Friday update

First of all, a huge THANK YOU to John Bragg for a wonderful time at Circa’s 2nd anniversary party last night. The food was marvelous – seared tuna, salmon with egg, onions, and capers, Kobe beef sliders, fried olives, crab cakes, crawfish beignets, and a few more dishes that I can’t remember. I saw one guy fork up some of the egg on the salmon platter and use it to top his Kobe slider. He gets an A+ for improvised culinary skills.

Good beer too… I tried the New Belgium Hoptoberfest that they had on tap. Three cups and I was feeling no pain. The beer was served in Ques Brothers cups – a nice touch!

A video was shown about Help the Least of These, a charity that helps the extreme poor in Africa. This morning Circa tweeted that they raised over $4,000 for the organization.

While there, I talked to Uncle Ray, who told me that earlier in the day there had been 6 or 7 police cars outside Walgreens, and people were spreading the incorrect rumor that someone had been waving a gun around inside the store. Ray saw the owner of the shoe store across the street laughing, and asked what was really going on. “A bum walked in the store and saw a mop bucket in the middle of an empty aisle,” he was told. “So he took a pee in it. That’s why the police were called.” You gotta love Downtown Memphis. You don’t hear these kinds of stories in Collierville.

Rob Blackledge and Native Son play the Saucer tonight at 9:30. You may remember Native Son as the regular Wednesday night band from a few years back. I served on MPACT Memphis’ board with the band’s leader, Wayne LeeLoy, several years ago.

Speaking of MPACT – they’ll be one of many businesses that will open their doors for the South Main Trolley Art Tour tonight. Many of the galleries and shops will serve free beverages and hors d’oeuvres. Free food? Wonder if the Nuh-Uh Girl will show up.

The Red Rooster is starting a night called “Sunday Night Ritual” beginning Sunday, September 13. It will feature Memphis’ best electronic DJs battling, with $5 pitchers, $10 Red Bull Wingmans, and $3 weekly specials.

Kooky Canuck will have a Back to School Bash next Thursday, September 3. $2 34 oz. Coors Light and drink specials.

Date correction: The High Class, Low Key cigar event on the rooftop of the Madison is scheduled for Tuesday, September 8. I’d previously reported it as being on the 7th.

Today in Time Magazine: Makin’ Bacon: Foodies Are Going Hog Wild Over Pig. Attn health guru AL: Note that the article did NOT say, foodies are going wild over tofu.

Speaking of bacon – check out the bacon-wrapped bananas at Automatic Slim’s. Everything’s better with bacon!

I had no idea this restaurant existed: Deja Vu, “New Orleans Creole Soul Food and Vegetarian.” It’s on Florida just south of Crump, out of walking range for most Downtowners but reachable on a bike.

Also in the CA today: Check out this article on Sneak Peek, a new urban sneaker store in the South Main Arts District.

Also in the CA: Class A office space ready for leasing at Court Square Center. Set up your company in the classic Lincoln-American Tower or Lowenstein Building, or in the brand new CA2 building.

I’ll be at Trolley Tour tonight – not sure where I’ll end up afterward.  See ya down there!