Pic: Pimp and Ho Party

This is a pic from a Pimp and Ho party I attended on March 20 at Earnestine and Hazel’s. The two women pictured below were my ho’s for the event.

By the way, the brunette pictured here is the former calculus student mentioned below – the one who got a job as an AutoZone financial analyst because of the Memphis Really NETworks event. (Yes, she gave me permission to put this picture on the Web. She probably won’t appreciate me mentioning her AutoZone job in the same post though)

Didn’t get a picture of myself, but I had on a blue leisure suit, denim pimp cap, blue feather boa, gold medallion and cheetah platform shoes.

Was a little disappointed at the turnout for the party – not a lot of people there, and many of the ones who were there were not dressed up. We only stayed about an hour, then hit the downtown Blue Monkey for some food, still in our pimp and ho attire, followed by visits to the Flying Saucer and Beale Street.