Nuh-Uh Girl to move to the Bay Area

Photo Feb 16, 6 47 38 PMOne of the most frequently-mentioned people in the ten-year history of this blog is leaving Memphis. Today the Nuh-Uh Girl announced that she is moving to the Bay Area. I already knew – she told me Sunday night at poker – but today she emailed and told me she has made it public on Facebook, so I am free to post.

There have been many photos on this blog of the Nuh-Girl eating food, usually other people’s food. Despite the good-natured kidding we all give her, though, she has earned a reputation as a well-respected foodie. Chefs around Downtown seek her out to sample their new dishes and provide valuable feedback. For a while she co-authored a blog for the CCC (now DMC) about the things hip young professionals like to do Downtown. When she asked to write a guest post on my blog about Downtown Dining Week, I immediately said yes, knowing there would be no one better to write such a post.

She will not be alone in the Bay Area. Her brother Joel, one of Facebook’s first employees, lives out there, and her sister the Nuh-Uh Sister moved there in 2010. She has the chance to pursue education and opportunities in a field she is passionate about (you guessed it, food). She is very sad to leave Memphis but is excited about what the future has in store.

So you have only a few more weeks to read “Free food? Wonder if the Nuh-Uh Girl will show up” in this blog. She has been a great friend and neighbor. Many of us Downtown will miss her, but we can’t blame her for choosing to pursue her passion.

Good luck to you, Rebecca, and please stay in touch and let us know how your new adventures are going.