A momentary scare

Just checked my tracker and discovered a hit from the IRS. Uh-oh. Am I being investigated? Are they going to audit my return this year, and they’re looking for evidence in my blog posts to use against me? Not that they’ll find anything – my return was legit – but that’s definitely a major pain in the butt that I’d rather not go through.

I noted the time of the visit and checked to see the referrer – what link the IRS person followed to get to my blog. He came from Google. He had done a search on

“He who goes forth on the Fourth with a fifth,
may not go forth on the Fifth.”

… and Google referred him to my blog’s archives. I remember posting that last year but can’t remember what the post was about. It’s a good bet that it had something to do with tube tops.

Anyway, he wasn’t investigating me. Whew.

Major announcement still to come this afternoon.