Mar 042015

If you came here to read about the things happening Downtown tonight, here they are: ice, sleet, and snow. It’s expected to start late afternoon and we could get 1-3″ of sleet and 1-3″ of snow. Leave work early if you can. I left at noon and am working from home for the rest of the day. BBQ Fest 2014 load-in is proof that I can get a great deal of work done from a remote location.

There’s already some flooding on 240 northbound at about mile marker 26.6, so be careful if you take that route home. Flooding was across all three lanes and I had to slow down to 35 to get through it.

Cozy Corner will soon be reopening across the street from its original location on North Parkway. Join this Facebook event for updates.

The Washington Post has a scientific explanation of why Indian food is so delicious. Pretty interesting. So nice to live a block and a half away from a market with Indian food in the grab & go.

Tony Allen was suspended by the Grizzlies for last night’s game with Utah. An altercation in practice with Nick Calathes is said to be the reason.

Decide what style of beer you want to drink with this flow chart. I needed to answer only one question to arrive at my beer of choice, PBR.

Watch a car get rammed by a bison in Yellowstone National Park.

Job news: The Redbirds are looking for a ticket seller for their box office.

The chorizo patty melt is back on the specials list at Bardog today. GET IT. I had one Monday and it is seriously good. It comes with pepper jack cheese, grilled onions, and mustard.

Keep up with the latest weather news here.

That’s it for now. Hitting the Silly Goose about 4:50 if anyone wants to meet up for dranks. May push it a bit late-night tonight since I suspect tomorrow will either be a snow day or a day when I go in late.

Mar 032015

I’m hearing multiple reports that Downtown Memphis smells like vomit right now, particularly around the City Hall area.

Good news for those who have to drive on Memphis streets: The city is buying 10 snow plow blades to use on the streets starting next winter. Total cost will be about $100,000. The blades won’t be here in time for tomorrow’s predicted winter storm.

Some more good news, too: The forecast extended outlook for March 10-16 shows temperatures above average, and precipitation well below average. In other words, not like the past three weeks! Normal temperatures for that time span are 62-64 highs and 42-44 lows. Maybe we’ll get some 70 degree temps.

Author Craig David Meek discussed Memphis’ most underrated BBQ spots with the First We Feast site.

This sounds yummy: Bake tater tots in peppers for a quick, delicious snack

The Grizzlies play Utah at FedExForum tonight, 7 PM.

You can volunteer with the Coast Guard for a Spring Emergency Response exercise Monday, April 22 4-7 PM.

The Church Health Center has a dental assistant position open.

The redevelopers of the Tennessee Brewery have been granted a variance to build 150 apartment units. The normal limit in the South Main area is 55.

Looking at the hourly forecast on WeatherBug to figure out my attire for this evening. Here is the Paul Ryburn Fashion Guide in case you didn’t know:

Temperature above 38 – Flip-flops
Wind chill above 48 – PBR hoodie and shorts
Wind chill above 60 – T-shirt and shorts
Shirt with collar – Only when absolutely necessary
Tie – Only for job interviews, Halloween, and Blind Bear speakeasy parties
Outfit a female tells me I am wearing – laugh and put on different outfit

The wind chills this evening, believe it or not, fall in the T-shirt and shorts category. Not sure if I believe it, so I may bring along one of my Pink Pig fleeces just in case. Out at the usual spots after work. I probably will play poker tonight at 8 at the Blind Bear.

Mar 022015

When was the last time I had three in one day? It doesn’t happen very often. This time I had to do it, though, because there’s a piece of time-sensitive material.

Tomorrow, Tuesday, March 3 is National Pancake Day and IHOP will be giving away free pancakes from 7 to 10 AM. Free pancakes? Wonder if the Nuh-Uh Girl will show up. I had sushi I couldn’t finish Sunday evening at Bluefin and could have used her help.

Memphis Barbeque Supply is offering a class on burgers Saturday, March 21. It will be led by Seth Agranov, writer of the Best Memphis Burger blog and one of the founders of Best Memphis Burger Fest. Seth, along with Jimmy from the store, will teach you everything you need to know to grill the perfect burger, including meat selection, prep, seasonings, stuffed burgers, grilling on charcoal or gas, using a GrillGrate, and much more. There are only 25 spots open, so email to grab yours.

Shen Yun, a Chinese dance performance with elaborate costumes, a live orchestra, and animated backdrops comes to the Cannon Center Friday, March 13. Tickets are $50-120.

In many inner-city neighborhoods, corner convenience stores are the only source of food within walking distance. In them you’ll see rack after rack of beer, soft drinks, chips, and processed foods, but rarely any fruits and vegetables. CityLabs explains why and explains what is being done in one city to get healthier snacks in the stores.

That’s it for now. Time for some PBR at Melissa’s bar at Bardog.

Mar 022015

Second post today. I got up early this morning and made a post with several photos. Scroll down when you’re done with this one if you haven’t read it yet.

Running group The Salty Dogs is having a run to Mud Island tonight at 7 PM. The runners depart every Monday from Bardog Tavern, and after the run is concluded there are specials for runners in the Underdog Room. It’s free to join them and they are some really nice people, so it’s a chance to make some new friends. Look for me there – I will be the guy sitting at the bar sipping a PBR watching the runners depart.

The always excellent Copeland Coaching site has a Memphis Grizzlies job posted, for the position of Controller.

The Grizzlies have a new social hub, an app for both iOS and Android which lets you keep up with the team.

Did you realize that Sunday is the start of Daylight Saving Time? The sun will set at 7:02 PM on Sunday.

In the South Main Association meeting on Tuesday, March 10, you will be able to hear update plans for the trolleys. The meeting will be in the Riverfront Bar & Grill at Beale Street Landing, 6 PM social, 6:30 meeting. Free parking in the Landing’s lot, appetizers courtesy of the bar & grill and the SMA, cash bar. Free for SMA members, $10 non-members.

@highgroundnews tweeted that for the next 10 days, you can donate 12 meals a day to Mid-South Food Bank for FREE by texting “Hunger” to 35350 thanks to General Mills.

@JohnMartin929 reports that the MRI is in for Tigers forward Austin Nichols. He has a high ankle sprain and deep bone bruise, an injury he suffered in the second half of Saturday’s game. He’s likely done for 2014-15.

Good article for beer lovers: 10 important advances made because of beer

ioby has $50K matching funds available for neighborhood projects in Memphis. You have until Friday to apply. Details here.

That’s it for now. After work I’ll lead off at Melissa Monday at Bardog, then decide which of Pint Nite at the Saucer or British Bingo at Blind Bear strikes my fancy. Time to eat some junk from the vending machine then get back to today’s work task of sorting out WordPress permalinks. Back tomorrow or maybe even tonight with more news.

Mar 022015

Several groups of my friends checked out the new Rizzo’s Diner location this weekend, and while I didn’t get to go, I got permission to post a couple of pics they took.


This is the entree veggie plate. Every day Chef Michael Patrick makes a veggie plate, with the items on the plate changing from day to day. I usually prefer dinner that mooed or oinked before it became dead, but even I have to admit that veggie plate looks really good, and it looks like a lot of food.


The lobster pronto pup appetizer, shared by a group at a Sunday birthday brunch.

Today is Double J’s third anniversary of being open, and tonight starting at 6 they will celebrate with live music by Heath and Danny on the Front Porch stage. There will be $3 drafts, $3 Fireball, and $3 well drinks.

Tip for people who like the pepper jack mac & cheese at the Blind Bear: Put hot sauce in it. I never would have thought about doing this, but the day of the Liberty Bowl parade I saw a tourist decked out in West Virginia University gear doing it, and it seems like a really good idea.

I wonder whatever happened to that tourist. She was cute…

By the way, I was at the Bear yesterday, and a couple of members of the Weekend at Porky’s BBQ team were telling someone, “Just walk around the park until you find the best booth.” Hey, thank you for sending people to the Moody Ques, we appreciate it!

Discovery I made at City Market this weekend: Frozen Indian dinners.

2015-02-28 19.16.42

Indian food is my second-favorite ethnic cuisine (after Mexican) so I am happy to make this discovery.

A site called Hypebot lists 5 underground music scenes that could explode in 2015. Number 4 on the list is Memphis’ rock scene.

Bardog has announced its 7th annual Erin-Go-Bragh(less) party for St. Pat’s:


Bra-less chics? I hope we experience a warm spell in mid-March, getting temperatures up into the 80s so it will be tube top weather. Nothing is better worn commando than a tube top!

All right, time to hit Publish and go to work. Possibly back at lunchtime if I find more stuff to write about.

Feb 282015

Yesterday afternoon, Paul Morris who runs DMC posted this:

I love my job running DMC, but I’ve decided this is the year to move on. Later this year I’ll be joining the family business, Jack Morris Auto Glass. I look forward to finishing strong this year at DMC and then running and growing a small business.

I’ve known Paul ever since he was my neighbor across the hall in Number 10. I’m very happy to hear that he has new ventures about which he is excited, but damn, Downtown Memphis Commission is losing a good man. After Paul’s presidency and Jeff Sanford before him, whoever is chosen to run DMC next is going to have some mighty big shoes to fill. As Paul himself says, it’s tricky. Thank you Paul for your years of service. Downtown is a better place because of the work you have done. The Memphis Daily News has an article in which Paul explains why he’s stepping down.

Paul’s resignation was not the only one we learned of yesterday. Memphis Symphony Orchestra conductor Mei-Ann Chen plans to step down after the 2015-16 season. The orchestra performs the works of Mozart, Gershwin and Rachmaninoff tonight at the Cannon Center.

Last month I told you about my “DAWG” John D’s subscription to Loot Crate, from which he gets a gift box full of random goodies for geeks once a month. Well, there’s a pet version that is similar to that service, called PetPack, and there’s a Groupon deal going on for it right now. You provide basic information about your dog, cat or other pet, and once a month the pet will receive a care package full of all-natural treats, toys, and grooming products. $19 for a one-month subscription, $49 for a three-month with the deal.

A man died during the Grizzlies game last night. No foul play was involved.

If you’re thinking about going to the March 14 Santana concert at the Orpheum, you’re going to have to hit the black market. The theater announced yesterday that tickets are sold out.

The Mid-South Food Bank┬ápinned its 12 most needed items yesterday: Peanut butter, cereal, tuna, beans, rice, mac & cheese, chili, canned stews, canned soup, canned lunch meat, full meals in a box or can, and pop top food items. If you don’t feel like going grocery shopping, a cash donation will work too, and the donation’s purchasing power will multiply thanks to the food bank’s partnerships.

If you wish you could attend the Calvary Lenten Series but can’t because you work too far from Downtown, the series’ preaching archive is online. Unfortunately it isn’t possible to download the waffles too.

The Memphis Tigers host Tulsa in their final home game of the season tonight at FedExForum at 7.

As my friend Marc would ask, “PAUL, WHAT DAY IS THIS?????” It’s Saturday and that means it’s a day for DRANKS. Well, every day is a day for dranks, but Saturday especially. Panda time at Bardog at 11, then over to the Bear 1-1:30ish (give or take) to see my favorite pair of librarian glasses. Undecided where I will watch the Arkansas-Kentucky game at 3. It’s time to CALL THOSE HOGS!!!

Feb 272015

Sad to hear of the passing of Leonard Nimoy, Mr. Spock on the original Star Trek series, this morning. He was 83.

Jerry Seinfeld returns to the Orpheum in May. He will be in town for a May 29 performance, with tickets going on sale March 6.

Tonight is South Main Trolley Night, with many shops and galleries open until at least 9, and live music up and down the street. Great time to shop and mingle with your neighbors. One particular live music note: Kirk Smithhart, winner of the Albert King Award for “Best Guitartist” in the 1998 International Blues Talent Competition, will take the stage at Double J from 8:30 until 12:30 tonight.

If you haven’t tried food from the Say Cheese grilled cheese sandwich food truck yet, it will be parked outside High Cotton Brewery at 598 Monroe from 4 until 9 this evening.

The entrance ramps onto westbound I-40 from Front and Riverside will be closed Sunday 6 AM to midnight for construction.

Holly has updated info about the return of Brewery Untapped. Dates will be April 9 through May 31, Thursdays through Sundays.

Big SEC game tomorrow: #18 Arkansas vs. #1 Kentucky, on CBS at 3:00. AP Sports has a preview. It’s a battle of the SEC’s two top teams. Kentucky is undefeated this season, but the Hogs hold three straight victories over the Wildcats.

The Church Health Center’s food blog just got a makeover. Check it out.

The CA has an article about Rizzo’s reopening and an exciting new brunch dish about to be added to the menu.

In Mosul, Northern Iraq, ISIS thugs are destroying statues from ancient Mesopotamia that are up to 3000 years old. This reminds me of mid-2001, when the Taliban blew up ancient Buddha statues in Afghanistan. Know what the Taliban did a few months after that? Attacked the World Trade Center.

Tech blog Gizmodo covers all the latest gadget trends, no matter how creepy and gross they are. If you watch porn on your phone or mobile device, now you can charge that device while you watch, using Jack ON. I have no words for this. Wait, I do have one word: Eww.

Grizzlies/Clippers tonight at 7. Doors open for everyone at 5 and first 5000 will receive vouchers for Grizzlies flip-flops. Get there early if you want a pair. Hmmm… so people who get there early may very well end up drinking two extra $10 beers to get a $1 pair of flip-flops… I’m starting to understand how the promotions business works.

A few hours away from the weekend. By the time we come back to work on Monday, February, which has more than lived up to its reputation as the most useless month on the calendar, will be but a memory, and March will be roaring like a lion. I’ll probably get in at least one more post before February ends, though, so check back.

Feb 262015

The first 5000 fans in FedExForum tomorrow for the Grizzlies game vs. the L.A. Clippers were to get Grizzlies flip-flops, in observation of all the “flopping” the Clippers do in their games. However, this time the manufacturer flopped. The flip-flops will not be ready for tomorrow’s game, so vouchers will be handed out. Flip-flops will be able to be picked up Tuesday, April 14. Details here.

The Silly Goose has made their omelet bar a permanent addition to Sunday Fun Day. For $8 you can get an omelet any way you like with waffle and sausage. The Goose also has a make-your-own Bloody Mary bar on Sunday for $3 and $3 mimosas as well.

Breaking news: The FCC has approved new net neutrality rules. “The Internet is simply too important to allow broadband providers to be making the rules,” said the committee chairman. More info here.

From the CA: 5 things to know about the proposed rules that will regulate Uber and Lyft.

The 63rd annual Mid-South Farm and Gin Show kicks off tomorrow at the Cook Convention Center.

A friend of mine in the airline business tipped me off that Allegiant’s fares are not as cheap as they look. Allegiant, which will offer direct flights from Memphis to Orlando, Las Vegas, and Fort Lauderdale, charges extra for things as simple as a Coke or carrying on a piece of luggage.

Holly has updated her guide to cheap drinking in Memphis. This is a must-bookmark.

Aldo’s Pizza Pies is hiring for all positions for its Midtown location. Stop by 752 S. Cooper today, tomorrow, or Monday between 1 and 4 PM with a resume.

Getting a haircut after work, so will be late getting out. Due to the late shift in hitting all my spots, I will likely sit out Bardog poker this week.

Feb 252015

Memphis in May has announced the 2015 lineup for the Beale Street Music Festival. I’m not a Music Fest person – around that time of year my team is busy gearing up for BBQ Fest – but most of the reaction to the lineup I have seen so far has been positive.

The FedExForum will be accepting food and money donations for the Mid-South Food Bank at tomorrow’s Tigers vs. SMU game. Every dollar donated buys three meals, thanks to the food bank’s purchasing power.

The Memphis Flyer’s Hungry Memphis blog discovered a restaurant just on the other side of Downtown, Sir Latimore Love’s River Bluff Diner, at 855 Kentucky which I believe would be near Crump. Here’s a link to the diner’s home page and if you scroll down the page a bit, you will see the menu. Po’ boys, burgers, meat and 2-3-or-4 plates, veggie plates, wings, tenders, breakfast.

Graceland is having a job fair tomorrow with dozens of open positions.

From Huffington Post: Most wildly popular type of store for each state. For Tennessee it’s brewing supplies.

A cruise line is adding new riverboat cruises with stops in Memphis beginning in 2017.

Here’s a reminder that there are people in this world who really suck, courtesy of the @memphisscanner Twitter account that tweets highlights of the Memphis Police and Fire Department scanner channels: “Person has dumped a bag of puppies on Bill Morris Parkway at Riverdale. Animal Services dispatched to scene.”

$20,000 was raised to re-open Cozy Corner Monday at a Swine & Wine fundraiser. The Flyer has photos.

Working from home today, and I am about to enjoy a perk of doing so: A walk a few doors down Main Street Mall for loaded chili from Court House Deli. Since I have no evening commute, I will be out at the usual spots as early as 4:50, and hopefully I will have some snow to look at. Time to eat, back tomorrow.

Feb 242015

Four chefs will face off at a competition called Booya Base at Cafe Keough on Sunday, March 8. Chef Demitrie Phillips will own the home court advantage as he competes against three others to see who can make the best version of bouillabaisse, a fish-and-seafood dish.

From BrainVacation: Basic rules for driving in Memphis. These are all very true. Thanks to @StevePacheco for tweeting.

Want to plan a group outing to the Cotton Museum? There’s a Groupon for discount admission. $11 for two people, $20 for four, or $35 for ten.

Krispy Kreme is giving away donuts today. Each customer will get one free original glazed donut in celebration of the chain’s 1000th store. Free donuts? Wonder if the Nuh-Uh Girl will show up.

A new low-cost airline is coming to Memphis with direct flights to Orlando, Fort Lauderdale, and Las Vegas.

The guy playing Pumbaa in “The Lion King” at the Orpheum was the Peabody’s honorary Duckmaster today.

The Memphis in May Beale Street Music Fest lineup will drop at 10 tomorrow morning.

Want to take a shelter dog for a walk? There may soon be an app for that.

The Grizzlies’ next beer-tasting night is Friday against the Clippers. A special ticket gets you beer to taste and a Grizzlies pint glass. Details here.

A site named Scoutology recently published a list of the top 10 cocktail bars in Tennessee. The Blind Bear made the list.

Note for wrestling fans: ESPN will air the long-anticipated piece on the Von Erich family Friday at 5 during the Sports Center show.

That’ll wrap it up for now. I’ll be out at the usual spots after work.