Friday update

The Medical Center District is getting an ALDI grocery store. It’s going in the former Office Depot building at 785 Union.

The Trumpster was found guilty yesterday on all 34 counts in his criminal hush-money trial. He can still run for president, but as a convicted felon he might not be able to vote for himself. Sentencing is scheduled for a few days before the Republican convention.

There was a shooting near the Moxy Hotel at Main and Court about 3 this morning.

BRIDGES USA is hiring a CEO.

It looks like I won’t be attending South Main Trolley Night after all. To do so, I’d have to stay out all night, and it’s supposed to rain and storm.

Back tomorrow or Sunday with more news.

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Thursday update

This may be a Thursday update post, but I’m starting it at 10:37 AM Wednesday… and I just saw the sweetest thing as I walked to the Cossitt Library.

A couple walked out of Brinkley Plaza, presumably having been to immigration court on the 7th floor. As they turned the corner onto the Front Street sidewalk, the man pulled his wife close and gave her a kiss. I bet that was their first kiss as United States citizens.

One personal note about me, and then we’ll get the news started. There is a good chance I’ll be at South Main Trolley Night Friday. Come find me and say hello! If you have any news you want me to include on the blog, I’ll have the Notes app on my phone ready.

  • My appearance at Trolley Night is dependent on the weather and my getting a good night’s sleep Thursday, so it’s not 100% that I’ll be there… but I’m sure gonna try.

And now, the news…

The Downtown Neighborhood Association will show the movie Family Switch (FREE for all, DNA members or not) at new outdoor movie venue Grind City Brewing tonight. Doors at 7, movie at 8.

Shannon McNally returns to South Main Sounds Friday for Trolley Night.

Memphis Tigers basketball star David Jones chose to remain in the NBA draft and will forfeit his remaining NCAA eligibility.

After ethics concerns were raised, City Councilwoman Dr. Michalyn Easter-Thomas has resigned from her Memphis River Parks Partnership job.

I posted an Experience Memphis Like a Local article on Medium yesterday. I have no idea if a travel article will work on that platform, but I figured I’d give it a try.

Back tomorrow.

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Wednesday update

Grit & Grind Music Machine will supply the tunes at this Thursday’s Peabody rooftop party, along with DJ A.D. $15 general admission, $30 VIP. VIPs get a buffet of chicken and beef sliders and sidewinder fries. 6-10 PM; party will be moved inside the Skyway in case of rain.

Megan Thee Stallion with special guest GloRilla comes to FedExForum Thursday night.

The following night, Friday, comedian Nate Bargatze brings his Be Funny Tour to FedExForum.

Whet Thursday returns to the Metal Museum this week. Smithing demos, live soul by Corey Lou & DaVillage, bar, Smurfey’s Smokehouse food truck.

The popular Scandals & Scoundrels Tour returns to Elmwood Cemetery June 9. Get a look at Memphis’ shady past.

The Cossitt Library will have a used book sale Saturday, June 8. DJs, live performances, and library activities throughout the day.

Sunday night a Corvette was taken at gunpoint outside a restaurant on the 100 block of Monroe.

The Middle Ages ended 571 years ago today.

It’s National Biscuit Day.

Community Legal Center seeks a program coordinator.

The Redbirds host Nashville at 7:05.

MarketWatch has named Memphis one of 7 cities reaping the benefits of awesome public art.

That’s all for now. Back tomorrow.

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Tuesday update

RIP Bill Walton.

Birdie’s, the golf simulation bar on South Main, has announced weekly nine-hole Par 3 tournaments. These will allow you to get some swings in and maybe win a prize, while being short enough not to interfere with your summer vacation.

Blind Bear specials this week: Italian sausage and potato soup; pan-seared chicken breast with wild rice, sautéed zucchini, mushrooms; shrimp and crawfish scampi pasta

Janey Bee Jems will have a pop-up Charm Bar at Stock&Belle on Saturday, June 1 from 11 AM to 3 PM. Brooke Ballard will help you design a charm necklace. The first 30 necklaces can be picked up the day of the Charm Bar, and after that you can arrange for shipment or pickup.

The I-55 bridge will be closed June 9-23.

It’s International Hamburger Day.

The Redbirds host Nashville tonight at 7:05.

I had something weird happen recently. Saturday night I dreamed I was watching an episode of M*A*S*H. It was the one where Frank Burns promised Margaret the moon, and she pointed out he didn’t have the moon.

Then Memorial Day afternoon I checked into the Union Mission and entered the common room. The TV was tuned to the TV Land channel. I expected to see episodes of Gunsmoke and Andy Griffith.

Instead, M*A*S*H came on. THE VERY EPISODE/SCENE I HAD DREAMED ABOUT. I had not seen that show in at least 8 months.

There is no way that was a coincidence.

I’m interpreting it as a reminder from the Universe that we are more powerful than we realize; we possess more than just our basic 5 senses.

That’s all I’ve got today. Back tomorrow with more news.

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Monday update

Steve, the friendly squirrel who lived in the Union-Gayoso block of the Main Street Mall, is believed to be dead. Regulars of businesses in that block have not seen Steve in weeks.

Rat poison is the suspected cause of death. If you’ve ever been on that block after dark, you know there are a lot of rats. I don’t believe anyone was trying to intentionally harm Steve.

Rest in peace, Steve, if you really are gone. Wherever you are now, I hope it’s just plain nuts there.

Beerknurds, save the date: A week from Wednesday will be Captain Keith glass night at the Flying Saucer.

There was a shooting Saturday night about 11 at Danny Thomas and Adams near Level III nightclub.

Memphis Pride Fest is this coming weekend.

The Blues Foundation seeks a museum director.

It’s a slow news day, as I predicted. Back tomorrow.

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Sunday update

As I walked to the farmers market yesterday, I discovered a couple of weekday deals at Rumba Room.

Tuesdays: $11 for three tacos is right in line with what other restaurants in the neighborhood charge, so you’re basically getting a Corona for free. Plus a salsa dance lesson if you want one.

Wednesdays: $15 for a burger is in line with what other restaurants on Main charge – so it’s like you’re getting a margarita for free, and optionally a bachata lesson too.

I got to the Memphis Farmers Market and discovered

  • Master Gardeners were there for free consultations on planting and growing
  • Memphis Public Libraries had a booth there
  • There was a kids’ table with coloring and crafts

Memphis 901 FC got a 2-0 win over Pittsburgh last night.

I would have loved to have this stuff in Thursday or Friday’s blog. But I didn’t know! Did I get knocked off the Market’s weekly e-newsletter mailing list? Or do they not do the newsletter anymore?

More storms could be headed our way. The biggest risk will occur in the overnight hours, but they could get going as early as 3 PM.

Today is World Dracula Day. And there was a man on the Main Street Mall with a Dracula name tag on this morning.

There will be a Mini Wiener Fest at Hi-Tone 5 PM-midnight Memorial Day. Free regular-sized hot dogs.

I had a Cali Burrito at Bardog yesterday. It seems to be becoming one of their new regular specials during brunch. Chorizo, eggs, fries, avocado, queso fresco. It’s delicious but definitely put a couple of napkins in your lap. It’s messy!

Automatic Slim’s brunch news:

I don’t know if I’ll post tomorrow or not. I’ll have the time, but holidays are notoriously slow for news. As is the case with most Monday holidays, I plan on being at Bardog at 8 AM. Come hang out!

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Saturday update

I’m having a Mexican Coke at Memphis Chess Club as I type this. Outside, the Great American River Run is about to start.

Tom Lee Park reopens this weekend. Sunday the park will host a pickleball tournament with cash prizes.

Today is National Wine Day.

In sports news, it looks like an agreement between the NCAA and conferences will allow ACC, SEC, Big Ten, and Big 12 schools to start paying athletes directly. Memphis isn’t in any of those conferences and is therefore looking at the very real possibility of permanent second-tier status.

Prediction: Arkansas wins a national football title by 2034.

Lionel Richie and Earth, Wind & Fire play FedExForum Wednesday.

Former Grizzlies forward Chandler Parsons thinks Memphis sucks. The feeling is mutual, Chandler.

Shrek the Musical comes to the Orpheum next weekend.

A short post is better than no post, I suppose. About to run an errand then hit the Farmers Market. Back in 72 hours or less with more news.

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Friday update

There were only three trucks in Court Square for the food truck rodeo yesterday. I hope that was only because of the weather. In case anybody is wondering, Smurfey’s Smokehouse (which has a brick-and-mortar location a block away), Tacotitlan, and Rice Burner were the three that showed up.

Choose901 profiles Sarah Cai, co-founder and chef at Good Fortune Co.

Flying Fish has a deal on crawfish this Memorial Day weekend:

Given the shortages we’ve had this season, 4 pounds for $30 is an excellent price.

The Cossitt Library will host an artist mixer from 5 to 7 today.

Sunny Bleau and Nic Cocco play South Main Sounds tonight at 7.

Memphis 901 FC hosts the Pittsburgh Riverhounds Saturday at AutoZone Park. 7:30 PM. Fireworks after the match.

The University of Memphis is hiring a Neighborhood Preservation Clinic Attorney. The position will be located at the Downtown law school.

Grind City Brewing will have live music 3-6 Memorial Day.

There’s a weekend-long Sundresses & Linen party that will bring many visitors Downtown.

It’s National Escargot Day. Bishop would be my recommendation to celebrate.

It’s also National Cooler Day. Fill that thing with PBR!

Memphis in May’s Great American River Run is Saturday.

A luxury hotel, 15 stories, is planned for the corner of Fourth and MLK.

Zio Matto Gelato is the DM’s $10 Deal this week.

Pyramid Wines & Spirits now has High Noon Iced Tea with vodka.

NOAA predicts an extraordinarily busy hurricane season.

Cicada-infused Malort is a thing. Max, will this be coming to your bar soon?

Graphic I saw on ESPN yesterday: Years since Dallas-based teams made the conference finals:

Mavericks 0, Stars 0, Rangers 0, Cowboys 28

That’s all the news for now. Back sometime this weekend.

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Thursday update

Slider Inn Downtown is celebrating Tennessee Whiskey Week with two cocktails: Gold Rush with Blue Note Bourbon and Sour Cherry Negroni with Old Dominick gin. Get them through Saturday.

There’s Star Wars trivia tonight at 7 at Downtown Slider.

Time for me to get on my soapbox again.

This is looking eastbound on Washington Avenue. The intersection in the background is Danny Thomas. Note how the two Bird scooters are parked on the sidewalk. There is NO WAY someone in a wheelchair could get by.

What makes me mad is, this time I know the people in the wheelchairs. This photo was taken about a block from the Union Mission, where I’d estimate 40-60 of the nightly guests have mobility challenges.

I betcha anything those scooters were parked by teenagers on their way to Wendy’s on the corner. Parents, please teach your kids to be considerate of others.

Today is our friend Nappin’ Ass Nate’s heavenly birthday. There will be a celebration at his favorite place at 5 and Nate’s parents will be there.

Effective July 1, drag racing will become a Class E felony in Tennessee.

Today is International Chardonnay Day.

There will be a Beginners’ Watercolor Class on Riverside Drive on Saturday, June 1.

Archer Malmo seeks an Associate Creative Director – Art Director.

Thumpdaddy headlines tonight’s Peabody rooftop party. Upgrade to the VIP experience and get a buffet of popcorn shrimp, BBQ sausages, spanakopita, and fruit skewers.

If you work in hospitality, show proof and get a free general admission ticket to tonight’s Peabody rooftop party to celebrate National Hospitality Week.

That’s it for now. Back tomorrow.

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Wednesday update 2

Memphis magazine has a look at Redbird revelry.

All Blind Bear T-shirts are $15 this week only.

The Cossitt Library is back open and it’s nice and cool inside! Yay!

Also, if you saw a “Temporarily Closed” sign on Bardog’s door this morning, that lasted only a few minutes. They’re back open and Allie Cat is ready to serve you.

Graceland WON’T be auctioned on the courthouse steps tomorrow. A judge ordered the sale to be put on hold.

Back tomorrow.

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