Mon update: Rockers for Paws, calendar night at the Saucer

This isn’t a Downtown event, but one of my BBQ teammates is coordinating it and it’s for a good cause… Rockers for Paws Sunday afternoon/evening at Neil’s, at the corner of Madison and McLean, benefiting the Humane Society of Memphis and Shelby County. 3 PM to 2 AM, $10 admission at the door. Featuring Rusty Lemmon, R.T. Scott, Jimmy Hudson Band, The Vynals, Jeremiah Tucker, Deuces Wild, Sister of Lisa, Joecephus & the George Jonestown Massacre, Katie Gammel, Rebecca Almond with Brandon McGovern, Failure to Stop, and Late Comedy by TR.

If you’re a UFO Club member at the Flying Saucer, be sure to stop by tonight for their calendar giveaway, which goes from 6 PM until they run out. The member with the most plates on the wall (he just finished his 12th) was invited to pose for one of the calendar month’s pics with a few of the Saucer girls. He told me that the pics that were taken are pretty hot. Can’t wait to see them. They’re free to UFO members, 1 per member.

Of course, it’s also Pint Nite, with most drafts $2.75. Looking forward to a wonderful night with mild weather, cold beer, and interesting, uninterrupted conversation at the Saucer.

Eye in the sky

MPD has installed a mobile camera unit at the southwestern entrance to Court Square on the Main Street Mall.  Two cameras about 20 feet in the air record everything that goes on.

Glad to see the cameras there… for years the panhandlers have bought liquor or beer, sat in the park and drank, and then argued, fought, cussed each other loudly, bothered passersby… and then panhandled enough money for their next drink.  Wash, rinse, repeat.  Not a good “welcome to Memphis” for guests of the two hotels on the other side of Main Street.  With the cameras there, the panhandlers will hopefully be on their best behavior.  The camera is equipped with flashing blue lights in case they don’t get the point that it’s police equipment.

Republic opens tonight

I mentioned it in the last post, but for those of you who didn’t scroll through all the pics of the Nuh-Uh Girl eating to see it, Republic Nightclub opens tonight.  They’re in the former EP’s space, and word is it will be the type of club you see in Miami, L.A., etc. with celebrities, fashion shows, rock stars.  I’ll likely stop by there at some point tonight to check it out.

Photos from the past two days

Time to post some pics… but before I do, I have a recommendation.  If you have an iPhone and have not updated your Facebook app, do so immediately.  The new version feels like the real Facebook… news feed is the same as the real site, and now I can view events and guest lists.  Much much much better.

Okay, let’s start with a couple of pics from the anniversary party at Circa Thursday night.


Here’s a pic of the Nuh-Uh Girl and the Nuh-Uh Sister eating.


Here’s another pic of the Nuh-Uh Girl eating.

And now, on to Trolley Tour pics…


Billy on his new scooter.  He says it will go 100 mph.




The two Lauras had tube top dresses on.


Misty had a tube top on.  Cornhole was bookended by an orange VW Bus and a green VW Bus.


Kacy and me.  Note that Kacy has a tube top dress on, and I’m drinking a PBR.


Trolley tour was absolutely packed this month.  Here you can see people milling around the art galleries on South Main.


On the other side of the street, a crowd gathered to listen to live music.


The Sheltons at Trolley Tour.  Tom got to meet my mother yesterday over the phone, when she called in to Shelton Clothiers to order a 38103 trolley polo shirt.

Got a friend’s plate party at the Saucer tonight.  Tonight is also the grand opening of Republic Nightclub in the former EP’s space.  May stop by at some point later in the evening and check that out.

Friday update

First of all, a huge THANK YOU to John Bragg for a wonderful time at Circa’s 2nd anniversary party last night. The food was marvelous – seared tuna, salmon with egg, onions, and capers, Kobe beef sliders, fried olives, crab cakes, crawfish beignets, and a few more dishes that I can’t remember. I saw one guy fork up some of the egg on the salmon platter and use it to top his Kobe slider. He gets an A+ for improvised culinary skills.

Good beer too… I tried the New Belgium Hoptoberfest that they had on tap. Three cups and I was feeling no pain. The beer was served in Ques Brothers cups – a nice touch!

A video was shown about Help the Least of These, a charity that helps the extreme poor in Africa. This morning Circa tweeted that they raised over $4,000 for the organization.

While there, I talked to Uncle Ray, who told me that earlier in the day there had been 6 or 7 police cars outside Walgreens, and people were spreading the incorrect rumor that someone had been waving a gun around inside the store. Ray saw the owner of the shoe store across the street laughing, and asked what was really going on. “A bum walked in the store and saw a mop bucket in the middle of an empty aisle,” he was told. “So he took a pee in it. That’s why the police were called.” You gotta love Downtown Memphis. You don’t hear these kinds of stories in Collierville.

Rob Blackledge and Native Son play the Saucer tonight at 9:30. You may remember Native Son as the regular Wednesday night band from a few years back. I served on MPACT Memphis’ board with the band’s leader, Wayne LeeLoy, several years ago.

Speaking of MPACT – they’ll be one of many businesses that will open their doors for the South Main Trolley Art Tour tonight. Many of the galleries and shops will serve free beverages and hors d’oeuvres. Free food? Wonder if the Nuh-Uh Girl will show up.

The Red Rooster is starting a night called “Sunday Night Ritual” beginning Sunday, September 13. It will feature Memphis’ best electronic DJs battling, with $5 pitchers, $10 Red Bull Wingmans, and $3 weekly specials.

Kooky Canuck will have a Back to School Bash next Thursday, September 3. $2 34 oz. Coors Light and drink specials.

Date correction: The High Class, Low Key cigar event on the rooftop of the Madison is scheduled for Tuesday, September 8. I’d previously reported it as being on the 7th.

Today in Time Magazine: Makin’ Bacon: Foodies Are Going Hog Wild Over Pig. Attn health guru AL: Note that the article did NOT say, foodies are going wild over tofu.

Speaking of bacon – check out the bacon-wrapped bananas at Automatic Slim’s. Everything’s better with bacon!

I had no idea this restaurant existed: Deja Vu, “New Orleans Creole Soul Food and Vegetarian.” It’s on Florida just south of Crump, out of walking range for most Downtowners but reachable on a bike.

Also in the CA today: Check out this article on Sneak Peek, a new urban sneaker store in the South Main Arts District.

Also in the CA: Class A office space ready for leasing at Court Square Center. Set up your company in the classic Lincoln-American Tower or Lowenstein Building, or in the brand new CA2 building.

I’ll be at Trolley Tour tonight – not sure where I’ll end up afterward.  See ya down there!

Lots going on tonight

Lots going on tonight. Here’s a quick summary.

It’s Circa’s second anniversary party. From 6 to 8 they’ll have a reception in the atrium with music, and free wine, beer, and food. At 8 they will have a special dinner with proceeds to benefit Help the Least of These, a charity that helps the poorest people in Africa.

Bravo Memphis has their season opener tonight with a block party at Main and Huling – food, beer, wine, music, and the opportunity to learn about Bravo’s 2009-10 arts season with monthly networking and visits to different arts events. Open to the public. If you’re a young professional into the arts you should check this out.

Tonight is the mayoral debate on Channel 5. If you’re an AC Wharton supporter, there will be a Wharton watch party at Cafe Beignet on GE Patterson beginning at 6 PM.

The PRSSA is having a mixer on the rooftop of Pembroke Square tonight. Food, beer, wine. Anyone in PR, advertising, or marketing is invited to attend.

Elmo and the Shades play the Madison rooftop tonight. It opens at 5:30, $7 cover, cash bar and tapas menu.

Ladies get in free all night at the Red Rooster tonight. Gabby Johnson will be on stage. Bahama vacation giveaway.

Swelter plays the Saucer tonight. $3 cover, 9:30 start time. I just checked the CCC’s weekly Livin It Up newsletter and saw that they’re also having a mayoral debate watch party, starting at 7. At the Saucer? That’s interesting. Wonder how many lunkheads will walk in, see the debate on, and go, “D-uh, me want to watch ESPN.”

It’s Calhoun’s weekly poker tournament at 7. A lot of the people who would normally enter are going to be away this week, attending other events listed here… might be an opportunity for some new people to get in and avoid the sharks and have a good chance of winning. There are only 10 boxes available for play, so if you’re interested I recommend you get there by 6:30.

For the events listed above where there is complimentary food: Free food? Wonder if the Nuh-Uh Girl will show up.

My plan is to get to the Saucer about 5:30 and have a warm-up beer, then head to Circa, then to Bravo. I may make a stop on the Pembroke roof, since technically, I’m in marketing rather than IT in my current job.

Back to work… busy day.  Hope to see you out tonight!

Flight hiring

I just saw a post on Facebook that Flight at Main and Monroe has a few openings for Server, Hostess, and Bartender with the new school year approaching.  Might be a good place to apply if you’re looking for service industry work.  I walk by there every day and the place is usually full in the evenings.  The entrees average in the $20s and I see wine or alcohol on most people’s tables, so high average check, which usually equates to high average tip.  Plus, great food to eat.  I need to get back there for a meal sometime soon.

Wednesday alley parties coming to Downtown in September-October

We’re less than a month away from fall Wednesday night alley party season! The events are produced by the CCC and sponsored by Mpact Memphis, Blue Moon, and the Memphis Flyer. Here’s a quick summary of the lineup:

September 16 – Court Square Karaoke Cocktail Party – you can sign up to be one of the 25 participants competing for up to $500. Competitors will be judged on vocals and showmanship.

September 23 – Neosoulville Alley Party in Gayoso Alley off Peabody Place. City Champs, Tonya Dyson, Candace Ashir, Cassie Bonner, Tim Terry.

Setpember 30 – REG Party in the Rendezvous Alley off Union. The Dempseys (ultra-high-energy rockabilly) and the Soul Shockers (soul, disco) will perform.

October 7 – back in Gayoso Alley for the Makeshift Music party. Two Way Radio, Paul Taylor, Pezz.

October 14 – Goner Records Alley Party in Barboro Alley. I believe that’s the alley that runs alongside Bardog Tavern and that place on Union that used to be Sleep Out Louie’s. Harlan T. Bobo will perform, as will Quintron and Miss Pussycat.

The final party will be the only one not on a Wednesday. On Friday, October 30, they’ll present Memphis Pops in the lot next to Earnestine & Hazel’s. Mitch Easter, the new Mary Jane, and the return of The Simple Ones. That’s a trolley tour night so the area should be hopping. It’s also Halloween weekend so there will probably be people in costume.

They did these last year and they were a LOT of fun, a great chance for Downtowners to enjoy the mild fall weather and mingle with their neighbors. Vending starts at 4:30, music at 6 for these parties. More details here.

RIP Senator Kennedy

The election of 1980 was the first one in which I was old enough to understand what was going on. I wasn’t a big fan of President Carter, and I really hoped that Ted Kennedy would defeat him in the primaries and secure the Democratic nomination.

As it turned out, that didn’t happen… and it was a good thing. As a result of losing the nomination, Senator Kennedy found the place where he could best serve the public… and it was in the Senate seat he already held. Over four and a half decades he secured voting rights, funding for AIDS treatment, equity for Americans with disabilities. He fought apartheid in South Africa. He kept the push for national health care alive even though twice defeated in 1971 and 1993. He became the de facto opposition leader during the conservative era that lasted from approximately 1981 to 2008. In the last years of his life he served as a political father figure to Barack Obama and other leaders of the next generation. Even those who disagreed with his politics could not argue that the man was placed on this Earth to serve others, especially the poor and less fortunate.

Rest in peace, Senator Kennedy. Our nation is so much stronger because of you.

Check out Kennedy’s Wikipedia page for a biography.

Tue update: MIFA, Common Ground, PRSSA at Pembroke Thur, scooter rally, Rooster parties, free pizza, and more

MIFA is holding a volunteer fair this Saturday, August 29, from 9 AM to 1 PM. If you’re unable to volunteer during the week due to work or school, this is a good chance to help. You’ll be able to select the kind of activity you most enjoy doing. Activities include delivering meals, training to be a handyman volunteer project leader, preparing celebration bags for children and seniors, learning about serving MIFA as a rep in your congregation, and more. There will also be youth activities for ages 9-13.

A group called Common Ground is planning sessions for this fall, one for the weeks of September 14 to October 26, and another for the weeks of October 12 to November 30. In Common Ground groups, 10 people of all different races and backgrounds – men, women, blacks, whites, Asians, Native Americans, Hispanics, different ehtnic backgrounds, different religions, different generations – come together for an open, frank discussion on race relations, led by a trained facilitator. For more info or to take part in one of the groups, check out their website for more info.

The Public Relations Society of Memphis (PRSSA) is holding a mixer this Thursday, August 27, on the rooftop of Pembroke Square. It’s open to anyone in PR, marketing, advertising, and communications – you don’t have to be a PRSSA member. The event is the PRSSA’s VOX take-in party, where they take in entries for the annual awards competition. There will be a chance to win door prizes from the Peabody, Harrah’s, Arts Memphis, Malco, Corky’s, and more. There will also be a cash bar, a masseuse and make-up artist to help you relax after the work day, and complimentary appetizers. Free food? The Nuh-Uh Girl is in marketing. Wonder if she’ll show up.

Do you own a scooter? Are you an Elvis fan? If the answer to either of those questions is “yes,” you should check out the Memphis Kings scooter club’s Dead Elvis III scooter rally to be held in Downtown Memphis the week of September 11-13. Cookouts, rides to sites of Elvis significance, and more.

A couple of unique parties are coming to the Red Rooster in the next month. This Friday, August 28, they will have a Stop Light Party. According to the instructions, it works like this: If you’re taken/in a relationship, wear red. If you’re dating but you’re leaving your options open, wear yellow. If you’re completely single, wear green. Hmmm. Would be interesting to be a fly on the wall for this one…

Then on Thursday, September 17, the Rooster is having a foam party. That’s basically what it sounds like… they fill the place up with foam and people party in it.

If you own a Camaro, you can get a free large one topping pizza if you drive it to Papa John’s tomorrow, Wednesday, August 26. No kidding. Details here.  Free pizza?  Wonder if the Nuh-Uh Girl will e-mail everyone in her address book and ask if anyone has a Camaro she can borrow.

And in case you missed it… King Willie has decided not to run in the special election to replace himself as mayor. At least that’s what he decided as of yesterday. He’ll probably change his mind Thursday-Friday or so when he realizes he hasn’t been on the front page of the newspaper in a few days and starts to miss the attention.

You know, I remember reading that when Napoleon was exiled to the island of St. Helena, as a joke his captors declared him the “emperor” of the island and even set him up with his own court. A year or two from now when King Willie is finally committed to a mental hospital, maybe the people who run the place can declare him the “mayor” of the facility and appoint a couple of the other crazies as his “aides.”

That’s all for now… I’m going to run down the street and do something different with the remainder of my lunch break – actually eat lunch.  There’s this new place called Pita Oven over on Brooks that seems to be really good.  I tried their chicken fajita wrap yesterday and really enjoyed it.  Today it’ll be either the gyro or the seafood wrap, will decide when I get there.  Info on some really cool after-work concerts coming soon.  I also have an idea to help promote several of my friends who are artists, more to come on that too.  Right now though, it’s time to eat.  Trivia tonight at 7 PM, hope Pete the Trivia Guy is feeling better…