Wednesday update: Lantana Projects, smoking ban, and more

Lantana Projects, the nonprofit that offers artists from all over the world residencies in Memphis, will unveil their new outdoor exhibit Saturday, June 30 from 7 to 10 PM. Artist Eric Knoote’s work consisting of mirror “flowers” will be on display at the vacant lot at the corner of Main and Jefferson in Downtown Memphis.

If you drive down to view the exhibit, please keep in mind that Downtown will be quite busy indeed, because the annual fireworks celebration at Tom Lee Park will be happening the same day. My suggestion – to help you avoid getting snarled in traffic when you leave – is to park as far away from Tom Lee as possible. If you’re coming to the art exhibit, I’d recommend parking to the east on Jefferson, Adams or Court in the metered spaces (which are free on Saturdays). When you leave, avoid Second Street and Union Avenue at all costs, as those are the main thoroughfares the cruisers use.

Saturday looks to be a full day for me… in addition to Lantana, I’ve been invited to view the fireworks at parties at Barton Flats and on my own rooftop. I’ll try to get to all three, with “where are the hot women” being the deciding factor whether to stay or move. Then again, maybe I’m missing out by not going to the park itself… the last time I viewed fireworks from a Downtown roof I missed a chance to see my favorite blogger in a tube top.

– There’s been a lot of talk in recent days about the ban on smoking in most public places (including most restaurants and bars) that passed the Tennessee Legislature. It’s scheduled to become law July 1, but a little research reveals that it won’t be enforced until October 1. What I’ve been told is that smoking will be allowed on outdoor patios, but won’t be allowed anywhere in restaurants or bars that are enclosed. It’s unclear whether it will be allowed at places like the Saucer’s outdoor patio when the windows are up; I had one person (who is in the restaurant biz) tell me that would count as a patio, but I had another person tell me it’s just a room with great big windows and wouldn’t be exempt.

Mixed feelings about this… on a personal level, I’m thrilled about the ban. I think cigarettes are disgusting and I hate having to come home every night with my hair and clothes smelling like smoke. On the other hand, about 80% of my friends smoke and I know how much this is going to disrupt their lives. I guess they have 3 months to figure out how to deal with it.

– My trivia team The Rapscallions finished slightly out of the money last night. Sample question – how do you spell “hemorrhoid”? Team member Skippy, an expert on the subject, managed to spell the word correctly and score us some points. One of our other team member cut the straps off her strapless top, turning it into a tube top in honor of Tube Top Month. Will post a pic as soon as I download it from the camera.

That’s all for now… time to get some work done. My tentative plan is to work from the Second Street branch office from about 11 to 2, and Blues City Pastry from 2 to 5. Have a good Wednesday everyone.