Fri update: Ponchos, CHRISTINE by Shelton Clothiers, Beale app, Trolley Night, and more

If you’re going to Music Fest and haven’t bought a disposable rain poncho yet, Shelton Clothiers has them for $3, or free with any purchase. Take it from one who knows: Poncho = very good idea.

Down the street from Shelton, the new women’s store, CHRISTINE by Shelton Clothiers, opens today. Like Shelton, it will continue the tradition of personal service, reasonable prices, and full-service tailoring. Be sure to fill out a card when you go in, to receive an invitation to their grand opening party on June 5. I’m sure the Nuh-Uh Girl will be in there filling out a card today and asking what kind of food they’ll be serving at the party.

The people who run Beale Street have announced that a Beale iPhone app will hit the App Store next week. GPS will pinpoint your location on the street. Bet it’ll have a lot of other cool features too… like maybe a counter of how many times “Mustang Sally” has been played on the street that day. Or maybe a “get to know the bums” feature where you can learn all about the people who will be stopping you to ask for fitty three cent.

If you’re not going to Music Fest and are looking for alternatives tonight, it’s the last Friday of the month and that means it’s Trolley Night on South Main. Many of the galleries and shops will be open from 6 to 9, and some will have complimentary wine and hors d’oeuvres. The SMA will grill burgers and have Boscos beer, weather permitting, which it probably won’t. Free food? Wonder if the Nuh-Uh Girl will show up.

Looking for a place to watch the Kentucky Derby tomorrow? Allow me to suggest Calhoun’s Sports Bar on GE Patterson. You won’t have to deal with stuffed shirts, women who obsess over big hats, and a drive out east. The PBR is cold and only two bucks a pint. Regulars are friendly. Service is great. Buzztime trivia. If it isn’t raining you may even get to play a game of cornhole.

Lunchtime posts are getting shorter… now that I work in a nicer neighborhood, I want to use the majority of my lunch break to actually EAT! Off to eat Mexican food and hopefully pick up my 13th mayorship on Foursquare.

Brad Birkedahl at Flying Saucer tonight

Brad Birkedahl, formerly the guitarist of the Dempseys, will play the Flying Saucer tonight.  Rockabilly, rock and roll, and ’70s Elvis are on the musical menu.  Only a $3 cover and you won’t get rained on.

It’s the beginning of a weekend of sleepless nights for me.  Even on the 13th floor, people will be walking by yelling “WOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!” at all hours of the night loud enough to wake me up.  Seriously, if you’re not Ric Flair don’t do that.

Time to head to work… of course, I’ll be stopping at the Circle K in Horn Lake for a Mountain Dew on the way there… gotta defend my newest mayorship.  People ask, “Isn’t it kind of lame to check in at Circle K?”  No.  Now, if Circle K had a gym in their basement, and I added it as a separate venue just so I could check in and become mayor, that would be lame.

Paula Raiford needs a spanking

Earlier I was at the Silly Goose for Brick’s first shift. Paula Raiford came up behind me and started winding up her arm like a MLB pitcher. Knowing that Paula is a “hands on” kind of person, I stuck my ass out and braced myself.

She hit me extra soft. “Because you were expecting it,” she said. Then she told me, “You guys know this is how I say hello, so you know I like it. How come I never get it back?”

If you go to Paula & Raiford’s this weekend, please help me return the favor.

Peabody rooftop details for tonight

The theme tonight on the Peabody rooftop will be “Cowboy Week-Texas” with Shiner Bock and Miller Lite as the featured beers.

On the menu:  BBQ brisket with small rolls and condiments; cowboy beans; Texas caviar.  In the VIP area there will be sliced BBQ brisket with hoagie buns, cole slaw and BBQ sauce; jalapeno poppers; and Texas wagonwheels (fried pickle rounds) with dipping sauce.  Free food?  Wonder if the Nuh-Uh Girl will show up.

Party Planet will provide the entertainment.  6-10:30 PM; ladies free before 7; $10 cover includes first drink.

Wed update 2: Music Fest weather, Flaming Lips cancel, AIGA event at Stax, Nuh-Uh Lunch

The blog reports that conditions are not looking good for Music Fest. Many necessary ingredients are in place, the blog reports, for severe thunderstorms, strong winds, and possibly hail and tornadoes.

Therefore, I’ve made a decision… no Music Fest for me this year. At least a 40% chance of rain every day? No thanks, done that at Music Fest before. I’ll spend most of the weekend hanging out on Beale Street people-watching and drinking Big Ass Beers. I haven’t done that in several years… it’s just as much fun as Music Fest, and $73.10 cheaper than the three-day pass. If you’re going, today is the last day to buy the 3-day.

I read on Twitter today that it’s rained on Music Fest 12 of the past 15 years.

Breaking news: The Flaming Lips had to pull out of Music Fest due to a member being hospitalized.

In other news… AIGA Memphis is honoring the late Larry Shaw with its AIGA Fellow Award, which recognizes the contributions and achievements of leaders in the Memphis Design community. Shaw’s family will accept the award on his behalf at a cocktail reception and panel discussion at the Stax Museum of American Soul Music on Thursday, April 29 at 5:30 p.m. The event is free and open to the public by calling 728-5464 to RSVP. Guests set to pay tribute to Shaw at the event include Al Bell, Kim Shaw Brisco, Deannie Parker, Howard Robertson and Michael Thompson.

The Rapscallions finally suffered a loss at trivia last night. My friend Chad told me about the cheap lunch he had yesterday. “I wandered around Costco and tried all the free samples,” he said. “Then I bought a hot dog and Coke for $1.50.”

“Minus the hot dog and Coke, you know what you had?” I replied. “The Nuh-Uh Lunch.”

Here’s an updated list of the badges on Foursquare.  You know what badge needs to be on there, but isn’t?  A “Perfect Record” badge.  Foursquare determines mayorships of venues by counting the number of days you’ve checked in there in the past 2 months.  I just looked up my stats, and I’ve checked into the Flying Saucer 56 of the past 60 days.  I haven’t been there yet today, and the three other days I missed are close to falling off the end of the timeline.  When I reach 60x, I want to be recognized dammit!

Speaking of the Saucer, that’s the next stop.  The Red Rooster grand opening party is also on my agenda, and I’ll probably make a stop by Kooky Canuck for one quick small Bud Light.  Time for a beer!

Wed update: Rooster, MIM iPhone app, CCC CEO finalists, learn to play poker

The Red Rooster’s grand opening party is tonight. Yeah it was open last week, but tonight is their big celebration. I will definitely be there.

If you have an iPhone or Android, you can download a free Memphis in May app that will keep you informed of the entire month’s worth of festivities.

Three finalists remain for the Center City Commission CEO job: Memphians Andy Kitsinger and Paul Morris, and a third candidate from Orlando. I have no doubt the CCC will come out of the interview process with a great CEO, but I have to admit, there’s one candidate in particular who I hope gets it.

Poker tournament tonight at Bardog Tavern in the Underground Room at 7:30. Have you wanted to play one of these, but aren’t sure how to play? No problem, come early at 7 for a 30-minute lesson on how to play poker. Entry is free, so at worst your losses will be limited to your bar tab.

Short lunch post today because I need to make a Target run. More to come after 5.

Tue update: Foursquare, worst company in America, Bobby Rush CSF fundraiser, yoga, tipping

If you’re on Foursquare and you check in at work, be careful about comments you make along with your check-in, especially if you work for a large corporation. Big companies have Thought Police that search for anything negative said about them. If you leave a negative comment with your check-in and it goes to Twitter, the Thought Police will see it and corporate will contact your supervisor to reprimand you. This has happened to multiple people I know in recent weeks.

This won’t come as a surprise to anyone: surveyed its readers, who voted Comcast as the worst company in America. You won’t hear any argument from me. Ticketmaster was the runner-up, and again, I can’t disagree.

On Friday, May 7, Bobby Rush will host a special fundraiser for the Center for Southern Folklore. Tickets are $50, or you can purchase a Golden Circle Ticket for $100 which will give you priority seating for the concert, as well as the chance to dine and talk with Mr. Rush before the show. Doors open at 6:30. Call 525-3655 or visit the Center’s website to purchase tickets.

If you’ve ever wanted to give yoga a try, master instructor Grace Harwood from Midtown Yoga will give a free class tomorrow in Court Square. It will run from 11:45 to 1:15, and it’s part of the CCC’s Downtown Alive! lunchtime series.

Interesting article on the Memphis Flyer site on tipping.

Time for trivia at the Saucer.  The Rapscallions have been absolutely unstoppable lately, having amassed winnings of $525 to be used at a future party.  Hopefully we’ll add $50 more this week.

If you’re looking for something else fun to do, don’t forget that it’s Super Tuesday at Kooky Canuck, with their massive $34 oz. signature drinks only $5.  After trivia I may not be up for one of those, but I imagine I’ll at least stop by Kooky for a Super Cold Bud Light on the way home.

Also, Stepbrothers play the Silly Goose tonight.  Usually their start time is around 9.

Outta here, on the way to trivia.  Low in the mid 40s tonight.  This may be the last time I can wear the PBR hoodie this season.