Jul 162014

Got a request for my readers. I didn’t go to the trolley meeting Monday night, but a friend of mine who was with me at Bardog got a text that “the trolley meeting is getting a bit heated.” Can anyone provide details? Email paul@paulryburn.com if you can.

In related news, MATA chose a new general manager at a board meeting last night. Keep in mind he was hired the day after the trolley meeting and can’t be blamed for anything that happened there.

Tiger basketball news: Josh Pastner is expected to hire Keelon Lawson as an assistant by the end of the week. Lawson has three sons who are top prospects for college ball within the next five years, and a fourth son who is a sixth-grader.

Downtown agency RedRover has a new logo. It’s part of the #RoverRefresh campaign in what is expected to be a big year for the agency.

The Grizzlies have posted a photo of the 2014-15 Grizz Girls and video of their final audition last night at the Orpheum.

@ObsidianPR tweeted a good Henry Kissinger quote this morning. “If it’s going to come out eventually, better have it come out immediately.” Very true.

Pink Pig polos, formerly sold Downtown at Shelton Clothiers, are back in stock at the Poplar, Union, and Cordova Outdoors Inc. locations. They also have a new item: Pink Pig performance T’s.

Like to read? Amazon is prepping an unlimited Kindle book rental service that will likely cost around $10 a month.

High Ground news about national developer Artspace’s plan to renovate United Warehouse at 138 St. Paul into artist studios and living space.

Plans for tonight: Nothing. This is going to be a rare day when I don’t do happy hour. My company is kicking off a 12-day tournament in Las Vegas this afternoon, and I need to be available in case there are issues posting results. So, I’ll spend a rare evening at home, probably giving the apartment a much needed cleaning. If I get the all-clear on the results I will be out about 8, but I really don’t care too much if this is completely a night at home.

Jul 152014

My friend Angela Copeland of Copeland Coaching released a new podcast today, and it is a must-listen if you are looking for a job or think you might be looking soon. Angela got an interview with Glassdoor.com, the Webby Awards #1 “Best Employment Site,” and specifically with Scott Dobroski, Career Trends Analyst. Scott shares great insights on how to perform salary negotiation, how to determine if a company is the right place for you, and how to level the playing field in your job search. He talks a lot about how Glassdoor.com offers salary data that allows people to really know how much they’re worth. You can listen here, or download it for free on iTunes by searching “Copeland Coaching Podcast.”

Angela is a Downtowner who performs one-on-one career coaching and who writes the “Career Corner” weekly article for the Memphis Daily News. She releases a new podcast every Tuesday morning, so if you listen and like what you hear, be sure to check iTunes or her website, CopelandCoaching.com, for new episodes.

I saw on Holly’s blog that there is a petition to bring Google Fiber to Memphis. You can sign it here.

This next item is not Downtown news, but still might be of interest to my readers. There is a free concert at Minglewood Hall this evening, with Moon Taxi and Wild Club. The event is presented by Budweiser, and here’s the information you really want to know… there’s free beer. That’s right, free beer. Apologies for the last-minute notice, but I didn’t find out about this until mid-afternoon, too late to get into the lunchtime post.

Change of plans. Leading off at the Goose tonight. Time for a PBR.

Jul 152014

What a crazy afternoon I had yesterday. Heavy storms were heading straight for I-55 as I was wrapping up the day at work, so I stayed put for about 15 extra minutes. I missed the rain, but there was a wreck on 55 North right before Malfunction Junction, and I could see that there must be another wreck on 240 North around Norris because traffic was all backed up. “No problem, I’ll stay on 55 and take Riverside home,” I thought.

After dodging another wreck on 55, I got on Riverside to discover that there was a train stopped on the tracks and I couldn’t turn onto any of my usual routes home – Union, Monroe, Court, Jefferson, Adams. I had to get on 40 east and get off on Danny Thomas, then weave through a bunch of side streets. What a pain. WTF was that train doing there? This is not Highland and I am not on my way to class!

I guess I can’t complain too much, though. I heard that power was out from Cooper-Young to points east. Downtown is on a double circuit so we don’t have to worry about that. Also, there was Courtney in a tube top dress to brighten my evening:

Photo Jul 14, 10 39 19 PM

Quote from last night (not mine): “There are three levels of hot. Level 1 is, I’d listen to her fart over a cell phone. Level two is, I’d drink her bath water. Level three is, I’d eat the corn out of her shit.” In case you’re wondering what kind of stuff we talk about at Monday happy hour at Bardog, now you know!

Okay, let’s get on to the news. TJ Mulligan’s in the Pinch is closing at the end of the month. They hope to remodel and open later, but for the time being they will be closed. It’s a shame Bass Pro didn’t finish on their original schedule. if they had, the Pinch would be booming and Mulligan’s would possibly not have had to close.

Want to get a first-hand look at what first responders do in an active-shooter drill? You can volunteer to be a victim for drills at Wolfchase on September 14 and Oak Court Mall September 28.

The MBJ has a photo of the new college playoff championship trophy.

Former Memphis Tiger Joey Dorsey has signed a two-year deal with the Houston Rockets. He’s been playing overseas the past several years. With the Rockets, Dorsey will play a backup role to Dwight Howard.

I’ll be out at the usual places after work. Flying Saucer is my likely first stop, although I may not stay depending on who’s working. Undecided on whether I’ll play Blind Bear poker at 8.

Jul 142014

Damn. They’re killing Archie.

The Grizzlies posted photos of the Grizz Girls auditions.

The city’s cease-and-desist letter to Lyft and Uber is not keeping their drivers off the streets. The companies are telling drivers to keep driving, that “we’ve got your back.”

Thanks to one of my readers who sent me this article about tube tops. I’ve posted stuff like this before, but there’s some interesting new information: Tube tops are a very popular clothing item in the virtual world Second Life. A tube top in Second Life costs about 100 Lindens, or 38 cents U.S. dollars, or it did as of the time of the article. I wonder if there’s a Tube Top Month in Second Life.

There are only 10 tickets left to the Memphis Made beer dinner at Bardog Thursday night. See last Thursday’s blog post (the first one, there were two) for the menu. Call 901-275-8752 to reserve your ticket.

The Majestic Grille is donating $50 gift certificate to people who purchase season tickets to the Orpheum 2014-15 Broadway season through August 4. Season includes Phantom of the Opera, Once, A Christmas Story, The Lion King, Kinky Boots, and Motown the Musical. Call 901-525-3000 or visit the Orpheum counter at Booksellers at Laurelwood and use the code “MAJESTIC GRILLE” to redeem the offer. The Majestic offers a special “pre-theatre menu” prior to each Broadway show.

The Brass Door is closed for a week and will reopen with a new menu and new events next week.

Plans for tonight: Melissa Monday at Bardog then will figure out the rest from there.

Jul 122014

Great news for Downtown Memphis this morning. Old Dominick, a high-end spirits distillery, will open at 301 S. Front by the end of 2015. It will be opened by D. Canale, a beverage distributor which has been in Memphis for many, many years. There will be a tasting room (yaaaaaayyyyy!) The distillery is named for company founder Dominic Canale.

Major pickup for the Grizzlies: The team has signed Vince Carter, a shooting guard and NBA All-Star who most recently played for the Dallas Mavericks. He is in the twilight of his career, but still, he will give us some badly needed depth at the wing.

From the Daily Mail: Taylor Swift shows off her slim figure in tiny tube top on outing with her parents.

Author Samantha Crespo will sign copies of her book 100 Things to Do in Memphis Before You Die this afternoon at 5 at A. Schwab. There will be complimentary hors d’oeuvres. A new classic cocktail menu by head soda jerk Patrick Gilbert will be available. There will also be non-alcoholic beverages and frozen goodies for sale.

Cafe Keough will have $3 mimosas tomorrow from 11 to 6. Those should pair nicely with their great breakfast menu.

Team I don’t care about plays team I don’t care about in a sport I don’t care about at 3. Maybe I should drive out to Fox & Hound Cordova so I can watch it in a bar I don’t care about. Right now it’s time to get dressed and get to Panda’s bar at Bardog for my usual Saturday visit.

Jul 112014

I had email and text conversations with the two team co-founders today. They absolutely do intend to have the team wrap-up party, where team members will be invited to give feedback about the 2014 experience and plan for 2015. The reason they haven’t set it up yet is that the team has leftover bills to pay from 2014. As soon as that gets cleared up, we will have that meeting. We are looking at September as a possible time frame. I hope that answers some questions that have been asked this week.

Jul 112014

This sucks: City sends cease-and-desist to Lyft and Uber

Events going on tonight: The Dead Soldiers will play Handy Park tonight in the summer weekly concert series. I’ve already mentioned the Green Beetle anniversary party at 5, and Office Space at the Orpheum at 7. Here’s a hint as to what you will find at the Beetle party.

Tomorrow’s Memphis Farmers Market theme is to-MAY-to, to-MAH-to. Or “maters” as my grandfather called them. There will be a tomato-tasting contest from 10 to 11 where you can taste tomatoes from multiple vendors and judge which is the best. At 10:15 there will be a preview performance of Stage Door Productions’ Godspell. Music by Jason Middlekaoff at 7, Heather and Sam at 8:30, Rob Halford at 11. 7 AM-1 PM, Front at G.E. Patterson.

Great feature about our BBQ team sponsor Start Co. on WREG.

Tomorrow is Family Day at the Cotton Museum, with free admission for adults and kids. There will be crafts, snacks, and activities tailored especially for kids and parents. It’s in the Cotton Exchange Building on Union at Front.

Speaking of the Cotton Museum, I was in there last night for Craig David Meek’s booksigning and “‘cue and a” session for his book Memphis Barbecue: A Succulent History of Smoke, Sauce, and Soul. “Mr. Load-in” and The Free Agent were there, so the Moody Ques were represented. Squeal Street didn’t send anyone but I guess that’s okay since their team wasn’t mentioned in the book. There was a BBQ buffet by Leonard’s and High Cotton beer. Craig read a few selections from his book and took questions. Several audience members brought up restaurants that even Craig hadn’t heard about. Maybe there will be material for a second book. Thanks to Craig, Leonard’s, and the Cotton Museum for a good time. Later The Free Agent and I debated which one of us is smarter (I am, although I admit it’s a very close race).

Tentative plan for tonight is to hit the Beetle birthday party. Also, if the Blind Bear’s password for tonight is who I think it is, may have to make a stop there later in the evening.

Jul 102014

I read an awesome article and wanted to pass it on: Why women owners struggle with self-approval. Every woman, whether a business owner or not, ought to read this. Come to think of it, men should read this too. The article contains one of the secrets to life. (I’m being serious here. This isn’t another of my tube top posts.)

The 1985 movie Clue is on the big screen at the Orpheum tonight at 7. This comedy/murder mystery was inspired by the board game. Come early at 6 to play a mini-version of Clue in the lobby for prizes and for drink specials.

The Plaintiffs headline the Peabody rooftop party tonight. It’s a casting call for the Memphis Flyer’s fall fashion issue for anyone out there interested in doing a little modeling. $10 admission, doors open at 6, ladies and hotel guests free until 7. Admission includes a buffet of popcorn and Pronto Pups. If you’re in VIP, you get a second buffet with a nacho bar, pretzels, Cracker Jacks, and potato chips. (Is the chef at the Peabody on vacation this week?)

Wiseacre Brewery has announced its beers that it is bringing to the Green Beetle’s third anniversary party tomorrow: Tiny Bomb, Ananda IPA, Try Double IPA, Berliner Weisse, Avast! Pirate Porter, and Kling Klang Dusseldorf Alt.

Plans for tonight: Well, since I have a douchebag who makes a habit of showing up wherever I do, let’s just say I’m making my annual visit to Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan to observe the mating habits of several species of mountain goats. The douche can’t afford a plane ticket to Bishkek (or even Jackson, TN for that matter) so he’ll have to find someone else’s conversation to intrude upon.

Jul 102014

Usually I wait until lunchtime to post, but I’m up early and there’s news, so let’s do this…

I don’t have the official word yet, but last night I heard from a very reliable source that the sixth annual Stumblin’ Elvis pub crawl is being planned for Saturday, August 9. I’ve also heard several smoking hot women say they’re doing the pub crawl again, and there wasn’t much to their outfits last year. Guess I’ll be doing it again this year too, especially now that I’ve figured out my “annoying Elvis tourist” gimmick that allows me to not have to wear a polyester jumpsuit when the heat index is 107 outside. I’ll post more details as I get them.

Hey guys, if Stumblin’ E is indeed happening, how about creating an event on Facebook and inviting people now? Instead of waiting until five days before like you did last year. People need time to plan costumes, y’know.

The Orpheum is showing Office Space tomorrow at 7 on the big screen. Come early at 6 for a tasting of beers and ales from High Cotton Brewery. There will be a button-making machine so guests can make their own flair. Tickets are $7 for the movie, and $5 for four beer tasting samples.

This is very cool: A new company called MadeIn will launch its website next week. MadeIn will be a website where people can buy and sell local goods, kind of a local version of Amazon. This startup will also sell gift boxes that include an assortment of local products. Founder Jennifer Sadler wisely used the resources of Start Co. to get her company going.

Here’s info on a Memphis Made Brewing Co. beer dinner happening at Bardog next Thursday (click for larger size):


The Memphis Farmers Market is having their second annual Rock n Wild picnic on Saturday, July 26. There will be food From Rock n Dough and SO Fresh food trucks, and wine from Castello Monaci Wines by Frederick Wildman. Of course, there will be plenty of beer, and Big Barton will provide the live music. Guests can feel free to bring lawn chairs or picnic blanket. It’s a fundraiser to support the market and locally-grown produce. Tickets are $25 in advance on the website or $35 at the gate.

Lively discussion last night between a couple of the Squeal Street team leaders, a couple of Moody Ques regular team members, and “Mr. Load-in.” I’m the guy everyone gives feedback to because I’m approachable and will listen. Too bad we had someone who isn’t a part of either team and who had no business in the conversation attempt to be a part of it. It’s a rare person who manages to pull off being a d-bag and an r-tard simultaneously. People were texting me last night telling me they’ve noticed a strong correlation between my announced “plans for tonight” on the blog and his Foursquare checkins. Ya think?

Plans for this morning: Drive to Horn Lake and have another Texas Death Match with jQuery. I may be back at lunch with another post.

Jul 092014

Sitting here having a Texas Death Match with jQuery this morning. What I learned getting my M.S. in Computer Science is that you have to approach different types of issues differently. Sometimes you have to take a bottom-up approach. Other times, a top-down approach works best. A great example of a top-down approach producing excellent results is tube tops.

Hey, the official month may be over but I can still talk about them from time to time.

Voting for the Memphis Flyer’s Best of Memphis 2014 poll has begun. Vote here. This poll is the real deal, and you can only vote once, unlike the Commercial Appeal’s “Memphis Most” poll which is utter bullshit. (Well, I guess nobody from the CA will be voting this for “Best Blog”)

The other day I mentioned that eighty3 had a grab & go. It’s for breakfast 6:30-10:30 and here’s the menu.

Are you looking for a job? Volunteer Odyssey has a fantastic offer for five job seekers thanks to a $10,000 grant. No, the offer isn’t a job itself. It’s the chance to volunteer for seven different nonprofits in a week and blog about your experiences. It’s a good way to show potential employeers your writing and people skills, and that you make the most of your time not working. You have until Friday to apply.

From Mashable: Summer in 2100 in Memphis will be as hot as summer now in Laredo, Texas (average high 100F).

WREG has a good article on fun for families on Beale Street during the daytime.

Someone show this to AutoZone Park management: Self-serve beer vending machines are coming to ball parks

I’m going to treat myself to a BBQ lunch, fight with jQuery some more, then head to Jessica’s bar at the Silly Goose at 5:30. I still have some leftover gift certificates I won at poker, so maybe I’ll bring them and buy some friends dranks.