A better option for early-morning weekend breakfast

So let’s say it’s a weekend night and you’ve been out dancing on Beale Street. Maybe you’re on your way out of The Shadows, or Club 152, or Alfred’s, or the newly-reopened Red Rooster. You’re hungry and want to grab some breakfast before going to bed. Up until now, your only nearby option was Denny’s at Third and Union. Trouble is, the food there is pretty lousy. It’s “better than nothing” food.

Well, now you have a better option. Thursday night I met Mr. Anthony, owner of Lil’ Anthony’s Cafe at Fourth and Beale, and he told me that his restaurant will stay open “24/24” on the weekends. I haven’t had a chance to try it yet, but friends of mine had and really loved the place. I hear they have the biggest biscuits in town. Maybe I’ll try it this weekend… hmmm maybe Sunday before Wine Race.

I got to see the new Red Rooster too… a little smaller than the old space, but it has a very nice patio. I liked it. Whoever was in charge of hiring the bar staff did an excellent job. I’m going to be on Beale Street a lot more now that the Rooster is there.

I didn’t got a whole lot of pics, but “Brian C” who is one of the writers of the Downtown Download blog was there and I saw him snapping a lot of pics. I was told that another one of their bloggers, “Rebecca S,” was there too, but I’m not sure I know who she is.

Congratulations to the Nuh-Uh Sister for winning the Showcase on the Price is Right yesterday! About .01 second after it was over, the Nuh-Uh Girl tweeted, “So where are you taking me?”

Interesting note I saw online yesterday… Apple has passed Microsoft in market cap, meaning the total valuation of the company based on stock price times number of shares out. That’s remarkable. I used to own shares of both companies inside my Roth IRA. This would’ve been around 2001-2002. At the time, Microsoft was battling it out with GE for the US’s largest company with market caps around $250 billion. Apple was at a paltry $4 billion or so at the time. Now they’ve caught up.

Got my blinds open… couple more things to post this morning.  Trying to decide if I want to cash in a round 2 ticket for a PokerStars freeroll at 9.  Check back, more to come.

Memphian on The Price Is Right this morning

If you’re in front of a TV this morning, tune into Channel 3 at 10 AM… a Memphian will be a contestant on The Price Is Right.  The Nuh-Uh Sister, who won big on Wheel of Fortune a couple of years ago, will be on the show.  The name tag was too small to fit “The Nuh-Uh Sister” on it, so she went by “Aimee” instead.  To her sister’s dismay, she didn’t win anything that involved food.

I’m now hearing that Memphis Brewfest will make an announcement about their plans for Saturday around 11 today.  They can moved the brewfest under the covered area of Autozone Park to protect guests from rain, but lightning is another matter.  I hope they don’t have to move it to Sunday when it will conflict with Wine Race, but they may have no choice.  Kinda sucks.  You can “like” them on Facebook to stay in touch with their updates.

A lesson for Pam: Downtowners don’t waste alcohol. Plus: Rooster opens tonight and more

Last night at the Saucer I ran into Pam, who I scolded on this blog last month for pouring out beer at the March brew fest. She told me that she’s now known as “that girl who pours beer out” and she received a lecture from her neighbor Terry. A much-deserved lecture, but I think she’s learned her lesson.

Since Pam reads this blog, I have another lesson for her, just so she’ll better understand how things work Downtown. This Sunday at 1 PM is Beale Street Wine Race, where servers around town will compete in various events. One of the events is a wine relay, where servers have to open a bottle of wine, pour a glass, then run about 100 yards, carrying bottle and glass on a tray, over several hurdles until they hand off the tray to their teammate, who then adds another bottle of wine and another glass.

Question: Do you think they’re using real wine bottles?

Of course not! Much wine gets spilled, many bottles get broken. Downtowners don’t waste alcohol! This is a point that even the bums understand. The event organizers fill bottles with water for the event.

Who am I going to root for in the Wine Race? Well, I can’t root for the home team, because the Saucer never enters the event. Too bad they don’t, because they have people there who would have a great shot at winning Queen of the Vine. I’m not sure Brick would be my first choice for that competition, but it would be fun to hear her share her wisdom during the interview portion of the contest.

My South Main friends can’t root for their home team either, because Calhoun’s doesn’t have enough employees to enter. So who’s left?

– Silly Goose. Too bad Nicole’s not around to enter Queen of the Vine again.

– Bardog, and I definitely hope Jean does Queen of the Vine for a second year.

– Kooky Canuck. Of course I’m going to cheer for our hot wing fest sponsor who brought a Kookamonga burger to our booth!

– Not sure if the newly reopened Red Rooster will have a team, but if they do I’ll be cheering for them.

Speaking of the Rooster… don’t forget that they are OPEN tonight, in their new location (formerly the Double Deuce), and they’ll be part of the Beale Street East End party. Thursday nights are once again the time to rock out with your cock out. Party starts at 6… hmmm… wonder if anyone has created the venue on Foursquare yet. Maybe I need to get there at 6 sharp and do it. The Nuh-Uh Girl will probably try to beat me there so she can create it, but she’ll get distracted by the food.

I’ll do the east end party then hit the Peabody rooftop about 7:30, 8ish or so. If it rains I may skip the party and hit the Saucer early.

Speaking of rain… it’s really not looking good for Saturday. Conditions still look ripe for severe storms. In case of rain, Memphis Brewfest will be moved from the courtyard area in front of Autozone Park to the covered concourse area inside.

Cutting it off here, because I need to use the rest of my lunch break to make a Wal-Mart run… nice to be able to do that and be back in 15 minutes.

Cordova Saucer computer hacked; next week’s trivia questions stolen

HA!  Success!  After dodging a few firewalls, I managed to hack into the computers at the Cordova Flying Saucer, where I found the questions for their Tuesday trivia night next week.  Questions are below.  (Note to Downtown Saucer trivia players:  These are not the same questions asked Downtown.  Each location has to tailor its questions to fit the intellect of the surrounding area.)

Bonus Beer (5 extra points):  On this day in 1982, lots of people drank a Bud Light while watching baseball.  Buy a Bud Light for 5 additional points.

1. (1 point)  George H.W. Bush was President of the United States in the 1980s-1990s.  He had a son who was President in the 2000s.  Name the son.

2. (2 points)  The Chevrolet Corvette, the Honda Civic, and the Chrysler 300 are all examples of what type of vehicle?

3. (3 points)  Leonardo DiCaprio starred in a movie about the Titanic, a ship that hit an iceberg and sank.  What was the name of the movie?

4. (4 points) Name the famous rodent who starred in many Disney features, and who serves as an ambassador for the Disney brand.  (Trivia Master’s note:  Will probably have to give them a hint that I’m looking for a mouse.  Most likely they won’t know what “rodent” means.)

5. (5 points) This organ, found in the human body, beats 60-100 times per minute and pumps blood to all parts of the body.  Name the organ.

6. (6 points) In the 1960s, Andy Griffith starred in a sitcom which featured characters such as Aunt Bee, Barney, and Goober.  Name the show.

Round 1 bonus (10 points):  This animal is found in Australia.  It has a pouch and hops on two legs.  Name the animal.

7. (1 point each) Name two numbers that are smaller than 3.

8. (4 points) What sandwich is made of a round patty of meat in between two buns, and is often topped with items such as pickles, cheese, and mustard?

9. (6 points) The Cubs and White Sox baseball teams are located in what city?

10. (8 points) Huge lizard-like reptiles roamed the earth 100 million years ago.  What were these called?

11. (10 points) Question for computer nerds:  If you wanted to print documents and photos from your computer, what type of device would you buy?

12. (12 points) Chardonnay, Merlot, and Pinot Noir are types of what beverage?  (Trivia Master’s note:  This one may stump the entire room.  If it does, give them a hint and tell them that Boone’s Farm Strawberry is another type of this beverage)

Round 2 bonus (2 points each):  There are 50 states in the United States of America.  Name 10 of them.  (Trivia Master’s note:  Give them a hint and tell them that “Memphis” is not a state.)

13. (3 points) Santa Claus is typically associated with what holiday?

14. (6 points) What famous rock’n’roll star lived in a mansion called Graceland?

15. (9 points) What are games like Go Fish, poker, and gin rummy played with?  (MY note:  “playing cards” obviously is the answer, but if this question were asked at the Downtown Saucer, “beer” and “liquor” would also have to be taken as correct answers)

16. (12 points) What celestial body, considered a planet for over 70 years, is now classified as a “dwarf planet” or “pluton?”

17. (15 points) Sombreros, margaritas, and Mexican beers like Corona are associated with what country?  (Trivia Master’s note:  May have to take “USA” for partial credit if people complain that a lot of people here drink margaritas and Corona.  At least give them credit for knowing the USA is a country.)

18. (18 points) Theodore Roosevelt was a colonel in the “Rough Riders” in the Spanish-American War of 1898.  Name the two countries that fought in this war.

Round 3 bonus (30 points):  HUD is an acronym for the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.  If you spelled the letters of HUD backward, what would you have?  (Trivia Master’s note:  Give them a hint and tell them to go with their first thought on this one)

HAHAHA!  Information is power!  With advance knowledge of the questions, I may have to put a team together and head to Cordova Tuesday night.

Peabody rooftop party info for tonight

The Peabody sent me info about tonight’s rooftop party.  Theme tonight will be “Latin Nights” with featured beers Dos Equis (woohoo!), Miller Chill, and Sol.  There will be a make-your-own nacho bar available for all rooftop guests.  Treats in the VIP area will include chicken quesadillas, beef empanadas, and tortilla chips and salsa.  Free food?  Wonder if the Nuh-Uh Girl will show up.

They also sent me some aerial shots of last week’s party, taken from a helicopter.  Here is one of those images:

Looks like storms are a’brewin for Saturday

A good account to follow on Twitter is @memphisweather1.  Forecasts, current conditions, etc.  They have a good way of taking meterological jargon and translating into layman’s terms, all in 140 characters.  Which they did this afternoon, when they said that conditions are ripe for severe weather for Saturday.  That could spell trouble for Memphis Brewfest, although I believe it will be held under the sheltered areas of Autozone Park, rather than the field.

Just posted to my poker blog for the first time in a couple of weeks.  I played a Sit’n’Go last night and dropped all the way to a paltry 10 chips, yet managed to make a comeback and become the chip leader within one orbit of the blinds.

I don’t think I’m going to post the Harmonica Bum video after all… sorry for teasing it and then not posting.  I could give a rat’s ass about HB, but I’m afraid the video would prove embarrassing to other people in the video who were extremely drunk at the time.  Damn I’ve been downright nice about not posting embarrassing pics lately… hey that reminds me, I have a pic of Brick making a face that I never posted.

That’s all for now… rare night with no plans.  Too nice out to stay home though.

Wed update: Blues Ball Cinco de Mayo, DJ Icey @ Rehab, Harbor Town block party, more

The Blues Ball is having their annual Spring Auction/Cinco de Mayo celebration at The Warehouse on Wednesday, May 5. General admission tickets are $50 and include great food and fun drinks. Attire is “Mexican Caliente.” Call 901-527-5683 for tickets.

DJ Icey will play Rehab Disco this Saturday, April 24. He’ll be supported by DJ Loki and Rehab resident DJ Scotty B. $10 admission, with ladies free until 11 and Rehab VIP cardholders free all night.

There’s a Harbor Town Block Party this Saturday, from 2 PM to 10 PM, benefitting LeBonheur. During the day there will be an obstacle course, moon bounce, face painting, a pie eating contest and a bunch of other crap kids like. Grizzlies dancers and players will be there too. By night, it’ll be time for the adults to get drunk and listen to live music. Prizes will be given away including a night at the River Inn, a Grizzlies autographed basketball, gift cards, and more. $5 for adults, free for kids.

The Rapscallions AGAIN dominated trivia last night, winning another $50 first-place certificate. Counting our Easter keg money, that brings us to a massive $525 for the next party.

First question, for 1 point, was, “What country’s volcano shut down air traffic across Europe last week?” “That’s even worth one point? That should be an elimination question,” a teammate commented.

“Maybe Pete should make an announcement,” I replied. “If you missed this question, you’re too stupid to play trivia here. The bus is waiting outside to take you to the Cordova Saucer to play their trivia.”

Lunchtime.  Time to explore the restaurants of Southaven and Horn Lake.  Possibly another post after work.

Tue update 2: CCC candidates, MFM dinner @ Felicia’s, Wine Dinner @ Mesquite, Peabody rooftop schedule, Beale Street East End party

The Memphis City Council reports that the Center City Commission has narrowed its search for a new CEO to eight candidates, four of whom are from Memphis. Among the finalists are Andy Kitsinger, the CCC’s current vice-president of planning and development; City Council member and former Mayor Pro Tem Myron Lowery; attorney and former CCC Board Chairman Paul Morris; and Rick Masson, executive director of the Shelby Farms Park Conservancy. There are also candidates from Las Vegas, San Jose, Orlando, and Apple Valley, CA who will be interviewing.

The Memphis Farmers Market will have its first Dinner Tour tomorrow, Wednesday, April 21, at Felicia Suzanne’s at 6:30 PM. The dinner will feature MFM products including Pecans from Delta Pecans, Goat Cheese from Bonnie Blue Farm, Produce from Whitton Flower & Produce Company, Short Ribs from Neola Farms, Organic Chicken from West Wind Farms, and Honey from Peace Bee Farm. $30 fee does not include spirits, but you can bring your own or take advantage of their Lolonis wine special – choice of four wines from the winery for $7.50 a glass or $30 a bottle. Call (901) 523-0877 for reservations. Here’s a link to an interview with Felicia about the dinner.

There’s also going to be a wine dinner tomorrow night at Mesquite Chop House. 1st course: Mesquite grilled duck spring salad; 2nd course: savory smoked beef tenderloin crepe; 3rd course: Neiman Farms slow roasted pork; 4th course: lemon ice box pie, with mango sorbet. Each course will be paired with wine. $55, call 901-527-5337 for reservations.

The Peabody has now announced its Thursday night rooftop party lineup through July 1. Here it is:

April 22: Rhoney G
April 29: Party Planet
May 6: Dr. Zarr’s Amazing Funk Monster
May 13: Kevin & Bethany Paige
May 20: The Venus Mission
May 27: Andy Childs
June 3: Mudflap Kings
June 10: Gabby Johnson
June 17: The Living Daylights
June 24: Taco and Da Mofos
July 1: Aquanet

I have more details about the Beale Street East End grand opening party that will take place Thursday the 22nd from 6 to 9 PM. You can buy $5 wristbands, which get you

  • Admission to all the East End clubs
  • 2 for 1 drink specials at all the East End clubs
  • Appetizer samplers. Free food? Wonder if the Nuh-Uh Girl will show up.
  • Art show at the Withers Gallery

MPACT Memphis gets 1/3 of the wristband proceeds for the night. The event also benefits Volunteer Memphis and Knowledge Quest.

I still have more, but it’s time for trivia.  It’ll have to wait until later tonight or tomorrow.

Tue update: Wing results, job opportunity, SOB brunch menu, Circa

The Commercial Appeal had an article this morning listing the winners of last Saturday’s Hot Wing Fest. “You Are the Ranch Beneath My Wings” took first, “Wing-a-Palooza” took second, and “Bell Bottom Barbeque” took third. Zane Bryson from the Buccaneer team won the hot wing eating contest, eating 55 wings.

Looking for a job? I know of a recruiter looking for Outlook support analysts (i.e. help desk) at $15/hour for a 3-6 month contract. Shoot me an e-mail at paul@paulryburn.com if interested, and I’ll get you in touch with her.

South of Beale’s Sunday brunch menu is now online. Have a look at it here. Brunch starts this Sunday, April 25… you could hit their brunch early, then walk up to Beale Street for Wine Race at 1.

You may have heard that Circa is having an intimate 4-course wine dinner for 16 tomorrow night, April 21. The dinner is sold out, but John Bragg announced that the menu will be available in the main dining room as well. Here it is:

First Course
Chilled Jumbo Lump Crabmeat and Fresh Mango with Chive Aioli and Cumin Tuiles

Second Course
Crispy Snapper
with Sweet Corn, Edamame and Tomato with Lobster Beurre Blanc

Third Course
Duck Breast
Roast Magret Breast with Sweet Soy Braised Baby Bok Choy and Candied Orange Sauce

Chevre Cheesecake
with Honey-Almond Florentine

Fare paired with 4 Wines

$50 per person
(plus tax and gratuity)

Got more to post, but it’ll have to wait until 5.  I’ll be at trivia tonight, 7 PM at the Saucer.