Wed update: Building finally torn down, Aldo’s delivery starts tomorrow, Memphis GEEK Week, Church Health Center hiring, National Stout Day, Beale Street news, Shelton extends sale

Happy Halloween! This is my second post of the day. If you’re looking for info on tonight’s Halloween parties Downtown, scroll down to the previous post.

The pic included with this post may look like rubble to you, but to my eyes it is a most beautiful sight. The building at Madison and November 6th Street, whose roof collapsed in March 2011, has finally been torn down. It stood in near-collapse for a year and a half and west-bound Madison had to be blocked off for safety reasons. Madison will soon be fully reopened to traffic. I hope city leaders take steps to ensure neglectful property owners are never allowed to do this kind of thing again.

Good news for those in the 38103 zip code: Starting tomorrow, Aldo’s Pizza Pies will start delivering pizzas in this street-legal Bubble Buddy electric car.

Tomorrow is also the start of Memphis GEEK Week, spotlighting all the tech innovation that is happening in our city. Events will include a WordPress meetup, Indie Memphis Innovation Series, TechCamp Memphis, a 48 Hour Hackathon, and many more.

Church Health Center has a number of medical and dental positions open. View them here.

Next Thursday, November 8, is National Stout Day celebrating that style of dark beer. The Flying Saucer will have a very rare brew on tap that day. More details to come.

A bankruptcy judge has ruled that the city can take control of Beale Street. This is good news. It means the years-long battle between the city, Performa Entertainment, and the Beale Street Development Corporation is almost over. Now the city can move forward with phase 2 of improvements to the street.

Shelton Clothiers had so much success with October’s buy one item, get the second half off sale, that they’re extending it through November. Equal or lesser value, excludes custom, sale, or specials. It does include their beautiful new fleece Pink Pig jackets though – I know this for a fact because I took advantage of the sale!

The Grizzlies travel to Flop City tonight to open the season against the L.A. Clippers tonight. Game time is 9:30.

One more thing: I usually don’t blog about stuff that happens at work but today I’ll make an exception. The CEO bought us Wiseguys Chicago-style pizza for lunch. They have the best pizza and worst website in DeSoto County.

Be jealous.

This morning I unwrapped a prop to go with my Jesus costume, a prop I forgot to bring with me Saturday night – “The Book of Holy Hammered.” I thought it was just a fake book designed to look like a Bible, but I pried it open and found a pleasant surprise – it conceals a flask and two glasses.

I realize my Jesus outfit and The Book of Holy Hammered will offend a certain segment of the population. Maybe I should REALLY offend them and wear an Obama sticker too.

Plan for tonight: The Mollie Fontaine and Silly Goose parties, order to be determined. I don’t have to go in to work until 1 PM tomorrow so it will be a long and fun evening out.

Three Halloween parties happening Downtown tonight

Happy Halloween! Although many Downtown bars and nightspots choose to throw their Halloween parties the weekend before to capture the Friday and Saturday night crowds, some prefer to wait until the actual day. I know of three such parties happening tonight.

Perhaps the biggest of the parties will be tonight at the Silly Goose. They had a party Saturday, but tonight’s is different in that it is sponsored by Fireball, the cinnamon whisky that “tastes like heaven, burns like hell.” There will be a costume contest with the “hottest” costume winning sweet Fireball swag. The local Fireball ambassador will there there handing stuff out. DJ Cody will supply the tunes in a rare Wednesday appearance.

If you made it to the Goose party Saturday night and had a good time, this is your chance to do it all over again. If you didn’t make Saturday’s party, this is your second chance. I personally think this one will be better than Saturday – just as much fun but not so ridiculously crowded. If you want my recommendation for a top pick of tonight’s Halloween parties, it would be the Goose.

Over at Bardog Tavern, tonight’s party will be “The Curse of the Hearse.” You may have noticed a 1976 Cadillac hearse parked outside the bar on Monroe. At 11:59 PM the hearse will be raffled off. You must be present to win, and if you don’t want the hearse you can have $750 cash instead. There’s still time to buy tickets, so talk to your bartender or server. Costume contest at 10:30 PM.

Over at Mollie Fontaine’s, it will be HELL HOUSE – HALLOWEEN BASH. Outside patio bar (weather permitting), no cover, large dance floor. LFORADIO will bring the full sound system, DJ Justin Hand will spin underground dance mixed with retro ’80s and ’90s, and DJ Steve Anne will mix a blend of the latest dance mixes. 8 PM to 3 AM. I’ve been told this party always fills up, so get there early.

Time to head to work. I’ll be back at noon with the regular Wednesday news.

Tue update: Credit/debit card skimming, more fall martinis, Central BBQ discounts, Spaghetti Warehouse Groupon, Halloween trivia night

Last night Andy Wise from Action News 5 did a story on credit card skimming. This is a topic with which everyone who hangs out Downtown needs to familiarize themselves. It starts with someone who works in a restaurant, bar, gas station, or other business in which customers are comfortable leaving their credit cards with an employee. The crooked employee then runs the cards through a skimmer, an easily-hidden device about the size of a pager, which can capture and store info for hundreds of credit cards. The skimmer is then given to someone else, who produces new credit cards with the skimmed info. The new cards are then handed off to another party, who uses the cards to run up thousands of dollars in fraudulent purchases, often at big-box retail stores like Radio Shack or Walmart. The purchases could happen the night the card is skimmed, or weeks or months later.

I couldn’t find Andy’s story online to link to it, but this news article explains how it works: Waitress rips off customers with credit card skimmer. I know two people who hang out at the bars Downtown (bars where the locals hang out, not Beale) who have recently been victims of skimming, and I have heard of two or three other cases. If you pay with credit or debit cards Downtown, check your statements daily. Also, for smaller “just one or two drinks” type of purchases, consider paying with cash to lessen your risk.

Yesterday I posted a pic of the Pumpkin Spice Martini at the Majestic Grille. Well, they’re not the only ones getting in on the fall-themed drink action. The Peabody Lobby Bar has some special concoctions for the season: Candy Apple Martini, Autumn Warmer, Hot Toddy w a Twist, Almond Joy Martini. All drinks are in the $8-10 range. Sitting at the lobby bar and people-watching is an experience everybody needs to have at least once. It’s fascinating who all you will meet there.

Want to try the turkey plate at Central BBQ I posted about last week? It’ll cost you $9.99… but not if it’s Tuesday and you’re a teacher, cop, firefighter, EMT, or are in a branch of the military. You get to eat for half-off on Tuesdays. If turkey’s not your think, try their delicious pork sandwich, ribs, or wings.

There’s a Groupon for a Downtown restaurant today: $20 for $40 worth of food at Spaghetti Warehouse. You have to spend the entire $40 promotional value in one visit, so unless you’re really hungry you better take some people with you. If you don’t have people to go with you, the $5 spaghetti and meatball deal at the Green Beetle every Tuesday might be a better way to go.

There will be a Halloween-themed trivia night at Ferraro’s Pizzeria and Pub tonight at 8 PM. $1 PBR and Rolling Rock drafts.

Anheuser-Busch has stopped making draft Michelob. The Rendezvous, which has been serving the beer on draft for 58 years, will have to find a replacement. Too bad somebody can’t get something going with that Goldcrest 51 recipe we saw at Cooper-Young Beer Fest…

Tomorrow I will be back with a big post covering the October 31 Halloween parties Downtown. Tonight I’ll be out but plan to take it very easy to rest up for tomorrow, which looks to be a very long night.

Mon update: Pumpkin spice martini, movie and costume contest, Omaha poker possibly coming soon, earthquake, good Conference USA men’s b-ball analysis and more

Yesterday I started the day at the Majestic Grille for brunch. Rather than my usual mimosa, I decided to try a drink the restaurant had talked about on Facebook – a seasonal cocktail, their pumpkin spice martini. It was delicious. If you want a taste of fall, give it a try. Better make it quick, though, because only a limited supply of the pumpkin liqueur used to make the martini is available.

One of the Majestic’s bartenders, Mark, seemed befuddled when he came in and saw the martini in front of me. “You drinking anything that involves stemware just doesn’t seem right,” he said. Obviously he has never seen me drink a PBRtini at the Silly Goose.

While I was sipping my martini, I got asked to once again be the judge for the Majestic’s costume contest. Every December they show National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation on the big screen. They have two costume contests that night: A costume contest based on the movie, and a tacky sweater contest. It’s a lot of fun and I’m honored that they keep asking me back to be their judge. This year the big night will be Thursday, December 20. They always have a special Christmas menu (in addition to their regular menu) on that night. The Majestic gets completely booked for this event every year. If you want to go, make reservations early.

Much later in the day, I showed up at the Blind Bear for round two of Sunday Fun Day. The 6:30 poker game was wrapping up, but several people including two of the owners were sitting at another table dealing cards. I wondered what was going on. A few minutes later Jeannette came over and filled me in. “We’re learning to play Omaha,” she told me. “We’re thinking about maybe doing an Omaha night rather than Texas Hold’em one night for poker.” She and Jamie are asking for feedback from the poker players on whether that would fly. I’d be all for it. In Omaha, there’s a flop, turn, and river just like Texas Hold’em, but you get dealt four cards rather than two. You use two of your cards and three of the board cards to make your best hand.

A 4.0 earthquake happened near Memphis this morning. I was in the shower at the time and didn’t feel it, but a lot of people did. The quake was centered near Parkin, Arkansas, about 35 miles to the west.

Sports writer/radio host Gary Parrish has a good Conference USA men’s basketball preview. He picked Adonis Thomas as the conference’s top player, and 4 of his top 6 players in the conference play for the Tigers. Should be a fun year and we will finally get our first win against Top 25 competition. I hope.

Fun night last night. I added to my growing collection of photos of someone laying her head on the bar at the Blind Bear, half asleep. Maybe I’ll have Real 2 Reel Photography put the images on canvas and I can have my own art show. I’ve been saying “that girl can drink me under the table” but it looks like I was wrong.

Plans for tonight: Pint Nite at the Saucer. Pint Nite at Aldo’s Pizza Pies. Poker at Silly Goose. It may be Monday but there’s no lack of things to do.

Sun update: The Second Coming of Jesus, Harbor Town dog show, RiverArtsFest, Mississippi River bridge tour, puppet show @ Orpheum

Just waking up after a very fun Saturday night of Halloween parties. I hung out with some friends at the Saucer, then about 11:30 we migrated over to the Blind Bear where we got the side dining room. We managed to avoid the spots that have shitshow crowds on the weekends, although we had a close call as we were leaving the Saucer. In the picture shown here, I’m reminding someone that I died for her sins. I guess I should actually read the Bible and find out what all Jesus did so I can be more in character. One thing we learned last night is that Jesus is a big fan of the Flying Saucer’s $2 mystery beer tub.

If you didn’t get to see Jesus last night, he will be out at the Silly Goose’s Fireball Fear party Wednesday night. There will be plenty of sins to be forgiven there, so Jesus will be quite busy indeed. I’ll have more details on that party and the Bardog hearse giveaway on Wednesday.

If you’re a dog lover, get over to Mud Island this afternoon. The Harbor Town Dog Show happens today from noon to 4. Prizes for Most Original Costume, Terrific Pet Tricks, Most Glamorous, Best Tail Wagging, Most Mysterious Heritage, Best Costume in a Group &/or with a Float, Best Vocal Performance, Most Obedient, and Best in Show. Money raised benefits the Humane Society.

Today is the second day of RiverArtsFest, the city’s largest arts festival. It’s in the South Main district with hundreds of arts vendors, a food court, and live music. $5 admission fee after 12.

Jimmy Ogle is giving a walking tour of the Memphis-Arkansas bridge today at 2. It’s free and cameras are encouraged. Meet at Crump Park near Metal Museum Drive if you want to take the tour. As of right now the I-55 bridge is the only one of the four Memphis bridges you can legally walk over.

If you’re looking for something to do with the kids today, The Ugly Duckling and The Tortoise and the Hare will be at the Orpheum at 6. The show will feature electroluminescent puppetry. No idea what that means but it sounds pretty cool and cutting-edge.

My plans for today: Majestic at 11 for mimosas, Blind Bear after that. Undecided whether I’ll head south to RiverArtsFest or skip it altogether this year and just have a normal Sunday. Temp is 43 as I type this. That’s a little bit cold for the PBR hoodie/shorts/sandals combination but I’m going to try to make it work anyway.

Sat update: Big Chisca news, Halloween parties, make a keg out of a pumpkin

This was going to be an all-Halloween party post, but I have to lead off with something else because it’s HUGE NEWS that is great for Downtown Memphis. As of yesterday, the Chisca Hotel is no longer owned by COGIC. The investor group that plans to renovate the hotel into apartments and retail is the new official owner. There will be a celebration at the Chisca at 2 PM today. CONGRATULATIONS and THANK YOU to the investors, the Downtown Memphis Commission, and everyone else involved with preserving this historic hotel where “That’s All Right Mama” was first played.

So, in a span of two days, we’ve ensured the Grizzlies will be in Memphis for the long haul and saved the Chisca. I’d say this has been a pretty good week for Downtown Memphis.

The Halloween party weekend Downtown continues tonight. Probably the biggest and best of the parties is at the Flying Saucer. They are having a Dead Rock Star Ball. The party starts at 8, and you can buy a beer from their Mystery Beer Tub for only $2. Whatever you pull out of the tub, you have to drink! At 9:30 Red Letter Day takes the stage – that’s right, for this special occasion they’re bringing live music back. For the first time I can remember, there is NO COVER for anyone. Previously, you got in free to the Saucer’s Halloween parties if you showed your U.F.O. Club card. This year, you don’t need to show anything other than an ID to the doorman, and you’re in.

You don’t have to follow the dead rock star theme, but if you do, your chances of winning a prize in their costume contest will be better. They’ll do the contests while the band is on break, and will be giving away $500 in cash and prizes. 75 beers on tap, another 125 in bottles, beer flights, beer mixers, pool, darts, the Beer Goddesses dressed up in costume. Of the parties going on tonight, the Saucer is my top pick.

The Silly Goose will have the first of two Halloween parties tonight. Their Saturday party will feature a costume contest where you can win Goose cash. DJ Cody will provide the music. There will be another Goose party on Wednesday that will be more Fireball-centric, for those who are a fan of the cinnamon whisky.

Also, I don’t know exactly what’s happening at the Brass Door, but I see they pulled a permit to have a party in the alley tonight.

If you’re hosting a house party of your own tonight or Wednesday for Halloween, here’s a video that shows you how to make a keg out of a pumpkin.

About to head to South Main to watch the Hogs play the South’s biggest embarrassment, Ole Miss. No cover at Max’s Sports Bar. Best plan is to come from the east to get in quickly. Kickoff is 11:21.

Pink Pig fleeces @ Shelton Clothiers

I just returned home from Shelton Clothiers, where I purchased two limited-edition Pink Pig fleece zip-up jackets.

The jackets are available in Tiger blue, cream, and (not pictured) charcoal. Tom says they’ve been very popular and he plans on reordering soon. “There are a ton of colors so I’ll probably order different ones each time,” he said. “I may reorder the blue because of the Tigers.”

They are medium-weight, and probably could be worn down to about 40-45 over a shirt and provide enough warmth. If I wore one of my windbreaker shirts underneath them I could probably even go as low as 35.

They are selling FAST so if you want one, I suggest getting by the store early tomorrow. They’re $75 each, but until the end of October Shelton is running a buy one, get one half off promotion for which the fleeces are eligible.

Time to change into my 1920s gangster costume and hit the Blind Bear for their Halloween party. I’ll probably get there before 9. Of course, it goes without saying that I’ll pre-game at the Saucer for a few beers. Come on out to the Bear and party ’20s style!

Fri update: Blind Bear and other Halloween parties, Bardog expanding brunch/hiring brunch manager, Main-to-Main project, Barnyard Ball auction and more

The Halloween party season is now in full swing. Did you know that in the 1920s, Halloween was mainly for adults? It wasn’t until the 1940s that it became all about kids and trick-or-treating. So, come to the Blind Bear tonight and celebrate Halloween like it’s 1920 tonight. Jeremy Shrader, Pat Fusco, Sean Murphy and John Bass will play the sounds of the South from the Prohibition Era from 10:30 PM to 1:30 AM. There will be drink, shot, and food specials.

You don’t have to be dressed in 1920s attire, but if you are, you can get a ’20s-style photo taken by Joey Miller. He’ll be there at 10. Party starts at 8 and lasts until close at 3. The staff will be dressed to the nines in ’20s attire and I will be too. There are several parties and events going on tonight – which I will cover shortly – but the Bear is my top pick.

It’s the last Friday in October, which means it’s Trolley Tour night down in South Main. A good plan would be to bring the kids to the area by the fire station, where there will be face painting, balloon art, and popcorn and cotton candy vendors starting at 6 PM. A better plan would be to leave the f***ing kids at home and go drink at one of the area’s fine watering holes like Max’s Sports Bar or the Double J. Costumes at Trolley Tour are encouraged. Many of the shops and galleries will be open, and some will be serving beer, wine, and appetizers. Free food? Wonder if the Nuh-Uh Girl will show up.

If you want to remain in South Main after Trolley Tour ends at 9, my recommendation would be to go listen to Reba Russell. She’ll be on the Front Porch stage at the Double J from 9 to 1.

If the Pinch is your preferred area of Downtown, TJ Mulligan’s is having their Halloween party tonight. Music by the Coons Rhythm Rockers, drink specials and prizes.

Bardog Tavern is looking to expand their Saturday and Sunday brunch. As of now they only have the upstairs open, but they want to expand and open the downstairs seating area too. To do this, they need to hire a Brunch Manager. Hours will be 9:30 AM to 4:30 PM. If you are interested in this position hit up Aldo @bardogtavern on Twitter or go in and see him.

Great move on their part expanding the brunch. Seems like every Saturday I sit at the bar with John D, and the place fills up and they have to turn away customers. Soon more people will be able to enjoy that delicious lobster sandwich.

The Daily News has a good article on the public meeting this week about the Main-to-Main connector. Grant money will be used to improve Main Street and convert the Harahan bridge into a pedestrian walkway. The article has lots of good info on time frames and on what grant money can be used for what part of the project. It’s pretty complex and will be ongoing for several years.

The Memphis Farmers Market posted a pic of the case of Jack Daniels Honey Tennessee Whiskey that they will auction off at the “Barnyard Ball” harvest celebration Sunday, November 4. Not too late to get tickets!

Haha… a Facebook discussion last night led to someone getting a new nickname: “Flavorable Flav.” Apologies if my Central BBQ review didn’t contain enough non-words, 60-word sentences, overuse of for as a conjunction, and random “words” in quotes for no apparent reason. I apologize also for my proper subject-verb agreement and my understanding of singular vs. plural in the Central post. Maybe someone else can review Central and compare how their food holds up to the BBQ that’s been sitting under the heat lamp all day at the Mapco Food Mart on Chelsea.

Plans for tonight: First of all, I have to stop by Shelton Clothiers and pick up a couple of Pink Pig fleece jackets that they have on hold for me. Buy an item, get a second half-off sale through the end of October – sweet! After I get home I’ll change into the gangster costume, hit the Saucer for a couple of warm-up beers, then wander over to the big party. Come join me at the Bear and we’ll party 1920s style!

Smoked turkey plate and homemade chips with blue cheese @ Central BBQ

Last night I made my first stop at Central BBQ’s new Downtown location. It’s a huge space at the corner of Butler and St. Martin, cat-a-corner from the National Civil Rights Museum.

I walked in, and immediately noticed how upbeat everyone was. The kitchen staff was joking around. “We have 13 orders for sausage and cheese plates! We have 16 orders for sausage and cheese plates! We have 22 orders for sausage and cheese plates!” Clearly they were having a good time. At the front counter, the cashier was talking to people who were visiting a Central location for the first time. “We are all about the pig,” the cashier said. “That’s why we put it on our logo.”

Central may be all about the pig (much as I am all about the tube tops), but I wanted to try something else. I’ve had Central’s BBQ pork sandwich at their Midtown location and at festivals. Now that Central is my neighborhood restaurant, I was determined to branch out. I ordered the hand-made chips and blue cheese for a starter.

Easily enough for three people to share, this app is a large plate of Central’s potato chips, made in house. The chips are tasty enough on their own that they really don’t need dip; but the blue cheese, sprinkled with Central’s dry rub, is irresistible…. so much so that I forgot to take a pic of my plate before I’d already dipped a couple of chips.

Some of my south Main friends have been eating at Central nearly every day since it opened. “The pork and ribs are good, obviously,” they told me. “But what you really need to try are the beef brisket plate or the smoked turkey plate.” I’ve never had turkey prepared by a Memphis BBQ joint, so I decided to give it a shot. The plate comes with a roll and two sides. I could have picked the standard BBQ sides of slaw and BBQ beans, but since I don’t get enough green vegetables in my diet I decided to order greens and green beans instead.

WOW they were quick. By the time I’d filled my drink cup (with MOUNTAIN DEW!!!!!) and made a trip to the restroom, a server was calling “TWENTY-FOUR!” and holding my chip & dip plate. Less than two minutes later, my main entree arrived. Central has quick service down to a science.

The turkey is rubbed in Central’s dry rub, marinated, and smoked. I was given my choice of mild or hot BBQ sauce to top my turkey, and I requested hot. It was AMAZING. If I had to list the top 10 meals I’ve had in my almost 11 years Downtown, this turkey plate would be among them for sure. It was that good. My sides of green beans and greens were a nice complement to the turkey, as was the chips & blue cheese plate that I had just started working on. It was more food than I needed, and a higher tab ($16.63 after tax) than I generally plan on having at Central. For a first-time visit, though, I didn’t mind.

If you want to try Central’s different BBQ sauces, they have a self-serve station at the back by the drink machine. Although I drank Mountain Dew because I wanted to wake up a bit for my poker game, Central has 10 beers on draft as well as beer in bottles.

The only problem with my meal was self-inflicted. As I ate my turkey, I surfed Facebook on my phone to kill time until my 8:30 poker game at the Double J down the street. I happened upon a post about the game… and the start time had been moved to 8:00! I looked at the clock on my phone. 7:58. Uh oh! I hated to do it but I had to leave the last third of my turkey. The good thing about Central is that you pay when you get there, so you don’t have to spend extra minutes finding your waitress, getting your check, and paying at the end. Again, I really appreciate the effort Central makes to get customers in and out quickly.

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but it may be a while before I try anything at Central that comes from a pig. I cannot wait to have this turkey again. I also cannot wait to try the brisket plate, and see if holds up to the high praise my South Main friends gave it (the turkey sure did). Then I want to try the chicken wings. I had them at the Midtown location a couple of years ago and they were great. I got them with Central’s hot dry rub and my friends had a good laugh as more of the rub ended up on my shirt and pants than on the wings.

If you’ve never considered ordering turkey from a BBQ restaurant, give Central’s plate a try. You will not be disappointed.

Thur update: Kooky Canuck Halloween party, Bloody Mary contest winners, Rendezvous BBQ @ FedExForum, Bear specials, Colin Powell endorses Obama, Iron Sheik on Mitt Romney, Max’s outside the festival boundary this weekend, and more

BREAKING NEWS: The NBA owners have unanimously approved the sale of the Grizzlies to Robert Pera’s group.

Tonight is the start of Downtown’s Halloween party season. Kooky Canuck kicks it off tonight from 8 PM to 3 AM. There will be $2 Kamikazes, $3 34 oz. Bud Light, $4 Jager Bombs, and $4 Vodka Red Bull. Bobby Smith will DJ and the Jagermeister and Bud Girls will be there. There will be a costume contest with $400 cash to the winner, and $200 and $100 gift cards to second and third place. No cover, 21 and up.

Jennifer Biggs reports on a statewide Bloody Mary contest in her Whining and Dining blog. The contest was sponsored by Absolut. All five winners were Memphis restaurants, and four of the five were Downtown Memphis restaurants. Congratulations to Automatic Slim’s, Majestic Grille, Silly Goose, and Bluefin for representing Downtown well! Also congrats to the Bayou on their first-place win.

The MBJ reports that Rendezvous BBQ will be on sale at the FedExForum for Grizzlies games beginning with the regular-season opener November 5. Previously Neely’s had the contract, but pulled out when they recently closed all their locations for renovation.

Speaking of the Grizzlies, the Blind Bear will offer apps for half price, $2.50 selected bottled dometics, and $5 chili cheese Bear Dawgs from one hour prior to the start of all games to game’s end. These specials apply to Tigers games as well.

Political news: Colin Powell endorses Obama. He notes that moderate Republicans like himself, those who push conservative values but realize compromise is necessary at the end of the day, are a dying breed.

In other political news, former WWF champion The Iron Sheik weighed in on the subject of Mitt Romney this morning on Twitter: “for christmas the Mitt Romney either get raped by dead dog or have sex with the big bird. no matter what he dumb son of a bitch.” If I ever get hired as news director by a national cable network, the first thing I will do is give Sheikie baby a job as political commentator.

Last night I had an absolutely fantastic dinner at Central BBQ, which I’ll write about in a separate post. Then I went to Double J for Muruako’s poker game. I got stuck at a table where people were going all-in pre-flop on a lot of hands, sometimes without even looking at their cards. I hate that. At least after I got knocked out I got to catch up with some of the South Mainers at the bar.

One thing I asked them was, “Why haven’t I heard about any Halloween parties this weekend at South Main bars?” The answer should have been obvious – they’ll have their hands full with RiverArtsFest. Makes sense. They don’t need to do anything special to attract tons of people.

By the way – I’ve confirmed that Max’s Sports Bar will be outside the fenced-in area of the festival. That means you won’t have to pay the fest’s $5 admission fee if you just want to go to Max’s to watch football. Excellent, because I plan to be there Saturday, to watch the Ole Miss douchebags stink up my home town of Little Rock for a game at War Memorial Stadium. I feel sorry for Little Rock residents who have to deal with them. Ole Miss has the most obnoxious fans in college football, even worse than the Vols. Anyway, come watch the game with me at Max’s and hang out with Ciara and Ranee. Kickoff is 11:21. Take Mulberry to get there while dodging the festival. Mulberry is the street to the east of Main, on which the Civil Rights Museum is located.

Back after work with the Central BBQ post.