RAW. Is. Ryburn. Plus Monday news…

A few people have asked me “what time does WWE Monday Night RAW start at FedExForum tonight?” Although the TV show itself starts at 7:00, the live event starts at 6:30. There are a couple of reasons for this. First of all, they want the arena to be full and the crowd fired up for the start of the show. It doesn’t look good if the arena is half full and people are still finding their seats in the opening shot.

The second reason is that they tape a couple of matches for the B-shows. Superstars and the like, the syndicated shows that no one cares about much. This is “Hey, Fandango still has a job!” time. Also, the emcee for the pre-show may introduce special guests. Last time I went to RAW two years ago they introduced Lance Russell, which I thought was nice.

Radio host Kevin Cerrito and local wrestler Dustin Starr will be hanging out at Jerry Lawler’s bar on Beale this evening starting around 5, if you are looking for a place to pre-game. That is also my most likely guess as to where the wrestlers will be post-RAW. I wonder if five-time, five-time, five-time, five-time, five-time WCW World Champion Booker T will join his pre-show broadcast colleague Lawler at the bar.

Back in the ’90s they usually went to Platinum Plus post-RAW. Wonder how much money Shawn Michaels dropped at that place. Or Kevin Nash. Wonder how much booze Scott Hall and Jake The Snake drank there. A couple of days before RAW in Memphis, The Godfather (who had a pimp gimmick, for those not familiar) would go to Platinum to scope out girls to be his hoes on RAW.

Some of the wrestlers were at 152 last night, so you might want to check that place too post-RAW (it’s across the street from Lawler’s, not a far walk). I can just see Viktor from the Ascension and DJ Woo Woo partying it up big time tonight.

On to the news…

The Red Hot Chili Peppers have been announced for a January 12 date at FedExForum.

The 5K and alley party were last month, but today is Bardog’s real 8th birthday. It would be a good day to stop by, because they usually do some good specials on the real birthday. Due to RAW I will miss my usual Melissa Monday visit tonight, though.

Historian Jimmy Ogle will conduct his famous manhole cover tour tomorrow, Tuesday, September 20, at lunchtime. The tour is free to attend. Meet at the Cotton Museum, at the corner of Front and Union, at 11:45.

The El Paso Chihuahuas play the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre RailRiders in the Triple-A National Championship Game. Wow is Triple-A ball fixed so that the teams with the worst names have the best records? I have no real reason to root for one team or the other, but I guess I will pull for El Paso because the Blind Bear patio is chihuahua-friendly. The Flyer’s Frank Murtaugh has a list of reasons why you should go to the game.

Tonight is MNF, or MN MF’N F as I like to call it. The Brass Door is rolling out some sweet new specials for the game. You can get wings, fries and a PBR for $10. Loaded chicken BBQ nachos for two and two PBRs are $12. Also $12 is Loaded Shepherd’s Chips and two PBRs. Loaded Shepherd’s Chips? Gonna have to try those sometime soon, sounds interesting. I’m guessing these specials will be in the pub side (former Mad Earl) since that’s the sports bar part of the Brass Door.

News you can use, from Thrillist: Memphis’ best taco trucks, ranked

Memphis-Ole Miss for October 1 has been announced for a 6 PM kickoff. My Hogs have the early game against Cupcake State that day, so I guess my plan will be to go straight to Max’s Sports Bar after the Farmers Market. It’s about time I got a PBjaRni visit on the calendar! This is a Little Rock game for the Razorbacks. It’s nice to see Arkansas getting to a point where they are good enough that they don’t need the cupcakes to get bowl-eligible.

I love my job but this is a “4:45 can’t here fast enough” day. I am ready to go watch The Realest Guys in the Room and KO and Seth Rollins and the new cruiserweight division! This is going to be a lot of fun!

Sunday update

Before I get to the news, let me say CONGRATULATIONS to my friends Chicken Fried Steak Rodger and Lily on their recent engagement. I had the pleasure of hanging out with the happy couple Friday night, and Rodger has got himself a lovely lady indeed. Rodger and I are going to WWE Monday Night Raw at FedExForum tomorrow. “I’ve got the tickets, all I ask is that you buy the beer,” he told me. Rodger, as The Rock would say, I smell what you’re cookin’. Or as they say up in the Appalachians, I smell what you’re steppin’ in there, Rodger.

Max’s Sports Bar is looking to hire a barback/cook who would work primarily 10 AM to 6 PM Saturday and Sunday with some weeknight hours also possible. Stop by the bar for more information or to apply. It’s at 115 G.E. Patterson at the eastern end of the Arcade building. If you’re a social person and looking to make a lot of friends down here this would be a great gig for you. The kitchen is not enclosed and you would get to interact with the customers. Max’s crowd is almost entirely regulars so you would see the same people frequently.

Brandy Zdan, a singer-songwriter from the acclaimed Canadian folk band Twilight Hotel, plays the Coach House porch at Loflin Yard tonight at 6.

There is an International Hair Fest benefiting St. Jude at Court Square this afternoon from 1 to 5.

Congratulations to my favorite meteorologist, Erik Proseus of MemphisWeather.net. His Twitter account @memphisweather1 was recently named by Forbes as one of 76 Twitter accounts to get you started getting great weather information on that medium.

GREAT quote I saw on Facebook recently: “You cannot protect yourself from sadness without protecting yourself from happiness.” Very true.

From NYMag.com: How Internet trolls won the 2016 presidential election. Among other things, they co-opted the Pepe the Frog meme that has been all over Facebook for years. Don’tcha just hate those crazy trolls?

The Slave Haven Underground Railroad Museum celebrates its 160th birthday today. At 3 there will be a program with ministers speaking on the topic “The Role of the Church in the Black Liberation.” The museum is on North Second Street near the north entrance to Mud Island.

Sunday Fun Day! Time for D-RANKS with B-RAD at the Blind Bear. Later in the day I will go see Christina for evening shift at the Flying Saucer. It’s PBR season and I’m putting on my hunting vest.

Saturday update

Two events happen at the New Daisy tonight. At 7, the Magic Mike Tour stops by for a visit. For those of you who don’t know what that is (I didn’t until I was told), it’s a tour of male strippers. One person who works Downtown is very excited about this – I won’t name names who, but I will hint that I am most likely to see this person on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Tickets $25-50.

Then at 10, Daisyland XL: Styles and Complete comes to the New Daisy. Tickets $10-15. Seems like they’re going to have a tight turnaround getting the strippers out of there to get ready for Daisyland. It’s kind of the New Daisy version of the Tigers and Grizzlies playing on the same day at FedExForum.

This sounds really cool: A free class, Typography 101, at Emerge Memphis from 2 to 4 PM on Sunday. Designer Allie Mounce (I follow her on Twitter!) from Paradigm Marketing will explain why typography is such an important element of design, communication, and branding. Mounce is said to be type-obsessed. The class is free but you do need to click through the link and RSVP.

Several weeks ago, I asked if any of my readers were the type who like to play the victim to get attention and sympathy. Now I’m asking again. The reason why is that the Shelby County Health Department is holding a public health emergency preparedness drill on Thursday, September 29 from 7:30 AM to 3 PM and is seeking volunteers. Playing the victim will get you complimentary breakfast and lunch. You must register in advance to volunteer to be a victim. You may be moulaged in order to look injured.

I wonder if there will be any dessert with lunch. Cake maybe?

The King of R&B, R. Kelly, brings “The Buffet Tour” to FedExForum tonight at 8. He promises a full band, dancers, and songs he has never performed in public before.

It’s St. Practice Day! On the 17th of every month, The Brass Door throws a party to practice for the big event, St. Patrick’s Day, on March 17. I’m sure the September party will be a good time. Perhaps I will swing by since one of my favorites is now working there.

I totally agree with sports writer/radio host Gary Parrish on this point: The NCAA has a chance to make a statement. The college sports sanctioning body recently punished the state of North Carolina by taking away NCAA tournament games to be held in the state. The punishment came because of the incredibly stupid transgender bathroom law the state legislature passed. Parrish wrote, give the games to South Carolina! Last year that state stepped out of the 19th century and into the 21st by taking down the Confederate flag flying over the state capitol. Why not reward South Carolina for doing the right thing? Also, fans who bought tickets because the North Carolina tournament location was within driving distance would also be within driving distance of Columbia.

Beale between Riverside and Wagner will be closed 7 AM Wednesday through Thursday afternoon to allow CN Railroad to make repairs on its overpass. If you need to get to Riverside, use Union as an alternate.

High Ground News has a good article on Freewheel, the slow-ride bike tours through the Medical Center District that build community and introduce people to new areas. Rides are about an hour long and you can borrow one of their bikes if you don’t have one. The rides are come-as-you-are and there is no pressure to keep up with the pack. Future rides will be held on September 21, October 5 and 19, and November 2. I’m booked up this coming Wednesday but perhaps I will air up the bike tires (my friend Bicycle Bobby always gets on me about under-inflated tires) and join them for one of the October rides.

The Church Health Center is introducing doctors to the concept of culinary medicine. I have known about this for years. Once a few years ago I caught a cold, and there was nothing to eat in the house. So I ordered Bardog’s sliders for delivery, of course adding bacon. In less than five days my cold was gone. Thank you, bacon!

I wonder if I could have used a tax-free medical savings account to pay for those sliders?

Marc Gasol has been medically cleared for training camp. Great news about the big fella!

Job fair happening October 7. FedEx, Waffle House, Durham, Regions, and Medtronic are among the companies. I think I may sneak out for a few hours that day and put in a Waffle House application. Just gotta add smothering, covering, chunking, dicing, peppering, capping and topping to my resume. I should update my LinkedIn profile with those skills too.

Arkansas plays a cupcake today (Texas State) so I probably will not wander south to Max’s Sports Bar. However, with the conference schedule kicking in, this is probably the last Saturday I will not be spending considerable time at Max’s. Better put an extra keg in the cooler, PBjaRni!

Y’all who are going to Cooper-Young Fest, enjoy and try to stay dry. I will hold down the fort at the usual Downtown places, leading off at Bardog with my “DAWG” John D at 11. Go Tigers, go whoever is playing Tennessee, go Hogs.

Friday update

Anyone want to adopt a dog? No-kill shelter Sunny Meadows Safe Haven for Pets at 4066 Getwell is closing its doors after 15 years of operation. If you can adopt one of their remaining fur babies, or if you can volunteer to help with adoptions tomorrow, it would be much appreciated.

In other dog-related news: Donald Trump wants that mean ol’ FDA to stop regulating poisoned dog food. What’s a little listeria and salmonella when there are profits to be made? Get ready to explain to your 6-year-old little boy that his best friend went to Heaven so Purina could squeeze out an extra 0.5% profit margin.

Two events are coming up at the High Cotton brewery taproom… and the first one is tonight. It’s their one year anniversary of Friday night trivia and they are having a big party. There will be cool prizes given away and more raffled off (I hear one of the prizes is a small keg of beer). Trivia is free to play, and open to all ages. Top three winners of trivia win prizes as well as High Cotton swag, beer and more. Hot Mess Burritos will be parked outside for those who get hungry.

On Thursday, September 29, United Housing will celebrate its 22nd birthday at the High Cotton taproom. UH has helped more than 4000 homebuyers with homebuyer education, foreclosure mitigation, and lending. FREE BEER ALERT: The party starts at 5 and the first 120 pints are on UH. After that pints are $3.50. A Southern Delight Food Truck will be parked outside. A short program will happen at 6, with Executive Director Tim Bolding and Board Chair Laura Harris giving short speeches. Come on out and learn about a nonprofit that has been helping people buy homes for over two decades. Sounds like there will be a lot to celebrate September 29!

The Grizzlies have announced their upcoming Round Town Tour. The tour is for everyone but if you’re an MVP season ticket holder you have some perks – a hospitality booth at Cooper-Young Fest this Saturday, and a recognition at the Mid-South Corn Maze, this year featuring the likeness of Mike Conley. They’re changing the annual Open Practice to a Blue/White Scrimmage on October 1.

John Paul Keith plays Loflin Yard tonight at 7.

Looks like rain may douse Cooper-Young Fest and Tigers-Kansas tomorrow. I hate that for those who plan on attending, but I just have to say this… IT BETTER NOT RAIN NEXT WEEKEND! I’ve already spent fifty bucks on tickets to outdoor festivals! I wonder if it’s possible to buy outdoor festival ticket insurance? Hmmm Start Co. there’s an idea for you…

Speaking of tomorrow’s game, the Tigers will celebrate the Memphis State era. The team will wear throwbacks, and the first 10,000 fans get a free Memphis State University cap.

I saw a great post on Facebook about the doormat of the SEC… it was a doormat with a big orange T on it. Love it!

Also seen on Facebook today? “What’s the difference between Joe Paterno and Harambe?

… Harambe tried to save the kid”

Ladies… Feathers spa in the Peabody is running a September special. Book a mini-facial and they will give you a Peabody manicure and pedicure for half-price.

Long week is almost over. Not sure where I will be after work, possibly down in South Main.

Thursday update: Day of the Dead, Farmers Market and more



Throwback Thursday: September 14, 2013: Max’s Sports Bar as I see it

There is going to be a Day of the Dead Fiesta Friday, October 28 at the Cadre Building. It will be a celebration of life, culture and tradition with partners including Ballet Memphis, Memphis Symphony Orchestra, Caza Teatro, Aztec, dancers, Colombian singer Marcela Pinilla and her band, Dominican DJ Giovannia Rodriquez, and more. There is way too much happening at this event to list it all here; click through to the Facebook event page to learn more. The event is 21 and up and this is not a Halloween party, so no Halloween costumes please.

Wouldn’t you have to be “that one guy” who didn’t get the memo and came to Day of the Dead dressed as a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle?

You’re the apple of our eye is the theme at the Memphis Farmers Market this Saturday. Apples are in season, and you’ll find many varieties of the fruit at the Market. Bring the kids to the craft table from 8 to 11:30, where they will learn about Johnny Appleseed and all that the apple tree has to offer. Live music by Ronnie Caldwell 8:30-10 and Melinda Milligan 11-12:30. The Market is at the corner of Front and G.E. Patterson under the pavilion every Saturday from 7 AM to 1 PM.

One more reminder that YOU should come to Farm Fest, the Farmers Market’s annual fall party, at Loflin Yard on Sunday, September 25. Live music by Star & Micey, great food by vendors and local restaurants, beers, wines, silent and live auctions. I WILL BE THERE spreading a little sunshine! Oh and by the way I HAVE MONDAY OFF so “maybe I shouldn’t have that one more beer so I will be fresh for work tomorrow” will not be a thought going through my mind!


(Special note to my Moody Ques/Squeal Street/etc. friends: If you plan to go to Farm Fest but haven’t bought your tickets yet, buy them from Frank)

Inside tip from Michael Donahue of the CA: The Rendezvous gives away red beans with rice with sausage for free when you purchase lunch Friday or Saturday. Also, I don’t know if I have any people who read this blog every day who are vegetarians, but if I do, they will give you vegetarian red beans and rice instead of the sausage version upon request at those times.

If you want to watch some quality college football, there’s a game tonight with big implications for the American Athletic Conference: #6 Houston vs. Cincinnati. It will be on ESPN at 6:30. I’m really not sure who to root for here. On one hand, I would like Cincy to prove Houston is beatable, so Memphis can beat them down the road. On the other hand, it would be kind of cool if Houston became the first Group of Five team ever invited to the College Football Playoff.

There may be some of you who are reading my blog from other cities, considering moving here. If you are, Thrillist has a guide that will help you pick a neighborhood to live in Memphis. Yes, the rent prices are a little higher Downtown, but let me make an argument for my part of the city: There is no place I have ever been where it is so easy to meet people and make friends, and everything you need is in walking distance or at most trolley bus distance.

Drafts and Laughs returns to the Memphis Made taproom Thursday, September 22. The Comma Comedians will perform. 7:30 showtime.

I’ve learned a couple of things about the $20 ticket to the Triple-A National Championship Game that includes a whole hog buffet: 1) The whole hog will be prepared by Victory Lane BBQ, one of the most successful BBQ Fest teams ever; and 2) the ticket now includes complimentary beer. Can’t get much better than that… buy tickets here. (Several other promo packages on that page as well… scroll down to near the bottom for the ticket that includes whole hog)

Tori Tollison will perform at The Dirty Crow Inn Saturday from 9 to midnight.

I went home early last night, about 8:30. I thought to myself, “Hey, it’s still early enough to get a to-go order at the Majestic Grille!” I got the Majestic Burger, cooked medium with Swiss cheese and parmesan fries on the side. Folks, if you tend to pick only from the entrees at the Majestic, you are missing out on one of the best burgers Downtown. This is a case where the flavor of the bun really adds a lot to the burger.

Oh, the irony: Auburn basketball head coach Bruce Pearl is hosting a BBQ cookout for the Auburn soccer team. For those who don’t know, Pearl was given a three-year show-cause penalty by the NCAA for lying about recruits being at a BBQ he hosted at his home.

The public is invited to the South Main Artspace Lofts groundbreaking on Thursday, September 29.

The Trumpster recently went on The Dr. Oz Show to discuss his health and fitness physically to be president. From Mashable: Five controversies that will make you roll your eyes at Dr. Oz. I would give my opinion of Oz but it’s nothing any duck couldn’t say better.

Whew… long one today! I plan on being out at the Silly Goose for happy hour later today.

Wed update #2: Cooper-Young Fest, Cooper-York Fest, hope for the homeless and more

Part of the reason I write this blog is to make sure new Downtowners, and new Memphians, know about everything that is going on. Although it is not a Downtown event, I would be remiss if I did not mention that the annual Cooper-Young Festival happens Saturday in the southeast part of Midtown. This is a giant festival, stretching for half a mile down Cooper and two blocks down Young. This event is expected to draw over 130,000 people, with 435 booths up and down the streets. Booths include vendors selling arts and crafts as well as organizations handing out information. There is live music on multiple stages. There are food vendors and of course beer vendors as well.

Should you go? If you have never seen it, absolutely. It is quite the spectacle. If you don’t like any of the food vendors, there are many restaurants in the area offering indoor dining, and in some cases patio dining giving you a great view of the festival. Celtic Crossing in particular always does it up big for Cooper-Young. The neighborhood is among the most progressive/liberal in the city, so there’s plenty of opportunity to find out how to get involved with groups that address environmental, animal rights and LGBT issues. The people-watching is phenomenal. You’ll see some of the best tattoos ever.

As for me personally, though, I doubt I will attend this year. The festival has just gotten TOO big, too crowded, too many strollers. My friends and I went last year and lasted less than an hour before we were ready to leave. However, for people who feel the same way I do about Cooper-Young Fest, I have an insider tip for you, a hidden gem – Cooper-YORK Fest.

This is a festival on the corner of Cooper and York, just past Cooper-Young Fest’s northern boundary, on the parking lot of Memphis Made Brewing Co. Throughout the day there will be performances by DEVIL TRAIN, The Velvet Dogs, New Ballet Ensemble and School, and The Tinglers. Memphis Made will have its usual craft brews on sale, plus they will have some special limited-edition beers brewed just for this event. Two of Memphis’ best food trucks, El Mero Taco and Sushi Jimmi, will be on hand all day. If you are looking for an outdoor festival with a more intimate feel than Cooper-Young, this might be the party for you.

In other news, the Hospitality HUB is starting a jobs program for area panhandlers and homeless. Every Tuesday and Thursday, a van will pick up homeless and panhandlers in Downtown and Midtown and take them to locations where they will perform 5 hours of work at $9 an hour pay. They will work with the Public Works program to clean up blight. The homeless/panhandlers will also receive lunch. The program is patterned after one in New Mexico. This is a great program for those who got a bit down on their luck and genuinely want to be working, contributing members of society on their way to a better place in life. The bums on the corner who just want to beg for money for their next liquor bottle (if you live down here, you know the people I am talking about) probably won’t be applying to be part of this work program. If you want to donate to sustain this program, you can do so here.

The monthly Downtown safety meeting has been scheduled for 6:00-7:30 PM in the High Point Ballroom at 330 North Main. Come share your safety concerns and get information you can use.

Cerrito Trivia is bringing the Match Game to the Rec Room September 20. It will be based on the popular TV show. RSVP/reserve tickets (free) here.

That’s it for now… getting a haircut after work then will be out at Silly Goose for happy hour.

Wed morning update: BBQ Fest judging seminar, iOS 10 bricking phones and more

Want to be a judge at BBQ Fest? Memphis in May has announced its annual BBQ Fest Judging Seminar for Saturday, November 19. You must complete this seminar to be under consideration to judge at Memphis in May’s annual BBQ cooking contest.

Happy Wednesday everyone, YOGA! MyHQ is holding the eighth edition of its Sunset Yoga class tonight at Memphis Park at Front and Jefferson across from Raymond James. This is a free, all-levels class, and there will be free wine after yoga. You are welcome to bring a picnic basket as well. Free parking available too – click the link to find out how. Free yoga, free parking, free wine… holy yoga, Batman!

South Main Sounds has announced its next Songwriter Night for Friday, September 23. FreeWorld’s Richard Cushing is among the performers, along with Lacey Canfield, Joe Caliva, Tom Gorbea, Massimo Bevilacqua, and Tommy Coleman. 7-9 PM at 550 S. Main.

If you’re a Mississippi State alum, there will be a watch party for the LSU game at Loflin Yard Saturday, September 17 from 6 to 9 PM. Cowbells are welcome. I bet those who live in the apartments and condos near the yard will be thrilled about all the noise.

Do you ever have a dream that totally conflicts with who you are in real life? Last night I had a dream that I went to a Donald Trump rally. I was enthusiastic about being there. Trump was not there but I told the organizers I had been looking forward to the rally for a long time. I woke up and I was like, WHAT THE…? That is something I would never attend in real life. It astounds me that 43.5 of the American public (credit RealClearPolitics) either don’t realize or don’t care that Donald Trump is batshit crazy. I’m only marginally more of a fan of Hillary than I am of Trump at this point – they’re both members of the “We Should Be In Jail For Perjury Right Now” club – but she has the qualifications and I’ll vote for her to keep Trump out of office if that’s what it takes.

Geez. If the Democrats had nominated Bernie he’d have swept every state except Idaho and West Virginia. Same thing if the Dems replaced Hillary with Joe Biden.

Those of you with iPhone 6’s, might want to hold off on that update to iOS 10. It’s bricking some iPhones. Others (including one I witnessed personally yesterday) find that their battery life has gone to hell in a handbasket and that plugging the phone into a charger actually drains the battery more. I would wait for them to release a fix before proceeding with the new OS.

Time to go to work. Possibly a second post at lunchtime.


Tuesday update

If you drive Downtown, here’s a tip for you: The city is closing Jefferson between Front and Second at 9 AM for approximately the next 4 days for sewer repair work.

The DIY Network has put out a casting call for America’s Most Desperate Landscape. Do you have a really ugly backyard? You and your backyard could appear on TV, as your backyard goes through a massive transformation – decks and fergolas, fences and walkways, repair and renovation.

To be considered, you need to email amdl@fogedgemedia.com with the following:

1) Your name, contact info and a brief description of why you should be selected for the show.

2) Three pictures of your backyard – wide shots. (Note: 25 MB limit per email)

3) A brief video of you and your backyard – post it on YouTube and email them the link. Your video should show your personality as well as your desperation about your ugly backyard.

Entries will be accepted through October 14.

Last weekend Mickey Gall defeated former WWE star C.M. Punk at UFC 203. Gall took Punk down immediately and Punk was never able to gain control. Punk finally tapped after a little more than two minutes. Gall’s purse for the win: $30,000. Punk’s payout for the loss: $500,000. I’m a huge C.M. Punk fan, but doesn’t something seem wrong with that?

Reminds me… I WILL BE GOING to WWE Monday Night Raw next week at FedExForum. A friend posted on Facebook that he had an extra ticket and I jumped all over it. Performers I am most looking forward to seeing: Enzo Amore and Big Cass, Kevin Owens and Sasha Banks. Watch it on USA if you don’t have a ticket. Enzo is right up there with The Rock, Flair, Dusty and Stone Cold on the microphone.

Most of the September 24 games have been announced, and I am delighted with the times. Arkansas-Texas A&M at 8, Memphis at 7. With all my teams playing night games, that clears my schedule to go to BreakFest 901 during the day. A cooking contest for those who brunch so hard, BreakFest will happen at the Broad Avenue Water Tower from 10 to 4 that day, benefiting the Urban Bicycle Food Ministry. Competition categories include Omelet, Bacon Lovers, Breakfast Sandwich, Breakfast Sweets, and Anything Goes.

The thing I like most about BreakFest? My team isn’t competing! That means I won’t have any Director of PR duties and can just walk around the park and visit my friends’ teams. It will be nice to hang out a cooking competition and just be able to chill. I bought my ticket to BreakFest this morning as well as to the Memphis Farmers Market’s Farm Fest the following day. Probably I will hit the Farmers Market the morning of BreakFest and then order a Lyft out there… hmmm, my “DAWG” John D mentioned going and that there might be the possibility of a ride. Might have to talk to him. It seems very appropriate to go to a breakfast festival with the guy who has a breakfast named after him at the Majestic.

The fast food industry has run out of ideas. Cheetos Chicken Fries at Burger King. There is nothing about this that appeals to me. I would rather eat SPAM. I would rather eat tofu.

Craft beer fans: The Wiseacre tap room is closed tonight and tomorrow for private events.

Archer Malmo is expanding again and will soon occupy 75% of the Cotton Exchange Building. They are taking over the 10th floor, making room for six former empoyees of Combustion which Archer Malmo acquired recently.

That’s it for now. Maybe a second post after work.

Monday update

Halloween costume ORDERED! Gonna keep it a secret for now, but in a couple of weeks perhaps I will drop a hint or two…

As you know, I will be spending Halloween at Sinners for Saints Ball at Stop 345. Huge party, multiple rooms, beer, wine, Hipner’s craft Jello shots, Dead Soldiers, Charvey, Super 5, Dj Lil’ Eggroll. The only minor gripe last year was many people were not happy with the way the costume contest was run. Well, one of the organizers, my good friend Katie Mac, has announced that she will personally be in charge of the contest this year. That is all I need to hear to endorse this party one hundred percent. $40 in advance/$50 at the door (but it will probably sell out in advance) with proceeds benefiting the Church Health Center.

Ready for some fall fashion? My artist friend Sarah Dalesandro has autumn leaves leggings for sale in her Etsy shop.

Happy to see that my friend Mandy Marie is back on happy hour shifts at the Blind Bear. Mandy also teaches classes at Painting with a Twist out in Olive Branch. Mandy’s likes include dark chocolate, peanut butter, and red wine.

Congratulations to my Arkansas Razorbacks on entering the Top 25! The Hogs are 24th in both the AP and coaches’ poll following Saturday’s victory over TCU.

A woman who won free pizza for a year immediately donated it to a homeless shelter. Kind gesture indeed.

From Mashable: Lucky pug gets his belly scratched by three wooden back scratchers

There will be an open casting call for the national tour of Dirty Dancing Wednesday at the Orpheum.

Former pro wrestler C.M. Punk made his MMA debut at UFC 203 Saturday. It didn’t go well.

Tin Roof has its weekly cornhole tournament this evening at 6.

Been getting trolled on Instagram? The photo sharing service is rolling out a tool that can help. It will block comments with a default list of keywords it considers offensive, and you can add words of your own that you don’t want to appear in your photos’ comments. It’s a shame we can’t be civil to each other so tools like this aren’t needed. Dont’cha just hate those crazy trolls?

That’s it for now, off to lunch. Happy hour location undecided as of yet, with Max’s Sports Bar, Bardog and Blind Bear all under consideration.

MIND BLOWN: Quinoa Crunch Bowl @ LYFE Kitchen


Last week a college classmate of mine posted that she made her family Buddha Bowls, bowls made with quinoa, crunchy veggies, sauces and other healthy ingredients. There seem to be a million different ways to make a Buddha Bowl. Most Buddha Bowls are vegetarian, and although not a vegetarian myself, I was intrigued.

Yesterday afternoon I was sitting at Stacey’s bar at Hung Over Like a Bear brunch at the Blind Bear. “I’ve got to go somewhere and eat before the Arkansas-TCU game at 6,” I told her. I got out my phone and started surfing the menus of nearby restaurants to figure out what I wanted to eat. I surfed Kooky Canuck… the Fish… Lenny’s… Yao’s… nothing caught my attention. I’ve eaten at those places so many times that nothing seems to jump out at me.

Then I pulled up LYFE Kitchen’s menu. LYFE is known for healthy dining alternatives. Back in February I went there right after it opened and ordered their kale Caesar with garlic lime tofu as sort of a joke, choosing the menu item that I would normally be the least likely to ever order. Yesterday, though, was no joke. I needed nutrition so I would be good to make it to watch the Hogs. As I read the Soups & Salads section, the Quinoa Crunch Bowl caught my attention. It is a mix of quinoa tabbouleh, fresh crunchy vegetables, avocado, arugula, edamame hummus, chipotle vinaigrette, and fireman’s hot sauce.

“That sounds a lot like a Buddha Bowl!” I thought. I liked the sound of the chipotle vinaigrette and the hot sauce, being a fan of spicy.

However, my skepticism kicked in, and I decided I would get an add-on. You can get garlic lime tofu for an extra $2, chicken for $3, mahi for $5, or shrimp for $6. The tofu definitely wasn’t under consideration but I polled my Facebook friends on which of the other three I should add. The general consensus was the mahi, which was kind of the direction I was leaning as well.

Five minutes later the bowl was brought to my table. MIND BLOWN. So much delicious goodness, all twirled up together. The hummus and the spicy ingredients absolutely made this dish work. I loved it. I enjoyed the mahi but it was not necessary. This dish can stand on its own as an entree, without add-ons.

For those of you who are diet-conscious, the Quinoa Crunch Bowl has only 541 calories without the mahi. That’s a good thing because it offset the calories from the numerous PBRs I had during the Arkansas game and the Fireballs I had after Arkansas blocked a field goal in 2OT and then ran it into the end zone for the upset.

Going into the meal, I thought, “If this sucks there are always nachos from Huey’s a few blocks away.” By the end of my bowl I neither wanted nor needed nachos. The bowl was filling and delicious. I will be back again and again for it. Heck, I might go back today.

For those of you who would not normally even consider something like the Quinoa Crunch Bowl, I was the same way for many, many years. Believe me, in this case thinking outside the box is worth it.