Good Senate election link

In the 2004 Presidential election, I really loved websites that had maps showing whether each state was Democrat, leaning Democrat, toss-up, leaning Republican, or Republican. Well, this week I found a site that is doing the same thing for the 2006 Senate races. Here’s a link. You can click on a state for individual analysis of each race.

As of today, according to the map, the Democrats have 46 strong or leaning seats (including uncontested seats this year), the Republicans have 51 strong or leaning, and there are three toss-ups. Tennessee is considered to be leaning Republican, so Harold Ford Jr. has his work cut out for him. Even if Democrats win the three toss-ups, they’ll need Jr. just to get to 50-50. And even that isn’t enough, because in case of a tie, Dick Cheney votes.

I’m sitting here typing this from the Second Street branch office. Looks like the pool table will remain assembled tonight, although I’m sitting on the inside on one of the rails so I don’t really have a good view of it. They have two trainees working tonight, and even though neither of them are from Romania, I still have to say, management did a VERY good job with their most recent hiring decisions.

Time to shut down the laptop and get a little beer drinking done. See you tomorrow!