It’s Princess and Pirate Night tomorrow at the Redbirds. 6:35 first pitch, with New Orleans as the opponent.

Almost the weekend! I plan on hitting South Main Trolley Night this evening. My plans once I get down there are very tentative, using text, Foursquare, and Facebook to figure out what friends are there and if I want to meet up. Probably I will start off by defending my Earnestine & Hazel’s Foursquare mayorship, then out on the street to do a little shopping and listening to live music, then I will wrap it up at my “home away from home on the south side,” Max’s Sports Bar. That’s a hard Friday night plan to beat. Outta here, back tomorrow with more news.

Fri morning update: Dirty Crow Inn outdoor deck, chicken fried steak, and more

Construction of the outdoor deck at The Dirty Crow Inn is now complete. My buddy Bones texted me a photo:


“My blood and sweat is on every board,” Bones texted me. Don’t forget that Davis Coen plays the deck tomorrow night from 9 to 12.

As all my readers know, I am a huge fan of chicken fried steak, and in the Commercial Appeal this week Michael Donahue has a feature about country fried steak, chicken fried steak, and chicken fried chicken around Memphis. I have to disagree vehemently about putting brown gravy on a chicken fried steak (as does my friend Chicken Fried Steak Rodger), but as Donahue points out, perhaps it’s best to quit arguing about which is the real deal and just enjoy.

The Church Health Center’s cooking blog, Stalking Celery, has a recipe post for stuffed bell peppers from their farmers market. Yum, I have loved stuffed peppers ever since I was little! You can stalk celery, bell peppers, and lots of other fresh vegetables at their Tuesday farmers market from 10 AM to 2 PM. The market is at the CHC Wellness Center, 1115 Union.

Led Zeppelin has won a copyright infringement suit claiming that they plagiarized the intro of their 1971 mega-hit “Stairway to Heaven” from a 1967 song.

Seth from Best Memphis Burger tweeted a hidden gem of a burger Downtown: The Tandoori Chicken Burger at the Hard Rock Cafe. He called it “a delicious force to be eaten” and said he wished he had known about it sooner.

A friend who attended the first lunch day at the Silly Goose posted the sandwich menu. You can choose from the Club, Italian, Pastrami, Stuffed Portobello, and Silly Philly. Sandwiches are $9.

Those who know me know that I am not much of a movie person at all. I almost never go see them and am worthless to my trivia team when movie questions are asked. However, I have to admit, I kinda want to go see The Secret Life of Pets. The promos look hilarious, and it’s based on a real-world premise – “I wonder what our pets do when we’re not home?”

Bluff City Coffee has added a couple of savories to their pastry case. New are the turkey pesto roll and the cheddar bacon scallion quiche.

Your daily goodness from the Twitter account that covers the best of the Memphis police scanner:

The Casual Pint, a craft beer market and bar, will open at 387 S. Highland this fall. As my friend Gary is fond of saying, BEER!

For those of you who followed C.M. Punk’s career in WWE, the date of his first mixed martial arts fight has been scheduled. Punk will face Mickey Gall at UFC 203 on Saturday, September 10.

That’s all for now. Off to work. Possibly another post later.

Time to spill the beans about the Farmers Market, Austin 3:16 anniversary, and more (Thur update #2)

This morning I was looking at the list of upcoming Market Days at the Memphis Farmers Market, each given a cute title to focus on a particular aspect of the Market. One of the future titles is “Baked to Perfection.” It makes me wonder, if Tennessee legalized marijuana, would the Memphis Farmers Market allow its vendors to sell weed?

Good afternoon everyone, YOGA! There will be free yoga at the Farmers Market at 10 AM Saturday, It’s hosted by Downtown Yoga. Bring a mat and a bottle of water. This is an all-levels class. We’re Spilling the Beans is the theme of this week’s Market, and I’m not sure what beans have to do with yoga. Personally, I wouldn’t advise eating beans before doing yoga. Seems like it would not be good to be gassy when you are doing all that stretching.

One of the other Market activities this week does match the theme a little more… the UT Extension Institute of Agriculture will give a cooking demo at 10, 11, and noon. On the menu for this week’s demo is green bean salad. The Master Gardeners will be back to answer all your planting and growing questions. For the kids, there will be a crafts table 10 to noon, sponsored by the Dixon, where they can make their own noise music maker filled with beans. Live music by James Bros. 8:30 to 10 and Shufflegrit 11 to 12:30. Dog adoptions by Real Good Dog Rescue. The market happens every Saturday, 7 AM to 1 PM, under the pavilion at Front and G.E. Patterson.

Last week I lost the mayorship of the Farmers Market on Foursquare/Swarm. I am not going to let that stand. I am going down there as close to 7 AM as possible and taking back my mayorship! I do not plan to be there at my usual 10:00-10:40 time this week. I will be back in the Downtown core hours before that and will be counting the minutes until Bardog opens.

20 years ago today was a momentous day in professional wrestling. Jake “The Snake” Roberts, in between bouts of drug and alcohol abuse, became a born-again Christian for a little while. He made it to the finals of the King of the Ring tournament, where he faced WWE newcomer Steve Austin. Austin had struggled under a “Ringmaster” gimmick, and had recently changed his persona to something new. “Stone Cold” Steve Austin defeated Jake the Snake to become King of the Ring. After the match a bloody Austin grabbed a microphone and stood over Jake, where he cut one of the most memorable promos of all time.

Talk about your psalms. Talk about John 3:16. Austin 3:16 says I just whipped your ass.

The Memphis Made taproom is doing a rare Thursday opening today from 4 to 9 for the Amerivespa event that is rolling through town. It’s on South Cooper by the railroad trestle a block south of Central. If you’re looking for a recommendation, the Lucid Kolsch and the Fireside are two of my faves.

The NBA draft is live on ESPN tonight beginning at 6 PM. The Grizzlies pick 17th, with five-minute intervals between picks in the first round.

Phillip Jackson plays Tacos & Tunes tonight on Felicia Suzanne’s patio. $2 tacos, $5 margaritas.

KIX on Beale is tonight at 7:30 at Handy Park. This is a free all-ages show, this week featuring Drew Baldridge and LanCo. Listen to KIX 106 (that is, if you can stand country music, which I can’t) for a chance to win VIP passes.

Loflin Yard’s music lineup for this week starts off with Graber Grass 6-9 tonight, Rolling Head Orchestra 6-9 Friday, Austin-based East Cameron Folklore Saturday 4-7, and Motel Mirrors Sunday 4-7.

Davis Coen plays the Dirty Crow Inn Saturday from 9 to midnight. He’s a country-blues guitarist and singer-songwriter whose guitar work and vocals are reminiscent of Johnny Cash, Tony Joe White, and Lightnin’ Hopkins. Monday at the Rizzo’s Diner party, my friend Bones showed me some photos of the new outdoor deck he has been helping build for the Crow, and it will likely be done in time for the weekend.

Finally, a reminder that the Putt-Putt Pub Crawl is happening Saturday from 1 to 4 PM. It starts and ends at the Flying Saucer, with stops at the Silly Goose, Local, Oshi, Agave Maria, Aldo’s, and Kooky Canuck. Dress in your best golf attire. $15 individual, $50 for a team of 4. Admission includes drink specials and 9 holes of putt-putt. Prizes for best dressed team, best team score, and best hole. Proceeds benefit the American Cancer Society.

Happy birthday to my buddy Kao in Monclova, Mexico.

I’ll lead off at the Silly Goose after work. I want to hear how their first lunch shift went. Back later today or tomorrow with more news.

Thur morning update: Burger Week and more

Flyer Burger Week, presented by the Memphis Flyer and the Tennessee Beef Industry Council, is coming July 13-19. Restaurants around the city will be offering a $5 burger. Participating Downtown restaurants include Huey’s, The Dirty Crow Inn, Bardog Tavern, Aldo’s Pizza Pies, Tin Roof and more yet to be announced. Seth, I bet this is your favorite week of the year!

goosesandwichNew lunch location! As of today the Silly Goose is open for lunches. Come by and try their sandwiches and gourmet coffee! The Goose is on Peabody Place halfway between Main and Second, next to the parking garage entrance.

The Downtown Memphis Commission is rolling out a new grant for Downtown ideas that are fun, creative, and/or artistic; ideas that will advance Downtown as an interesting, engaging and beautiful shared space to all who live in, work in, or visit our neighborhood. Get details on this new grant here.

The Downtown Neighborhood Association has two events coming up next week. Want to meet new Downtown Memphis Commission leader Terence Patterson and get to know his agenda for our neighborhood? He will speak to the DNA at the Cossitt Library, corner of Front and Monroe, on Tuesday, June 28. The event is free for DNA members and $10 for non-members. Social at 6, program at 6:30, and snacks and beverages will be available.

Two days later, on the 30th, it will be time for DNA happy hour, this month with a river view. It will happen at the River Inn of Harbor Town, on Mud Island starting at 6 PM that night. All are invited to attend. Drop by for a beverage, or stay a while and make a night of it.

I don’t know if there are people out there who read my blog every day who just love mac & cheese. However, on the chance that I do have such a reader, I want to mention that Burger King is teaming up with Cheetos to roll out Mac & Cheetos. Following in the footsteps of Doritos Locos Tacos, Burger King is the latest fast food chain to create a hybrid food with a Frito-Lay product.

The Grizzlies have announced their team for NBA Summer League in Las Vegas. They will play the NBA D-League team July 8, Denver July 9, and Milwaukee July 11, and then will participate in a tournament to crown a champion July 18.

Useful: How to turn off “______ is now live” notifications on Facebook

Pro wrestling fans: There’s a GoFundMe to fund the funeral for wrestler Gypsy Joe who performed in and around Memphis for many years, both under that identity and as half of The Blue Infernos. He was one of the early pioneers of hardcore wrestling.

From The Stupid Files: Texas dad tried to save baby left in hot car by putting her in the fridge

Life Is Good now has cornhole outside the store every day for you to stop and play.

Mike Miller has said he would return to the Grizzlies if there is interest. Miller is a free agent this summer. Come back Mike, make my #13 Miller jersey relevant again.

That’s all for now. Probably another post later today with Farmers Market news and more.

Wed update #2: Fundraiser at Westy’s, ebook refunds and more

Two weeks ago, Memphis Police Officer Verdell Smith was killed in a car chase at B.B. King and Beale. However, he was not the only victim in that crime spree. Two men, Al Sakan and Josh Walton, were shot in The Pinch before the chase began. They are still in the hospital. This Saturday evening, June 25 beginning at 6 PM, there will be a fundraiser for Sakan and Walton at Westy’s. Live music by Roosevelt Brooks, Keith Blanchard of GTA, and No Control.

Do you read ebooks? You may have some money coming your way. Apple was artificially inflating the prices of ebooks sold through several channels, it was said, but people lawyered up and took them to court. Apple agreed to a $400 million settlement and Tennesseans will get $8.9 million of that. If you are an Amazon customer, log in to your account and check your balance; there may be some money there. The money can be spent on any product Amazon sells, not just ebooks.

*pauses to check own account*

$17.92! SWEET! I read a lot of ebooks using the Kindle app on my iPhone. I guess it’s time to do some shopping!

MATA has sent out a press release notifying the public that on Monday, July 4, the Main Street and Riverfront trolleys will operate on a Sunday schedule. The Madison Avenue trolley will not operate that day.

Here’s the menu for Chef Ana’s wine dinner at Bleu tomorrow, Thursday, June 23. 901-334-5950 for reservations. The dinner will feature wine from the Pacific Northwest and complimentary valet parking is included.

Barbara Bush: “I don’t know how women can vote for Donald Trump.” A voice of wisdom, right there.

Meritan, a nonprofit that provides health and social services to seniors and children, will move its headquarters to The Edge by July 2017. It will occupy a building at 345 Adams, just east of Danny Thomas, that has long been vacant.

That’s all I got for now. Tonight I will lead off at Silly Goose for happy hour, pay a visit to the Blind Bear, the back to the Goose for Cheers with Charvey at 10.

Wed morning update: New festival, City Tasting Tours and more

A new festival is coming to Downtown Memphis in July. The South Forum Festival will happen 11 AM to 7 PM Saturday, July 2. It will be in a fenced lot on Vance between Second and B.B. King. There will be food vendors, live music, games, and an outdoor movie screen. Admission to the fest will be $5, with kids under 7 free with a supervising adult. There will also be a VIP area you can buy access to, which will have all indoor amenities, music, movie screenings, and food and drinks.

For those of you who don’t come Downtown much, do you want to eat like the locals when you do come down here? Well, I try to give you lots of good suggestions on my blog, but here is a pre-packaged tour where you can hit several of the best spots at once: City Tasting Tours. Every Saturday from 1:30 to 4:00, owner Cristina McCarter takes 16 people on a tour of five of the best local restaurants, and they are all located Downtown. Looking at the slideshow on the website, I recognize most of the dishes tour participants try, and have to agree that is a tour worth taking. “Like” City Tasting Tours on Facebook to keep up with the latest news about their offerings.

From Gizmodo: Cleverly smuggle booze by turning it into edible bubbles

Friday night it will once again be time for the monthly South Main Trolley Night, with many of the shops in the area open ’til 9 or later and some offering discounts and/or hors d’oeuvres and/or beverages. If you’re an SMA member, there will be complimentary burgers, dogs, beer and wine for you in the lot next to Bluff City Coffee (non-members $10). There will be live music up and down Main, and South Main Sounds will host another Songwriter Night with Nick Redmond, Angela Drew, Evan Farris, Jason Davenport, Tori Tollison and Jeff Hulett. I plan on being at Trolley Night and I hope to see you there!

LYFE Kitchen has launched a new mobile app.

Your Girlfriend headlines Thursday, June 23’s Peabody rooftop party. $10 cover, first 200 ladies free, or you can go VIP for the season for $150. Admission price includes a buffet of mini spring rolls and pot stickers with soy sauce. If you’re in VIP you get a second buffet of lobster spring rolls, chicken satay with peanut sauce, assorted sushi, and fortune cookies. Lychee margaritas will be the drink special.

I want to make a clarification to my post about Rizzo’s catering menu. Yes, you will still be able to dine at the restaurant. It’s not going catering only. What I was saying is that they are doing away with the “diner” concept (I mean, does that space look like a diner at all?) and adopting a new menu.

Time to go to work. Possibly another post later today.