Plans for this weekend

Artrageous tonight, of course. The tickets are being advertised at $30, but you have to buy them through Ticketmaster. By the time they tacked on all their “convenience” fees, my total had become $38.55. I hope the Arts Council comes up with an alternate method for ticket sales next year.

Tomorrow night, the tentative plan is “Placebo Effect,” a party being thrown by Treefish at Stop 345, corner of Danny Thomas and Madison. The DJs for the event will be Stephe Glass, Don Seemore, Saturna, and John Clark. Treefish parties are always good because I see people I haven’t seen since my clubbing days at Red Square, Six-1-Six, and Fantasia. Cover is $5.

Sunday will be the usual drunken spree that starts at Sleep Out’s at noon and ends up whenever, wherever. Hmmm, haven’t been bowling in a while, and that’s often the last stop on Sundays. Last time I went I broke 150 for the first time in my life.

As always, these plans are subject to change. Well, Saturday and Sunday anyway, tonight’s plans are pretty definite since I paid an arm and a leg for the ticket.

All right, gotta step outside. Haven’t done an edition of “what the bums are drinking this week” in a while, so I’m going to walk past the liquor store and find out.