One in the Plinko, two in the stinko

Last night I attended a party in the Underdog Room at Bardog. It was for our friend Everett, who was celebrating his 60th anniversary practicing law. Congratulations Mr. Everett, it is both an honor and a pleasure to know you. May the heavens rain down Gus’s Fried Chicken upon you, sir.

After the party was over, I decided to remain at the upstairs bar rather than walk back to Blind Bear, due to the weather as well as my legs which are once again getting bad. That turned out to be a real treat. Colin is an ex-cop, a super cool dude, and a true gentleman. One of those people I wish I knew better. Then there’s James, who is Bardog OG, just as I am. On September 20, 2008, James served me one of my first PBRs there.

My friends Allie Cat (the morning weekday bartender) and Butt Slut #1 (Drink. I mentioned a butt slut) came up to me as I was sitting at the bar. “We have a surprise for you,” said Allie.

“What?” I replied.

“One in the Plinko, two in the stinko,” said Butt Slut #1.

“What’s that mean?” I asked.

“A bunch of us are going to The Price Is Right Live at the Orpheum on April 1,” Allie told me. “And you’re coming. We bought you a ticket.”

YAY! I could win A NEW CAR! Unfortunately, it’d probably be a Hyundai or Kia which would get stolen the next day.

Tigers vs. Wichita State, 6 PM tonight, FedExForum. TV: ESPNU

The Grizzlies got their 11th straight win last night thanks to a Steven Adams putback and a Dillon Broos block. Great teamwork. The Grizz are 0.5 games behind Denver (on an 8-game winning streak themselves) for first in the West. Next up: at the L.A. Lakers, 9 PM Friday, ESPN.

There’s a new program called Connect2Memphis where you can share your home security camera’s footage with MPD to help prevent & solve crimes. You can choose from 2 levels of access, depending on what you’re comfortable with:

  • Level 1: MPD can’t see your camera in real time, but they’re aware your camera is there and can request footage if they need it
  • Level 2: MPD can access your camera in real time. They’ll give you a chip to install

From Garden & Gun: Meet the pitmaster who’s cooked ribs at the Rendezvous for 3 decades

New Wing Order seeks line/prep cooks for their food truck and in their kitchen in the Ghost River taproom on Beale. Relevant job experience is preferred but they’re willing to train. Weekend and evening availability is a plus. Compensation is above the industry average and this is a rare line cook position that gets tipped out.

Construction is happening at the new Fat Tuesday at 8 S. Main. I peeked in Tuesday and the bar appears to be built. It’s going to be interesting (and not necessarily in a good way) to have a bar next to a 112-unit apartment building.

RIP Tusk V, live mascot of the Arkansas Razorbacks.

River Rat Rounders starts poker back at Silly Goose next week.

Zio Matto Gelato is looking to hire a FedExForum worker 1-2 days/evenings per week. $15/hour.

There will be a homegoing procession for dearly departed musician Butch Mudbone on Beale this Saturday.

Party City has filed for bankruptcy.

From the CA: Where to find king cakes in Memphis. Downtowners: Primas on South Main is your spot.

Anyone get anything in the hongbao (lucky red envelopes) the Grizzlies gave away for Lunar New Year last night? There’s an old poot in the South Main district who is an aficionado of all things Asian. Wonder if he went.

Butt Slut #1 has shown up at Bardog, so I’m gonna sign out and say inappropriate things to her. Back tomorrow.