Early afternoon good music alert and Sunday news

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May 242015

Quick time-sensitive post that is a good music alert. Bluesman Eric Hughes will be performing at Central BBQ Downtown today from noon to 3. If you want to start off your day with some excellent music, that is absolutely what I recommend.

I had one of the new steamed hot sandwiches from Max’s Sports Bar Friday night. Well, okay, I didn’t order one, but Michele gave me a piece of her sandwich. DAMN that was good. Max’s was never a food destination until they got that sandwich bar, but it is now. Give one a try if you haven’t already.

The Majestic Grille is having a paella patio party on June 9 in the next of its 10 ’til 10 series. I love paella! Anyone want to go?

So there’s a margarita festival on June 27 in Overton Park and a tamale festival not far away same date, practically the same time. Anyone else think a shuttle between the two would be a great idea? Do the people who run Ride the Roo read my blog?

The Weekend at Porky’s BBQ team is missing their team flag. If anyone has seen it email me at and I will arrange to get it back to them.

Bonus Panda time: Panda is working a double at Bardog on Memorial Day, 8 AM to 8 PM. Come see her. If you work Saturday day shift and don’t get any Panda time, this is your chance.

A few of us checked out Tin Roof yesterday afternoon. Here are a few pics.

2015-05-23 16.14.18
2015-05-23 16.14.39


2015-05-23 16.22.16


2015-05-23 16.15.15


2015-05-23 16.51.10

First time I have ever had “totchos,” tater tots covered with toppings as though they were nachos. I must say, I am a fan. I will very likely go back for these.

2015-05-24 00.01.58

Much later, at Blind Bear. Anna Carrie (Hope I spelled that right; in glasses) is a teacher and just started her 8-week summer vacation. I must admit I am rather jealous. I miss the schedule of teaching.

D-RANKS with B-RAD at 11 AM. A Sunday with no Monday behind it is going to be a very fun day.

Question for my readers

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May 232015

Rare post from my phone. Damn the WordPress iPhone app has gotten super awesome since the last time I posted this way. Otto please pass my compliments on to the team. 

So, I’m not doing Tube Top Month this year. But I like to have fun on this blog and try new and interesting things. 

If I were to replace Tube Top Month with something else for one year only, original time frame (June only, not expanded), what would you recommend? Not at all restricted to women’s clothing items. Anything goes. Think as far out of the box as you want. 

Email your ideas to I want to have some fun and turn over new leaves on here. I appreciate your suggestions. 

Reuben egg rolls @ South of Beale

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May 232015

2015-05-22 22.11.39

Yesterday I got off work a bit early. With most of my crew out of town, I decided to change things up and lead off at Max’s Sports Bar. About 6 PBRs and 3 Fireballs later, I decided it was time to make the trip back north. As I passed South of Beale I looked in the window, and saw Kaylea behind the bar. Kaylea used to work at Blind Bear and is one of my favorite people to harass. There were open bar seats, so I went in. I was just going to have a beer, but then I realized SOB has one of the best food menus in town and I should have a little something to eat.

I got the Reuben egg rolls, a take on the Reuben sandwich but as an egg roll. Corned beef, sauerkraut and Swiss cheese rolled up and fried, and served with a generous portion of SOB’s homemade Thousand Island. Yummy and exactly what I needed to keep going for another couple of hours. If you’re a fan of the sandwich, or of egg rolls, give them a try.

You know, there are a lot of different takes on egg rolls Downtown. SOB does the Reuben egg rolls… the Blue Monkey has its hot wing egg rolls… the Majestic has Cajun chicken egg rolls… Kooky Canuck has Asian BBQ egg rolls… and Yao’s has, well, egg rolls. Maybe we should organize an egg roll fest… heck, there’s a festival in Memphis for nearly every other kind of food.

I really enjoy being in South of Beale and wish I got in there more often. I feel the same comfort level there that I do in the bars I call my “Big Five” (Bardog/Bear/Saucer/Goose/Max’s). It’s just that when I want to hang out in the Downtown core, it’s slightly out of the way, and when I decide to head south, I tend to go all the way to Max’s (or this month, the brewery). SOB is a great place run by great people and needs to be on my radar more.

Definitely a high point in what has been mostly a crap week for me. However, the weekend is here and I am going to make the most of it. Hitting the usual place at 11 then I will see how I feel about getting out to Overton Square.

Cornhole tournament coming up in June plus more Friday news

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May 222015

The first annual Main Street cornhole tournament will happen Saturday, June 13 from 6 to 10 PM. It will benefit the Life is Good Kids Foundation and will be held outside the Life is Good store on the Main Street Mall. Music by Look Left Entertainment. Teams have until June 1 to register.

Next time you walk down the Main Street Mall, notice the new lights that have been installed. It’s part of the Main-to-Main project.

Have you tried the recently-returned Goldcrest 51 beer? It’s on tap at Bardog now.

New live music joint Tin Roof is on Twitter if you want to give them a follow.

Here’s a story on the great work St. Patrick’s does feeding those in need. They feed not only the homeless, but those who have a place to live but not enough money to eat. The 38126 zip code just east of Downtown is one of the poorest in the country.

Hungry Memphis gave Uncle Buck’s Fish Bowl in Bass Pro at the Pyramid a try.

Last night a few of the BBQ team members had dranks at the Silly Goose. The team vice-president, the head cook, and “Mr. Load-in” were there. We were discussing how well the team did this year. Having core members of the team take over the cooking was a great decision. We’ve always been known as a party team (and have no plans to change that) but we now see ourselves as an up-and-coming team in the kitchen. I was SO EXCITED to hear the team leaders talk about entering some regional BBQ competitions to get practice, They also talked about sending some people to judging school, to find out exactly what the judges look for. I have wanted us to do those kinds of things for YEARS. The Moody Ques are going to roll into 2016 stronger than ever!

Weird weekend. Many of the gang I hang out with are on their way out of town for a canoe trip. I’m going to be by myself for the most part, so maybe I’ll change things up a bit. Perhaps I will hop a Lyft to Midtown and check out the Overton Square 45th anniversary party or Roundhouse Revival tomorrow. We shall see. My plans for tonight are undecided as of yet, but believe me, I will be out.

Tube Top Month: I have made my decision

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May 212015

Early Monday I posted a “Should I keep Tube Top Month for 2015, or kill it?” post. I have since taken it down because I felt it was too personal, too deep a gaze into my soul, although it was a fantastic piece of writing. In the day and a half it was up, I got many responses.

Oddly, the majority of those responses were neither “keep it” or “kill it.” Most responses were along the lines of, “I think you should do whatever YOU feel in your heart is right, and by the way I really enjoy your writing.” A few of them said, “I not only enjoy your writing, but I also enjoy you as a person apart from your blog.” Thank you. Those words meant a lot to me.

Of those who picked a side, there were more on the side of “keep it” than there were “kill it.” That made me happy. I am proud of the fact that I invented Tube Top Month, and kept it going 10 years.

However, this year I’m just not feelin’ it. One of my favorite marketing authors, Scott Stratten, once said, “If you can’t publish AWESOME content, don’t publish any content at all. It’s better to be silent than to be boring.” I just don’t feel like I could do an awesome job with Tube Top Month this year, especially in its expanded 40+ day format. I need to be in a certain kind of mood to rock a concept like Tube Top Month for that long, and this year my mood is just not there.

Sorry, guys. I’m not saying it’s gone forever. I may bring it back in 2016.

But for now,


Tube Top Month


Thursday news

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May 212015

The All-NBA first team has been announced, and look who’s on it: Stephen Curry, James Harden, LeBron James, Anthony Davis and Marc Gasol. CONGRATULATIONS MARC!!!!! Gasol is no longer in the shadow of other centers who tend to draw more attention, such as Dwight Howard and Boogie Cousins.

Bruce V from the Memphis Flyer has a very interesting editorial column: Third Street is not the street we should name for B.B. King; Riverside Drive is. “If Memphis is going to have a B.B. King Boulevard, let’s do it up right.”

Speaking of B.B. King, plans have been made for a final tribute to him on Beale Street. It will happen Wednesday, May 27. From 11 AM to 12:30 PM there will be a musical tribute to B.B. in Handy Park. At 12:45 there will be a processional on Beale, beginning at Second and going east on Beale then turning right on Third.

The Molly Ringwalds headline the Peabody rooftop party tonight. Admission is $10 and includes a Creole buffet. Doors at 6, ladies free until 7.

Help a Downtown business win some small business grant money: Go here to vote for Downtown Candle Company.

Dr. Herman Green’s 85th birthday party is Sunday night at Blues City Cafe. Dr. Green has performed on Beale Street since the 1940s and currently performs with FreeWorld.

Tin Roof on Beale, a new live music joint, is officially open as of today.

That’s the news for today. I’ll be out at the usual spots after work.

Thank goodness for Gloria Gaynor

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May 202015

Last night I stopped by the Flying Saucer around 9:30. There is trivia there on Tuesdays at 7:30 and 10. Graham who runs the event was running short on people to play the late game, so he asked me to do him a favor and join the late game as a team of one. I haven’t played trivia at the Saucer since 2012, but I figured, why not? After all, I won as a team of one back in 2005, and that win led me to invite two of my neighbors, the beginning of the legendary Rapscallions team that is probably the all-time money leader at the Saucer. Let’s see how I did:

Photo May 19, 10 18 45 PM


Photo May 19, 10 38 21 PM

After question 15 (of 30, three rounds of 10) I saw no need to continue. There were a ton of movie questions and that is my weak subject.

Congratulations to Memphis Grizzlies forward Tony Allen, who has earned a place on the NBA All-Defensive First Team for the third time in his career.

There will be an International Ceviche Competition at Cafe Keough Sunday, June 7. Celebrity chefs from all over the city will compete to see who can create the best ceviche, a raw fish dish prepared with lemon or lime and spiced peppers. Having lived in San Diego where it was served at damn near every restaurant, I can tell you it is GOOD if you have never tried it. Admission is $15 and along with ceviche sampling, you get live music and drink specials. Part of the proceeds benefit Church Health Center.

There was a media sampling of Capriccio’s new modern Southern comfort lunch menu yesterday. That’s comfort food inspired by the South, not food made with the alcoholic beverage Southern Comfort, although that would be a good menu too. I didn’t make it to the tasting due to my job in Horn Lake, but Holly did and she has lots of good photos.

I worked from home this afternoon, so I am out a bit early today. Time for a PBR!

Tuesday news

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May 192015

Short post today. If there’s news to report, I haven’t seen it.

If anyone is looking for a job, MLGW tweeted that ABC Trimming is hiring. $13.60 an hour, no experience needed.

If you want to play “Are you smarter than a 5th grader?”, you can Wednesday night at Tamp & Tap at 7 and Thursday night at Green Beetle at 8. Trivia hosted by Kevin Cerrito.

WREG has a story about the cleanup after BBQ Fest.

Kinky Boots kicks off at the Orpheum tonight at 7:30.

If the weather stays nice, I’m kind of in the mood for a walk to South Main, so I think I will lead off at Max’s Sports Bar this evening. Will probably get there a few minutes before 6 if anyone wants to join.

A few thank-yous and a Monday update

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May 182015

Before I begin what little news we have, a few thank-yous:

First of all, I don’t know why I never think to say this every year, but thank you to Memphis in May. Your employees, volunteers, and ambassadors make it possible for me to have my spring break on the river every year. I could go a lot of places for my vacation, but no place beats BBQ Fest. I truly appreciate all that you do.

Secondly, thank you to my team leaders Moody, Clay, Win, Frank and Brent, as well as our cookteam, and Travis from Holliday Flowers. Thanks to you I have a home on the river and I appreciate your hard work. The team was well-fed and happy. Great year.

Also, to those of you who have responded to my “Should we keep Tube Top Month?” post, thank you. You have given me some very nice comments, and a couple of people have told me that it is amazing that I can do a crazy, wild BBQ Fest post full of drunk pics, and then come back 18 hours later and write such a thoughtful and introspective post. I am still completely undecided on whether it will stay or it will go.

Oh by the way, my A/C will be out for a couple more days, so who knows, there might be a post early tomorrow morning too.

The final Memphis in May event, Sunset Symphony, is this Saturday, May 23. For those of you who are new to the city, you can bring blankets and coolers and enjoy your own food and beverages, or buy from vendors. There is live music all day long, closing with a Symphony performance along with fireworks. Great event to attend with friends, great event to bring the family, great event to go on a date. By far the most laid-back of the three big Memphis in May events. It is also the last year for Sunset Symphony, which will be replaced with another event next year. Read the FAQ for a list of items you can and cannot bring in.

A movement is underway to rename Third Street to B.B. King Boulevard. Third would be renamed from Chelsea to the Mississippi state line, much like Bellevue was renamed Elvis Presley Boulevard back in the 1980s.

Bella Cafe is opening a second location Downtown. That’s the restaurant in the Pink Palace.

Nice Daily News article about Quench, the wine, cheese and flower shop coming to Downtown.

Home from work. Not too bad a Monday other than the A/C news and stepping in goose droppings. Time for a beer in an air-conditioned bar.

BBQ Fest 2/3: Friday and Saturday

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May 172015

Sorry, I was just too exhausted to do a post yesterday.


Sea bass, our entry in the seafood ancillary.










I tried to kiss Randi a few seconds after this photo was taken. That didn’t go very well.






Our second-place Best Booth trophy.



Flip cup on the judging table


Larry and Linda



Here are the winners. I don’t yet know how my team finished but I should find out today.

Sad to see Squeal Street BBQ didn’t make the top 3. We joke around with those guys a lot but they are very much our sibling team and we want them to do well. They have taught us a lot over the years.

About 8 last night I walked out of the booth and headed north to meet my friends at Silly Goose. As I walked past the rib teams, I spotted a brunette who I have a bit of a crush on. She was doing stuff on her phone so I didn’t stop and chat, but I looked around and thought to myself, “She has a really awesome group of friends. I wish I knew them.”

As I walked past more rib booths, I thought, “There’s really no more reliable way to gauge how awesome a person is than by looking at who their friends are.”

Then I got out my phone and pulled up this photo, taken by one of my teammates right after judging:


And I smiled. These are the people I have the privilege to hang out with on a regular basis. Every last one of these people is awesome.

I guess I must be pretty awesome too.

This has been BBQ Fest 2015.