The things you learn about in bars: Wheelchairs, beer cooler scooters

I may as well have my mail redirected to the Flying Saucer, because this week I’ve been spending more time there than I have at home. I have to say, you certainly do learn some interesting facts from the people sitting next to you at bars. For example:

– I learned that Dean Kamen, who invented the Segway personal transportation device, has invented a wheelchair that can handle off-road terrain, can raise you to eye level for conversations, and can even climb stairs. So I Googled it this morning and found it – it’s called the iBOT Mobility System. Pretty cool.

– I was also told about a vehicle that is a combination beer cooler and electric scooter. So I Googled that too and found it here. This company should open up a dealership in Downtown Memphis, they’d make a fortune.

– And I even stayed up on the day’s news while drinking beer at the Saucer, learning that Grizzlies head coach Mike Fratello has been fired after getting off to a 6-24 start this season. Director of player personnel Tony Barone Sr. has been named interim head coach. I wish they’d throw a big pile of money Hubie’s way and convince him to come back for one more season.

The streets were packed yesterday with Houston fans and South Carolina fans in town to party before the big game today. Those South Carolina fans are something else – half of them would yell “GAME!” and the other half would yell “COCKS!” I guess I’m going to have to root for Houston, because I find it hard to support a team whose fans go around yelling “COCKS.” Also there was a really cute girl at the Saucer last night who was dancing her ass off and she had a Houston shirt on. So, yeah, I guess I’m for Houston, although “don’t care” is more my attitude toward the whole thing. And for those of you who think I’m a traitor for not supporting an SEC team, STFU, I’ll support an SEC team Monday when Arkansas plays Wisconsin.

Yay! According to WeatherBug, it’s 61 degrees out right now, which means I’ll be invoking my “rule of 60” today (if it’s above 60, I wear shorts). Time to go people-watch and drink some more beer.