Quality of Life (Kudos to MPD!)

Late last week I e-mailed the Memphis Police Department and complained about the drunk, aggressive panhandlers (downtowners just call them “the bums”). In particular I asked them to pay attention to the corner of Madison and Main, where the bums congregate and beg for money because there is a store nearby that sells cheap liquor. I also mentioned one person who is a particular nuisance – this is the guy who was screaming all sorts of obscenities in front of young children.

Well, last night I received a reply from MPD. They showed me a chain of forwarded e-mails:

The first was an e-mail from the network admin to the major in charge of downtown, making him aware of the request for help.

The second was from the major in charge to a lieutenant, asking for extra coverage in the Madison and Main area to address Quality of Life issues.

The third was a reply from the lieutenant, saying that extra officers had been assigned as asked, and four arrests were made at that corner in a two-day period. One of the arrests was the individual named in the original e-mail.

The major followed up, thanking me for alerting him to this problem, and telling me that the arrest tickets are on file if I’d like to see them.

I’m thrilled. The Memphis Police could not have handled my request more quickly and professionally. My hat is off to them. Great job!