The lunchtime post I didn’t think would happen: car inspection, tube tops, and Krystal

– My car passed inspection!!!! I was really wondering whether it would – last year it barely came in under the standard for hydrocarbons. And it’s 12 years old. And I’m about 1,000 miles past when I should have had an oil change. But, surprisingly, it performed even better than last year, with the hydrocarbon emissions at less than half the standard. Glad to have that out of the way for another year. And I got in and out in only 30 minutes, so I have enough time left over to do a lunchtime post.

– Now. Let’s get down to business. I have a problem with Wikipedia. Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia that’s generally a very good source of information. I spend quite a bit of time on the site reading biographies and history. A lot of the trivia questions I get right are the results of having read Wikipedia. But this morning I pulled up a Wikipedia article and it’s just plain wrong. Very, very wrong, and the kind of false information this entry spreads is distressing.

Wikipedia writes, “A tube top is a shoulderless, strapless ‘tube’ that wraps the torso, not reaching higher than the armpits.” Okay, that all sounds good so far. But then it continues, “It is kept in place by elasticity or by a single strap that passes round the back of the neck and has both ends attached to the front of the tube.”

No. NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO!!!!!!! If it has any straps at all, it’s NOT a tube top. The entire point of the tube top is that there are no straps holding it up, and therefore there’s always the chance that it might not stay up. Add a strap and you take away the hopes and dreams of everyone who appreciates tube tops as much as I do.

I’m disappointed in Wikipedia. They need to do a little more fact checking.

– As I was sitting in the inspection line, I thought to myself, now that I live downtown and am able to walk to bars and clubs, there’s one thing that has been missing in my life. And that thing is the run to Krystal on the drive home after a night out on the town. Now, Krystal’s little square mini-burgers are pretty gross, I’ll grant you that. But Chili Cheese Pups… YUMMMMMMM. I can eat some Chili Cheese Pups. Those things are goooooood at 3 in the morning.

And while their little burgers are nasty, they used to have a full-sized burger on their menu which was not only topped with bacon, but a slice of ham as well. Now that’s some good eatin’ right there. I think it was called the Big K. But I just checked their website and it looks like it has been replaced by something called the B.A. Burger, which can be ordered with bacon but not ham.

I haven’t been to Krystal in over 5 years. I’ll have to drive through there sometime and check out the new B.A. Burger, and maybe a Chili Cheese Pup as well.

– Now I’m hungry. And I don’t have time to go back out. Maybe I’ll hit the cafeteria here at the School Board. I stayed away from it for a long time, but finally I broke down and tried it, and it’s not half bad. And reasonable. One day for breakfast I ordered a salmon croquette, some hash browned potatoes, and a biscuit. The cost? A mere buck ninety-five. Another day I got a huge hunk of lasagna for lunch, along with green beans and a roll, for $3.05.

I think they’re serving fried chicken today though. They had it yesterday too. Why do people in the South think fried chicken is, like, the greatest thing ever? Don’t get me wrong, I’ll drive through KFC or hit Gus’s once in a while. But I don’t want to eat it every day. Even once a week is a bit much. I’m surprised the people who work here don’t walk down the hall clucking, as much chicken as they eat in the cafeteria.

– Anyway… lunch break is over. Back to work. Maybe I’ll post a “what’s going on this weekend” post later in the day if I have time.