Artrageous: Where you need to be Friday, May 21

This Friday, the Greater Memphis Arts Council is putting on Artrageous, its annual fundraiser, at the United Warehouse on St. Paul, one block southeast of Main and GE Patterson downtown. (check the website for map) I went to this event last year and had a blast. There will be a variety of musical and performing arts acts there. Last year, a friend and I played foosball using a ball that had been dipped in paint. At the end of the game, they pulled off the piece of paper that had been covering the bottom of the table and gave us the painting we had created while playing. This is definitely a group that understands that “fundraiser” begins with FUN.

The headliners are Big Nazo and Steve Earle. I’ll be honest, I don’t know who they are; guess I’ll find out Friday. However, I can report that the fabulous Barbara Blue will be performing, and if you haven’t heard her yet, you need to.

Tickets are $30, available through Ticketmaster. Event starts at 8:02 pm (sunset). I’ll probably break out the gold sequined shirt for the occasion, although polyester probably isn’t the best choice for an un-airconditioned warehouse. Hope to see you there.