Prettiest waitress in Memphis

Leslie Kelly, one of my fellow bloggers on the Commercial Appeal’s website (feels kinda good to say that), is asking people who they think is the prettiest waitress in Memphis. Send her a photo of your choice for prettiest waitress, and she’ll post it on her blog.

Being a Flying Saucer regular who owns a digital camera, I’m tempted to participate… but if I pick one of the waitresses as the prettiest, I risk alienating all the others. Hmmm… maybe I’ll sit on the sidelines for this one.

Leslie also has a copy of the lunch menu for Meditrina, the new restaurant on Union that used to be Cafe Samovar, on her blog (scroll down to her April 21 entry). It’s only open for lunch right now; it will open for dinner next week.

I’m watching Game 2 of the Grizzlies/Dallas playoffs as I type this, and believe it or not, I’m not at a bar. To give you an idea of the excitement going on around here tonight, I just poured a bottle of Liquid Plum’r Foaming Pipe Snake down the bathtub drain.

Things’ll pick up soon though. Tomorrow is Peabody rooftop night… and then Friday is South Main Trolley Tour… Saturday is Mugs & Bugs Fest at the Saucer, and playoff game 3 will be on TV at 4:30… Sunday is Beale Street Wine Race. (yes, I’ll be stopping by Sleep Out’s for a couple of drinks before Wine Race)

Sigh… I’m tempted to go out to somewhere to drink a beer and watch the second half, but I’m supposed to wash the Foaming Pipe Snake away with hot tap water in an hour. So I guess I’m stuck at home tonight…