Slow ride… Take it easy… (Thursday update)

The public is invited to a series of slow rides (bike rides, that is) through the Medical Center District five Wednesdays during the fall. The rides will originate at 6 PM next to the High Cotton brewery on Monroe and will last for one hour. The rides will not be strenuous exercise and are intended to build community and awareness of the neighborhood. Don’t have a bike? They have loaners. The dates are September 7 and 21, October 5 and 19, and November 2.

Hit the Sauce with Us is the theme at the Memphis Farmers Market Saturday. Hmmm… I will probably extend that theme after visiting the Market and hit the sauce lots of places… Earnestine & Hazel’s, Bardog, Blind Bear, Max’s. But anyway, they’re talking about a different type of sauce, sauces sold at the Market that can transform your food from boring to amazing. Insider tip from the current Foursquare “mayor” of the Market – check out the Crazy Good sauce booth for lots of offerings that can take your food to new levels. It’s usually toward the back, right before you get to the food trucks.

YOGA! Downtown Yoga will be back at the Farmers Market this week, offering a free 1-hour class from 10 to 11 AM. Bring a yoga mat and water. The Master Gardeners are back from 10 to noon, ready to answer your gardening questions here as summer is coming to an end and fall is approaching. Blueberry smoothies will be the food prep demo this week by the UT Extension Institute of Agriculture. Demos will be held at 10, 10:30, and 11. This is a demo when I might have to take a page out of the Nuh-Uh Girl’s book and show up right when the smoothies are ready for sampling. Live music this week by Shufflegrit 8:30-10, Tony Manard 10-11, and Karen Waldrup 11-12:30. The Farmers Market happens every Saturday from 7 AM to 1 PM under the pavilion at Front and G.E. Patterson.

Congratulations to AutoZone Park, which will welcome its 10 millionth visitor this Redbirds homestand. If you are the lucky 10 millionth fan, expect to be showered with gifts and prizes. As of Wednesday afternoon they were a little under 12,000 fans away. AutoZone Park has been open since 2000 and since then has been consistently rated as one of the crown-jewel parks of minor league baseball.

Are you the type who is always playing the victim to gain attention and sympathy? The Memphis Airport needs your skills Monday, September 19 (26th rain date) for its triennial emergency exercise. Volunteers get fed breakfast and lunch.

Downtown Animal Hospital is moving from its current location in the Pinch to 660 Jefferson Avenue in Victorian Village. Last night at the Silly Goose people were speculating whether that was the old Neely’s location – that is showing up as 670 Jefferson when I search.

The Daily News has an article on what this week’s Habitat for Humanity construction means to Uptown and newly-built subdivision Bearwater Park.

I know it’s only August, but beer: Beer Advent calendar lets you drink your way toward Christmas

The U.S. Fleet Forces Navy Band plays the Center for Southern Folklore this afternoon at 5.

Nik West plays the Halloran Centre tonight. Tickets $45.50-$55.50.

That’s it for now. Out at the Silly Goose after work. Glad this week is mostly over. Glad August is mostly over. Glad the summer is mostly over.

Twitter embeds write my blog for me (Wed update #2)

Thanks to Twitter, my blog is practically going to write itself for this post. First of all, Downtown Central BBQ got a visit last night from former president Jimmy Carter.

Next up, a couple of dinners. Bleu has released its menu for Chef Ana’s wine dinner on Thursday, with wines from Australia and New Zealand.

Meanwhile, over at Spindini, there’s an upcoming Jackalope Brewery beer dinner.

From FiveThirtyEight: Hurricane Hermine doesn’t exist yet, but experts are starting to worry. Note that one of the computer models has it headed right for Memphis. We are too far inland for a tropical cyclone to blow through Memphis at hurricane force, but tropical storms (most recently Katrina) have made it to Memphis. By the way, the same computer model shows the future Hermine scoring a direct hit on New Orleans. Let’s hope that forecast is wrong.

Let’s hope this forecast is wrong too: ESPN’s Real Plus-Minus system projects the Grizzlies to win 39 games and miss the playoffs. Boo.

For those of you who watched pro wrestling in the 1980s, you will be sad to learn that the southern Louisiana floods destroyed the home of The One Man Gang/Akeem the African Dream. A GoFundMe has been set up to cover the costs of repairing the damage and buying new furniture. Wonder if Slick donated some of the money he made pimpin’?

Apologies to a few people who I had previously told we would be next door to our friends Squeal Street BBQ at Burger Fest. At the time I believed that to be true. Wasn’t trying to mislead anyone. Don’t worry, though, Squeal Street is not far away and I plan on spending lots and lots and lots of time with my friends on that team for sure! Heck, for a couple of years in the past before the Moody Ques got in the game, I was on that team one day a year for the purposes of Burger Fest! As for the team that did end up being our neighbor, Weekend at Porky’s, I couldn’t be happier to have them nearby. The Mid-South Men’s Health Organization will be our neighbor too, and I look forward to teaching their folks how to be unhealthy eating burgers and drinking beer.

The Redbirds are back in town for their final homestand of the regular season. 6:35 first pitch vs. the Nashville Sounds. No special promos going on tonight.

Huge discovery by NASA this week: An Earth-like exoplanet has been found orbiting Proxima Centauri, the star nearest our own solar system at only 4.25 light years away. The planet is in the star’s habitable zone and is estimated to be 1.3 times the size of Earth.

Still planning on Silly Goose for after work. Could be a third Wednesday update before I go out, you never know.

Wednesday morning update

Yesterday the City Council voted to name Kimball Avenue between Huguenot and Lamar “Robert Raiford Blvd.” in honor of the DJ of popular Downtown club Paula & Raiford’s Disco. Congratulations and happy birthday, Mr. Raiford.

In other Council news, they voted to let WISEACRE lease the Mid-South Coliseum. The brewery plans on expanding its capacity and will increase number of employees from 27 to 80-100. WISEACRE will rent out the space it does not use in the Coliseum to other businesses. Restaurants and a climbing wall are planned.

So the Coliseum is saved. That’s great news. I never would have guessed a brewery would save it.

Friday is the last Friday of August, which means it will be time for South Main Trolley Night. It’s also National Dog Day, so bring the pups to South Main and mingle with your neighbors as many of the shops and galleries stay open until 9 PM or later. Weather permitting, the SMA will be grilling burgers and hot dogs and providing beverages for their members (guests $10) next to Bluff City Coffee. Over at 550 S. Main from 7 to 9 there will be a Songwriter Night with Frank McLallen Sr., Jesse James Davis, Frank McLallen, Jr. and Stephen Sciara.

I did not realize Tuscany Italian Kitchen & Eatery has a grab and go section. Good to know.

Rizzo’s is having a Ghost River beer dinner Tuesday, September 6 at 7 PM. Here’s the menu:

First course: Lost Hive Honey Wheat Ale paired with poached sole, fruit salsa, citrus pesto.

Second course: River Bank Red Ale paired with smoked pumpkin seed encrusted foix gras, malt vinaigrette, arugula micro greens.

Third course: 1887 India Pale Ale paired with brisket, caramelized onion, grilled cheese.

Fourth course: Crystal Method Hefeweizen paired with banana sorbet, ginger spiked lemon chocolate truffle.

Sounds yummy! Call the restaurant at 901-304-6985 to make reservations.

One of my readers asked me a question yesterday, and I thought the answer might be of interest to others: As fall weather approaches, the Downtown patios will get a lot of business. Where, he asked, can I find a patio where I can take my dog and get a meal and a beer? Well, most of the Downtown patios are dog-friendly, but I will suggest two in particular: Aldo’s Pizza Pies and the Blind Bear. I know those are patios that have been enjoyed by some of my readers.

Habitat volunteers working with the Carter Project this week: Life Is Good, the clothing store on Main, is offering 10% off to you this week.

The Psychedelic Furs play the New Daisy Saturday, October 15.

Here’s the Burger Fest post on my team’s website. It has a few more details than I blogged yesterday.

Off to work. Possibly another post later today.

New happy hour, Burger Fest information, and other news

A new happy hour has landed Downtown! Rizzo’s Diner is now doing a happy hour weekdays from 4 to 6 PM, with a special bar menu, all draft beers $3, and all house wines $3.

Nearly 92 years old, President Jimmy Carter has rolled up his sleeves in Uptown for construction of Habitat for Humanity homes.

From VinePair: The 10 Worst Beers in the World. Not surprisingly, Natty topped the list. Bud Light Chelada is not a surprise item on the list either. And no, PBR is not on the list. Last night I was at Bardog talking to a guy who just moved here from West Virginia, and handed him a wooden nickel so he could have a 5-cent PBR. “Greatest beer in the world!” he exclaimed.

The city of Memphis is considering investing in technology that will pinpoint the location of gunshots. That is SO Memphis, right there.

Listener-supported, independent radio station will celebrate its 40th birthday Saturday, October 8 from 3 to 10 PM at Loflin Yard. Mouserocket, Julien Baker, Chickasaw Mound, and supergroup The WEVLs will perform.

We have our booth assignments for Best Memphis Burger Fest on Sunday, and a lot of the local teams are together! Looking east from East Parkway toward the Liberty Bowl, the Moody Ques are the third team down, on the left side of the left-hand lane. Our next-door neighbors are Weekend at Porky’s, who have a new head cook this year. “We’re going to hand something in for every category, and we’re not going to use the George Foreman Grill this year,” she told me. Well that will be different! Weekend at Porky’s will be minus two members: Hot Vegetarian Katie from D.C. won’t be able to make it (vegetarians love the Moody Ques though) and since the festival is on a Sunday this year, B-RAD will be slinging D-RANKS at the Bear and won’t be there. Also not sure if Weekend at Porky’s member Nappin Ass Nate will be back in town by then.

Across the street from us will be our friends Squeal Street BBQ and Cowboyardee (AKA the Memphis Flyer team). Three booths to the east of us will be our friends The Fabulous Burger Boys who scored one of Burger Fest’s qualifiers to the World Food Championships in 2015. I look forward to visiting all my friend teams and in particular will spend some time with Squeal Street on Sunday.

Come see all of us – since we’re close together you won’t have far to walk! Bring cash, because the teams will be handing out burger samples in exchange for a donation to Memphis Paws, a nonprofit organization that promotes responsible pet ownership and generates support for animal care and rescue organizations around Memphis.

What if you want to go to both Burger Fest and Monroe Fest (Bardog alley party) on Sunday? That’s an excellent plan! My recommendation is to come to Burger Fest between 11 and 2:30, the times the teams are most likely to have burger samples out. Then get Downtown to Monroe Fest by 3, which should still give you time to see the two main events: the meatball eating contest and my neighbor Kitty Wompas getting her head shaved for St. Jude. Bring cash for donations to Monroe Fest too!

This past weekend I had a teammate asked if he could bring his kids to Burger Fest. Absolutely! Not only are kids welcome, but sponsor Jack Pirtle’s has a special Kidzone to keep them entertained. Monroe Fest (other than the interior of Bardog) allows kids too, although there will be plenty of alcohol consumption and a lot of the people there will not exactly be ideal adult role models that day.

What if you want to visit the Burger Fest teams but want something other than burgers? No problem, there will be food trucks. MemPops, Sushi Jimmi Rawk’n Grub, Joy Ride, Soul Pig, and Kona Ice will be at Tiger Lane on Sunday.

If you want to really do Burger Fest in style, go VIP. A $50 ticket gets you access to a shaded, covered, air-conditioned tent. From 12 to 2 there will be catered food by Sammy Hagar’s Red Rocker Bar & Grill. You get beer and other liquid samples, two all-day Kidzone passes, a souvenir cup, T-shirt, and event poster. Those who go VIP will be much appreciated by festival organizers, who are trying to make up a deficit caused by unusually cold weather at Burger Fest ’15.

That’s all for now. Not sure where I will be for happy hour after work, but leaning in the direction of Silly Goose. Possibly back with a second post before I head out this evening.

Sunday update

Yesterday afternoon about 1:45, I was at the bar at the Blind Bear. The phone rang.

“Hey, Paul, what are you doing right now? We’re at Blues City Cafe and we ordered way too much food. We have steak, ribs, tamales and chili, and cheese fries. Come help us finish it.”


I’ve mentioned these on the blog before, but the Gumbo Cheese Fries – cheese fries smothered in Blues City’s world famous seafood gumbo – are amazing. People go there for the ribs, but don’t overlook these fries. Easily enough for a group of three or four to split as an appetizer.

Even after I helped my friends out at Blues City, there was still enough to take a plate to Dusty who was bartending at the Silly Goose, as well as enough for a dog plate for recent addition to the Downtown family Dutch.

Okay. Time to get started with today’s news. I will lead off with an inspirational quote:

Bartending is a gateway drug to ass. -Crazy Joe Harris

On the way back from Blues City, I stopped at the Flying Saucer, where Christina told me she is going to come visit her favorite team at Best Memphis Burger Fest, the Moody Ques, one week from today. The Saucer is about to start selling their 2016 election glasses.

2016-08-20 14.18.20

2016-08-20 14.18.32

Owen the manager showed me a photo of the actual glasses, and they are really nice. Best presidential election glasses I’ve ever seen at the Saucer.

Beer recommendation: Lagunitas Wilco Tango Foxtrot. Not only does it have an awesome name, but it has a Value Drinking Index of 17 (ABV * ounces / price). A VDI over 15 indicates a good value.

I ended up back at the Blind Bear after a nap, where I stayed until 2:58, two minutes before closing time. Colin put the Johnny Cash Pandora station on. Adding that one to my favorites this morning.

Interesting article I saw on RealClearPolitics yesterday: Milwaukee’s invisible racial cage: Lack of public transportation. This applies somewhat in Memphis too, especially being at the corner of a tri-state area.

It’s time for the final week of my 86-week streak of D-RANKS with B-RAD at the Blind Bear this morning. Best Memphis Burger Fest will break the streak next week. I’m bringing my headphones and my external battery charger, because I have SummerSlam to watch on the WWE Network tonight. Last week I had someone tell me wrestling was stupid as he sat there and played Pokemon Go. I have no words. Anyway, I am outta here, see you tomorrow, or if any major news comes up, later today.


Trolley Stop fundraiser, Redbirds promos and more Saturday news

I have a dinner suggestion for my readers tonight: Trolley Stop Market on Madison Avenue out in The Edge. One of their employees, an integral part of their operation for over three years, lost her college financial aid at the University of Memphis at the last minute. A portion of tonight’s dinner sales will be donated to keep their employee, an Earth Sciences major, in college. If you already have dinner plans or can’t make it, you can donate here. This is SO Downtown Memphis and it warms my heart to see this. It is so easy to find your second family down here.

There will be a book signing/reading/sale featuring Meg Farrell at the Center for Southern Folklore this afternoon at 2. Also planned to be there: K.D. Wood, Carrie Thomas, Debra Parmley, and Theresa Hessong.

The Tin Roof has started holding weekly cornhole tournaments Monday nights at 6 PM. There are prizes for the winners, music by DJ Epic, and food and drink specials.

Good morning, YOGA! The sixth edition of MyHQ Sunset Yoga was rained out this week, so they are rescheduling for Wednesday, August 24 at the park at Front and Jefferson at 6:30 PM. Free yoga class followed by free red and white wine. You’re welcome to bring a picnic basket to have dinner following the yoga class.

A new Subway will be opening soon at the northwest corner of Second and Union.

Random thing I learned last night: There’s an app called InstaKitty that lets you add cats to photographs.

The Redbirds are out of town today, but they have one homestand remaining with some big promo nights coming up. Here’s a look at what’s coming:

Thursday, August 25 (first pitch 7:05 vs. Nashville Sounds) will be Grit n’ Grind Night. The first 5000 fans get a Grizzlies/Redbirds growl towel and there will be a chance to get it autographed by players.

Thursday is also Choose901 Night, and you can purchase a special ticket that includes a Redbirds Choose901 T-shirt. $21 field box, $24 dugout.

Thursday is also the last all-you-can-eat night, where a special ticket gets you not only a seat, but a buffet in the left field picnic area. $12 bluff, $17 field box, $20 dugout. On the buffet Thursday: tacos.

Bet someone is shouting, “ALEX, LET’S GO TO THE REDBIRDS GAME THURSDAY!” right about now.

Wonder what you do if you want both the Choose901 shirt and the tacos?

Friday, August 26 there will be a special theme ticket that gets you a 2006 World Series Final Out double bobblehead featuring Adam Wainright and Yadier Molina. First pitch vs. Nashville Sounds at 7:05.

Saturday, August 27 will be the final fireworks night of the season. It will also be Teacher Appreciation Night, with a theme ticket getting you a Redbirds teacher T-shirt. (Note: I’ve seen on Twitter that this theme ticket may have sold out.) First 1500 fans in the gate get a Memphis Chicks jersey. First pitch 6:35 vs. Nashville Sounds.

The final home game will be Sunday, August 28 vs. Nashville Sounds with first pitch at 2:05. Big day for the kids: First 2500 kids 12 and under receive an ice cream treat from Prarie Farms. First 1500 kids 12 and under receive a youth replica Matt Carpenter Cardinals jersey.

Sunday is also Bark in the Park Day, where you can purchase a theme ticket for you and your dog to sit in a special area. Theme ticket includes a leash holder with picture frame.

Prediction for Sunday the 28th: The 1501st kid in the gate (and therefore the first to miss the Matt Carpenter jersey) will throw an enormous tantrum and blame his parents for being late and they will have to make an expensive trip to the Redbirds Store to make the little brat shut up.

Y’know what would be kinda cool? High Cotton makes that pooch hooch beer for when they have their dog parties… imagine them teaming up with the Redbirds for Bark in the Park days in 2017. Probably would piss off the big national beer companies that are AutoZone Park’s vendors, though, so don’t look for it to happen.

The weather may force me to change up my routine today. My weekly Farmers Market trip is looking pretty iffy, given that it is going to be a soggy day outside. Bardog at 11 will happen of course, and then a stop at Blind Bear. This evening I will go by Max’s, my “home away from home on the South Side.” At 9 I have a choice to make: Kitty Wompas’ Cat House burlesque show at Bardog, or South Side Supper Club at the Dirty Crow Inn. Both excellent options! This is the last normal weekend before fall festival season starts, so I better get out there and make the most of it.


Friday update #2: Sheep dancing and more

So, I found out why the Memphis Made taproom is closed today: It has been rented out for a wedding reception. Now, I’m not the marrying type in the least, but if I could find a woman who wanted to have her reception in a brewery taproom, damn, that’s potential wife material.

Especially if she wanted to travel to Milwaukee to have the reception in this taproom.

By the way, Memphis Made will have its taproom back open to the public tomorrow, Saturday, August 20, with a free brewery tour at 4, the Gourmade food truck, and Paul “Snowflake” Taylor 6 to 9 PM. Painting with Pints will happen there Sunday, with the Sushi Jimmi food truck outside.

Tickets for Kenny Rogers at the Orpheum (October 7) are now on sale.

After 50 years, Boeing has decided to end production of the 747. As my friend Bob who works at the airport would say, damn.

My friends The South Side Supper Club play The Dirty Crow Inn tomorrow night, Saturday, August 20 9 to midnight.

Jerry Lawler’s on Beale Street will have its grand opening September 2 and 3. Starship featuring former Memphian Mickey Thomas and A Thousand Horses will perform live. In addition to Lawler, “The Boogie Woogie Man” Handsome Jimmy Valiant and “Superstar” Bill Dundee will be on hand, and there will be live wrestling featuring WWE Hall of Famer “The Birdman” Koko B. Ware, Grandmaster Sexay, and “Dangerous” Doug Gilbert.

Miss Cordelia’s, the grocery store on Mud Island, is hiring cashiers, cafe counter positions, and stockers. Must be available weekends and have reliable transportation. Email for an online application, or stop by the store to fill one out in person.

Reason to visit Wales: They have sheep dancing shows there.

Someone has been putting up naked Donald Trump statues around New York City. NYC’s Parks Department issued this statement: “NYC Parks stands firmly against any unpermitted erection in city parks, no matter how small.”

From Business Insider: Every map of Louisiana is a lie. A lot more of it is underwater than what is shown on maps. Anyone who has driven from Memphis to New Orleans knows this well.

U.S. Olympian swimmer Ryan Lochte isn’t getting any help from his mommy explaining away his Rio robbery story. Lochte and another U.S. swimmer have been indicted in Brazil for false reporting. Of course, he’ll probably never go back to the country to stand trial, but I have a special distaste for people who file false police reports, so I hope karma gives Lochte what he deserves one way or another.

If I have any readers who are dinosaur fans, you might want to know that a 2500 pound T.Rex skull has been found in Montana. Beautiful country up there, in Montana. Plus, Jon Tester does a really good job representing that state in the Senate. Sen. Tester turns 60 on Sunday, so happy birthday to him!

That’ll do it for now. Currently undecided on my happy hour spot for today, but I will be out at one of the usuals.

You don’t need no finesse… or no personality… you just need two arms and an attitude, so everybody sing with me!



Morris Day and The Time have been announced for The Cannon Center. They will bring hits like “Jungle Love” and “The Bird” to the stage on Friday, October 28. Growing up in Little Rock, the first year we had cable I used to watch Video Soul with Donnie Simpson on BET all the time. “The Bird” was one of my all-time fave videos.

Job listing: South Main-area firm inferno is looking to hire a PR Account Manager.

Loflin Yard has announced its music lineup for the weekend. They’ve got Earl The Pearl Banks today, John Paul Keith for Saturday, and Tennessee Ripple for Sunday.

The Memphis Flyer reports on the recent makeover the Orpheum got.

From TIME Magazine: How trolls are ruining the Internet. Don’tcha just hate those crazy trolls? This week is the first time I have ever seen the phrase “alt-right,” and I have seen it in about six or seven media sources in a few days.

It’s Boy Scout Night at the Redbirds, with Scouts and their families camping out on the field after the game. Block party before the game with live music. First pitch vs. the Reno Aces at 7:05.

Wishing a very happy 70th birthday to President Bill Clinton.

Thanks to @WooPigBrewey for tweeting this: Why pumpkin beer arrives on the shelves when it’s 100 degrees out

It’s the last call for alcohol

If you ain’t got what you want

You got to get the hell out of here
…. …. …. ….

Thursday update

Good news for movie lovers: Malco expects to have the new movie theater in South Main open in time for the next Star Wars sequel. The theater will go into the building that in the past has been The Powerhouse at Central Station, with a projected opening date of summer 2017.

The Peabody will raffle off a Fireball golf bag and a Michelob Ultra bike at its rooftop party season finale tonight:

Great quote by Maya Angelou (but then, is there such a thing as a not-great quote by the late Dr. Angelou?) that I found yesterday on Twitter: “When somebody shows you who they are, believe them the first time.” This is very true. Hillary Clinton tweeted it about Donald Trump’s campaign shakeup but never mind politics; I have found this principle quite useful in guiding me through my dealings with people.

Baked to Perfection is the theme at the Memphis Farmers Market this Saturday. Most people expect to see fruits and vegetables at a farmers market, but this one also has quiches, breads, cookies, pastries, tarts, and more. The UT College of Pharmacy will be there from 7:30 to noon to answer any questions you have about medicine – bring a list of medications you take and doses. They will also offer free blood pressure checks. Music by MFM Music Director Mark Parsell’s “Fielder’s Choice” from 8:30 to 10 and Tony Maynard 11-12:30. From 9:00 to 11:30 kids can make their own corn fan to stay cool. Also at the market this week, you can get a temporary tattoo and participate in the #LoveMyMarket photo challenge (click the link for more details). The Market runs every Saturday from 7 AM to 1 PM under the pavilion at Front and G.E. Patterson.

The Market, in its weekly email, apologized for the current parking situation. There is a lot of construction going on that has taken away many of the market’s spaces, but when it is over, there will be a beautiful new area. The market organizers advise using the street parking along Front, G.E. Patterson, Georgia, and Carolina. You can also walk, bike, take the trolley, or take the bus there.

There’s an all-you-can-eat buffet ticket for the Redbirds game this evening. Tonight’s special: Wings.

Tickets that include the buffet are $12 bluff, $17 field box, and $20 dugout. You get a free 20 oz. Coca-Cola product included in the price. If you’re a college student, you can sit on the left field bluff for $5 with valid ID (does not include buffet), and there will be $2 domestic drafts at the left field bar. The opponent tonight is the Reno Aces with the first pitch at 7:05.

Very cool: BBQ teams Sweet Swine O’ Mine and Natural Born Grillers are in Louisiana as part of Operation BBQ, putting out 18,000 meals to people affected by the recent flooding.

BreakFest 901, a celebration of breakfast at the Broad Avenue water tower on Saturday, September 24, has announced the participants in its Bloody Mary contest: Babalu, Cafe Ole, Cafe Pontotoc, The Arcade, Silly Goose, Brass Door, and Tart. Hmmm… I may have to hop in a Lyft and get out to BreakFest that day, not only to support the Downtown competitors in Bloody Mary, but because the event benefits Urban Bicycle Food Ministry.

An ordinance has been introduced to decriminalize small amounts of marijuana in Memphis. It would become a civil offense with a fine of $50 to possess or exchange less than half an ounce. Community service as a punishment would also be possible.

University of Tennessee athletic director Dave Hart has announced he will retire next year. Here’s a look back at the legacy he will leave. Ran Cuonzo Martin off, hired a football coach who went 10-14 in the SEC in three seasons, presided over the athletic department at the time during which a Title IX lawsuit claimed a “hostile sexual environment” was tolerated by the department… great job Dave, this kind of leadership hasn’t been seen in our state since R.C. Johnson was AD at Memphis.

Note for fans of the Memphis Made taproom: They will be closed tomorrow, Friday, August 19, for a private event.

That’s all for now. Possibly a second post after work, then will be Goosin’ it for happy hour.

Wed update: Big event coming to AutoZone Park and more

There will be a big event called Exposure on 901 Day at AutoZone Park from 6 to 9 PM Thursday, September 1. Come out and be exposed to all that is good about Memphis. Learn about over 150 organizations, find some hidden gems, watch a local celebrity kickball game, eat and drink, learn about ways you can give back to our city. Appropriately enough for such an independent-minded city, Independence Bank is the sponsor. Sounds like fun. I WILL go to this (sorry Jess, you’ll have to do without me at the Goose that night) and will soak up as much information to blog about as I can in the three hours allotted. If your organization wants me to stop by your booth on 9/01, shoot me an email at and I will come by.

The Redbirds will play a doubleheader tonight, with the first game starting at 6:05. If you had a ticket for last night’s game, you can exchange it for a ticket for tonight. Tickets for tonight include both games.

This could be really useful for those who travel: Open Hotel Alert lets you know via text or email when a previously booked-up hotel has a room become available.

Check out this Local Memphis Live interview with Kitty Wompas and Bardog owner Aldo. They discuss the Breakway-Bardog 5K, the Monroe Fest, and Kitty’s head shaving on Sunday, August 28 which they hope will raise a big ol’ pile of money for the children being treated at St. Jude.

SNOZberry returns to Beale Street Friday, August 26. They will play Club 152 from 7 to 11 that evening.

RIP John McLaughlin, longtime host of McLaughlin Group on PBS. The show featured lively debate – and at times flat-out argument – among the liberal and conservative members of his panel. I watched the show every Friday night in the late ’80s and early ’90s to stay on top of the issues of the day. Panelist Eleanor Swift wrote up her memories of McLaughlin.

The Double Your Dollars gift card sale is happening today at both Kooky Canuck locations.

The Downtown Huey’s is once again open, renovations having been completed.

Also with renovations having been completed, the Summer Movie Series returns to the Orpheum this Friday, August 19, with 1978’s Grease starring John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John shown on the big screen at 7. Come early at 6, because Memphis Grizzlies mascot Grizz will be there, as will the Grizz Girls. There will be a Grizzlies swag toss from the stage prior to the showing of the movie.

From statistics site FiveThirtyEight: How much space does a fart take up in your body? I would think this is the stupidest topic they will report on today, but then I remember they will probably be covering a Donald Trump speech sometime this afternoon.

Jess may have to do without me at the Silly Goose on 9/01, but not tonight. I will be there for happy hour, possibly after publishing another post.