This time I may finally be done with Blogger

As many of you know, I’ve been fed up with the Blogger blogging engine for quite some time now. I almost switched to WordPress about this time a year ago, but there were problems importing my existing posts due to Google rolling out “Blogger beta/the new Blogger.” Well, WordPress is now able to import from the new Blogger, so that’s no longer an issue.

So, one of the things I plan to do during my four-day weekend is convert this blog from Blogger to WordPress. I should be able to bring all the old posts over into the new format with no loss of data. One thing that will change is the current blue template, which is Blogger-specific. However, I’ve found a new template which I really like and which is a lot more readable – it will be white text on a black background, with a larger font that’s more pleasing to the eyes.

Like the current template, the new one will be 3 columns. I’m going to get rid of the “Paul’s Mall” column on the right (although I may keep the Amazon search box, that’s pretty handy) and instead I’m going to put SOMETHING there which will contain useful information for people who plan to go out Downtown. I haven’t figured out exactly what yet.

Working on the import now… have run into one snag, in that my blog is so large that the file size is beyond the maximum allowed import size. Fortunately I can Google the problem to look for solutions, and my friend Otto is a WordPress expert and I’m sure he knows a way around it. So sometime between now and January 1, you’ll probably see this blog switch over to the new format. In the meantime, you may see some weird stuff as I experiment with the import. I’ll continue to post over the weekend as ideas come to me.