This is going to be a long two days…

So, I arrived in Little Rock this evening. I was hungry for Mexican, so I went and got take-out for my mother and me from one of our favorite restaurants. After we ate, she clicked on the TV.

“Oh, good, there’s a Kenny Chesney special on!”

So I had to sit there and endure an hour of Kenny Chesney. Should’ve stopped at Walgreens on the way out of town and bought some earplugs.

It’s going to be a long two days. I’m thinking I’ll sleep late in the morning so I won’t have to watch Regis Philbin’s morning show, and hopefully Days of Our Lives will be pre-empted by something Thanksgiving-related. If I’m really lucky, maybe a college football game will pre-empt Oprah.

Oh, and for the second year in a row, one of the first commercials I saw on TV here in Little Rock was for North Point Ford, for their “shotgun special” – buy a pickup, and get a new rifle, just in time for duck-hunting season. I know I’m repeating last year’s post, but it still blows my mind that someone would give a GUN away as a promotional gift.

More blog posts to come. I have a few pics I’ve been meaning to post from last weekend, so maybe I’ll get those up, along with whatever else comes to mind.