Tuesday update #2

I’m working on a coronavirus “sucks to be you” list, of people whose lives were negatively, but somewhat ironically, affected by the coronavirus outbreak. Here’s what I have so far:

  • People born on March 20, 1999 (March 19 was the last day bars were open)
  • People who had two sessions to get a new tattoo done, one of which was before Mayor Strickland closed non-essential businesses
  • People who gave up going to bars for Lent, and now realize they’re going to be giving it up a lot longer than that

What am I missing?

Mid-South Food Bank reminder:

Grizzlies fans have now missed out on Jaren Jackson slides (giveaway scheduled for March 21 game) and a Grizzlies commemorative T-shirt (March 28). They will also miss out on a Brandon Clarke mini-hoop set (scheduled to be given away Friday). I wonder what happens to items that could not be given away due to unforeseen circumstances?

From Bloomberg: Nobody knows what will happen when the rent comes due on April 1

Take a yoga class from my friend Mary who teaches yoga at several studios around town and also bartends at the Blind Bear. Tonight, March 31, 6 PM:

ZOOM CLASS! Tonight at 6 PM 💕 Find Two Pillars Studio on the Mindbody app and sign up. Your first two classes are only $18! I miss you all SO MUCH and would love to see your faces tonight 🥰

If you don’t have the app, you can also sign up on Two Pillars Yoga’s website.

Tin Roof will host a virtual music event this evening. The Music Never Stops: FB Live featuring Alex Butler happens tonight 6-7 PM with a virtual tip jar. 100% of tips will go to musicians and Tin Roof employees displaced by the coronavirus outbreak. They’ll have a similar Facebook Live event tomorrow featuring Adam McLelland.

The Redbirds have printable coloring and activity pages to help keep the kids busy at home.

Huey’s is moving to curbside only as of today, so you’ll need to consult their menu ahead of time and call ahead.

You can view Huey’s menu on their website. The Downtown Huey’s number for ordering is 901-527-2700.

I can relate to this:

MK who makes the Quarantine Cuisine delivery dinners, posted a couple of pics of this week’s dinner, consisting of turkey and dressing, mashed potatoes and gravy, country greens, a dinner roll, and strawberry cake.

Dinners are $15 apiece and will be delivered Friday afternoon. Text 901-502-3072 by Wednesday at noon to order. She also has Lockdown Lunches which can be delivered Thursday or Friday, consisting of white bean chicken chili, jalapeno cornbread, and a turkey club for $12.

Restaurant folks: Sysco will hold webinars tomorrow about turning your restaurant into a pop-up grocery. Spindini has enjoyed great success with this concept.

Yale’s popular course The Science of Well Being is available online for free.

If you can make it out to Olive Branch, FedEx is hiring 400 there.

From Lifehacker: Why you should be keeping a pandemic journal

Attention business owners and managers:

Tomorrow’s April Fool’s Day. If you see a news article and suspect it may be a joke, go to Google News and type in the key words. If multiple other sources report the same thing, it’s most likely for real. If not, don’t believe it. I’ve already had to use this once and it’s only March 31.

I’ve also seen two sources – websites of organizations that are large enough to employ copy editors – report that social distancing will have to be kept in place until April 31.

Okay, since there’s some time-sensitive news in here, I’m going to go ahead and hit Publish. Possibly a third post later today. If not I will be back tomorrow.