Wed update: Vote for Pouncer again, Party at Quetzal, April Fool’s, and should I kick my BFF to the curb?

Time to ask you to vote for something yet again… the Memphis Tiger mascot Pouncer is still in the tournament for best mascot in the NCAA tourney, and he needs your vote to make it to the next round.  Vote here.  I’m pleased to see that Arkansas mascot Big Red is also still in.  (Edit:  Never mind.  Just found out Pouncer lost and they’re now on the Final Four.  Big Red lost too.)

Fellow blogger Mark Richens e-mailed me to tell me about LUSH LIFE, a party Saturday night at Quetzal (668 Union).  He writes, “I’ll be DJing a sophisticated blend of music, with styles from funk-soul classic to contemporary indie dance. Advanced lighting, video projections and a new, state-of-the-art sound system will be in effect, and the bar serves a huge selection of premium products. Party starts at 10 and goes until close. There is no cover charge, though reduced-price drink tickets will be available at the door.”  More info about the party on Mark’s blog.

Lots of April Fool’s jokes on the web yesterday.  Lots of people fell for them too.  Memphis Limelight posted that the Downtown Blue Monkey was to open its doors at 5 PM yesterday with free beer ’til 7.  My friend Mikey e-mailed and texted several people about it until someone clued him in that it was a hoax.  Dumbass.  Meanwhile, my friend Frank was calling everyone asking, “Has Paul lost his mind?  Is he really getting married?”  Come on, Frank, you knew me back in 2006 when she was here.  I’d definitely be open to marrying a hot Romanian girl, but I’d slit my throat before I’d marry that one.

The new Downtown security patrols started yesterday.  I had a huge day at work and didn’t get out to see them in action, but several people e-mailed or called and said they saw them out.  About 5:45 I walked down the block of Beale between Main and Second, and for the first time in a while I did not see any bums working a parking lot scam or parking meter scam.

Beer report:

Previous total:  $981.25

Beers 167, 168, and 169 (but 161, 162, and 163 according to the Saucer, and I plan to get that count adjusted up by one to compensate for the beer ticket that the mini-me lost Saturday):
Michelada $4.00
Dogfish Head Raison d’Etre $6.50
Mendocino White Hawk IPA $4.75
Tip:  $15.25 x ~30% = $5.00
Total:  $20.25

Grand total:  $1,001.50

Michelada is a beer mixer – pale lager with fresh lime on the rocks in a glass with salt.  That may sound something I’d like since Dos Equis Special Lager is my favorite.  But no.  Beer on ice with salt = nasty.  This is one to be avoided.

Raison d’Etre, on the other hand, is one of the best beers at the Saucer.  I remember having one at my first plate party while watching my friend Angie play with her phone, Uber Phone 3000.  Since then she’s gotten married, moved to Mississippi, had a baby, and upgraded to Uber Phone 6000.

People on my trivia team commented that they had seen me drinking White Hawk IPA before.  That’s because it’s one of the MANY beer tickets the Saucer lost.

Rapscallions suffered a rare loss at trivia last night.

So, Sunday I sat at my friend/former Saucer Girl Amy’s bar, and had a great time.  She was so nice, even gave me candy.  Monday I sat at my friend/former Saucer Girl Lauren’s bar, and she was very sweet, was happy to see me and asked when we’re going to be pool partners again.  Last night after I left the Saucer, I stopped by former Saucer Girl my BFF’s new bar.  It was already 10 PM and I sacrificed a couple hours sleep by going to see her.  So what did I get in return?  She insulted me, flipped me off, and told me she hates me several times.

Therefore, I think it’s time to ask the question:  Is it time to kick my current BFF to the curb and get a new one?  I mean, I realize she doesn’t really hate me – if she did, she would not have made sure to mention earlier in the week that she’d be bartending Monday and Tuesday.  But still, if that’s the best she can treat me after I made a special trip there to see her… maybe it’s time for her to go.  Yeah I do pick on her too, but I’ve also been sweet to her at times (tipped her 100% on her last day at the Saucer, invited her to my plate party, brought her lunch from Second Street Deli, paid to have a T-shirt made for her that matches mine).  She’s NEVER sweet to me.  I once asked her to name one nice thing she’s ever done for me, and she told me one day she pointed to a sign that said Dos Equis Lager was the Fire Sale, like I don’t know how to read without her help.  That’s the best she can do.

I’ll think about it for a few days.  If you have an opinion whether my BFF should stay or go, or have suggestions for whom my new BFF should be, shoot me an e-mail at

Yay!  One of the recruiters we work with brought us pizza for lunch.  The thing about being an IT department is that a lot of the pizzas have to be vegetarian, because IT departments tend to have a lot of Indians who don’t eat meat.

Today I learned that one of my co-workers is moving to Seattle, because her husband got a great job.  The company found him through Facebook.  Social networking is SO important these days.  Recruiters for my current company found me through LinkedIn, and I also searched through a recruiter who found me on MySpace.

I’ve missed Downtown Night at Itta Bena the past few weeks, but it’s back on the agenda for tonight, if I don’t have to work late.  After that I’ll head to the Saucer to do my three plate beers.