Monday lunch post

Today’s lunchtime post is being brought to you by the free wi-fi at the Flying Saucer. Man… you should see this place. It’s like the AutoZone corporate headquarters, Second Street annex. Nearly everyone in here has a boring gray shirt and boring black pants and a boring black belt and boring black shoes – black POLISHABLE shoes, mind you. Oh, a few have on a boring red shirt rather than the boring gray shirt. Most of them have their corporate ID badge clipped to their shirt collar, in an attempt to make an already stupid uniform look even more ridiculous. I’m not happy about having to share my Second Street branch office with these people.

Semi-Charmed Kat joined us for brunch at Sleep Out’s yesterday, and she loved it. “Why haven’t I been doing this before?” she asked. She has already written a blog entry about brunch. Later in the day when I have access to my digital camera, I plan on doing an entire post about Kat’s day yesterday. There are pictures, and let’s just say that whipped cream and Kat’s 38DD boobs are involved. Kat also provided several good quotes yesterday which were blog-worthy – however, I may have to take the extreme step of putting a vulgarity warning at the top of the post. Let’s just say that some of the quotes make Emma’s Vagisil comment look tame by comparison. Hopefully it will be up later today, tomorrow at the latest.

Ummm… that’s about it for now. I’ll be at the Saucer tonight for Pint Nite. I’ll be at the Saucer tomorrow for trivia. I’ll probably be at the Saucer all the rest of the days this week too. Bravo Memphis is having their season kickoff at Zanzibar Thursday night from 6 to 9, and I’m trying to decide whether I want to go, and whether I actually want to re-join for a sixth season. I’m kinda down on “young professionals” events lately – I have more fun hanging out in bars, people are more real there. We’ll see. I have a good friend on the board this year, and that may tip the scales toward joining.

Monday sucks. If I can’t stay here and drink all afternoon, can I at least take the waitresses back to work with me?