That’s it, I’ve had it with Blogger; this blog may be down at times today and tomorrow

I use Blogger, the most widely used blog publishing engine, to post to my blog. But not for much longer… for the past six months, I have gotten progressively more irritated with Blogger. Its servers don’t seem to be able to handle the traffic around lunchtime on weekdays, and oftentimes Blogger would crap out in the middle of the publishing process, making it unclear whether my posts made it to my site. So I’ve had multiple posts, posts that were eaten by Blogger and I couldn’t recover them, photos that took forever to upload… it just got worse and worse.

Now Blogger’s new “beta” has rolled out, which is supposed to be faster and full of new features. One of those “features” is that Blogger can no longer find the links to my archives. Click on the archive links and you’ll see what I mean. Luckily the posts are not gone, they’re just not showing up on my site.

I’ve had it. I’m DONE with Blogger. Later today I’m going to download and install WordPress. It claims it can import archived Blogger posts, and WordPress seems to be a lot more customizable than Blogger.

Since I want the URL to remain the same (in order to maintain my Google search rankings), I’m going to have to do some fancy footwork on the server, backing up all my old Blogger posts, installing WordPress to a temp directory, testing it and then moving everything over. So, for a while later today (or tomorrow, if it proves to be more than I can get done in a day) this page may go down while I get everything moved. Unless I run into problems everything should be working again by Friday.