The bear is back

I forgot to mention something very important when I did my lunchtime post, discussing last night’s activities. I forgot to mention that the bear is back: The Gone Fishing video game is once again available on Beale Street.

Last year, I wasted stacks of dollars on the Tap Room’s stupid video crack machine, which had a game called “Gone Fishing.” Fish jump out of a frozen pond, and a polar bear swings a bat and attempts to hit them as far down the ice as possible. It was completely stupid. Yet I spent a lot of time with that bear. At one point I had the high score and 7 of the 10 high scores.

Then one day I walked into the Tap Room and the video crack machine was gone, replaced by a different video crack machine with different games. I was sad. I thought I’d never see the bear again.

But last night, I walked into the Black Diamond and ordered my usual PBR in a can. At the time I didn’t know anyone there (the BB King people hadn’t arrived yet), and I decided to see what games were on their video crack machine. And lo and behold, there was Gone Fishing. The bear and I were reunited at last.

I foresee a lot of nights at the Diamond in my future.