New food festival: Jalapeno popper throwdown comes to Memphis March 25

For the past few weeks, Seth from Best Memphis Burger Fest and a few other folks have been working on putting a new Memphis food festival together, and yesterday they made the announcement: 901 Popper Throwdown is happening Saturday, March 25. This will be a cooking competition to determine who makes the best jalapeno popper in Memphis. Here are the rules if you want to enter. Entry fee is $60, $65 counting credit card fees. The event will be held at High Cotton Brewing Co. at 598 Monroe. Teams will be able to hand out samples in exchange for donations to Memphis Paws, Inc., an organization that provides funds to animal rescues. There will be live music, a jalapeno eating contest, and great craft beer.

A few minutes after Seth announced the popper fest, he made another announcement: He’s looking for judges. With a regional in Atoka the following weekend, I knew the Moody Ques wouldn’t be competing in Popper Fest. I texted the team president and asked if the team had anything scheduled for March 25.

“Nope,” he replied.

So I filled out the judging application! I love spicy food. One of the questions was “what is the spiciest food you have ever eaten?” I gave two answers: One is that I have a bottle of Crazy Good ghost pepper sauce that I sprinkle on fries and whatever else needs to be taken up a notch. Also, one time I ordered a seafood curry at Bangkok Alley and asked them to make it spicy. They asked how much on a scale of 10 and I told them 9 out of 10. YIKES! I only did that once. I have since settled at 6/10 as my comfort zone there. Given that I’m not a certified food contest judge, there’s no guarantee that I’ll be accepted, of course. However, I do have judging experience (the first Best Memphis Burger Fest), 10 years experience on a BBQ Fest team, and 4 years experience on two Burger Fest teams. We’ll see what happens. Maybe all the certified judges will be busy that day.

On to the next subject… I went to the crawfish boil at Max’s Sports Bar yesterday, and having eaten a box, I have no problem making this statement: The crawfish at Max’s Sports Bar’s crawfish boils are better than the crawfish at any public crawfish festival in Memphis. They are better than Rajun Cajun. They are better than the Overton Square crawfish fest. A guy named Glaze cooks the crawfish, and they have the perfect amount of spice, and each box comes with corn, taters, and smoked sausage that have been cooked in the crawfish boil.

I decided to visit Clarence at Earnestine & Hazel’s yesterday morning, then got to Max’s a few minutes after 11 to get a good seat. Good thing I did – an hour later the place was PACKED! By 1 PM every square foot of Max’s was filled with people waiting in line to get tickets for boxes of crawfish, and for beer.

The crawfish are big for this time of year!

This must be one of the best crawfish seasons ever. Normally you don’t see crawfish in Memphis until the last week of February. Not only are they here ahead of schedule, but they’re already the size of the ones usually served at the crawfish festivals in April. I wonder what they will look like at the boils at Max’s at the end of the season in June. At what point do they stop being crawfish and start being lobsters?

Due to the size of the crowd, they ran out of crawfish about 2. Glaze told me that he brought 4 bags of crawfish. They’re going to do the next boil at Max’s two Saturdays from now, and Glaze is bringing 6 to 8 bags.

The Memphis Tigers men’s basketball team has a home game this afternoon, hosting Temple at FedExForum at 1:00.

That’s it for now. I’m going to catch up on my WWE Network subscription (new episode of Legends with Stan Hansen just dropped) then off to D-RANKS with B-RAD at Blind Bear at 11.


Saturday update

Pam & Terry love posing for photos with their fans. Last night they played Blind Bear and their newest fan, Perjorie T. Roll, got her photo opportunity.

About a week ago, I was sitting in Max’s Sports Bar watching TV, and a man named Duncan introduced himself. He told me he was opening a new restaurant in the former Double J building across the street. He said it would be called The Vault (because at one time that building was a bank) and that he would serve Creole and Italian food, and maybe some steaks. The cat is out of the bag now, with the Flyer reporting on The Vault yesterday. It could be open as soon as the beginning of next month. Each booth will have its own TV, and both downstairs and upstairs will be open.

Yesterday was the last day for Tuscan Italian Eatery on Front Street. The location has been sold to Lisa’s Lunchbox, which is odd considering Lisa’s is taking over Front Street Deli a block away. The Tuscan Italian Eatery location inside 200 Jefferson (the Darth Vader Building) will continue to operate.

archimania, the award-winning architecture firm currently located at 356 S. Main, has dropped plans to move its headquarters to a building at Main and Carolina. They apparently feel that their business would stick out like a sore thumb in a neighborhood that has unexpectedly blossomed with new apartment dwellings. They will seek a location elsewhere Downtown, or in Midtown.

Not much news today, but that’s all right; it’s going to be beautiful outside! Time to go hit the usual spots and celebrate a very productive week.

Good deal on local beer and more Friday news

Got some news today for my readers who like craft beer and who also like saving money. Ghost River has a nice little collection of short cases. These are cases of beers that either aren’t completely full, or whose labels were put on crooked. They are selling these cases (four 6-packs) for $20. That’s less than a dollar each. It’s like going to the outlet mall, but BEER!

High Cotton Brewing Co. is bringing back a popular event:

Memphis Made is bringing back their popular beginner sushi class on Sunday, February 26.

Yesterday Mayor Strickland delivered his annual State of the City speech at the Impact Club at Frayser Baptist Church. You can read the speech or watch the speech in its entirety.

Major League Baseball plans on experimenting with a pretty radical rule change in its rookie leagues and the World Baseball Classic. If the change proves successful, the new rule will make its way up through the minor leagues, eventually reaching the majors. The rule has to do with extra innings when the game is tied after 9: Each inning beginning with the 10th, the batting team would start out with a runner on second. The rule is designed to get extra-inning games over more quickly.

Chris Johnson, who got deep into the American Idol season and who has performed all over town, will play The Dirty Crow Inn tonight from 9 to midnight.

There are nasty women in The Edge! The Memphis exhibit of NYC’s Nasty Women Art Exhibit opens today at Marshall Arts, 639 Marshall, and runs through February 19. The subject matter is left up to each artist who either is a Nasty Woman or supports one. Funds raised from this will support women’s causes in the era of the Trump Regime.

Steph, Klay, Dray and KD come to town tonight as the Memphis Grizzlies host the Golden State Warriors tonight at 7 PM at FedExForum.

The Memphis Convention & Visitors Bureau has opened an office in Auckland, New Zealand to serve Australia and New Zealand.

That’s the news for now. It’s been a long but productive week, and I am ready for the weekend!

Thursday update

Big score for AutoZone Park! Major League Baseball’s Reviving Baseball in Inner Cities (RBI) will hold its Institute at the park February 16-19. The institute is a training conference for coaches and league administrators affiliated with RBI. From 4 to 6 PM on Saturday, February 18, RBI and AutoZone Park will host a free PLAY BALL event for children ages 6 to 13. Kids who want to participate should wear sneakers, and no gloves or bats are needed. Register here. At the event, MLB will present a check to Pitch In For Baseball, to be used for purchasing baseball and softball equipment to benefit kids in local public schools.

Here, kitty, kitty, YOGA! Memphis Animal Services is teaming up with Crosstown’s Cross-motion Studio to present two sessions of cat yoga February 25. What’s that you ask? As participants in the class do yoga, ten adoptable cats will wander the room. After the class, you can adopt a cat for $35, half the normal Animal Shelter fee. Price includes vaccination, collar, a goodie bag, and more. Those not interested in yoga are still invited to attend the session and meet the cats.

Job news: The Fourth Bluff is seeking a programming curator. If you want to put together quality events that encourage people to make use of Downtown’s public riverfront space, this could be the perfect place for you to work.

Holly has a post about her construction tour of the Old Dominick Distillery on S. Front Street, as well as what to expect when it opens this spring.

Here’s an article on how to discourage Windows tech support scammers. If you get a call from “Windows support” saying viruses or malware have been detected on your computer, it’s a scam. My mom fell for these all the time when she was alive.

Belle Tavern is starting a trivia night on Mondays at 8 PM beginning this coming Monday, the 13th. $50 gift certificate for first place, $25 certificate for second place, $10 for third. Also on the announcement was the following: “Beginning February: Happy Hour 10 PM to 12 AM. $2.50 domestics, $3.50 imports, $3 well drinks, $3 house wine, $1 other drinks.” Tonight I’m going to try to get by there and get clarification on whether the happy hour is just on Mondays, or every night.

The Metal Museum is having Champagne Sunday from noon to 2 this Sunday, February 12. It’s a good chance for you to run by the gift shop and pick out a special gift for Valentine’s Day. Check out their exhibit Rounding the Edge while you are there. has a list of things to do Downtown on Valentine’s Day.

Sucks to be the Saint Louis Billikens men’s basketball team. Not only did they lose to St. Bonaventure 70-55 Wednesday night, but while they were playing the team’s bus driver got drunk and abandoned them. The bus was found 35 miles away and the driver was found to have a .22% BAC.

Pearl’s Oyster House is opening a second location out in Cordova.

Tomorrow, Friday, February 10, the New Daisy will host We Are One!, a benefit for Mid-South Pride and Out Memphis. There will be burlesque, belly dancing, drag, and go-go dancing.

Here’s the Memphis Tigers 2017 football schedule:

Last night I played (well, actually my troll played) the Silly Goose’s new promotion for Grizzlies games, where each person gets four free squares on a Squares board, with prizes of $10, $25, $10, and $50 being awarded for the winning square for the 1st quarter, halftime, 3rd quarter, and final score. I didn’t win but I spent extra $ on beers and stayed around until 9:30. It’s a promotion that makes a lot of business sense. By the way, they played “It’s Raining Men” by The Weather Girls on the sound system at the Goose last night.

I’ll be back at Silly Goose tonight for happy hour. Back tomorrow with more news.

February in Memphis problems and Wednesday news

This morning, I had to put in a call to my apartment building’s office. My air conditioner wasn’t cooling the apartment well, and I needed maintenance to come service my A/C with Freon. On February 8.

I also encountered a second February-in-Memphis problem last night, one that is unique to me. For the past two months Perjorie (my troll) has lived comfortably in my jacket pocket, ready to make appearances when requested (and there were requests this weekend; she’s getting popular). However, yesterday it was way too warm to wear a jacket out. So Perjorie had to share a shorts pocket with my iPhone, a bunch of loose change, and a container of breath strips. I understand they’re a fashion no-no but I may have to invest in some cargo shorts.

Normally I don’t post Cordova news but this is a pretty unique job opportunity: They’re looking to hire a carousel operator at Wolfchase.

The Grizzlies host the Phoenix Suns tonight at FedExForum at 7. I looked at the promotional schedule to see if there’s a giveaway tonight. There’s not but I was pretty surprised at the time they’re giving away at the March 11 game – a GRILL! A Marc Gasol grill. Well, this is the BBQ capital of the world, so it makes sense I guess.

Bathroom accessory that Downtowners might want: toilet paper holder that also holds a beer

Regional farm Whitton Farms is offering a limited number of produce and floral CSAs (community-supported agriculture). These are subscriptions where you get fresh produce or flowers dropped off at a location convenient to you every week or every other week. Downtown pickup locations include the Memphis Farmers Market and Trolley Stop Market. Order your subscription here.

The Orpheum has announced a student/teacher rush for the Friday night performance of The Illusionists. This offer applies to students, teachers and school staff. It also applies to members of the military, as well as police, firefighters and other heroes and their families. Show up at 6 PM and buy tickets for only $20 on a first-come, first-served basis. Must show valid ID.

The Break-up Show 6 happens at the New Daisy Saturday. This is a celebration of how much love sucks, featuring stories submitted anonymously by Memphians.

Rep. Steve Cohen is hosting a town hall meeting at East High Saturday from 10 AM to 1 PM. He will discuss his legislation and work in Congress, and he wants to hear his constituents’ concerns and ideas.

That’s it for now. I’ll be out at the Silly Goose for happy hour after work. Back tomorrow.

Tuesday update #2

The Memphis Tigers host Tulsa in a 6 PM game tonight at FedExForum. The Tigers, currently in 3rd place in the American conference, need to stop the skid they experienced Saturday at UCF. Every game counts as Tubby and the team look toward a good seed in the AAC tournament next month.

A debate a lot of people have wanted to see is going to happen tonight. Senators and former presidential candidates Bernie Sanders and Ted Cruz will debate on CNN tonight at 8 PM. The topic is the future of Obamacare. One tweeter described this debate as Yoda and Darth Vader resurrected for one last fight.

Local BBQ team Porkosaurus, one of the winningest teams at BBQ Fest, has a new product in their online store: their original recipe BBQ sauce. For those of you who have always wanted to sample a BBQ Fest competitor’s sauce but have never had access, this would be an excellent one to try.

Mayor Strickland’s office has released the Mayor’s Dashboard Review for the month of December 2016. See for yourself how our city is doing.

Congrats to the Shelby County Commission for doing the right thing by voting for funding for a free condom program. The vote was 7-5. Shelby County has the highest HIV rate in the state.

Here’s more info on that Blue Suede Brigade job fair next week. I did not realize one of the fair locations would be Downtown, at 480 Beale.

Hot rumor from the Memphis Flyer: Nashville hot chicken restaurant Hattie B’s may be coming to Midtown.

This is my second post today, so if it’s your first visit here today keep scrolling for more news.

Tuesday morning update

Shen Yun comes to the Cannon Center tonight and tomorrow night. This performance celebrates 5000 years of Chinese civilization. It is a treat for the senses with elaborate costumes, a live orchestra, classical Chinese dance, and an animated backdrop. Tickets are $70-150.

The first crawfish boil of the season at Max’s Sports Bar will happen this Saturday, February 11. First pot will come off around 12:30 in the afternoon. There will also be $3.50 Bloody Marys and mimosas until 3:00. The folks who do the boils at Max’s do crawfish right. Plenty of spice, the way crawfish should be served. They usually have taters, corn and smoked sausage in the boil too.

Happy February, YOGA! Downtown Yoga is holding a special class called FireFlow on Saturday, February 18 from 7 to 8:30 PM. Instructors Alyson and Jocelyn will lead a class that is said to be groovy, hot and full of love; a class that will make you sweat and help you de-stress.

Songwriter Night returns to South Main Sounds, 550 S. Main, this Friday, February 10 from 7 to 9 PM. Rev. Neil Down and Friends will perform, with Jon Dillard, Tiffany Harmon, and Megan Carolan.

I Love Memphis has a guest post by Blake Marcum about the best new high-gravity beers brewed in Memphis. Prior to a change in the law that happened January 1, Wiseacre, the only local craft brewery with a distiller’s license, was the only brewery in town that could produce beers above 6.2% ABV. Now Memphis Made, High Cotton, Ghost River, and Boscos are catching up.

Innovate Memphis is looking to hire a Commute Options Ambassador. The Ambassador will speak to workplaces about travel options, educating workers on public transit, ride sharing, bicycling, and walking to work and school. The goal is to reduce the number of people driving alone to work.

There will be a job fair for the re-tooled Blue Suede Brigade positions next Monday and Thursday at the Central Library on Poplar.

Possibly a second post at lunchtime, so check back.

I enjoy meeting my readers! Monday update

I want to say this again… I enjoy meeting my readers and talking to them. So if you see me out, don’t be afraid to approach me.

The reason I bring this up is that I ran into a former co-worker of mine from 15 years ago at the Blind Bear Saturday. He said, “I’ve seen you in here for a while, and I’ve wanted to talk to you, but I thought I might be bugging you.” I assured him he was not bugging me.

He said, “Well, I wasn’t sure. It’s like, you were busy on your phone.” And then my friend sitting on the other side said, “Yeah Paul, you do kind of look like you have the male equivalent of don’t-approach-me resting bitch-face when you’re doing stuff on your phone.” HAHAHA! Let me explain that.

Most of the time when I’m doing stuff on my phone when I’m out, I’m cultivating material for my next blog post. I’ll be on social media and I’ll see an event that I need to tell my readers about. So I’ll throw the link into Evernote and type a short description so I remember to come back and post about it later. But it’s not that important! Don’t feel like you’re interrupting me.

As for the expression on my face… the past year and a half or so has been somewhat difficult for me. Many lies have been told about me in certain parts of Downtown. Now and then a reminder of that chapter of my life will pop up on social media and I will scowl for a minute. But I promise you I’m generally not an unhappy or angry person! I’m just a person who learned about “alternative facts” a year before the rest of the country did! :mrgreen:

With that out of the way, let’s get on to the news. The South Main Association has announced its February meeting, to be held at Art Village Gallery at 410 South Main on Tuesday, February 14. The speaker will be Meagan Nichols, lead reporter at the Memphis Business Journal. Topics will include the background of the MBJ, how the MBJ approaches reporting, commercial real estate trends and developments in the area, and a Q & A. There will be Valentine’s Day appetizers by “a secret admirer” and beverages by the SMA. 6:00 social, 6:30 program. The meeting is free for members and $10 for non-members.

For the fourth post in a row, I have another awesome event to tell you about that will be happening at Wiseacre this month. Everybody loves Oktoberfest, so why wait until October to celebrate? Febtoberfest will happen at the brewery Saturday from 1 to 10 PM. It will be a “fill your stein” party – fill your own for $7, or purchase a Wiseacre stein and fill it for $6. Costumes are encouraged, and if you don’t have traditional German garb, you can wear any costume. Polka band The Mighty Souls Brass Band will perform 6:30-9 PM and food trucks will be there serving German fare.

Sad news for movie fans today. IMDb, the repository of information about pretty much every movie ever made, is shutting down its message boards effective February 20. Trolls have ruined the message board experience, so IMDb is doing away with the boards and switching to other forms of social media. Don’tcha just hate those crazy trolls?

inferno has a list of the brand winners and losers from last night’s Super Bowl ads. Of course, brands that paid for overtime advertising were the biggest winners of all.

Front Street Deli’s future is uncertain no more. It’s going to become a Lisa’s Lunchbox and will open on Presidents Day. There will be a large picture of longtime Front Street Deli owner Lee Busby in Lisa’s Lunchbox, along with a plaque about the history of the building.

The CA’s John Beifuss was there to report on the America’s Got Talent auditions that happened this past weekend at the Cook Convention Center.

The Grizzlies host the San Antonio Spurs tonight at 8:30 at FedExForum. First 3000 fans get a National Civil Rights Museum Pride scarf. Bring a food or monetary donation to the Mid-South Food Bank and receive a voucher for a 2-for-1 ticket purchase at an upcoming Grizzlies game.

That’s it for now. Probably I will hit Bardog after work for Melissa Monday. Back tomorrow with more.

Sunday news

Yesterday I led off at Bardog Tavern as usual, and Bloom told me “You’ve got mail” and placed an envelope in front of me.

“I’m getting mail at the bar now?” I thought. “Maybe I really do spend too much time here.” However, when I opened it, I realized it was one of the sweetest pieces of mail I have ever received. It was a card from Aldo’s mom in New Jersey. She told me she reads my blog every day, and wanted to say she was sorry to hear about the passing of my mom. Gail, thank you. That meant a lot to me. You know, Bardog really IS family.

There’s a lot going on at Wiseacre in February, and for the third post in a row I have a special event to tell you about. Flowers and Chocolate will happen on Valentine’s Day from 7 to 10 PM. If your valentine prefers hops and barley to flowers and chocolate, this is the perfect date night. There will be a brewery tour and pairings of Wiseacre beer with Dinsthul’s chocolate. Tickets are $20.

Want to help a neighborhood grow? The Memphis Medical District Collaborative is looking to hire two program managers. One would be in charge of real estate, and the other in charge of community development.

Most likely I will watch the Super Bowl at the Blind Bear today. They are running a huge number of specials. All day long they will have chili cheese fries for $6, chili cheese dogs one for $6 or two for $8, two chili cheese dogs and chili cheese fries for $10, and pepper jack chili mac & cheese for $10. You can add cheese, sour cream, chives and bacon to the chili mac if you choose. The hot dogs are Nathan’s Famous, and the chili is Colin’s prize-winning turkey and 3-bean chili. An hour before the game until an hour afterward, there will be $3 Bud, Bud Light, and Mich Ultra 16-ounce aluminum bottles. (If you prefer the Cadillac of beers, PBR in 16-ounce cans is always $3.) They’ll have their Sunday night poker game at 6:30.

Paulette’s monthly wine dinner is Tuesday. This month’s menu sounds like a good one, with crab, short rib, venison and toasted honeycomb among the courses.

If you want a good meal without spending a lot of money in the South Main area, let me show you what I had for lunch yesterday.

For $3.50 at Max’s Sports Bar you can get a Nathan’s hot dog covered in chili, cheese, mustard and chopped onion. This is a regular menu item, not a special. You can get chips for a dollar more. If you’re hungry and in South Main and don’t want to go drop $35 at the sushi place, keep this in mind. You can add chips at Max’s for a dollar more.

And of course, look who has to jump in every cardboard container she sees. Sometimes I wonder whether I adopted a troll or a cat.

Internationally syndicated radio show Beale Street Caravan has a particularly good lineup in this week’s show. It features the music of bluesmen Bukka White, Furry Lewis, and Sleepy John Estes, each of whom enjoyed a career revival in the 1970s after rock bands began covering their music. Listen here.

That’s the news for today. I don’t really care about either team in the Super Bowl, so I will be neutral as I watch.

Givewaways: T-shirt, gong, cooler, music swag bag, Grizzlies stuff

Hi everyone,

I’ve been doing a little spring cleaning, in the winter because when spring gets here I won’t have the time. I have identified several swag items that while are cool to say I own them, I don’t get any benefit out of them and they are cluttering up my place. So, I would like to see if any of my readers want them.

The first item, as I mentioned in this morning’s post, is a “COCKAWHAT?” T-shirt, size men’s XL, from the Cockadoos breakfast and lunch restaurant that operated on Second Street from approximately 2008 to 2012. The shirt is white with blue lettering and trim. It stayed open all night on the weekends, so maybe someone has fond memories of the place and would like a souvenir. Just thought I’d ask before throwing it away. Should definitely be washed before wearing.

The second item is a gong with the Gekkeikan sake logo on it. I won it when I came in (I think) fifth place at a Blind Bear poker league final table in 2014. It is about 15 inches in diameter, hangs on a sturdy wooden frame, and comes with a rubber mallet. It’s a nice gong that is powerful enough to get people’s attention. Total weight of gong and frame is (I’m guessing) four pounds and could be carried with one hand.

When I won it I thought “oh, that’s gonna go to BBQ Fest” but the fact is, it’s just one more thing that we’d have to haul in and out of there and worry about getting stolen. It isn’t a good fit for the Moody Ques but maybe one of the other party teams wants it, or someone else who throws parties or events and needs a unique way to command attention.

The third item is a cooler with Mexican beer logos (Dos Equis and Tecate), strong, solid wooden frame. I won this at a drawing at the Flying Saucer in 2009. It weighs about 15 pounds. It is about two feet wide by one and a half feet long by one foot deep. It would take two hands to carry. It holds (again guessing) about 18 beers. Therein lies the problem. Again I thought “this is going to BBQ Fest” but what good would it do? We’d have to haul it in and out, 18 beers would last about 3 minutes in our booth, and again it would probably get stolen. This would be a perfect conversation piece for someone with a home bar who is into Mexican beer.

The fourth item is a swag bag from the 2012 Folk Alliance convention in Memphis. It’s full of CDs and promotional materials. It’s sat on my bedroom floor for five years. I would throw this away, but I thought a music lover who is curious what happens at a folk music convention might want it.

The fifth item is three Grizzlies T-shirts that were part of a swag package they mailed to me sometime around 2010. There are two Marc Gasol shirts and one Z-bo shirt. These are all thin white cotton and I would guess they were promotional items for games that season. All are size men’s XL. The Marc ones are pretty basic, with GRIZZLIES 33 and the Sonic logo on the front and GASOL 33 on the back. The Zach shirt is pretty cool, though, with an image of him taking a shot screen-printed.

The sixth item is a Tennessee Brewery: The Revival growl towel that I picked up at the brewery the last Saturday of April 2015. The towel is a standard sized growl towel, blue with yellow lettering. If you’ve seen my profile pic on here, the giveaway towel is exactly the same as the one I was holding. The brewery had a watch party for a Grizzlies playoff game and gave a towel to everyone who attended. I asked if I could have an extra towel for someone who was out of town that weekend for death by PowerPoint for work. However, I never got the chance to give it to them.

Okay, if you want any of these items, here are the rules:

If I agree to give you the item, you must contact me and make arrangements to meet me where I am to pick it up. And I’m usually at bars – Melissa Monday at Bardog on Mondays, Jessica’s bar at Silly Goose Wednesdays and Thursdays, 11 AM brunch at Bardog on Saturdays (Farmers Market off-season), D-RANKS with B-RAD at Blind Bear at 11 AM on Sundays. So most likely you will be meeting me at a bar to pick up your item. You can contact me at or on Facebook. I forget to check my Twitter DMs so that’s a less reliable way to get a hold of me.

No I won’t drive across the city to drop items off. If you live in my building or within 3 blocks or so of my building, perhaps we can make arrangements for a drop-off.

No I won’t box up the stuff and take it to the post office. That sounds too much like physical labor. If you need confirmation that I am not a fan of physical labor, I can supply references.

When you contact me, you must tell me why you want the item and what you plan on doing with it. I don’t want to give this stuff away and then see it listed on eBay a day later. I want these items to be appreciated and enjoyed by local Memphians.

It’s not whoever asks for it first. I will sit back and see what comes in for a few days before deciding who gets what. These items have been crapping up my apartment for years. Another few days or a week or a month won’t kill me.

In the case of the T-shirts and growl towel, priority will be given to 1) people who I personally know are huge Grizzlies fans; 2) people who would not otherwise be able to afford a Grizzlies-themed item. In the case of the towel, those with special memories of the brewery will be given preference.

Thanks for reading, folks. If you want any of this stuff, hit me up.