Tuesday update

Sorry for the lack of posts recently. My conversation with my friend Angie Dawn last week has led me to an idea for a new website, an idea that has a lot of potential if done right. The thing is, though, the idea is somewhat time-sensitive – it will be a lot more successful if I launch in March or April than if I launch in July. So I’ve been spending most of my free time working on that. More details on the site coming soon. I’m shooting for March 31 or before as the launch date.

I’m stepping back from all weekly activities (trivia teams, poker nights) until this site is complete, so the Rapscallions won’t be seeing me at the Saucer tonight.

Ended up at the Hi-Tone Saturday night with some friends for the WEVL benefit show. Ran into my friend and fellow blogger Serrabee who I haven’t seen in a while. She writes a blog called “Rock’n’Roll Minor Planets.” The pool tables at the Hi-Tone pissed me off though. One was out of order, and the other one (the one we were playing on) should have been. Every time someone scratched, the cue ball didn’t come back out – it went in with the sunk balls, and we had to go to the (crowded) bar and get assistance from the bartender. What’s the point in having pool tables at all if you’re not going to keep them in good working order?

Looking for something to do this coming Sunday evening (March 12)? Movement in Metal, an art opening to benefit the Project:Motion dance collective, will be going on from 6 to 9 pm at the Vue Gallery, 2160 Young in Cooper-Young. The show features the photography of Monty Shane – specifically, pictures of the dancers. Wine and hors d’ouvres will be served by dish, LoLo’s Table, and I. Siegel Culinary Productions. $10 donation at the door. This is going to be that exceedingly rare event that actually gets me to leave Downtown on a Sunday evening. If the weather’s nice, I’ll ride my bike over there.

Surprising fact: My blog is not the most popular page on my site. It drew 126 hits yesterday; the calculator that I wrote for college students to compute their grades drew 213. The calculator is going to be involved in the new site I’m planning.

All right… that’s it for now. Still getting this server situation straightened out as I move to GoDaddy, so posts could still disappear and then reappear for the rest of this week.