Thur update #2: Farmers Market, acting classes, job opening, and more

Good Gourd! is the theme at the Memphis Farmers Market this Saturday. Come shop pumpkins, winter squash and edible gourds as the Market celebrates this whimsical member of the cucumber family. This is Tennessee Craft week, and Tennessee Craft Southwest will be at the Market 10:00-12:30 to demonstrate fine craft. Everyone is invited to come watch, especially students, gallery owners, guilds, co-ops, schools, and appreciators. From 9 to 11:30 you can make a gourd photo frame ornament to hang on the tree for the upcoming holiday season. You can either insert a photo of your own when you get home, or you can have the Market volunteers take a photo of you and text it to you on the spot. Live music by Bailey and Wyly Bigger 8:30-10 and South Side Supper Club 11:00-12:30. The Market is at the corner of Front and GE Patterson every Saturday from 7 AM to 1 PM under the pavilion.

With only six markets left in the season, you better believe I PLAN ON BEING THERE Saturday! :mrgreen: Tandoori truck for lunch again? Or a Soul Burger across the street? Decisions, decisions!

The Halloran Centre has announced its class schedule for the next several months. On Saturday, October 29, students in grades 7-12 are invited to a musical theater dance class from 9 to 11:30 AM. Students will spend the morning learning dance technique and a combination from a Broadway musical.

On Saturday, December 3 (12-5 PM) and Sunday, December 4 (1:30-5 PM), high school students considering a theater major in college are invited to a two-day college prep workshop. Get guidance from professional actors and directors on best practices for a successful audition. Students can go through a mock audition and get feedback. They can also use the Center’s state-of-the-art recording studio to record video submissions, and a photographer will be there to take headshots at a discounted rate.

On Saturday, January 7 from 10 AM to 20 PM guests artists from New York City actor training program Open Jar Institute will be in town to conduct a master class on perfecting audition skills. Afterward, attendees will be invited to participate in an audition for Open Jar’s Summer Intensive in NYC for 2017.

Sache is hiring. They are looking for a part-time receptionist who is available weekends.

An all-vegetarian restaurant called Mama Gaia (“Mother Earth”) will open in Crosstown Concourse. It won’t be a place where you will be likely to run into me, but for the benefit of my vegetarian readers, I wanted to pass along the information.

Freewheel in Memphis has announced its next slow ride for Wednesday, October 19 at 6:00. This slow, all-are-welcomed bike ride will focus on Victorian Village. Explore the area and get to know your neighbors. Meet at 600 Monroe, and if you want, come early to pick up your reserved bike (for those that don’t own one) and enjoy a discounted pint next door at High Cotton.

The CA’s Michael Donahue has a video dining recommendation: The Sunday Sugo and risotto at Felicia Suzanne’s.

The DMC is considering paying buskers, street musicians who perform on the Main Street Mall for tips.

As a former math teacher, I can get into this: RealClearPolitics explains probabilities using real-world examples that can be understood by people who hate math. As of earlier today, the Trumpster had a 13.3% chance to win the presidential election. That’s less than the chance of throwing a six-sided die and rolling a 1. That’s less than the chance of randomly drawing a card from a deck and getting an Ace or a King. That’s just slightly more than the chance of flipping a coin three times and getting heads on all three flips.

The Flyer has an article about The Civil Pour, a civil discussion on controversial topics that are too often argued about on today’s society. The Civil Pour happens once a month at Loflin Yard.

That’ll do it for now, heading out to PBR time at Silly Goose. Back tomorrow.

Thur update: Volunteer for St. Jude Marathon, BBQ coming to The Edge and much more

Want to support St. Jude in its marathon in Memphis the first Saturday in December, but you don’t want to run? No problem! They are plenty of opportunities to volunteer.

If I have any readers who live out in The Edge, good news for you: A new BBQ restaurant is coming to 320 Monroe. The facade of the building will face Floyd Alley in an attempt to make The Edge more walkable.

Whether you’re voting for Hillary or Trump or someone else, you gotta admit this tweet from the Pimp Bill Clinton parody account is kind of funny:

See, sometimes I poke fun at Democrats too.

Bruce V from the Flyer has some advice for animal lovers.

Greensky Bluegrass plays the New Daisy tonight at 8. Tickets $20-23.

Those of you who brew beer will find this interesting: Colorado researchers have found a way to turn waste from the brewing process into battery electrodes.

MIFA still has two job opportunities open, a Strategic Partnership Officer and a Communications Officers. These openings close Friday.

Beale Street blues master Eric Hughes plays The Dirty Crow Inn Saturday night from 9 to midnight.

Watch two kids from Downtown Elementary on ABC’s Shark Tank Friday night!

Loflin Yard is throwing a barn party with Big Barton taking over the Coach House. Cold beer, good food, and country music.

Flocktoberfest continues at Bass Pro at the Pyramid this weekend. There will be a Duck Dash family walk/run at 7:30 AM Saturday. Participants receive a duck hat and T-shirt. Race proceeds will benefit Ducks Unlimited.

Also at Flocktoberfest, there will be a Super Retriever dog jumping competition Saturday 9-5 and Sunday 9-3. The world Moon Pie eating championship will happen at noon Sunday. The national duck calling championship will happen Saturday. There will be kids’ activities all weekend, including a BB shooting range, catch and release pond, archery shooting, and build your own duck call.

WAY too much news to post in a lunchtime break today, so there will be another post after work. Check back this evening for more including Farmers Market news and Halloran Center classes.

Wed update

If you’re looking for something different to do after work, my recommendation would be the Memphis Made tap takeover this evening at Miss Cordelia’s from 5 to 8. Enjoy Memphis Made Brewing Co. beers as well as pork belly sliders by the chef at Miss Cordelia’s, burritos from the Hot Mess food truck, and gelato from The Creamery.

Haunted Happenings: For one evening only on Friday, October 28 starting at 6 PM, the Woodruff-Fontaine House (680 Adams) will be transformed into a haunted mansion. Tour the halls as special docents tell ghost stories at every turn. Live paranormal investigation by Mid-South Paranormal Society. Turn-of-the-century Halloween treats will be seved in the carriage house. Costumes are encouraged. $25 adults, including two drink tickets; children 12 and under $10.

Yesterday I reported that the Broadway Bridge over in Little Rock surprised everyone by refusing to fall after an attempt to implode it. It finally fell into the Arkansas River five hours after detonation, at 3 PM.

This is not cool: A mailman was caught pepper-spraying small dogs barking at him behind a gate. The mailbox was on the other side of the gate and the dogs posed no threat to the mailman. What was cool was the dogs’ owner, who did not want the mailman fired or charges pressed. He just wanted the mailman to learn from his mistake and maybe put in some volunteer time at the SPCA, where one of the dogs was rescued.

The John Lennon beer glass for 2016 goes on sale at the Flying Saucer tonight at 7.

Another 2005 tape has come back to haunt the Trumpster. Donald Trump was a guest on the Howard Stern show on April 11 of that year. He bragged to Stern that as owner of the Miss USA pageant, he had the special perk of going into the contestants’ dressing room. He would walk in as the women were getting dressed for the bikini competition, when many of them were naked or topless. They were encouraged, even in their undressed and vulnerable state, to go up and greet the pageant’s owner. A former Miss Arizona confirmed that for once in his life, Trump wasn’t lying; it really happened. “And so I sort of get away with things like that,” Trump told Stern. Sense of entitlement much? Yesterday Trump encouraged his supporters to go vote on November 28 and I encourage them to do so as well.

That’s it for now. Time to get through an afternoon of work then it will be Silly Goose time (unless they run out of PBR, then it won’t).

Tuesday update #2

The Grizzlies play their final pre-season home game at FedExForum tonight at 7. The Philadelphia 76ers will be the opponent.

Fourth Bluff Fridays return to Memphis Park this Friday, October 14 from 4:30 to 9:00. The event is free to attend and you are welcome to bring lawn chairs and blankets. The MD’s (formerly Maitre’Ds) will perform. There TapBox will be selling craft beers, and the Central BBQ and Joy Ride food trucks will be on hand. There will be plenty of games for children and families.

Felicia Suzanne’s hiring for Bartender, Busser, Dishwasher, and Prep Cook. Email your resume to or stop by between 2-5 PM Tuesday-Friday to apply.

Memphis Grizzlies debit cards are now available.

Over in my home town of Little Rock, today was to be the day that they imploded the Broadway Bridge connecting the city to North Little Rock, making way for a new bridge to be completed within six months. However, the Broadway Bridge wasn’t having it.

Article I found that my fellow Memphis Farmers Market patrons might be interested in: 12 ingredients that add flavor to any vegetable dish

Thanks to Bruce V of the Flyer for tweeting this: Quick, handy chart of positions on various issues by Clinton, Johnson, Trump

This FiveThirtyEight chat about the Donald Trump video tape makes a very interesting and valid point. Billy Bush indulged Donald Trump in his “locker room” banter about women for several minutes, going right along with his “grab them by the pussy” comment, validating it by not giving any indication that it was offensive or inappropriate. Then after the conversation, Billy Bush introduced The Donald to an attractive woman and encouraged them to make physical contact on two occasions. The Billy Bushes of the world are the people with the power to prevent sexual assault. Guys, if you are told something like the “grab” comment and react like it’s just a part of normal conversation and don’t take a stand against it, you are part of the problem even if you yourself would never assault.

That’s it for now. Off to the Blind Bear for happy hour.

PBR scores a win at Great American Beer Festival + Tuesday morning news

This Friday and Saturday, October 14 and 15, Wayne’s Candy will have a special pop-up shop at 101 S. Main. The hours will be 10 to 4 Friday and 10 to 2 Saturday. Wayne’s permanent location, on East Carolina in the south end, has over 2000 different candies in a 30,000 square foot warehouse. Great place to take care of your Halloween needs.

Two friends of mine had a birthday dinner at Catherine & Mary’s last night. They said the service was mind-blowingly good, and the service impeccable. “They do the little things, like pull the chair out for you as you stand up. You don’t see that much anymore. They’re old-school.”

Next week, October 17-21, is Memphis Seafood Week. Restaurants will encourage a healthy lifestyle by offering their patrons healthy seafood dishes. Participating Downtown restaurants include Dejavu, Flying Fish, and Pearl’s Oyster House. All Captain D’s are participating, so I guess the Crump location counts as a participating Downtown restaurant too.

Downtown Huey’s 20th birthday party is this Sunday, October 16. Live music includes The Joe Restivo 4 2-4 PM, Deering & Down 4:30-7:30, and Gary Escoe’s Atomic Dance Machine 8-midnight. There will be drink specials. A portion of the proceeds will go to Urban Bicycle Food Ministry, a nonprofit that feeds 300 people a day.

Make Memphis’s Trep Talk is a feature in which they talk to some of the city’s most compelling entrepreneurs. Recently they talked to Ed Cabigao of South of Beale and Zaka Bowl.

Mexican-style beers scored surprisingly well at the Great American Beer Festival in Denver. The competition is open to US breweries over, so Corona and Dos Equis did not compete, but American breweries entered beers in the Mexican style.

By the way, the gold medal for “American-style lager or ice lager or malt liquor” went to none other than Pabst Blue Ribbon. Nice for America’s largest beer festival to validate that PBR is better than the Miller Lite or Bud Light that many of my friends drink.

Possibly back later with a second post.

Downtown Dining Week, Cohen to speak to DNA, and Monday news

Can we fast-forward to the second Wednesday in November PLEASE?

In 1968, a minor political party nominated a pig named Pigasus for president. It was a joke at the time, but if Pigasus ran today, I think he would get a lot of votes. That debate last night was horrible. I am SICK of both candidates.

You know what makes me really sick? On school buses across the US today, 8th-grade girls will have their vaginas grabbed at because Donald Trump gave 8th-grade boys the idea.

If you’re a fan of psychology, here are a couple of links that are worth checking out. First up is Donald Trump’s apology and patterns of abusers. Perhaps Trump’s candidacy and the ton of media attention he receives will teach all of us how to better spot psychopaths in our personal lives.

Here’s another one, written after the first debate: Ten emotional abuse tactics Trump used in that debate. Lying, denying things that were previously said or done, projection, exaggeration, yelling and shouting over, just to name a few… again, useful to keep in mind as you go about your everyday interactions.

The Commercial Appeal endorsed Hillary Clinton yesterday, calling Trump “ill-prepared and ill-suited” for the job of president.

I was told that Saturday night, there was a frat-boy type prowling around Blind Bear, thinking he was all Mr. Studly McMuffin. He saw an attractive woman he wanted to meet. His opening line? It was not a line at all. He walked up to her, took a condom out of his pocket, and handed it to her. “Well, I guess we now know what was taught at Trump University,” I commented when I heard about it the next day.

Okay, on to the news… Downtown Dining Week has been announced for November 7-13. During this week, Downtown restaurants offer special dinner menus for $20.16 and some offer lunch menus for $10.16. In many cases, these are incredible values. Here’s a list of participating restaurants for 2016.

A couple of pro tips about Downtown Dining Week. First of all, reservations will fill up fast at the most popular places. If you know you want to have dinner at, say, Felicia Suzanne’s or Chez Philippe or McEwen’s that week, I would suggest going ahead and calling and making reservations now. Don’t even wait for the menus to be published; the most popular dates and times will be filled already. If the restaurant ends up publishing a menu you don’t like, just call them back and cancel.

Secondly, when you go in for dinner, please remember that it is the busiest week of the year for the people serving you. Allow a little extra time for your food to come out, be nice to them, and when you leave a tip keep in mind that you may be eating a meal that would normally be valued at more like $30 or $35 than $20.16.

The Downtown Neighborhood Association’s October meeting on Tuesday the 25th is going to be a good one. The speaker will be Congressman Steve Cohen. He will give DNA members an update about what is happening around the Ninth District. The meeting will be at the Arcade at Main and G.E. Patterson with social at 6:00 and presentation at 6:30.

Steve, if you’re reading this (and I know you do check in from time to time), THANK YOU for being a role model of how a politician should conduct himself or herself. There are plenty of people in elected office or running for office that could stand to learn from your example.

West Memphis will build a 5-mile long river walkway that will meet up with Big River Crossing, the new pedestrian walkway over the Mississippi scheduled to open on the 22nd.

High Ground News reports that South City development should get underway by year’s end. The last 20 percent of Foote Homes residents are being relocated, and the plan is to demolish Memphis’ last housing project in December.

The sixth edition of Drafts and Laughs has been set for the Memphis Made taproom on Thursday, October 20. Entry is $20 and the show is put on by Comma Comedians.

If you have Nestle Drumsticks ice cream cones in your freezer, you should probably throw them out. Drumsticks have been recalled because of listeria concerns.

That’s it for now. I’ll be out for happy hour at Melissa Monday at Bardog after work.

Saturday update

Very cool news for Downtown grocery shoppers: Superlo on the Go is coming to 552 S. Main later this year. The concept is that you order your groceries online, then the next day you drive to the market, call the number as you pull up outside, and they bring your groceries to the car.

We’re going back to the days of grocery clerks. Superlo on the Go is the anti-Piggly Wiggly.

Lindsey Stirling performs tonight at 8 (Edit: at the Orpheum! Forgot the location!). She is a classically trained violinist who has managed to blend Celtic folk and modern classical music with electronic dance music. In 2014 she won a Billboard award for “Top Electronic/Dance Album,” and the album appeared on both the electronic and the classical charts. Sounds like this is going to be an extremely creative, think-outside-the-box show.

WEVL 40 Fest happens at Loflin Yard from 3 to 10 today.

A new audiotape of Donald Trump having a jocular conversation has surfaced. On the set of Days of Our Lives where Trump was doing a cameo, he told a man that his celebrity status allowed him to get away with a lot. He said he “just starts kissing” women and “I don’t even wait. And when you’re a star they let you do it. You can do anything. Grab them by the pussy. You can do anything.” Later he admitted a failed seduction attempt. “I did try and fuck her. She was married.” Republican women reading this blog: HOW IN THE WORLD CAN YOU VOTE FOR THIS MAN??? This is the person you believe has the temperament to be the leader of the free world, with the nuclear codes? You don’t think Putin would send women over to seduce him? (Not that Putin hasn’t pretty much seduced Trump on his own already.)

Good news about a local company: Memphis MMA group V3 is being acquired by Alliance MMA. Alliance was formed in 2015 to create a feeder system for the larger promotions like UFC and Bellator.

Now here’s a fine life hack: Create fake contacts to prevent your phone from autocorrecting “fucking” to “ducking.” Pretty ducking clever. Oops!

Race for the Cure happens in Memphis later this month. Thousands will depart from AutoZone Park at 9 AM on Saturday, October 29 in an effort to raise $1 million toward breast cancer awareness.

Farmers Market is first up for me today, Blind Bear to kick off the Texas A&M game, and I’ll play it by ear for Arkansas-Alabama. Happy Saturday!

Keep up with Hurricane Matthew, storks in bathrooms, and more (Fri update #2)

I asked @memphisweather1 ( if he had any good sites or Twitter handles to follow to keep up with the latest on Hurricane Matthew. He said not specifically, but subscribing to his national-weather Twitter list is a good way to keep up with Matthew coverage on that medium.

I have several friends who have moved from Memphis to Charleston in the last several years. I hope you all are safe and dry!

Legendary BBQ restaurant Cozy Corner is set to reopen in its original location on N. Parkway tomorrow.

There will be two free concerts tomorrow, Saturday, October 8, at Bass Pro at the Pyramid as part of their Flocktoberfest waterfowl hunting event. At 6 PM Jason Pritchett takes the stage. He’s a rising country star who was on America’s Got Talent. Sugar Ray follows him on stage at 8.

More good news about the Sinners for Saints Ball happening at Stop 345 on Saturday, October 29. With all-you-can-drink beer, wine, mixed drinks, punches, and craft Jello shots on the menu, sooner or later there are going to be trips to the restroom. At peak time the lines got long last year – I stood in line for about 15 minutes a little after 1:00 at the last Sinners for Saints party. They have recognized that this was an issue and this morning DJ Lil’ Eggroll posted that they are ordering additional porta-potties.

Free cookies!

The Brass Door will show the U.S. Men’s National Team vs. Cuba (soccer) today at 3 PM.

Great news: Police in Mumbai have arrested dozens of people at a Mumbai call center. These pieces of shit called people in the US, claiming they were from the IRS and that back taxes were owed. They demanded immediate payment (which the IRS never does), sometimes asking the people they scammed to buy gift cards and then hand over the card numbers. The scammers then used the cards to make purchases. The scam netted $150,000 a day, 30% of which was sent to collaborators in the US. PRO TIP: If an IRS agent asks you to go buy a Target gift card, they’re not an IRS agent.

The oldest message in a bottle ever found was recently pulled from the Baltic Sea. It was placed in a beer bottle and thrown in the sea in 1913.

I don’t know if I have any vegetarians who read this blog daily, but if I do, South of Beale has a special today you might want to know about:

Conversation I have a feeling I will have at the Blind Bear tomorrow afternoon:

“Hey Paul, is there a Halloween party going on today?”

“I don’t think so, we’re still 23 days away. It’d be awful early.”

“Well, then why does that guy over there have that ridiculous costume on? What’s he trying to be, the legendary Great Pumpkin that Snoopy used to tell Woodstock about?”

(Looks over) “Oh, that’s just Mac. He’s a Vols fan. That’s just how they dress. He’s here to watch the Tennessee game.”

By the way, one of my favorite Texas A&M fans/alumni will be in town for one evening only tonight, and I want to make sure to let him know that I will be cheering for his Aggies Saturday afternoon! It is high time a team hung an “L” on the overrated Vols and exposed Butch Jones for the fraud he is.

For those who haven’t heard, the LSU-Florida game has been canceled due to Hurricane Matthew and will not be made up at a later date. That could create a situation where the Gators go 6-1 in conference (the loss coming from Arkansas most likely) and Tennessee goes 6-2, and the Gators win the SEC East. That would cause a lot of unhappiness in Vol land and even I would have to admit they’d have a legit reason for being upset.

That’s it for this second post of the day. Plans still tentative for this evening, but I know this much… there will be a PBR in my hand.

Friday morning update

You gotta know when to hold ’em, know when to fold ’em, know when to walk away, know when to run… and if you want to hear Kenny Rogers perform his hits one last time live, you better run to the Orpheum tonight at 8 for his Gambler’s Last Deal tour. Linda Davis will be his special guest and tickets start at $52.

If you just can’t wait for turkey and dressing, you don’t have to… Canadians celebrate Thanksgiving a month and a half earlier than we do, and Kooky Canuck will observe Canadian Thanksgiving on Monday, October 10. Traditional dinners (for both lunch and dinner) will be available, and there will be bar specials for Canadian spirits.

Looking for a job? River Inn of Harbor Town is hiring for all positions at all three of its businesses: Paulette’s, Terrace at the River Inn, and Tug’s Casual Grill. Apply at the front desk and be sure to note which business you are interested in on your application. No phone calls.

“A stage show unlike anything around” is said to be coming to The Dirty Crow Inn Saturday night, as Low Society Live! plays from 9 to midnight. The duo of Mandy Lemons and Sturgis Nikidis bring a sound that is compared to 1920s Chicago jazz and blues, but fast-forwarded to today with high energy.

Memphis Made Brewing Co. will do a tap takeover at the growler station at Miss Cordelia’s and Cordelia’s table Wednesday, October 12 from 5 to 8 PM. Cordelia’s Chef Aaron will be cooking pork belly sliders. The Hot Mess food truck will be there, and The Creamery Memphis will have homemade gelato.

Hey look, Memphis made a list: A handful of cities are driving 2016’s rise in murders. Yay us.

You can say you’re in a relationship with any of your Facebook friends without their permission. When you claim such a thing, it goes to the other person’s Timeline Review, and if they approve, the relationship announcement is blasted to everyone on the other person’s friends’ News Feeds at that time. However, it gets blasted out to YOUR friends’ News Feeds immediately, before they even have a chance to approve. Have fun with that information!

Supporters of Hillary Clinton are throwing a Hilla-Rally at Loflin Yard Saturday, October 15 from noon to 2. Speakers, volunteer sign-ups, kids’ activities, information booths, food and beer.

That’s it for now, possibly another post later today.