Wine Race 2010

So, yesterday I pulled out my camera.  I thought to myself, “I wonder how many Wine Race photos I took?  About 30?”

Nope.  I took 190.  The highlights are below.  You’ll note that most of the photos were not taken at Wine Race itself… the best happened after everyone had consumed multiple Call-a-Cabs at Wet Willie’s.

It’s a wonderful day!  BEER!

A PBR cup nested inside a Wet Willie’s Call-a-Cab cup.  Now that’s alcoholic genius right there.

The Queen of the Vine contestants on stage.  Some of the girls in the competition were cute, but a few wouldn’t have looked out of place walking down Brooks Road.

Grape stomp

She loves to ride that cock

Kelly’s first shift at the Rooster

Here’s a pic of the Nuh-Uh Girl eating.

Lauren and Brick

This is an indication of how drunk I was… I looked at the photos the next day and thought, “There was a girl in my lap?  I don’t even remember”


Full album can be viewed here. If you’re looking for complete and thorough coverage of Wine Race, don’t bother with it.  If you’re looking for a bunch of pics of really drunk people, this is the album for you.

Wine Race winners have been posted

If you missed Wine Race or left before the end, you can see who won here.

I took a lot of pics but they were Paul’s Drunkass Pics since Call-a-Cabs were involved.  When I get a chance I’ll go through them and see what’s on the camera that is blogworthy.  I know I took several tube top photos.

Right now, though, it’s time for Pint Nite.  I’ll probably stop for a beer at Kooky Canuck at some point too.

Super Mayor

Yesterday at Wine Race, I wandered over to the Red Rooster and checked in on Foursquare.  I became the mayor of the Rooster, making me a Super Mayor as I simultaneously hold 10 mayorships.  Most of them are not that interesting – places where I eat lunch on the weekdays account for about half.

Before I went out yesterday, I tweeted that I planned to add one more mayorship.  It wasn’t the Rooster that I was referring to, although I’m proud to have that one.  Nor am I going after the one a couple of people suspected – the gym in the basement of my building.  Checking in there is seriously lame.

Time to go to work.  After work:  Pint Nite at the Saucer, of course.  Will probably stop by Kooky Canuck for a quick beer too at some point.

Sun update: Brewfest, Wine Race

I just downloaded my photos from Memphis Brewfest and wow, are they ever horrible.  Out of all the ones I took there are maybe 3 good ones.  Lots of out of focus shots, shots with half of people’s heads cut off, shots with eyes closed, etc.  That’s what happens when the point is to get as wasted as possible in 4 hours.  Well, the organizers of the festival would probably argue that the point is to learn about beer, but I disagree.

I did get a good pic of one of my favorite tube top wearers, and she will probably make an appearance on the blog sometime in June.  36 days until Tube Top Month!

Which reminds me… if you’re going to Wine Race today and want to be on the blog, wear a tube top and find me… I’ll have the camera with me.  (Note:  This offer applies to women only… shouldn’t even have to say that, but Skippy reads my blog.)

The official start time of Wine Race is 1, but people start congregating on the street earlier… I’ll probably get down there about 12.  I’ll mention once again that a Call-a-Cab from Wet Willie’s is a very good idea.  (Unless you’re driving… then it’s a very BAD idea.)  Events include (not sure about the order) a grape stomp, a parade, Queen of the Vine, and the wine relay.  Most of the participants start drinking early in the morning so they’re properly lubricated by the time the competition starts.  If you’ve never seen Wine Race, you really need to come down.  It’s in Handy Park and on Beale east of Third.

Post-race, everyone (participants and spectators) disperse to nearby bars (Alfred’s in particular) and proceed to get even more wasted.  Last weekend may have been the best festival weekend of the spring, but this weekend is surely the drunkest.

After that it’ll be time for Music Fest… I’m undecided about going this year.  I’m going to wait until Wednesday, the last day to buy the 3-day pass, then decide.  I have two requirements:  No low below 60 degrees, and no day with a greater than 50% chance of rain.  Looks like the temperatures will hold up, but the rain situation is iffy.

Saw on Twitter that a couple had sex in a hot tub on a Downtown rooftop last night.  They apparently had quite an audience.  I wonder which rooftop?

What the hell… I’ll go ahead and post the few good Brewfest pics I took… then I’m outta here… see you at Wine Race

Beer being served in the concourse

Bicycle Bobby and Kelly.  With wind gusts to 40 MPH, I was extremely disappointed that Kelly didn’t wear her skirt.

A rare pic of the Nuh-Uh Girl without food.  From the look on her face, I’d guess she was sampling Turbo Dog.

Stevie G, Lee and Lauren

Get Roosterized

If you didn’t get a chance to check out the grand opening of the Red Rooster Thursday night, here are some pics of the first floor and patio.  I didn’t get up to the second floor.

WOW… further proof of the lack of intellect in the ‘burbs

If you read my blog on Thursday, you saw that I made a post where I claimed to have hacked the Cordova Flying Saucer’s computers.  I said that I stole next Tuesday’s questions for trivia night, and posted them.  Of course, the whole thing was a joke.  It was obvious I made up the questions, and if I were into hacking I sure wouldn’t publicize it on my blog.  Or rather, I thought it was obvious.

I just passed the GM of both Saucers on Second Street.  “You’re a funny guy, Paul,” he told me.  “I was getting phone calls all day saying, ‘Paul Ryburn hacked your computers!'”

Wow.  I am at a loss for words.

Cordova is stupid.

This weekend’s storms have convinced me that is a site to be bookmarked and checked frequently.  In addition to their main page with forecasts and radar links and such, their blog is a great resource to read for inclement weather info.  Great updates on Twitter at @memphisweather1 from them, and you can “Like” on Facebook as well.  They also have a presence on Flickr and YouTube.

Sterick Building WTF

Thursday night I went to the Beale Street East End grand re-opening party.  I took a few pics of The Rooster, the W.C. Handy House, etc. and I happened to catch the tall buildings of Downtown in the background.  As I examined one of them, I noticed something odd hanging off the Sterick Building’s flag pole.  “That isn’t a flag,” I thought.  “Unless it got tangled up somehow.”  I decided to aim my 10x zoom lens at the Sterick and get a closer shot.  Look what I found (click the pic to zoom in for larger image):

WTF… is that a body?  Did a midget piss off the wrong person and get made an example of?  Can’t tell.  The pic was taken from 5 blocks away, so that was as close as I could zoom.  Since I live near the Sterick, I’ll try to walk by there today and get a better look at whatever that is.

Memphis Brewfest delayed one hour until 5 PM

If you have a ticket to Memphis Brewfest, it’s been delayed one hour until 5 PM due to today’s storms.  Event will last until 9 PM.  The Memphis Flyer, the Flying Saucer, and a bunch of beer distributors are the sponsors.  I’ve been told the after-party will be at the Saucer.  Brick will be working.  Yay!

Oh, that reminds me, it’s time for another Brick pic.  Here’s a boob-on-boob shot of her and Mary Pat.