Quick bum story

I work in the Falls Building.  Many of the windows face west, overlooking Confederate Park and the Mississippi River.  One of my co-workers who has an office with that view told me a story about the park the other day.

“I was looking out the window at the park, and one of the bums dropped his trousers and proceeded to do ‘number two,’ right there, in full view of everyone.  He didn’t care at all that he was doing it in plain sight of an 11-story office building.  He made no attempt to cover up, get behind a tree or anything.”

Hey, you know who has their offices on the floor right below ours?  The Memphis Regional Chamber.  I’m sure it leaves a great impression when they bring people in from out of town, trying to encourage new businesses to locate to Memphis, and that’s going on right outside the window.

On the other hand, our building also has another well-known tenant – the IRS.  Maybe the guy wasn’t a bum at all, but a tax protestor making a statement.