Tuesday update

All right, folks. Let’s see how well you know me. It’s 29 and wet outside. What footwear am I gonna wear when I go out today?

a) A pair of rubber winter boots
b) Sneakers with thick soles to handle slippery surfaces
c) A pair of slide sandals with a hole in them

But seriously, folks, winter weather will be an issue today. Follow @memphisweather1 on Twitter for updates.

Whose company has already announced it will be closed for the day? And if so, who’s going to Bardog this morning? $2 Fireball when it’s snowing and we turn The Price Is Right on at 10, sometimes with sound.

Blind Bear experimented with a couple of dishes yesterday, fried pickles and meatloaf. Jeannette indicated she wants to take the place back toward more of a classic bar menu. I like that idea.

New shot: The Angry Ball. It’s part Angry Orchard, part Fireball.

Today is Brandy Alexander Day. The lobby bar at the Peabody makes a good one. I drank one with my friend Terance (RIP) there on Christmas Eve 2004.

Check out Good Morning America tomorrow for a segment with Alcenia’s owner B.J. Chester-Tamayo.

RIP Cindy Williams AKA Shirley from Laverne & Shirley.

An emergency warming center is open at 190 Mill in The Pinch.

There will be country music bingo at STIX on February 9.

That’s it for this post. Tomorrow will be a day to celebrate, so check back.

Monday update


There was a Tigers game that came on at 4 and a Grizzlies game that came on at 5. But people wouldn’t let us turn either of the bar TVs to those games because the stupid San Fran 49ers were playing the stupid Philadelphia Eagles.

By the time the Grizzlies started, it was obvious Philly had the game in the bag. But NO we couldn’t change the channel.

I shoulda gone to Max’s Sports Bar. Wouldn’t have been a problem there.

Blind Bear news: Mama Bear herself will be tending bar 3 to 7 today. Come see her. $5 dos tacos, chicken or beef. Also it’s Moonshine Monday with many flavors available for $5.

New moonshine shot: The Clorox. You’ve heard of the bleach, which is half blackberry, half peach. The Clorox is the bleach topped off with a dash of 128-proof Blue Flame moonshine.

Recommendation to my readers: Don’t go to The Gold Club and get blackout drunk then go down the street and get matching “STAY WILD” tattoos on your butt with another dude.

There’s a Memphis Pickle Fest at Jerry Lee’s on Beale on February 25.

Get the 2023 Memphis Redbirds jersey giveaways without standing in long lines.

It’s Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day.

The Tigers have moved up to Last Four Byes in Joe Lunardi’s Bracketology. They are the 7th last team projected in the field for the Big Dance.

The Flyer’s Michael Donahue has an article about Chef Jake Behnke at IBIS.

The CA has a look at the International Blues Challenge winners.

That’ll do it for today. I sure hope this publishes without WordPress errors.

Wednesday update

So I gotta start with a story about my boy Coyote.

He showed up at the Blind Bear at 7 last night ready for business. Black dress shirt, black belt, black slacks, black shoes. He was totally ready to rock that Wednesday shift.

Except it was Tuesday.

He had the night off.

Gray Canary is closing. You have until the end of the week to get by there.

Danny Green has targeted February 1 for his debut. He’s been out injured since the Grizzlies acquired him via trade 8 months ago.

Grizz center Steven Adams will be out 3-5 weeks with a knee sprain. Will we see JJJ get minutes at the 5 in his absence?

The Grizz play Golden State at 9 tonight, nationally televised on ESPN. The Warriors’ James Wiseman is expected to return from injury tonight.

Cow therapy is a thing.

Loflin Yard is holding a Super Bowl party on February 12. Squares game with monetary prizes each quarter. $16 local beer buckets.

Belz has announced that part of Pembroke Square, currently office space, will be converted into apartments.

Stock & Belle is having a Galentine’s Day party Saturday, February 11 noon to 4. $25 ticket includes a 25% off coupon that can be used in store.

Today is Irish Coffee Day. Come join me at Bardog and let Allie Cat make you one.

The Shelby County clerk’s Downtown office will be closed for motor vehicle registrations and titles this week and next. You’re doing a great job serving the public, Wanda!

St. Jude has added a new Family Commons space away from treatment and staff.

Wiseacre Downtown is having a Blues and Bleus, and Brews bleu cheese and beer pairing Saturday. $25. Limited space, so make a reservation.

The International Blues Challenge is happening on and around Beale Street this week.

And that’s it for today. Back tomorrow with more news.

The Cowboys won, but they lost

They won my poll and I did indeed root for them, but they lost to the 49ers in the NFC (I think? I really don’t care about pro football) Divisional.

So relieved I don’t have to listen to Butt Slut #1 talk about her stupid Cowgirls for 7 months.

I have no news to report. You basically came here to read a garbage post today.

Back tomorrow. Somebody do something so I have material to write about.

And on the off-chance he still reads this blog, happy 50th to my friend KH.

Should I root for the Dallas Cowboys today?

I have legit reasons for hating the Tennessee Vols. Their fan base is the shittiest in all of college athletics. They throw golf balls and mustard bottles onto the field. They tear down goalposts and throw them in the river. I personally know Vols fans who are pretty horrible people (although, to be fair – I know Vols fans who are awesome people too).

Lately I’ve been rooting against the Dallas Cowboys, calling them the “Cowgirls” and such.

It’s not that I hate Dem Boyz – really, I don’t much care one way or the other about ANY NFL team. The only thing NFL I TRULY root for is for the season to hurry up and end so I can watch basketball.

And I have nothing personal against the Cowboys’ fan base as I do the Vols.

I’ve been talking trash about the Boyz to irritate one person.

And, in the past 10 or so days, that person has

  • Given me two badass T-shirts as belated Christmas presents
  • Bought me a ticket to see The Price Is Right Live on April 1
  • Told me she loves me at least 15 times
  • The one night I forgot to text and tell her I made it home safely, she told me she got anxiety

She’s a huge Cowboys fan. Should I root for Dem Boyz today in support of her? They play the Niners at 5:30 on FOX.


Should I root for the Cowboys today?

I’ll check the poll results at 5:29 and what the majority says to do, I will do.

Let’s get on to the news…

The Tigers travel to Cincinnati for a noon game vs. the Bearcats. TV: ESPN2. Preview

The World Famous Glenn Miller Orchestra plays the Orpheum on Monday, January 30. Isn’t that like an old people thing? I wonder if the folks who sit at the corner table at Max’s are going. They could pre-game with liver & onions at Picadilly at 4:15 (if they go to the one in Whitehaven, they might see King Willie) then head to the theater.

“Boy, the week Glenn Miller played” was the opening line Archie Bunker sang in the theme song of All in the Family.

There’s a Mendelssohn violin concerto by Memphis Symphony Orchestra at the Cannon Center today and tomorrow.

If you’re a Daily Memphian subscriber, they have a really good 3-part series on Grizzlies guard Desmond Bane this weekend.

The Grizzlies play at Phoenix 7 tonight. TV: Bally Sports South

Today is National Hot Sauce Day. I’d tell you to go to Maciel’s, but they’re closed on Sunday! I’ll let you in on a secret though: The green sauce in a bottle at Bardog.

Order a Bardog Breakfast and put it on your scrambled eggs and your breakfast potatoes.

This is pretty cool: Buzz Aldrin, the second astronaut to set foot on the moon, got married last week. Aldrin is 93.

South Main Sounds will have its 8th-anniversary show on Friday.

More details on the return of poker on Mondays at the Silly Goose: 7 PM main game, $125 in prizes; 9 PM turbo, $25 in prizes.

Daaaaang… Will Graceland have to be sold to pay off Lisa Marie’s debts?

Food & Wine: The 8 essential items that keep restaurant customers coming back. ALL OF THIS and I’ll add one: Footrest (appropriate height) at the bar. Friday I stayed home from one of my usual spots due to lack of a footrest. Saturday I sat at a bar whose footrest was so low, they might as well not have had one at all.

That’s it for this morning. Probably back tomorrow with more news.

Saturday update – lots of Blind Bear news

But before we get to the Bear news, a DOWNTOWN PRO DRINKING TIP: I have it on good authority (from an ex-employee) that Michael and Yari will be filling in at the brunch shift at Bardog today. Two weekends ago Michael made me the most incredible spicy Bloody Mary I’ve ever had that I did not make myself. HE MUDDLED THE JALAPENOS. OMG so good. If you like spicy, get up there and ask him to make you a Bloody.

The guy has phenomenal taste in music too. I use my Shazam app a lot when he’s behind the bar.

The latter half of this coming week is going to be a big one at Blind Bear:

  • Thursday, from my hometown of Little Rock, Joey Barrett comes to play live. Also it will be Myrical’s last night
  • Friday, FreeWorld makes their return to the Bear!!! So excited to hear them in that venue… and a bit sad that Dr. Herman Green won’t be on stage with them

“But, Paul,” you’re asking, “Friday is normally burlesque night. What about burlesque?”

Glad you asked!

  • On Saturday, January 28, there will be a special Saturday performance of Velvetina’s Speakeasy Burlesque. The show starts at 10 PM and James & The Ultrasounds will be their backing band

But, enough about next week. What about tonight?

Mountain Dew Baja Blast hot sauce is a thing and I want some.

Today is Squirrel Appreciation Day.

The Grizzlies’ win streak came to an end against the L.A. Lakers last night, 122-121. Up next: at Phoenix Sunday night at 7.

Kevin Keough, owner of Cafe Keough in my apartment building, appears on a DM podcast this week.

80% chance of rain tonight.

WREG: Police catch a man casing cars with burglary tools in Harbor Town

Springhill Suites, a hotel on the Main Street Mall facing Court Square, seeks a bartender.

That’ll do it. Headed to Bardog for brunch with Randy and Butt Slut #1. I want some more of those strawberry pancakes. Or maybe I’ll try the blueberry this week.

Y’all. Butt Slut #1 is going out of town next weekend. I hate to admit it but I’m gonna miss her SO MUCH.

Anyway, if there’s news to report, I’ll be back tomorrow. Otherwise, Monday.

Friday update

My friend Cinnamon brought me some broccoli cheese casserole from The Cupboard yesterday. OMG so good. Rich and fluffy and not sandbagged down with rice as I thought it might be. 10/10 would STRONGLY recommend if you’ve never had it.

Grrrrrrrrr… WordPress is STILL not letting me upload pics… WTF is wrong with this blog… it’s a beautiful pic that has a PBR can and Perjorie T. Roll in it.

And now, on to the news…

There were indeed prizes in those hongbao (lucky red envelopes) the Grizzlies handed out at Wednesday’s game. According to my friend Luanne who is a member of the Grizzlies Grannies & Grandpas dance team, one person won an entire bobblehead set. Another won a Jaren bobblehead. A third won Elvis glasses.

As of last night, the Grizzlies were only +900 (bet 100 to win 900) on Caesar’s Sportsbook to win the NBA championship. Shortest odds I’ve seen on them.

Ben Johnson will be back as manager of the Redbirds in 2023.

Atomic Rose is looking to hire an expo cook on Sundays. 10 AM to 4 PM, $20/hour

Memphis Made is having Australia Day in its taproom next Thursday. Here are the details:

Aussie Aussie Aussie, Oi Oi Oi!
Join us for Australia Day Thursday, Jan. 26 as we celebrate our great friends from the Land of Oz.
We’ll have Australian Trivia (history, media, murderous wildlife, and a picture round) starting around 7 p.m.
There’s also going to be a Meat Auction with gift cards and more from South Point Grocery, Charlie’s Meat Market, and Fresh Market, among others. Proceeds go to WIRES, Australia‚Äôs largest wildlife rescue organization.

Music Fest news: The blues tent will move to Beale Street and will be free for 2023

The city may start using a van to scan for potholes.

By popular demand, the party on the patio is back at Silky’s with a DJ Friday-Saturday 9 PM-1 AM.

DeAndre Williams racked up 29 and 15 last night as the Memphis Tigers defeated Wichita State.

Danny Broadway is taking over Memphis in May poster work following the death of artist George Hunt.

There will be a free Bonfire and Crafts event this Saturday at Carolina Watershed from 2 to 7.

StyleBlueprint: Your updated guide to South Main: A hot spot with rich history

The CA has a first look at The Lobbyist, the new restaurant going into the ground floor of the Chisca. Jimmy Gentry will be the chef.

It’s National Cheese Lovers Day. Go order you an Aldo’s Pizza Pie with extra cheese. Or, if you want something smaller, the Blind Bear has a badass cheese quesadilla as an off-menu item.

That’s it. Got a lot of errands to run tomorrow but I’ll try to post.

One in the Plinko, two in the stinko

Last night I attended a party in the Underdog Room at Bardog. It was for our friend Everett, who was celebrating his 60th anniversary practicing law. Congratulations Mr. Everett, it is both an honor and a pleasure to know you. May the heavens rain down Gus’s Fried Chicken upon you, sir.

After the party was over, I decided to remain at the upstairs bar rather than walk back to Blind Bear, due to the weather as well as my legs which are once again getting bad. That turned out to be a real treat. Colin is an ex-cop, a super cool dude, and a true gentleman. One of those people I wish I knew better. Then there’s James, who is Bardog OG, just as I am. On September 20, 2008, James served me one of my first PBRs there.

My friends Allie Cat (the morning weekday bartender) and Butt Slut #1 (Drink. I mentioned a butt slut) came up to me as I was sitting at the bar. “We have a surprise for you,” said Allie.

“What?” I replied.

“One in the Plinko, two in the stinko,” said Butt Slut #1.

“What’s that mean?” I asked.

“A bunch of us are going to The Price Is Right Live at the Orpheum on April 1,” Allie told me. “And you’re coming. We bought you a ticket.”

YAY! I could win A NEW CAR! Unfortunately, it’d probably be a Hyundai or Kia which would get stolen the next day.

Tigers vs. Wichita State, 6 PM tonight, FedExForum. TV: ESPNU

The Grizzlies got their 11th straight win last night thanks to a Steven Adams putback and a Dillon Broos block. Great teamwork. The Grizz are 0.5 games behind Denver (on an 8-game winning streak themselves) for first in the West. Next up: at the L.A. Lakers, 9 PM Friday, ESPN.

There’s a new program called Connect2Memphis where you can share your home security camera’s footage with MPD to help prevent & solve crimes. You can choose from 2 levels of access, depending on what you’re comfortable with:

  • Level 1: MPD can’t see your camera in real time, but they’re aware your camera is there and can request footage if they need it
  • Level 2: MPD can access your camera in real time. They’ll give you a chip to install

From Garden & Gun: Meet the pitmaster who’s cooked ribs at the Rendezvous for 3 decades

New Wing Order seeks line/prep cooks for their food truck and in their kitchen in the Ghost River taproom on Beale. Relevant job experience is preferred but they’re willing to train. Weekend and evening availability is a plus. Compensation is above the industry average and this is a rare line cook position that gets tipped out.

Construction is happening at the new Fat Tuesday at 8 S. Main. I peeked in Tuesday and the bar appears to be built. It’s going to be interesting (and not necessarily in a good way) to have a bar next to a 112-unit apartment building.

RIP Tusk V, live mascot of the Arkansas Razorbacks.

River Rat Rounders starts poker back at Silly Goose next week.

Zio Matto Gelato is looking to hire a FedExForum worker 1-2 days/evenings per week. $15/hour.

There will be a homegoing procession for dearly departed musician Butch Mudbone on Beale this Saturday.

Party City has filed for bankruptcy.

From the CA: Where to find king cakes in Memphis. Downtowners: Primas on South Main is your spot.

Anyone get anything in the hongbao (lucky red envelopes) the Grizzlies gave away for Lunar New Year last night? There’s an old poot in the South Main district who is an aficionado of all things Asian. Wonder if he went.

Butt Slut #1 has shown up at Bardog, so I’m gonna sign out and say inappropriate things to her. Back tomorrow.