Sawaddii: The good guys

Last night a storm blew through Memphis, damaging several downtown buildings. I have a story, a story of a restaurant with good people, a story of how downtowners (people who live there and work there) take care of each other.

I had been out most of the day. Just after 8:00 pm, I stopped at Sawaddii, a Thai place on Union between Main and Second, and ordered the pad prik, a spicy dish, to go. They told me there would be a 30-minute wait, because a lot of people had come in right before me and the kitchen was backed up. However, 9 minutes later, my order came up, bagged up in a paper sack and ready to go. “We know you live downtown,” they explained. “There’s a huge storm headed this way, so we told the chef to hurry your order up, so you’d have time to make it home.” I made it home. Not long after, the bottom fell out.

So, eat at Sawaddii. They’re the good guys. And they have good food too.