Saturday update

When you get to the end of today’s post, keep scrolling… earlier this morning I posted a review of the 25 cent martini lunch at Felicia Suzanne’s. Just let me say this – amazing lunch, excellent value, you MUST give it a try if you haven’t already.

By the way, while I was at lunch I found another 25 cent drinking value on Facebook. (Normally I wouldn’t have my phone out at a nice place like Felicia’s, but I had posted about forgiveness and it was getting a ton of “Likes” and comments.) Agave Maria also does Friday lunch with 25 cent margaritas. ATTN WORK: I’m going to need every Friday off from now on.

Philadelphia singer-songwriter Amos Lee performs at the Orpheum tonight at 8 PM. Tickets are $29.50-$59.50.

Dogs, Beer, and Live Music for Tails of Hope happens this evening at High Cotton Brewing Co. from 5 to 8 PM. High Cotton and Hollywood feed present this fundraiser go to Tails of Hope Dog Rescue. $10 donation is requested. First 75 people get a free beer as well as a free dog beer if they bring their dog. Everyone gets a Hollywood Feed gift bag and a logo pint glass.

The Pandemonium Film Showcase continues today at the Cossitt Library, Front at Monroe, at 4 PM. This month’s theme is The Roller Derby Picture Show. Movies shown will be Rollerball (1975), Hell on Wheels (2002), and The Unholy Rollers (1972). The event is put together by Craig Brewer and Black Lodge Video and is free to attend. The Memphis Roller Derby will circle the audience as they watch. Beer, food, and soda will be available to purchase.

Southern Avenue plays Loflin Yard tonight at 7.

Schoolboy Q with special guest Joey Bada$$ plays the New Daisy tonight as part of his Blank Face tour. Doors at 6, show at 7, tickets $45.

Here’s a new idea for a beer pairing… beer and popsicles. On Wednesday, October 5 from 7 to 9, High Cotton will pair 4 beers with 4 popsicles. It’s $20 at the door and you can pay with cash or card. The Freewheelin’ slow ride through the Medical Center district happens from 6 to 7 so it would easy to do both events. Additional MEMpops and High Cotton beer will be available for purchase if you so choose. High Cotton is family-friendly, so if your kids like popsicles, bring’em. The place is dog-friendly too.

In the news: Hangover-free alcohol could replaces all regular alcohol by 2050. I hope the nursing home I’m living in by then has a bar.

That’s it for this post… don’t forget to keep scrolling to read about my lunch yesterday. Taking a rare Saturday off from Bardog this morning. I’m going to the Farmers Market, then catching a Lyft or Uber out to the Broad Avenue Water Tower to watch my friends compete in BreakFest, then another Lyft/Uber back to South Main for football watching at Max’s Sports Bar. If the second day of my four-day weekend is as much fun as the first, I’ll be off to a good start indeed.


25 cent martini lunch @ Felicia Suzanne’s

Earlier this week, I was chatting with my friend Stacey about places to get lunch Downtown. Stacey is a relatively new resident in the Downtown core, and is still figuring out where she can walk for lunch. She found the Thursday food truck rodeos already, but she had questions about where else to go. “Where can I get pot roast?” she asked.

“I believe Blue Plate Cafe would have it,” I replied. “On Court Square.”

Stacey pulled up the menu. “Oooooh, this seems like my kind of place,” she said. “I’m going to be going there a lot.”

I recommended some more places. “There’s also Court House Deli on Main Street,” I told her. “Really good etoufee and jambalaya. And there’s The Little Tea Shop next to Bardog. Really good cornbread, meat-and-two plates, and the owner Miss Su is a Downtown icon. And then there’s Felicia Suzanne’s. They open for lunch every Friday and have 25 cent martinis.”

“25 cent martinis?” Stacey said. She pulled up their menu on her phone. “Oh yeah, I’m going to this! This is my plan for lunch this Friday!”

“Well, I’m off work this Friday, and I don’t have anything planned for the day, if you want to meet up,” I told her. Stacey said that sounded good and we recruited our friend Nate to go as well. On the advice of a friend who used to work there, we called and made a reservation for 12:30.

Despite living across the street, I have never been to Felicia’s. It’s one of the few places where I didn’t know if I would feel comfortable going alone. I’d take a date there if I could find a woman I liked enough, but… never mind, let’s not even go there. Anyway, I had no idea what to expect.

We were seated and our server Zack (or Zach maybe, didn’t ask the spelling) took our order. Of course we went right for the martinis. “Do you want gin or vodka? Standard, or juicy, or dirty?” he asked. Nice to have options for 25 cent martinis. We all ordered dirty vodka martinis. Zack reminded me a bit of my buddy Zack who gave me my PBR koozie that looks like a brown paper bag with the PBR logo on it. I didn’t ask if Felicia’s serves PBR. I would guess they do not.


The martinis were small, but for 25 cents that was understandable; I didn’t expect them to come in Big Gulp cups from 7-Eleven. We estimated them at about an ounce and a half. Nate downed his martini, including the olive, in one huge sip. Stacey and I drank ours more slowly. We noticed some people were finishing their martinis without eating the olive. “What are they thinking?” I commented. “That’s a free olive! That’s VEGETABLES! You’d think people who like 25 cent martinis would appreciate getting something for free!”

Based on reviews I had read online, I was leaning in the direction of the salmon croquettes for lunch. However, when I read the descriptions of the entrees I changed my mind in favor of the Lake Catfish. It came topped with chow chow from the Flo’s line of products made by Felicia (available at the Memphis Farmers Market, by the way). and it sat atop a bed of Hoppin’ John. That sounded irresistible.

2016-09-23-13-05-17The catfish was every bit as delicious as it sounded, and the chow chow added a perfect burst of flavor. I love Hoppin’ John and ate every last bite.

Nate decided on the Short Rib Grilled Cheese.


The sandwich was short rib inside cheesy (and I mean, really cheesy) toast, and I believe that’s an egg on top. It’s a sandwich you have to eat with a fork and knife. It came with fries and Flo’s Tomato Jam for dipping.

Stacey got the BBQ Shrimp with a side of Flo’s potato salad.


Huge shrimp with toast and greens… “I am completely satiated,” Stacey said after finishing her dinner.

It was a delicious lunch and an amazing experience indeed. Zack took superb care of us the entire time. When the check came, my total was $16.12. At Felicia Suzanne’s! This Friday lunch has to be one of the best values in all of Downtown. If you have never tried it, pick a Friday, take a vacation day, grab some friends, and by all means go!

I want to make a point about tipping here. If I went to a restaurant for lunch and ran up a $16.12 tab where there weren’t any specials, I’d drop a 20 and say “keep the change.” However, I believe in tipping on the full cost of food and beverages I purchase, not the discounted price. Considering I had martinis that would have likely been $5 each if not Friday lunch, I wrote “$10.00” on the tip line and added it up and signed the check. I’m sure some of my readers are thinking, “Paul, that’s a bit much” but here’s the thing – tipping well buys you a good reputation down here. The next time I come in Felicia’s, I know that the people there will be happy to see me walk through the door. If you feel like you’re not getting good service at the bars and restaurants you frequent, try tipping in the 25% range on the full price of whatever you purchase. I bet your service will improve.

“Paul, you’ve got to take another Friday off so we can come back here,” Stacey said as we were walking down the Main Street Mall after lunch. I do have a Friday in mind – November 18! I always take my birthday off work. Lunch at Felicia’s sounds perfect.

I’m told the lunch menu changes weekly, so don’t count on the items pictured above being available. However, given the overall excellence, I am sure you will be happy with whatever is on the menu the day you go. Strongest possible recommendation to check this lunch out. I will be back.

09.23.2016 update #2: Farmers Market

And wouldn’t ya know it… a minute after I hit Publish on today’s news update, my weekly Memphis Farmers Market email shows up in my Inbox. Of course I am going to blog about happenings at the Market, even if it cuts into my Silly Goose time a little. The sacrifices I make for my readers… okay, let’s do this.

Fall Into Autumn is the theme at this week’s Memphis Farmers Market. Enjoy pleasant 94-degree temperatures as you shop under the pavilion Saturday. Master Gardeners will be on hand from 8 to 12:30 to answer any questions you have about your fall garden. Note that there will be no pet-sitting service this weekend, so let Rover enjoy the air-conditioned indoors at home while you sweat your ass off walking around shopping for fresh produce. Live music by Eric Crays and Roger Wild from 8:30 to 10. The Market happens every Saturday under the pavilion at Front and G.E. Patterson from 7 AM to 1 PM.

After a hiatus from the Market thus far in September, I WILL BE THERE tomorrow and I am going to make up for lost time. I am going to eat a frozen pop, a Smoothie, and a duffin all in the same day. Now that’s livin’ life right, my friends!

Also, don’t forget that Farm Fest is this Sunday! It’s the annual Farmers Market fall party, and what a blast it will be! Your cost of admission includes:

  • Live music by Star & Micey
  • Live and silent auctions (bring money!)
  • Food from the following restaurants: Amerigo, Central BBQ. Felicia Suzanne’s, Mosa, The Farmer, Majestic Grille, Trolley Stop Market, and Bluff City Bakery
  • Beer by Wiseacre
  • Wines by Frederick Wildman
  • Decorations by Holliday Flowers
  • Games, photos, and good times

$40 in advance, $50 day of, $25 vendors/volunteers, $20 no alcohol. I WILL BE THERE and you should too! In the spirit of games and good times, I will be doing a little “show and tell” that evening. :mrgreen:

That’ll do it. Off to the Goose and then Felicia’s. Be sure to scroll down and read the newsy Friday update I posted a few minutes ago.


09.23.2016 update

A month or so ago I posted that Morris Day and The Time would perform at the Cannon Center on Friday, October 28. I now have more news about that show… it will be a tribute to Prince, and Sheila E will also be there. Tickets are $37.50-$65.50. There’s also a $135.50 VIP ticket which guarantees a seat in the first seven rows, reception, poster, meet and greet, and a photo opportunity.

Double J will be closing this Sunday and there will be a big parking lot party. Come thank them for the past 4 1/2 years. From what I have heard, they have decided to focus on their West Memphis location.

Cooper-Young Beerfest (10/22/2016) is now halfway to a sellout. With a month still to go, there is very little chance tickets will still be available at the gate. This is the best beer festival of the year in Memphis. If you have considered going but don’t have a ticket yet, you might want to buy your ticket soon.

The Greater Memphis Chamber has 5 reasons the Move It Memphis Race is better than ever. The race happens Wednesday, September 28 and starts and ends at Loflin Yard.

Disney on Ice: Dare to Dream is in town at FedExForum this weekend. Shows tonight at 6:30, tomorrow at 10:30, 2:30, and 6:30, and Sunday at 10:30 and 2:30.

In The 9:01 this morning, the CA’s Chris Herrington visited the Cossitt Library and examined its potential.

The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band takes the stage at the Halloran Centre tonight at 7:30.

From Gizmodo: How ITT Tech screwed students and made millions. I was encouraged to interview for an instructor position at the Memphis campus in 2006. They made me an offer that was quite generous, but things didn’t feel right. For one thing, they were comfortable asking me to teach classes like 3-D graphic design in which I had absolutely no previous experience. Secondly, the instructors seemed like second-class citizens when I toured the facility. Administrators had lavish offices, while faculty had a big room with some of the most awful cubicle spaces I have ever seen in my life. Any true college or university understands that faculty are the most employees they have. So glad I turned the offer down and did not become part of the scam.

For my readers who live near CBU: 901 Market and Grill is coming to your neighborhood. It will be owned by Sunny and Hamida who own City Market and Quench.

Edward Anderson plays Loflin Yard tonight at 7.

Speaking of Loflin Yard, YOGA! If you attend the Memphis Made Brewing Co. taproom’s Bendy Brewski Yoga class at noon tomorrow, you will receive $5 off their Sunday 11 AM Bendy Boozy Yoga class at Loflin.

Caribbean restaurant Evelyn & Olive has announced that there is now no extra charge for to-go orders.

I stayed out a bit late last night, making it past the stroke of midnight on a weekday. Kaleidoscope was absolutely killing it on stage at the Blind Bear. Many bands will play the first verse or two of “Stairway to Heaven” as a joke. When Kaleidoscope fired it up, I assumed that was what they had in mind… but no, they played the entire song and they did it PERFECTLY. As a 3-piece band, with no double-necked guitars. I was so impressed that I ordered the band a round of shots.

Quick “You are so Downtown if…” story. Last night one of the friends I am going to 25-cent martini lunch with today at Felicia Suzanne’s called up there to make reservations. “I have us down for three at 12:30,” she told me.

Then she said, “Why don’t we meet at the Goose to pre-game?” It’s one thing to go to a restaurant that serves martinis for 25 cents. It’s another thing to go to a bar to pre-game for the 25-cent martinis. THAT’S HOW DOWNTOWN ROLLS.

Good God, I love my life down here. Couldn’t ask for better people. Couldn’t ask for better places.

Time to start pre-gaming. Back tomorrow with more news.


Huge Thursday update: Lots of news

Don’t you love it when your company has a job open and the absolute perfect person for that position comes along? It happened recently at the Peabody Hotel when they advertised for the position of Duckmaster.

Jimmy Ogle is the official Shelby County Historian, a position he will continue to hold. He is best known Downtown for the free lunchtime historical tours he gives, as well as sometimes longer tours on Sunday. He has held positions with the RDC, Beale Street Landing, Memphis Parks Commission, Rock ‘n’ Soul Museum, and Mud Island River Park. They simply could not have found a better person to introduce guests to the rich history of The South’s Grand Hotel. Not sure how much Mr. Ogle knows about ducks but I have no doubt he is capable of learning on the job.

Very excited about the upcoming weekend… today is my Friday at work, and real Friday will be my first ever 25-cent martini Friday! Every Friday Felicia Suzanne’s Restaurant opens for lunch, and with the purchase of an entree you can order 25 cent martinis. Earlier this week two friends and I realized we all have a Friday day off (rare for two of the three of us), so we are making a reservation!

The 13th annual Mid-South Pride festival and parade happens Saturday, September 24 from 10 to 5 at Robert Church Park, on Beale just east of Fourth. There will be a VIP Lounge, Kids’ Zone, support for local artists and more. The parade happens at 1, with line-up at 12. This isn’t just a one-day event, though, it’s an entire Pride Weekend. Friday night at 7 there will be a Pride Concert at Handy Park, and on Sunday the Pride Brunch Crawl starts at Celtic Crossing at 10 AM. This year’s theme: OUT is the new IN.

You are more likely to experience someone having an emotional or mental crisis than you are to experience someone having a heart attack. Would you know how to help them? You can learn how this Thursday, September 29 at the Church Health Center’s Mental Health First Aid Training. The class, from 8:30 to 4:30, presents a 5-step plan of action to help people with symptoms of a mental health crisis. It will equip you with the tools to get them the appropriate help that they need. This is a free class. To register, please submit your name, email address, and phone number to Denise Hensley at or (901) 701-2309. Registration deadline is September 23, 2016 (that’s tomorrow).

South Main Sounds Songwriter Night #37 comes to 550 S. Main tomorrow night 7 to 9 PM. Performances by Lacey Canfield, Joe Caliva, twelve-stringers Tom Gorbea and FreeWorld’s Richard Cushing, Italian blues player Massimo Bevilacqua, and singing eye doctor Tommy Coleman.

A third condo development has been planned for South Bluffs near River Tower and the Artesian on Riverside Drive.

Skillet has a recipe for a 3-ingredient brownie in which one of the ingredients is Nutella. I bet some of my friends would make it a 4-ingredient brownie though…

The Memphis Tigers have announced a 901 sale for tickets to the Bowling Green game. The sale is 9 hours and 1 minute long, and it started at 9:01 AM today and ends at 6:02 PM. During that time tickets can be purchased for $9.01.

Job news: The Mid-South Food Bank is looking to hire a warehouse manager.

Freewheel, the slow-ride bicycle group that rides the Medical Center District, now has its own Facebook page.

If you’re doing the Bendy Brewski Yoga class at High Cotton tonight, might want to come hungry… the Sushi Jimmi food truck will be parked outside. YOGA!

Bleu has posted the menu for Chef Ana’s wine dinner tonight. 901-334-5950 for reservations. Free valet parking.

Panic! at the Disco has been announced for FedExForum for April 8. Tickets will go on sale a week from tomorrow.

The Downtown Neighborhood Association emailed that they are moving their happy hour (usually on the fourth Thursday of the month, which would be tonight) back a week so that those who want to attend the Downtown Safety Committee meeting can. The new plan is to meet at the Artspace Lofts, 238 St. Paul, next Thursday, August 29. Following the lofts’ groundbreaking (4-6 PM) they will decide where nearby to take the happy hour.

From Action News 5: Beer pint glasses sold at the Flying Saucer may predict the next president. Will it be “Slick Hilly” or “Big Plans, Small Hands”?

To wrap up this post, I will mention that Memphian Justin Timberlake will be involved in an animated movie coming out in early November. It’s called Trolls. Here’s a trailer.

Don’tcha just love those crazy trolls?

Wed update #2

Do you use the stairs leading from the river bluff to Tom Lee Park (Huling and Butler entrances) to exercise? Join Grizzlies star JaMychal Green this afternoon at 4:30 to see the unveiling of the latest Grizzlies stair art.

3 Doors Down plays the Orpheum tonight. Tickets $39.50-$69.50; $194.50 VIP.

FedExForum has announced the cancellation of the Amy Schumer show on October 14 due to a schedule conflict. Refunds can be made at the point of purchase.

Job news: The airport is looking to hire a Human Resources Generalist.

The Green Beetle announced a new menu item:

Downtown Huey’s is having a 20th birthday party Sunday, Ocober 16. Drink specials, special edition T-shirts, and live music including The Joe Restivo 4 2-4, Deering and Down Trio 4:30-7:30, and Gary Escoe’s Atomic Dance Machine 8-12. Of course they will have great food as always. A portion of the party’s proceeds will go to Urban Bicycle Food Ministry to feed up to 300 of Memphis’ homeless. Here’s the party’s Facebook event page.

Tonight is the release of the Flying Saucer’s annual Oktoberfest glass. It goes on sale at 7 PM.

There will be an Elysian Brewing Bar Crawl tonight with stops at Alfred’s, Tin Roof, and Twilight Sky Terrace atop the Madison:

Adam Heart Memphis plays the Brass Door Friday from 7 to 11 PM. Drink specials, no cover.

The River Series in Harbortown has announced its fall schedule. The series kicks off Saturday with Steve Selvidge and Daniel Bachman.

The former Memphis College of Art building at South Main and Butler will be converted into a 66-room boutique hotel.

That’s it for this second post of the day. Back tomorrow with Farmers Market news and more. I’ll be celebrating the three-quarters-done milestone of my work week at happy hour at the Silly Goose this evening.

Wednesday morning update: Nate Rateliff & The Night Sweats and more

Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats are coming to the New Daisy Theatre Saturday, December 3. Tickets are $25-28. Doors at 7, show at 8. I have to admit I had no idea who these people were, but several of my friends acted like this was a big deal, so I figured I’d mention it. According to Wikipedia Rateliff is known for folk-based, pensive songwriting, and the Night Sweats are a soulful R&B combo.

This is a really, really cool story involving anaplastology and two of my friends. Bardog Tavern chef John Haley recently received a new nose, crafted by anaplastologist Maddie Singer at the UT Health Science Center College of Dentistry. The silicone nose will be held in place by magnets. I’ve known John since his days managing the Saucer 13 or so years ago. Maddie is one of my bar buddies at Blind Bear. She is a keen observer of people and it is always interesting to hear her insights.

Catherine & Mary’s, the new restaurant by famed local chefs Hudman and Ticer, is set to open in the Chisca on Monday. The restaurant is named for the chefs’ grandmothers.

Bacon lovers: The Dirty Crow Inn has bacon-wrapped shrimp on special this week.

Memphis Made is bringing back its cornhole tournament on Saturday, October 1 from 2 to 6. Two people per team, double elimination. Free to enter and there are prizes for first, second and third. Must be 21 or up to enter.

MemFix happens at Film Row on South Second this Saturday, September 24. It’s a chance to re-imagine the neighborhood and think about what it could become.

I finally got Burger Fest photos posted. The death of Picasa left me in a predicament and I had to figure out whether Google Photos is an acceptable substitute (it is, but I liked Picasa better). Over 100 photos of the Moody Ques, our neighbors Weekend at Porky’s, and a photo of a sushi roll I had from Sushi Jimmi.

Off to work. 4-day week so this is my effective Thursday. Possibly another post later today.

Tuesday update

WWE Monday Night Raw at FedExForum last night was outstanding. Let me get the news out of the way, then I will talk about the show.

All the local breweries do a great job with their special events, but I have to admit Wiseacre’s are the most intriguing. On Saturday, October 29 they will host a Symfonic Fermentation Fair. It will be a celebration of all things fermented as well as the release of their Red Wine Barrel Aged American Wild Ale Symphonic. There will be entertainment from two Memphis Symphony troupes as well as The Drinking & Writing Theater from Chicago. Fermentation stations will feature goods from Porcellino’s, Miss Cordelia’s and Cordelia’s Table, Philip Ashley Chocolates, Metropolis Coffee Company, Bounty on Broad, and Bonnie Blue Farms. Tickets are $30 and include 6 beer pairings plus additional beer. Buy tickets here.

The Triple-A National Championship Game is tonight at AutoZone Park. You can buy tickets here and there are several good ticket packages you can choose. Personally, I would be all about that whole hog roast. The game will be nationally televised on NBC Sports Network.

Rizzo’s Diner has announced a wine dinner with Athens and Corkscrew tomorrow night. I haven’t seen a menu but let’s face it, with Michael Patrick in the kitchen you know it’s going to be good.

Dokken comes to the New Daisy Friday, November 4 at 9 PM.

If any of my readers hang out at Slider Inn in Midtown, “Yazoo Cellar Man” Ivan Chester tweeted out that you might see some Yazoo folks there later today.

The fourth annual Deal Cancer Out poker tournament will happen on November 4 at Downtown Central BBQ. $45 buy-in includes door prizes and a BBQ buffet. Winner gets a 3-day trip to Las Vegas, with the top 5 finishers awarded prize packs, stuffed full of gift cards ranging in value from $350 (second place) down to $100 (fifth place). Teresa from River Rat Rounders will be running the game and it will be run like the World Series of Poker.

I think this is a positive sign: Memphis Animal Services is getting rid of breed listings. They hope this will encourage people to judge animals by their individual personalities and not on pre-conceived notions of the breed.

Well, blast it all! After spending $40 on a ticket to Farm Fest last week, the Memphis Farmers Market notified me today that I’m on the media list and would have had complimentary tickets waiting on me anyway. The Farmers Market loves me! I’ve been absent from the Market the last few weeks but will be there this Saturday before catching a ride out to BreakFest. Hey Squeal Street, if you need anything from the Market last minute, text me.

Okay, with the news done let’s move on to my thoughts about RAW:

Parts of the show I really liked:

  • Chris Jericho. He got over with nothing more than a clipboard and a scarf and made the crowd totally get into what he was doing. Definitely the most entertaining segment of the show.
  • The cruiserweights. That division is new to RAW and put on quite the spectacle as The Brian Kendrick won to earn a Cruiserweight Championship match at the PPV Sunday. However, the one I predict will be a breakout star is Rich Swann. Given the chance to let his personality show, I bet he would become a crowd favorite quickly.
  • The second pre-show taping match for Superstars: Golden Truth (Goldust and R-Truth) completely fired up the crowd right before RAW with a very good tag team match. Badly needed after the match before (see below). WHAT’S UP!!!!
  • The main-event cage match. Roman Reigns and Kevin Owens put on a good match. Post-match attack by Rusev and the save by Seth Rollins were good too. They teased a reunion between Rollins and Reigns as the show went dark at the end.
  • Enzo and Cass. They didn’t do anything special but the crowd popped huge when their music came on.
  • One of The Shining Stars doing Enzo’s shuffle on the ring apron, only to eat a boot from Big Cass. Good stuff.
  • The women. Such a treat to see Bayley on the main roster.
  • The fact that John Cena was not on the show. He’s exclusive to the Smackdown brand now. I respect the work Cena does in the ring and in the community, but as a wrestling fan he’s just not my favorite.
  • The fact that, unlike the last live RAW I went to two years ago, there was not a match featuring a man in a bunny suit.

Parts I didn’t like:

  • The pre-show match taping for Superstars: Darren Young (with Bob Backlund) beat Curtis Axel. Backlund’s crazy old guy gimmick is just annoying. As for Axel, he didn’t inherit any of the charisma his dad Mr. Perfect had. They could have played a lullaby and got the crowd more into it. This was the first match of the night and not a good way to start off.
  • Mick Foley. The General Manager of RAW completely flubbed his lines and seemed to have little idea who the cruiserweights were – the very people he was introducing. I bet Vince McMahon ripped him a new one backstage after that segment. The usually-excellent Foley was terrible here.

Here’s a complete recap for those who missed the show last night.

WWE’s other brand, Smackdown Live, was announced for a show on January 17. If you like Cena, he’s one of the top stars on that show, along with A.J. Styles, Dean Ambrose, Randy Orton, and Becky Lynch.

Thanks again to my friend Chicken Fried Steak Rodger for the use of the extra ticket. “Paul, you need to come with me for some Grizzlies games this season,” he told me. “The great thing about my seats is that they include an all-you-can-eat buffet and free beer.” AYE AYE, SIR! You just tell me when you want me to go!

That’s it for now. Getting through day 2 of a four-day work week, then will be out at the Blind Bear for happy hour. I finally got Burger Fest photos uploaded so there may be a post about that sometime soon.

Let’s talk Farm Fest food!

This Sunday is the Memphis Farmers Market’s annual fall party, Farm Fest at Loflin Yard. The food at Farmers Market parties is always tantalizingly scrumptious, prepared by local vendors as well as by some of the best restaurants in town. The Farmers Market has released a list of who will be serving and oh boy, does this ever sound good. Trolley Stop Market, Mosa Asian Bistro, The Farmer, Central BBQ and Amerigo Italian Restaurant.

Wait a minute, I think I may have left somebody out.

Hmmm… I see I need to re-write a part of a sentence in that first paragraph.

“… prepared by local vendors as well as some of the best restaurants and BBQ teams in town.”

That’s right folks… THE MOODY QUES will be cooking!!!!!

It makes perfect sense. Our pitmasters Frank and Erik are both on the Board of the Memphis Farmers Market, and Frank is a past president. What an opportunity to get some practice in on the new cooker (still unnamed after more than a year, by the way) while supporting a nonprofit that is one of our very favorites!

If anyone attending Farm Fest is a certified BBQ judge, we would love for you to come by and tell us what you thought of the food. Heck, everyone is invited to come tell us what you thought! We’ll take all the feedback we can get!

Now, I must admit that last year at the fall party, I tended to hide behind the cooker and not really get around and mingle, other than brief trips to the beer stand. This year will be different. I’m gonna be social! I know some of my friends on Squeal Street BBQ are going to Farm Fest, and I hope to spend a good bit of time chatting with them. Most likely I will be complimenting them on their excellent performance at BreakFest the day before!

Tickets are only $40 in advance, and include not only the food, but great craft beer as well as live music by Star & Micey. Seriously, why would you not go to this?

RAW. Is. Ryburn. Plus Monday news…

A few people have asked me “what time does WWE Monday Night RAW start at FedExForum tonight?” Although the TV show itself starts at 7:00, the live event starts at 6:30. There are a couple of reasons for this. First of all, they want the arena to be full and the crowd fired up for the start of the show. It doesn’t look good if the arena is half full and people are still finding their seats in the opening shot.

The second reason is that they tape a couple of matches for the B-shows. Superstars and the like, the syndicated shows that no one cares about much. This is “Hey, Fandango still has a job!” time. Also, the emcee for the pre-show may introduce special guests. Last time I went to RAW two years ago they introduced Lance Russell, which I thought was nice.

Radio host Kevin Cerrito and local wrestler Dustin Starr will be hanging out at Jerry Lawler’s bar on Beale this evening starting around 5, if you are looking for a place to pre-game. That is also my most likely guess as to where the wrestlers will be post-RAW. I wonder if five-time, five-time, five-time, five-time, five-time WCW World Champion Booker T will join his pre-show broadcast colleague Lawler at the bar.

Back in the ’90s they usually went to Platinum Plus post-RAW. Wonder how much money Shawn Michaels dropped at that place. Or Kevin Nash. Wonder how much booze Scott Hall and Jake The Snake drank there. A couple of days before RAW in Memphis, The Godfather (who had a pimp gimmick, for those not familiar) would go to Platinum to scope out girls to be his hoes on RAW.

Some of the wrestlers were at 152 last night, so you might want to check that place too post-RAW (it’s across the street from Lawler’s, not a far walk). I can just see Viktor from the Ascension and DJ Woo Woo partying it up big time tonight.

On to the news…

The Red Hot Chili Peppers have been announced for a January 12 date at FedExForum.

The 5K and alley party were last month, but today is Bardog’s real 8th birthday. It would be a good day to stop by, because they usually do some good specials on the real birthday. Due to RAW I will miss my usual Melissa Monday visit tonight, though.

Historian Jimmy Ogle will conduct his famous manhole cover tour tomorrow, Tuesday, September 20, at lunchtime. The tour is free to attend. Meet at the Cotton Museum, at the corner of Front and Union, at 11:45.

The El Paso Chihuahuas play the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre RailRiders in the Triple-A National Championship Game. Wow is Triple-A ball fixed so that the teams with the worst names have the best records? I have no real reason to root for one team or the other, but I guess I will pull for El Paso because the Blind Bear patio is chihuahua-friendly. The Flyer’s Frank Murtaugh has a list of reasons why you should go to the game.

Tonight is MNF, or MN MF’N F as I like to call it. The Brass Door is rolling out some sweet new specials for the game. You can get wings, fries and a PBR for $10. Loaded chicken BBQ nachos for two and two PBRs are $12. Also $12 is Loaded Shepherd’s Chips and two PBRs. Loaded Shepherd’s Chips? Gonna have to try those sometime soon, sounds interesting. I’m guessing these specials will be in the pub side (former Mad Earl) since that’s the sports bar part of the Brass Door.

News you can use, from Thrillist: Memphis’ best taco trucks, ranked

Memphis-Ole Miss for October 1 has been announced for a 6 PM kickoff. My Hogs have the early game against Cupcake State that day, so I guess my plan will be to go straight to Max’s Sports Bar after the Farmers Market. It’s about time I got a PBjaRni visit on the calendar! This is a Little Rock game for the Razorbacks. It’s nice to see Arkansas getting to a point where they are good enough that they don’t need the cupcakes to get bowl-eligible.

I love my job but this is a “4:45 can’t here fast enough” day. I am ready to go watch The Realest Guys in the Room and KO and Seth Rollins and the new cruiserweight division! This is going to be a lot of fun!