Tuesday update

Sorry for no post yesterday. It’s been a slow news week.

Grizzlies host the Chicago Bulls tonight at 7. TV: Bally Sports South

The Brooklyn Nets’ star point guard Kyrie Irving has been traded to the Dallas Mavericks. That’s not good for Memphis because Dallas is in our division. Now we’ll play against Kyrie more often.

OH DEAR GOD… King Willie has joined the race for Memphis mayor. Strickland is term limited and can’t run again. Herenton is 2 years older than Joe Biden.

Speaking of the president, he gives his State of the Union speech tonight.

Cocozza made an interesting announcement yesterday:

Cin! Cin! Our very first Aperitivo Hour has begun! Try one of our Bar Snacks like our Antipasti Panino pictured here. Coppa, asiago, grilled eggplant, roasted red peppers on grille focaccia. Delish! Just $3.

$6 Scarpetta Wines $4 Perionis $8 Spritz Special Bar Snacks $3 each or 4 for $10

I’m gonna find out if the Apertivo Hour is an everyday thing, a Monday thing, or a one-off. Check back for updates.

Rain is in the forecast this afternoon and evening but it’ll be warm. High 68, low 48. Both of those are almost 15 degrees above normal.

They paved paradise and put up a parking lot. RIP (for now), Grand Hyatt.

That’s it. Back tomorrow if it’s not another slow news day.

Sunday update

So, this happened yesterday.

The girl I alternately call “my bratty but adorable adopted lil sis” and “Butt Slut #1” had her birthday on Wednesday. Our friends Randy and Theresa brought her a birthday cake to Bardog yesterday. It was a strawberry cake decorated with 5 roses the colors of her team the Dallas Cowboys. (ugh)

I’ve been teasing Butt Slut #1 relentlessly the past two days, some of it bordering on crossing the line. So she paid me back by picking up a rose off the cake and smooshing it all over my face. For the next 3 hours I wore the icing like a badge of honor.

Speaking of butt sluts: There is now a Butt Slut cocktail at the Blind Bear. It consists of

  • Peach moonshine
  • Blackberry moonshine
  • Fireball
  • Jameson Orange
  • Topped with a cherry

Not sure of the proportions or the price. Maddie invented it, so I’d recommend having her make it if possible.

On a related note: I must admit I’ve always been a tad jealous of my “DAWG” John D because for a decade, he had an item named after him on the Majestic’s now-defunct brunch menu. John D’s Breakfast was just your basic breakfast – eggs, bacon, sausage, toast, and potatoes if I remember correctly.

Well, guess what.

I’m about to have a menu item at Blind Bear.

They’re overhauling their menu soon. Jeannette texted me the new menu and asked me to pick an item. She suggested the meatloaf sandwich. I love meatloaf so that was an easy yes. I’ve had a poker table (Paul’s Blue Ribbon Table) named after me since day one.

Now let’s talk Tigers.

It’s so frustrating. Whether Penny or Tubby or Pastner is the coach, these kids jack up bad attempts at the 3 first chance they get. Work together, guys. Drive the ball inside and lay it up for an easy 2. Draw a foul, get to the line, earn that 3rd point the old-fashioned way.

The Tigers lost to Tulane 90-89 in overtime, a game they should have easily won. Memphis is gonna find itself on the wrong side of the NCAA bubble if it keeps this up.

The Pro Bowl Games are the Downtown Olympics of the NFL. That’s not a compliment. All they need is a sixty year old emcee in a bad tux and a female head referee with a 3-ring binder.

It’s National Fart Day.

Don Bryant and the Bo-Keys play the Halloran Centre Friday.

Protesters blocked the intersection of Poplar and Danny Thomas for more than 8 hours yesterday to demand justice for Tyre Nichols.

The U.S. shot down a suspected Chinese spy balloon off the Carolina coast.

The Grizzlies host the Toronto Raptors at 6. Tonight is Faith & Family Night at the arena. TV: Bally Sports South

Collage Dance Collective: RISE is at the Cannon Center today. The dance performance is set to Dr. King’s final public speech.

Hey y’all want a bonus Butt Slut #1 pic?

This is the Hibernation Okra she ordered Friday at Blind Bear. All the toppings they put on Hibernation Fries but with okra instead.

That’ll do it for today. Mondays are typically slow news days so I may take tomorrow off.

Saturday update

Congratulations to Ja Morant and Jaren Jackson Jr., who made the NBA All-Star roster as reserves!

In other NBA news, LeBron James will most likely surpass Kareem as the NBA’s all-time leading scorer next week. Might want to keep an eye on Lakers games.

The Blind Bear should have a secret menu like In-N-Out Burger. In a sense one item is already on that menu. You’re probably familiar with regular-menu item Hibernation Fries. They’re covered in beef and melted pepper jack cheese and tomatoes and green onions. All kinds of good stuff.

Well, last night I was sitting at the bar with Butt Slut #1. She ordered Hibernation OKRA – same dish, but with okra. I had a few bites. It was really good.

“During the pandemic, I hibernated everything on the menu,” Butt Slut #1 explained. “The okra worked out the best.”

I’m just gonna quote my friend B-RAD on what is happening at IBIS for Sunday brunch, in the former Pontotoc Lounge space:

Come join us Sunday ! Brunch cocktail menu ( espresso martinis, peach Bellini , sparking rose lavender lemonade, Irish coffee , bloody Mary’s and bottle service mimosa or sparkling rose ! David Ingle with light music . Hope to see you all and thank you for your support .

Bardog is doing an open bar and buffet on Valentine’s:

  • Lobster bisque
  • Chicken tenders
  • Caesar salad
  • Fried calamari
  • Grilled salmon slicing station
  • Prime rib carving station
  • Brownie cheesecake
  • Chocolate-covered strawberries

$120 per person, tax & tip included.

Dillon Brooks has been suspended for one game.

Good day to visit the Peabody gift shop: it’s National Quacker Day.

All right. My Saturday morning just got expedited, so I gotta go. Back tomorrow.

That’s what it’s all about

No, not the hokey pokey.

Yesterday we spent the day showing a dear friend how incredibly loved she is on her birthday. I know that feeling well, because I’ve experienced it myself many times. Except, for me, the experience comes in November and on much higher numbered birthdays.

And that’s the thing that sets Downtown Memphis apart from any other neighborhood in the world.

No offense to the Grizzlies or the Orpheum or the Civil Rights Museum or Downtown’s BBQ restaurants – all awesome organizations – but it isn’t you that sets Downtown apart.

It’s the PEOPLE.

There’s this vibe of connectedness down here that just doesn’t exist anywhere else, at least not that I’ve seen. It is so easy to meet people and get plugged into that vibe.

Know what I need to post one day on here? A letter from Current Me to 32-year-old introverted me who just moved Downtown on how to plug into this awesome community in 2023.

Very happy to look at the Weatherbug app on my MacBook’s system tray and see a temperature of 33. We’ve had enough ice for a while.

The Grizzlies fell 122-112 to Portland at home last night. They hit the road to play Cleveland tonight at 6:30. Tha NBA trade deadline is a week from today. Will Memphis make a move?

FedExForum announced that the March 10 Future & Friends Tour stop there is no longer happening due to circumstances beyond their control.

Downtown bartenders: There’s a man who’s been running up huge tabs (100 or more) and then “his credit card doesn’t work” and he can’t pay. I heard him say he was 58 but I woulda guessed 60s. 5’8″ or so, thin frame, glasses, balding, gray hair where he has it. Pre-auth his card before you serve him anything.

Who cares if a stupid brown rodent sees its shadow today? We have more important things to celebrate. It’s Tater Tot Day. Get ’em at Huey’s.

Holy crap the Saucer has carne asada fries!!! Why has nobody told me this?

The fried pickle chips with Sriracha ranch at Blind Bear are amazing. $5.

OH — that reminds me – the aforementioned birthday girl informed me she hates pickles even more than she hates condiments like mustard and mayonnaise. You realize you shouldn’t have told me that? You realize, at some point in the future, I’m gonna force-feed you a pickle chip, right?

Tom Brady retired yesterday.

Cheers to Chef Tam for feeding the Nichols family following Tyre’s funeral.

Be one of the first 1000 people through FedExForum’s gate Saturday for the Tigers game vs. Tulane and receive a Larry Finch bobblehead. It’s also Lorenzen Wright jersey retirement. 1 PM tip. TV: ESPNU

That’s it for now. Gonna go enjoy another snow (ice) day. Back tomorrow.

Snow day (ice day???) update

So, let’s say I’d gone to a gypsy fortune teller on August 1, 2022. And she’d told me, “Paul, you’ve been an only child for fifty-plus years. But in six months’ time you’re gonna have a little sister.”

I would have said, “Go home, gypsy, you’re drunk.”

But now I have (an adopted) little sister. And I love her very much. And today’s her birthday.

Happy 29th little sis. There’s another name I call you on this blog but I won’t use it today because I worry your dad might see this post. I hope you win a 600-pound jar of mustard at The Price Is Right Live two months from today.

Vice-President Kamala Harris will be in town today for Tyre Nichols’ funeral.

Portland TrailBlazers @ the Grizzlies tonight, 6 PM. TV is Bally Sports South.

Today is Hula in the Coola Day.

Summer League sensation Kenneth Lofton Jr. has made the NBA Rising Stars game as a G League star. Former Tiger Jalen Duren has made the game as well.

The Ice Storm Warning has been extended another day.

The dodo, extinct since the late 17th century, might soon be de-extincted.

There will be a Lady & the Tramp cookie decorating party at Primas this Sunday.

That’s all the news I could scrounge up for today. It’s a snow day (ice day) and you know what that means for me: BARDOG!!!!! I sure hope WordPress doesn’t mangle the photo and embed in this post. Back tomorrow with more news

Tuesday update

All right, folks. Let’s see how well you know me. It’s 29 and wet outside. What footwear am I gonna wear when I go out today?

a) A pair of rubber winter boots
b) Sneakers with thick soles to handle slippery surfaces
c) A pair of slide sandals with a hole in them

But seriously, folks, winter weather will be an issue today. Follow @memphisweather1 on Twitter for updates.

Whose company has already announced it will be closed for the day? And if so, who’s going to Bardog this morning? $2 Fireball when it’s snowing and we turn The Price Is Right on at 10, sometimes with sound.

Blind Bear experimented with a couple of dishes yesterday, fried pickles and meatloaf. Jeannette indicated she wants to take the place back toward more of a classic bar menu. I like that idea.

New shot: The Angry Ball. It’s part Angry Orchard, part Fireball.

Today is Brandy Alexander Day. The lobby bar at the Peabody makes a good one. I drank one with my friend Terance (RIP) there on Christmas Eve 2004.

Check out Good Morning America tomorrow for a segment with Alcenia’s owner B.J. Chester-Tamayo.

RIP Cindy Williams AKA Shirley from Laverne & Shirley.

An emergency warming center is open at 190 Mill in The Pinch.

There will be country music bingo at STIX on February 9.

That’s it for this post. Tomorrow will be a day to celebrate, so check back.

Monday update


There was a Tigers game that came on at 4 and a Grizzlies game that came on at 5. But people wouldn’t let us turn either of the bar TVs to those games because the stupid San Fran 49ers were playing the stupid Philadelphia Eagles.

By the time the Grizzlies started, it was obvious Philly had the game in the bag. But NO we couldn’t change the channel.

I shoulda gone to Max’s Sports Bar. Wouldn’t have been a problem there.

Blind Bear news: Mama Bear herself will be tending bar 3 to 7 today. Come see her. $5 dos tacos, chicken or beef. Also it’s Moonshine Monday with many flavors available for $5.

New moonshine shot: The Clorox. You’ve heard of the bleach, which is half blackberry, half peach. The Clorox is the bleach topped off with a dash of 128-proof Blue Flame moonshine.

Recommendation to my readers: Don’t go to The Gold Club and get blackout drunk then go down the street and get matching “STAY WILD” tattoos on your butt with another dude.

There’s a Memphis Pickle Fest at Jerry Lee’s on Beale on February 25.

Get the 2023 Memphis Redbirds jersey giveaways without standing in long lines.

It’s Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day.

The Tigers have moved up to Last Four Byes in Joe Lunardi’s Bracketology. They are the 7th last team projected in the field for the Big Dance.

The Flyer’s Michael Donahue has an article about Chef Jake Behnke at IBIS.

The CA has a look at the International Blues Challenge winners.

That’ll do it for today. I sure hope this publishes without WordPress errors.

Wednesday update

So I gotta start with a story about my boy Coyote.

He showed up at the Blind Bear at 7 last night ready for business. Black dress shirt, black belt, black slacks, black shoes. He was totally ready to rock that Wednesday shift.

Except it was Tuesday.

He had the night off.

Gray Canary is closing. You have until the end of the week to get by there.

Danny Green has targeted February 1 for his debut. He’s been out injured since the Grizzlies acquired him via trade 8 months ago.

Grizz center Steven Adams will be out 3-5 weeks with a knee sprain. Will we see JJJ get minutes at the 5 in his absence?

The Grizz play Golden State at 9 tonight, nationally televised on ESPN. The Warriors’ James Wiseman is expected to return from injury tonight.

Cow therapy is a thing.

Loflin Yard is holding a Super Bowl party on February 12. Squares game with monetary prizes each quarter. $16 local beer buckets.

Belz has announced that part of Pembroke Square, currently office space, will be converted into apartments.

Stock & Belle is having a Galentine’s Day party Saturday, February 11 noon to 4. $25 ticket includes a 25% off coupon that can be used in store.

Today is Irish Coffee Day. Come join me at Bardog and let Allie Cat make you one.

The Shelby County clerk’s Downtown office will be closed for motor vehicle registrations and titles this week and next. You’re doing a great job serving the public, Wanda!

St. Jude has added a new Family Commons space away from treatment and staff.

Wiseacre Downtown is having a Blues and Bleus, and Brews bleu cheese and beer pairing Saturday. $25. Limited space, so make a reservation.

The International Blues Challenge is happening on and around Beale Street this week.

And that’s it for today. Back tomorrow with more news.